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Older Acura TLs



  • Has Acura fixed the transmission problem with the TL series for 2003.?
  • jpnwdcjpnwdc Posts: 42
    My friend has a '99 TL. He needs new tires. In my research, I discovered what appears to be a good alternative to the Michelin MXV's. (In my opinion and experience, Michelins are over priced, and not necessarily the best.)

    The Dunlop SP Sport A2 is less expensive, and appears to have superior customer survey ratings. (My source is Does anyone have experience with these tires? The Dunlops are HR (130mph) rated whereas the Michelins are VR rated (149mph).

    I have Continental Contacs (CH95) on my 2002 BMW. I like them a lot. However, I don't believe they come in the right size for the TL.
  • I just put a set of Dunlap SP Sport on my 2000 TL. So far so good. I also checked Tire Rack. Hope their customers are right. I am comcerned with winter tracion and according to Tire Rack survey the Dunlaps scord higher than the Michelins.
  • I have had my 2002 TL for a little over a year now. I have not posted on here since that time. I purchased an eternal blue tl with the parchment interior. I have had only one service at 7500 miles costing $86. I had a problem with the sunroof creaking over bumps, the dealer put some sound deadning tape on it and the problem is solved. The only other problem I have had is the driver's seat belt buckle squeaks quite a bit. I saw a fix for it on but it looked pretty involved. I think I will let my dealer take a look, it seems to be a widespread problem.
    The car looks great and the interior has been easy to live with. I think I have been impressed the most with the quietness of the car.
    Just wanted to let everyone know of my experiences. Happy motoring!
  • The driver side heater floor outlet on my wife's 03 TL blows directly on the accelerator pedal. It gets uncomfortably hot on the drivers right foot in both modes that blow heat through the floor vents. The only mode that is comfortable is through the dash vents or defrost vents. Does anyone else have this problem or see this as a problem? Any way to adjust the floor vents?
  • I am looking to lease a new tl w/out navigation 15k miles a year. How much should I be out of pocket? How much should i pay for a 39 month lease? thanks for your help
  • I have had the Dunlop SP Sport A/2s on my car for a while now. They are not as quiet as the stock Michelins but are definitely grippier. That is to be expected, since the Dunlops are in the "High Performance" category, while the Michelin MXV4 Energy Plus is in the "Touring tire" category. The Dunlops are "H" speed rated however, while the Michelins are "V" rated (higher than "H"), which should not pose any issues, since the driving we do, do not need a speed rating higher than "H". The Michelins (since they are of the "Energy" series) offer better mileage - due to their low-friction nature, but consequently offer worser high-performance grip. A side by side comparison of both tires, showed that the Michelins are definitely of much superior construction, again to be expected, since they charge an arm and a leg for those tires. I have not driven around with the Dunlops in the snow, however. The wet/dry grip of the Dunlop is fairly good for the category - not even close however, to the grip of the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S (categorised as Ultra-High-Performance All-season) that I replaced my Subaru's tires with. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S has EXCEPTIONAL grip in the wet and the dry AND in snow but is VERY pricey and does not come in the standard TL size.

    The only other high-performance tire that comes in the standard 205/60R16 size is the Bridgestone Potenza RE92. But I am not too impressed with them, since they came standard on my other car - Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo and I had to replace them with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S to truly unlock the real performance potential of the car. But on the TL, I think even the Bridgestone RE92s should prove adequate, even though they have a very low treadwear rating.

  • I have a 2002 TL with TL-S rims. I have had the Dunlap SP Sport 5000 on my TL for almost six months (nearly 10 000 miles), after purchasing them from Tire Rack. These are listed on their site as "high-performance all-season", which is exactly what I was looking for as I live in a snowy clime. These tires are much quieter than the stock Michelins. They have much better grip in both dry and wet conditions than the stock Michelins did even when the Michelins were new. I was able to test them in snow and slush here in Cleveland, and they were competent but not perfect. The stock Michelins were better in this regard, but I don't anticipate having to switch totally to snows. We'll see as we get more snow...
  • joelhejoelhe Posts: 22
    I'm looking for information on availablity and new detailed coverage areas for the '03 DVD update. The Acura site only contains info on v 2.05 - released 9/26/01. Anyone have info. on the new release?

    Thanks - Joel
  • Your SP Sport 5000 is listed as "Ultra-high performance All-season" and is definitely better than the stock Michelins in dry and wet grip. This is different from the Dunlop SP Sport A/2, which is a notch below and is rated as "High Performance All-season".

    But the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S which is also listed as "Ultra-High Performance All-season" is leagues better than the SP Sport 5000s in Dry/Wet and Snow grip. But it costs double that of the SP Sport 5000. It has a higher speed rating, higher load rating and is contructed using better materials including the use of Kevlar strands for high speed integrity. It also has a higher Treadwear rating and is expected to deliver the same performance as the tire wears, as when new, unlike the Dunlops who tend to lose their effectiveness as the tire wears.

    If needed, I will post the opinions from a person who moved from the Dunlop SP Sport 5000s to the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires, who basically said that the Dunlops cannot hold a candle to the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. Note: the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S is completely different from the stock Michelins and has absolutely no similarity at all, other than the fact that the same company makes both tires.

  • The following are comments from a person who switched to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S from the Dunlop SP Sport 5000:

    Comment 1:

    Recently switched on both cars from the SP5000s. The Dunlops are good but Pilots are outstanding, much better than Tirerack's test suggests. Also very quiet. Going with 17" rims means more noise and less ride comfort, but if these Pilots do as well on 17" as 16", they might be well worth the steep price. I'm not even thinking about going to 17" since the WRX handles so well. Why mess up a good thing? I've found the perfect tire.

    Comment 2 (from the same person above after a month of driving around with the Pilots):

    Thanks for bringing the Pilots to my attention! Tossing out 2 sets of perfectly good SP5000s wasn't one of my most frugal moves but I'm "rationalizing" them as a "mod" (replacing a perfectly good part with something that enhances the driving experience).

    The improvement in driving feel is substantial and they are very quiet. With psi set to 36F/34R, the Pilots are far more stable and steering response is vastly improved over the SP 5000s. There's not a hint of squishyness in them, like with the SP 5000s. The ride is more firm than the SP5000s but it's a good kind of firm and they track much better (than the 5000s). Very confidence inspiring and not harsh. The Pilots are a definite step up and on par with the Dunlop SP9000 summer tires on my former S4. As you know, they're pricey (about $300 more for a set of 4) but they are well worth the premium over the SP 5000s, IMO. Today was a real mess with sleet and rain. I couldn't resist putting them through their paces on some favorite twisty back roads (in the WRX of course). These things are incredible in the slippery stuff! I made some sudden stops and it was hard to get the ABS to engage. The car just *stopped* with absolutely no drama, unlike with the 5000s. Instead of sliding around on the curves (as the SP 5000s used to do), they just stick and my speeds were close to what I'm willing to risk on dry roads. Temperatures have been in the 20's and 30's but the Pilots still handle like max performance tires do in summer !!! My S4 used winter performance tires (Dunlop Winter Sports) on stock 17" rims and there is *no way* it could handle like the Pilots in these temperatures and conditions. Even in the dry, the little wagon could probably hang right with the S4 in the summer when the Audi was running it's good stuff. While overall performance is remarkable, what I like most about the Pilots is they make both cars feel more "refined", especially the WRX. A lot of people probably think it's foolish to squander the extra money on tires but IMO tires are the single most important thing to worry about. Regardless of price, tires are cheap compared to what you pay for the car. I've decided to "compromise" with 16" rims all year round, but the folks with 17" rims and summer tires might want to consider the Pilots on 16" stock rims as their winter setup. That way, they won't be too let down when they need to swap tires.
  • When I was looking for tires a few months back, the michelin Sport A/S were my first choice. However, at the time, they could simply not be found in the size I was looking for (standard TL-S wheel). I figured that if I got a flat, I'd have a lot of difficulty looking for the right-sized tire and so moved on to the next choice. I'll probably change up when the 5000s wear out. That should be easy since I put 20-25k miles on my car yearly.

    Thanks for the comparo!
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Does anyone know when the 2004 TL will be introduced?...any "spy shots"?....thanks
  • loritlorit Posts: 1
    I am so disappointed. My Acura TL 2000 has been in the shop 5 times. This last repair attempt is to replace the Engine Wire Harnass. Does anyone know what that is? Has anyone had to have to have the same replacement? I am so bummed. I thought I bought a quality car! If this attempt does not work and the engine light comes on again, I believe I can get my money back through the lemon law.
  • I have 97 3.2 TL that needs new tires.

    The stock ones are Michelin Energy MXV4 plus, 94V. Though I like them okay, I feel they are too expensive...

    I would like "Grand Tourings" for this car. I am looking at Continental Contitouring Contact CH95. Which I can get in 92H rating. Is it okay to run on 92H instead of 94V? I could drive agressively but I am never going to go beyond 100mph. So does it really matter if I go with 92H?

    Any experiences with the Contis??
  • I currently lease a 2003 Acura TL. The lease is a good option if you use the vehicle for business or need a lower monthly payment. I paid out of pocket $800.00 and my monthly payment for a 36 month lease is $403.00. At the time I leased the vehcicle, Honda was running a special deal on leases. The normal out of pocket would be $1,500.00.
  • No you should not put on 92H, when the vehicle calls for 94V. Basically, the figure "92", "94" etc. refers to the load rating and you should NEVER go below the stock load rating, when changing tires.

    The "H", "V" etc., refers to speed rating. The "H" is rated to go upto 130mph while the "V" rated tire is rated to go upto 149mph. Even if you stick with the "H" rated tire, it is okay as long as you do not exceed its speed limitation, which at 130mph is plenty enough.

    But the load rating is a key element which should not be ignored and you should not go below the recommended load rating (and recommended tire pressures).

  • Are you leasing the Type "S" or the base car?
  • I am leasing the base car w/ navigation. I could not justify the price difference between the base car and the navigation. I personally like the seats in the Base car better!! The base has enough horsepower for me considering I had a 1999 Acura CL at 160HP.
  • Has anyone experiencing noises from the right side of the car when the radio is on. Also when I use my cell phone it's also making those buzzing noise. I brought it back to the dealer and they told me it was the cell phone. But If I used the phone on another car besides acura auto, I dind't have this problem. Please help!

  • Well today I joined many people with tranny problems. My TL-s has 15,200 miles on it and the tranny started to go on the highway. When I pulled off the highway and started to drive through city streets there was a terrible clunk when the car was slowing down to a stop. When the car goes from 2nd to 1st as your comming to a stop it feels like the tranny is going to drop out on the floor. I was scheduled for my 15,000 mile service on thursday but this can't wait any longer. My dealer said that he would give me a loaner when I came in for my scheduled service on thursday, but now that I have to bring it in earlier what am I supposed to do? I cannot go without a car. Does anyone have any similar problems with the tranny(and I know your out there) and any advice on how to resolve this.
    On the acura-tl forum many people were stuck without cars for weeks and I have no faith in how acura is handling this matter. I hear they are exteding the warranty, but who cares if your without a car for a extended period of time.
    I need advice.
  • jdone1jdone1 Posts: 22
    Acura extended the warranty to seven years or 100k miles.They will give you another car while yours is being repaired-hell, my dealer offers me a loaner anytime I have to leave the car for an hour.
  • I have a 1999 3.2TL with 115,000 miles. Does anyone know where to get an HID Headlight for less than $160 (A&H Motors). Dealer wants $210.

    This car has been great. Only two other repairs that are non-maintenance. EGR and Rear view mirror. The mirror popped due to heat inside car. Burnt my fingers. Hey, its Central Florida.
  • I'm deciding between 3 new cars: Acura TLS, Honda Accord or Volkwagen Passat wagon.

    Based on research these are my views of pros/cons:

    Passat wagon GLS/1.8t/5spd: Pros:

    Like the room in the back for dog, bike & skis
    Standard side curtain airbags



    Honda Accord EXV6 Pros:

    Standard side curtain airbags
    Plenty of power on regular gas
    Great value
    Great reliability

    Cons: Trying to like the looks

    Acura TL Type S Pros:



    No side curtain airbags
    Hard to fit in dog, bike, skis.

    I'm replacing a 1989 Acura Integra that I've owned since new. It has been reliable, economical & fun transportation but with all of the giant SUVs around, I feel very vulnerable driving a small car w/o airbags.

    I live in Colorado where it snows & I do mountain driving above 10,000 feet. So, the differences between low power turbo & high power normally aspirated becomes less.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    As a previous Acura Integra (1998) and Honda Civic (1996) and VW GTI (2000) and now a Protege5 (2002) I can give you my .02$.
    I had ALOT of reliability issues with my GTI - dumped it after 15 months - so, wouldn't recommend the VW. I know many people have had good "luck" with theirs but I don't like to take a CHANCE that I'll get a "good" car or "bad" car.
    The Civic, Integra, and P5 are all great! All I've had to do is reg. maintenance.
    I would recommend looking at (at least driving) the new MAZDA6. The trunk is quite large. The driving experience is VERY 'sporty'. The interior is very nice -- have to see it in person.
    I have test driven all 3 cars and they are all great. The 2 things I don't like about the Accord (as much as I try) are the exterior styling and the soft suspension (the coupes is much firmer). The TL-S was really nice but like you said, no head curtains and since you tend to keep your cars for quite a few years you should probably get this.
    The 6. The only way I can describe it succinctly is to see inexpensive BMW. The FEEL is great. The sound is great. The center console area is really nice, as are the Optitron guages in the Sport package. Anyway - just giving you another option.
  • steedmsteedm Posts: 14
    I have just traded up from a 97 Integra, and looked at Passat, Accord, Camry and TL-S.
    The TL-S won, since it has every feature you need as a std., and has the coolest headlights. The Accord is nice inside but has a strange exterior, I am not convinced that VW has a good dealer network, and the Camry is a little boring, and has no safety features as std (such as ABS).
    The TL-S needs a telescoping steering wheel and side curtains, but is very solidly built, I would prefer to be hit in it than an Integra. Also Acura have the highest reliability ratings of the four.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Congratulations! I too am looking for a new car. My options so far are: TL(non S), Accord, Camry, Lexus ES300, and Nissan Altima. The Lexus is the best but also the most expensive ($34k). I do worry some concerning the 5-speed auto trans in the the TL as some here have had major transmission troubles. I just cannot understand after building auto transmissions for decades as to why they cannot get them to work flawlessly. Was the TL's trans a concern for you?
    Please keep us advised as the miles roll along on your TL as to your likes, troubles, mpg, etc.
  • jdone1jdone1 Posts: 22
    I also considered the ES300 because I liked the quiet and the smoothe ride. However with the options I wanted it was way closer to 38k than 34k and over 40k with the tax. I can easily afford that but I considered it a gross rip-off and would have felt like a sucker paying it. Bought the tl for 28k and the spare 10k lets me drive it free for four years.
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    Drive a 6 cylinder Subaru Outback (LLBean or VDC) before you buy the Passat station wagon. I struggled between a 4 motion Passat and the LLBean back in Feb. 01 and eventually bought the LLBean. Have 34700 miles so far and zip problems. It has a near-luxury ride & feel like the other cars you are looking at AND AWD AND bullet-proof reliability. It's like a little tank, weighing in at 3750 lbs. with excellent crash stats (just no side curtains yet). Remember, this is the 6 cylinder - not the 4.
    My wife talked me into buying it (never thought Subarus were very attractive) and now we fight over who gets it and who gets stuck with the Accord. Hard to explain how it grows on you (enough to probably buy the next generation in 2005).
    My $.02

  • steedmsteedm Posts: 14
    I have no worries since mine is recent production, Honda will be watching the transmissions really closely right now.
    My 2 cents is that the TL-S is much better to drive than the TL, the TL has much less road feel, and wallows more. I am glad my car advisor talked me into trying a TL-S. At the time it seemed that paying $2K for a few more hp, slightly stiffer shocks and holes in the leather was rather steep.
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