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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    ...overdrive is when the final drive ratio is lower than 1.00:1. Practically, it's what ral2167 said it was with one additional, important benefit: fuel mileage.
  • browney: I just received my '01 Elantra (auto, package 4, midnight gray) yesterday. Overall it was a pleasant experience, but not flawless.


    1)Took two weeks from when I submitted the order (mostly because I was not flexible on color or options) to get my car.

    2)I had to initiate most contact with my advisor to get updates on the progress of the transaction, rather than vice-versa.

    3)The only car they could find was 300 miles away, so I had the option of paying $200 to flat-bed it to a closer dealer or have them drive it (hence, getting the car with 300 miles on it).

    Now for the good part, the pros!

    1)I got exactly the car I wanted, and I didn't ever have to leave work!

    2)The car arrived in tip-top condition, even after opting to get it with 300 miles on it.

    3)They delivered the car to my work!

    4)You actually get the car from a dealer, so they were very knowledgeable about the car itself, and yet didn't try to stick me with any extras. The price you agree to on Carsdirect's website is the price you pay.

    5)The customer service rep responded immediately to any email or phone questions I had.

    Overall I would definitely do it again, and I think if you are not so picky about color or options, you would get the car extremely fast. Otherwise, you just have to be patient and they will find you the right one.

    ps- my new elantra smells just like a new lexus
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211

    I bought some online car insurance that was advertised here at Edmunds, it WAS called e-coverage. Their web site doesnt work anymore, their lines are constant busy, Edmunds doesnt list their ads no more!!!

    Can ya believe it?????????

    I have had no luck getting any answers as to wherher I am or am not insured now! I was only trying to add my teenager to the policy today and found this all out. Good thing my son is taking it rather well.

    The ONLY reason I swutched to the e-coverage company was to help him get a better rate for his own insurance, and now this!

    Any ideas?

  • moses9moses9 Posts: 1
    To reganona who thought she got a bad deal because
    of tax rate. You were way below invoice and had
    almost all the dealer holdback when you made the
    purchase. A great deal!!! Ask anyone. Then you
    figured out that you might have left less than
    $100. on the table because YOU made a mistake when
    YOU made the counter offer. Shame, shame, shame.
    ON YOU... Too smart for your own good. It cost you
    the best negotiated deal I've seen in 3 years. I'm
    glad we allowed you to bring the vehicle back,
    because you don't deserve a fantastic deal like
    the one you had. I didn't make a dime for my time
    with you but I am smarter for the experience.
    Rick Nehring Covington Pike Hyundai
  • reganonareganona Posts: 9
    To all who are concerned, moses9 WAS my internet salesman at Covington Pike Hyundai Memphis, TN. He was too ashamed of himself today to even look at me when I walked into the dealership today to return my car. The car was a "lemon". The engine check light kept coming on for a reason, something was wrong with the ECM in the car. It could have been fixed, but I was so frustrated with everyone and everything about the car that I opted to return the car after the dealership offered, which I thought was nice. As far as you are concerned, Rick Nehring, you have probably just cost yourself sales for posting such an assinine comment on this board. I know my experience has cost you one customer already. To future consumers, is this how you want your salesperson to treat you? I feel I do deserve such a great car, at a better deal, which I found today. So, I will not be checking/posting to this board anymore as I have found a car that I truely am pleased with from a wonderful local dealer. Elantras are great cars! I hope everyone who is planning on buying one, does so and enjoys it. I know I am. But, my advice on having a better car buying experience is not to buy from Covington Pike Hyundai, Memphis, TN.
  • cyanogelcyanogel Posts: 11
    Glad you finally got a car you like. Just hope you can still visit this board and share your joy with us.

    To moses9
    Before reading reganona's post, I thought you had a point although I believe you overreacted. I told myself "gee these salesmen must have been spoiled they want everyone to baby them."
    Guess what? You didn't even bother to mention that car was a lemon, which your dealership concured. I am quite surprised that you would post an untrue report knowing someone is going to confront it.Can't you realize what you did here is nothing but ruining your dealer's reputation?
    If your dealer is wise (he should be), your days there are numbered.
  • groviggrovig Posts: 6
    To Johhu, who asked in #684 if it was necessary to remove the old radio receiver to install a CD Player. Not sure if you are pulling someone's leg here, but the answer is yes, unless you are really ready for a major project and want to give up your glove compartment or something. It is a bit of a hassle to take out the old receiver, but it is do-able, and you don't need to solder wiring or anything. Make sure you read all the instructions first,as it could be embarrassing if you shorted out the dashboard wiring and voided your warranty. The Crutchfield harness makes it pretty easy to hook up with crimped connectors. The only problem can be actually hanging your new CD player. You have to putz with brackets and bolts sometimes. As far as replacing speakers goes, I would have said that it pretty easy (my own experience) until I read #687. If you are worried about it, places like Circuit City and Best Buy periodically offer free installation, and when one does, the other matches them. I think they have a minimum $200 order to qualify, but it is pretty easy to spend that much. They may rip you off for harnesses and things, also. It is an option, anyway.

    Tonight I attached the receiver harness to the mounting harness of the Crutchfield unit I just received, and by tomorrow night I should be able to tell you how hard it is to install the Pioneer CD player in a 2001 Elantra, and whether I blew up the original speakers with my new 45Watt peak amplifier. If I don't log on tomorrow, you can assume the worst.
  • kevperro1kevperro1 Posts: 22
    The tough part is getting the facia on the dash apart. I couldn't get it over the steering wheel. Ended up taking it to the local shop. I figure it is worth $50 for me to avoid the frustration and possibly break something that cost much more than the $50. Here is a web site that shows the parts break-down. Great of Hyundai to make this stuff available.

    In response to the sour deal/lemon car. I would be careful making judgements about people on this forum. For some reason all car shoppers have this parinoia about getting the best deal. I have seen people fight over $50 and get up and leave. Come on folks, the dealer has to make money too. Don't those people deserve something for their efforts? Do you work for free? I know that most car dealers who are snake oil salesmen deserve some contempt but these days consumers pretty much know what the car cost the dealer. Make a reasonable deal where they make a few dollars and you get a good deal. Shoot for the Edmunds TMV (I bought my car for $70 over TMV) and you can just relax over haggling the extra $100.00

  • jcaccjcacc Posts: 10
    I got my 01 Elantra a month ago from Ron Marhofer Hyundai in Akron. I got package 4, automatic, with mud guards, mats,and moonroof spoiler for $14,400 AND they gave me a $100 BP gas card as a thank you. The atmosphere was totally non-pressure, the salesman was knowledgeable, and we were treated with extreme courtesy. The salesperson has called me twice to make sure that everything is fine (and it is--WONDERFUL car)
  • groviggrovig Posts: 6
    I am the guy who was going to tell you how easy/hard it was to install my daughter's aftermarket CD player. Believe it or not, she came home last night and told me the instrument lights would not come on. I checked this morning, and yup, they aren't working. Checked fuses, but could not find a problem. I don't dare install the CD receiver before I take the Elantra into the dealer, as they will think I screwed something up. Since they don't work Saturdays in this area, will give myself a rain check on reporting my progress.

    #696, I was hoping that I would just have to pop the fascia around the radio off. That was easy to do on my 2000 model. You are scaring me. I am thinking of trying to get the Hyundai people to put the player in when I take it in for the dash lights. Discretion is the better part of valor, I am told.
  • bsevernbsevern Posts: 6
    What kind and size of speakers did you install in the doors?

    I saw that somebody here mentioned that the 2001 Elantra used 6.5" speakers in the door, but Infinity's website shows one apart, and say's it uses 5.25" seakers in the doors.

    I just ordered Infinity Kappa 5.25" for the doors and Infinity Kappa 6X9's for the rear. I also ordered an Orion Extreme 500.4 four channel amp.

    I'm looking at the Kenwood KDC-MP8017 MP3 CD Car Receiver that just came out.

    I think this should sound pretty good, and if it needs a little extra bass I may add in the Infinity Basslink 10" 200W powered sub.

    So far I have 900 miles on my 2001 Midnight Grey Elantra, and I'm enjoying it.
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    Midnightgray. Thank you for your response.
    I actually got it after the fact. I stopped off at a dealer(Rick Case Hyundai-Duluth,GA) today so I could test drive an Elantra before I made my final decision to buy from
    They of course did not want to see me leave and buy from the internet so they matched the price I showed them that I printed out from carsdirect.
    I got the Champagne, auto with option 3 and mats for $13,422. Out the door with all fees including taxes,title, & tag was $14403.66 because I added $295 for GAP insurance when I made it to the finance guy.
    Overall the experience was OK except it took 5 hours because the place was packed with people buying the Sonata and XG.
    It does have a bad smell after driving, it smells like a plastic bag stuck on the exhaust and burning. The inside however just smells like a normal new car.
    My first impression is that it is an excellent buy.
    I'll keep y'all posted on how it stands the test of time.
  • Glad that you liked Ron Marhoffer. I live in the area too and thought that they were all friendly and professional. This is how every dealership should be. BTW They do not work on comission so that is part of the reason that they are easy going. I know who bought a 2000 Elantra there and was very happy.


    Driving a 2000 Honda CR-V (Sunnyside Honda is great)

    and Looking for a good used sonata or elantra under $7500.

    Also Looking for a Hyundai Should Really Call Bob Cook. I have spoke with him and have him looking for a 2nd car for me. Very professional and Pleasant Person. I hope to do business with him
  • kevperro1kevperro1 Posts: 22
    The doors are 6.5" not 5.25". The older ones where 5.25" but I guess they changed them. I used my Aura MR 6.1s with only one problem. The power windows will not go down the last 1" because the drivers are too deep. My system currently consist of a Rockford HU, Aura fronts and Rockford 6X9s in the rear all being powered by the HU. I'm not happy with it yet. Plan on adding a sub and external amplification for all drivers. I also think a lot of improvement could be made by locating the tweaters somewhere besides lower in the door.
  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    Jack-Thanks for the kind words. It simply boils down to treating people the way you would want to be treated. Bob Cook
  • bsevernbsevern Posts: 6
    Thanks for the speaker info. Now I wonder if the 5.25" speakers will work, or if it would be better to go for 6.5" speakers (better bass for sure).

    Do you know what a safe Mounting Depth is for the window to clear the magnet?

    Thank you,
  • jyk1981jyk1981 Posts: 37
    floridian: it was Bob Dance Orlando..
    But, My friend tried to buy Tiburon from Bob Dance Longwood.. The dealer said to my friend "you need to down pay around $10,000 in order to finance, because you're credit is not that good." and they charged him around $16,000 for a 2001 Tiburon.. which supposed to be around $15,000(with tax, options and everything...)
    But, my friend was not like me.. he did not buy Tiburon (even though he wants it so badly).
    Instead of Tiburon, he bought brand new 2000 Dawoo Leganza base model for $13,000.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    jyk1981: Your friend should have talked to Capt. Credit! You know what BD sez on their TV commercials, "where everybody rides". Are you sure his sales rep was not "Buster the Wonder Dog" ?

    Not so sure your friend did himself a favor buying a Daewoo. He probably was upsidedown on resale the moment he drove it off the lot no matter how much he put down ! Why didn't he try World Hyundai like you did ?

  • formula94formula94 Posts: 22
    # weeks later our '01 Elantra is out of the shop. I live in CT and my drivers and passenger side wiring harness (located under the fenders) were both corroded, we think due to poor drainage. Hyundai was quite involved in this and asked that all the harnesses be changed.(in that area) It all started when the door light didnt work, then my locks kept going on and off.

    BTW: I purchased a '01 option 4 elantra with all the extras for 12,700.00. Mgr pulled the old statement that it was the best deal he has done in 2 years. I really wanted 12,500!!
  • tnjackietnjackie Posts: 19
    Does the Elantra use regular 87 octane gas or does it require a higher octane? I have heard the Mazda Protege needs 89 octane. Would one of the Elantra owners advise what the owners manual says please. Thanks.
  • sjslosjslo Posts: 16
    As a matter of course I use 89 just because...I don't remember reading any octane requirement in the owner's manual. Here in Jersey the price of 89 is not too bad. I would imagine running on 87 would be fine though...
  • pewtermanpewterman Posts: 17
    Does anyone know if occasionaly going from a lower to a higher octane and back again screws up the engine sensors to any degree. I normally use 87 octane but have on occasion found a station out of 87 and had to use 89.

    BTW, if anyone out there has a distorted driver's side mirror, the replacement proceedure is quick and painless. I got the new mirror in just 2 days and the repair took only about 30 minutes.
  • pewtermanpewterman Posts: 17
    Just wondering how you made out with your car insurance problem. If you haven't gotten anywhere as yet,you might try contacting your state attorney general's office and/or state insurance fraud department. And remember, if your state representatives can get some positive free press, they'll be more than happy to help!!
  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    2001 ElantraNHSTA-See for yourself the reresults... Noeason to feel inferior to the competition...and don't forget to add that we have the top rated car compared to the competition in bumper tests as well.
  • baberbaber Posts: 96
    The engine in the Elantra has a knock sensor as part of the electronic engine computer controls. This is basically a microphone that can detect the engine knocking noise it makes when the octane of the gas is too low. The knock sensor tells the computer to adust the engine timing until the knock stops, so the engine runs at its best with any octane gas from 87 to 93. The nice thing about this sensor is the better the gas you put in your car the more power the engine will make since the knock sensor sets the timing to take advantage of the higher octane. This is one reason the 2 liter engine in the Elantra puts out good hp for its size.
  • tonykrapiltonykrapil Posts: 211
    The story ends well or okay anyways. The compant 'e-coverage' is a middle man so to speak and they are going out of business, it the under writer. A simple note would have prevented the problem I had. They are staying in business until the last customers policy runs out. I dont think you can start a new policy with them, however, there are others listed on

    I saved about 400 bucks going to e-coverage...... now I had to look for new coverage and saved more with a local agent in town.

    Good luck!

  • sjslosjslo Posts: 16
    I woudn't expect that level of sophistication from the engine. Hell, it's not even mentioned in the owner's manual...

    Maybe I'll just fill with premium in jersey and 89 and in CT.
  • baberbaber Posts: 96
    My 99 Accent even has a knock sensor on it! In practice the increase in performance will not be very noticable with premium fuel over regular.
  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    they have done a preview of the 2001 Elantra.We know about the 5 door hatch coming in the spring/summer of this year.C&D says: "and wait until you see the three-door hatchback Elantra GT we'll get next year. To use a word not commonly associated with things Hyundai, it's hot."Things are sure happening at Hyundai...
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