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Mazda Millenia



  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Congrats - on your new purchase you have made an excellent choice of vehicle for "fullsized" sedans. The plathora of standard features in addition to having features that competing models of the same class do not have.

    What are your current thougths on the Miller Cylce Engine? From my personal assessments, it outperformances, the TL's and I30's engine, in terms of feel and responsiveness.

  • I just bought a '97 millennia s with 60,000 miles on it - and guess what, the 'indestructible' miller engine had been replaced at 50,000 miles! It had seized up, and the previous owner, under warranty, had a whole new engine and computer module dropped in, cost according to the invoice, $7,000. Hope I didn't buy a lemon...
  • If you're still looking, Jim Ellis Mazda on Peachtree Industrial has one 2001 Millenia S.
  • ae86ae86 Posts: 6
    the performance of the S is pretty good compare to the TL because i test drove a CL before and the Miller Cycle engine has more torque in the city driving RPM...however, when the engine is blow 2,000 rmp, the car feels slow and not enough "juice"
    but i'm disappointed with the transmission, i floored the car without turning on the HOLD button
    and i was in 3,000rpm for more than 3 sec till it switched up a gear...
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    You are correct, the millenia's performance is mediocore at low RPM, in respects to generating responsive torque,. however, at speeds of 60mph + torque response is plentiful and smooth, in comparison to the many Honda/Motor Engines.

    The Miller Cylce Engine, is somewhat erratic in performance,. I look at it as a love/hate thing,. but I can tell you from experience it certainly can/will outperform many engines with 15 - 25 more hp while at high RPM's - if this is a concern of yours.
  • I went by Rick Case yesterday...they finally got one 2001 Millenia Premium in...which they got from Jim Ellis...I couldn't look inside it, because it hadn't been stocked yet. I'm due for service soon at Jim Ellis...I'll just wait and check one out then.
  • Has everyone noticed...Mazda is already giving $2000 dealer cash on 2001 Millenias.
  • I saw that too, $2000 incentive on 2001 Millenias. this means you can get a 2001 Millenia for about $3000 more than the 2000 Mill; that's a great deal. Too bad my wife doesn't want another sedan (we're trying to get a wagon; don't laugh), I would've gotten a second Millenia S for us. I can only dream.

  • Not sure how many of you know about this...hopefully all of you. MazdaTown is the owners site on . I'm sharing this with you all, because right now they have up a survey that you can fill out telling what you think about your Millenia. If you want Mazda to hear your opinion you might want to check it out.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    It doesn't surprise me that Mazda is already discounting thier Millenias! The only thing these discounts provide is immediate gratification - all these obscene discounts puts a severe dent in the Millenia's resale value whether it be via private sale or trade-in.

    Just about everyone who owns a 2000 Millenia/s is upside-down on thier car, unless they leased it or they put down at least $7,000 and managed to purchased thier Millenia when Mazda was offering the $5,000 discount.
  • Has anyone had any problems with the auto-tilt away feature on their steering wheel? Three times over the weekend my steering wheel did not go up when I pulled my key out of the ignition. Each time I put my key back in the ignition and pulled it back out and it worked fine. Maybe I have an electrical short? Anyone had this happen? My fuel gauge is also acting up...I think the gas light is broken.
  • I had a similar problem with the steering wheel tilt in my millenia--it either retracted only part way or did not go up at all. This happened a number of times in the month before my battery died. Since replacing the battery (nearly 6 months ago), it hasn't happened again. It did seem rather coincidental at the time...
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Had the same problem on my '00,. then I realized that I the auto-tilt button wasn't depressed.

    I had to say it!
  • I checked the auto-tilt button each time. The first time it happened I assumed that was the problem.
  • Wonder if my battery could be getting low? I always leave my headlights on all the time, b/c of the auto-off feature...maybe this is wearing the battery down?
  • I saw the 2001 Millenia for the first time today. I was a little disappointed in the so call restyle. The restyle is very minimal. I am in the market for a now car and I am looking at the Millenia, Lexus ES300, & Nissan Maxima. I was waiting to see the Mazda in person before I decided. The Lexus is on my list and is the leading candidate but since it is schedule for a make over next year, I wanted to see what else is out there. I have always liked the Mazda Millenia but thought the current design and technology had been on the market to long. I like the Maxima is on my list for performance. I was hoping that this would be a welcome refresh.
    Oh Well!
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44
    I've got a '95 S with over 100,000 miles. You asked about a 9006 xenon HID conversion kit. I had a 9006 HID conversion kit installed last March. Ordered from Phoenix Micro-Lite (, it’s called the "9006P" kit ($600 + CA sales tax + shipping). It's optimized for projector lamps like mine. The parts don’t look “cheesy”; the kit uses Philips ballasts and Philips D2S Xenon bulbs. That bodes well in terms of the quality of parts. Installation of my kit was simple; plug the car's bulb connector into the ballast, which twists into bulb that connects to the lamp assembly. The hardest part is finding a place to mount the ballasts in a crowded engine compartment! Installation is easily reversible if I wanted to put it in another 9006 car.

    In terms of output, my eyes tell me that we have at least 2.5 times the lumens. The halogens were yellow and dangerously dim by comparison. The light on the road is pure white, not blue (thank God). The color resembles that of the latest Acuras. Stock BMW HID lamps look a little bluer. My lamps still look a bluish in a sea of yellow halogens.

    In terms of beam pattern, the projector lenses do a superb job of controlling glare and putting light exactly where I want it. Behind the wheel, I see a very uniform blanket of cool white light. I’ll even argue that my beam pattern was better defined than a ’00 Acura TL I passed up one night. It’s kind of spooky. I’d be more concerned with a conventional reflector lens setup; reflectors designed to handle half the lumens will likely make glare a problem. Despite the well-controled beam pattern, no HID conversion kits will be officially sold as DOT/SAE compliant devices. But I’ve passed many cops; they don’t appear to be distracted as I drive by (knock on burlwood).

    Customer service was excellent. Phoenix is small, but their staff (especially Bob []) is very eager to please. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and prompt. I’d buy from them again. My kit has been working reliably so far. The ten-year warranty is indicative of how confident they are in their kit. Hope I don’t need to use it any time soon.

    Also check out other HID dealers:

    Educate yourself! Check out the Philips lighting forum.

    Hope this helps.

  • I test drove a 2000 and a 2001 Millenia S back-to-back yesterday. I must say that the 2001 improvements were apparent. The 2001 seemed more refined with better materials and sound dampening. Plus there was less body roll and the brake pedal felt firmer. Actual cosmetic redesign was minimal though, the most major being, of course, the front fascia and the guages. Also, the grey colors of the 2001 interior was much classier than the beige/brown of the 2000. (I just can't stand brown dashes. Gross. Black, Grey, Tan or Cream are fine though.)

    Coming from the 1999 Protege I regularly drive, the steering on both Millenias was perhaps too light for my liking and the gas and brake pedals were a tad too close together for my boots. Other than that, it didn't take long to get used to. I liked it a lot overall, though the only other comparable car I've tested so far is the Maxima (which had that spongy, artificial steering seemingly characteristic of all Nissans).
  • My Millenia is currently at the dealership...they are overnighting a part that is suppose to fix the problem with my steering wheel not going up.
  • guzguz Posts: 7
    Well I've owned my S for 15 months now. This car is great. I love its' style and performance, especially at the price I paid(24.5K).
    I love everything about this car except its oem tires(Dunlop Sport 4000). In 15 months, I have gone through 3 tires with the same problem. All three developed bulges in the sidewall. They attributed the problem to me hitting a pothole or a curb. I attribute the problem to a bad tire. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Can anyone recommend another brand of tires? What is the optimal tire pressure for these tires?
    Dunlop has agreed to trade me up to the Sport 5000 for about $500 for all four. I don't know if I should accept or look elsewhere.
    Thanks in advance
  • How many miles are you guys getting on these tires? At the rate I am going, I will have to replace them at 20K miles. Has any one else experienced a radial pull from any other tires?

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I haven't had any problems with my DS4000's on wet or dry environments. Since, you are having a lot of "bad luck" with this particular series/make. Consider Pirelli's or Yokohoma's, I have used these in the past for 18" and 17" applications and haven't experienced any problems with them besides the standard downfall of using a V rated tire,. (less tread life)

  • The dealership ended up replacing my steering column and both fuel gauges.
  • Ae86/Acabral1 - I have to agree with you with the 1996 Millenia S performance. Sometimes it's great, other times, your so embarrassed with 210 horses. I've noticed that on level ground, the S is pretty good pass 2000 rpm, but on a slight grade, the transmission doesn't downshift when flooring for over 2 minutes and when it does, the rpm screams to 5000 but the car doesn't go any faster. This happened many times already. I have a Miata and at 5000-6000 my Miata pulls like a train. I love the looks and styling of the Millenia S but I have to say performance is weaker than a 626. I also owned a 626 before and it was going up a grade at 80-90 mph like nothing. The Millenia at 5000 rpm couldn't even pass 60 mph. How embarrassing for a car of this class. I'm still amazed at the styling though.
    Last month, I had HID installed. It's suberb. I was next to a 2001 Mercedes S500 and I must admit, my lights were brighter and better spread.
    You know what car has one of the best headlights. Try Honda S2000. The lights are super white and bright and gives an amazing purple flicker at a distance.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Hmm..... that's the first I've heard about Pirelli,. was statement you read, targeting all Pirelli makes or just a particular one? I can't recall of hand which make Pirelli I had, but I can tell you this much, the model I had worked fantastic on wet roads.

    You can change some of the 17" tire specifications without any worries for the majority of the times. However, consult with a couple tire specialist to better help you determine with using a different series, i.e 40, 45, 50 ect,. will be of any major nusiance to you.

    I was using a 35 series 18" tire on my previous car therefore, a coarse ride doesn't really bother me much, if you are accustomed to smooth, rides than you may want to consider not using a lower tire series.

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Has any been able to retro-fit a intake style intake for their s model millenia? the only company that i have been able to locate that will
    fabricate an intake for the millenia s is, weapon-r. however, they stated that they need to actually few the set up.

    to bad they are located on the west coast and i am on the east coast.
  • guzguz Posts: 7
    The bad review was on the Pirelli PZero Asimmetrico. It can be found in The path is as follows; Home > Product Reviews > Tire > Pirelli PZero Asimmetrico. In all fairness, I did a little more research and read that the Pirelli P7000 Super Sport was one of the best wet handling tire.
  • My '96 Millenia Std has 106k miles on it. In the last two months I have had two major problems with the engine pulleys. The lower alternator pulley that connects to the bottom of the engine disintegrated (rubber shock absorbtion ring) which in turn snapped the alt belt and damaged the serpentine. Now the timing belt tensioner pulley is going bad which means replacing that and the timing belt (pulley clunks in the cold at start up). Seems the pulleys are self destructing after 100k miles. Add this to the never ending battle to keep the check engine light off for the past 13 months and maintenance on this car is outrageous and getting more serious. I would expect the car to last far longer than 100k miles. Any thoughts on the pulley problems. Note: I posted the engine light specifics in topic 76 (post 374).
  • I just wanted to write the group and let you know of some of the similar problems I have been seeing with my 1995 Millenia (L). This might help someone diagnose their problems and direct them into helping them out (in no particular order):

    Check Engine Light on: Codes P1170-Ho2s 11-Inversion and P1173-Ho2s21-Inversion (O2 sensors).

    Radiator shot and replaced: $550

    Leaky Cam Seals - need replacing after 60K was done ($800 estimate). Still minor leaking, but too expensive.

    H20 Pump went south: replaced at time of 60K.

    60K Service (w/new pump and brakes): $992.30

    Replaced both CV joints: $608

    Oil sending unit replaced: $75

    I don't know about you all, but this is some major repairs that should not be happening. The CV's I understand, but the radiator CRACKED in half - on a cold 45 degree day!

    I think Mazda used some cheap parts for the 95L - only to improve on it down the road.

    I have a Miata that is supercharged and it has had zero problems, but we will not be buying another Millenia.

  • Oh, and some more back ground info on our 1995L - we got it for a killer deal - paid $13,000 for it like 3 years ago with only 30K on the tach! Here is what happened when we got it home that day:

    1) Dash lights not coming on. Turns out that the CPU was shot and thank god it was replaced under warranty (by a month!) - radio replaced as well.

    2) The remote we got did not work - only to find out that the car was NOT equipped for remote door locks. I verified this through a Mazda VIN check. Thus, not all 95 Millenias come with remote door locks (as stated by Mazda/USA). You can reprogram your door remote by holding down the door light switch and holding down your remote key - you may want to verify this with your Mazda mechanic.

    3) Some paint flaking off the front bumper - this still may be a recall.

    4) The head liner - sheesh, this headliner is deteriorating in the back of the car. We are not too happy about this one.

    I think over time, the Millenia will have its problems - like any car, but the difference is in the parts that are failing and pretty scary.

    I have had my share of VW/Toyota/Honda/Mazda/Ford/Pontiac - but this car seems to have had more repairs than normal.

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