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    Willard, you are amazing. You know more about these cars than any "professional" at the dealership. And especially for an electronics guy -- truly amazing.

    Thanks for your contributions.

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    I have a 1991 LS400 with 209k on it. I have a slight engine skip when speed is held steady between 40 and 50mph. No skip at any other speed. I used fuel injector cleaners, use only premium gas and really follow all maintenance schedules. Any advice, suggestions?
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    Thanks for input. My Lexus dealer was unable to replicate the problem but as a "courtesy" replaced practically all a/c parts and I have had no problem since the repair work. I think this probably demonstrates one of the values of dealing with the same people over a long period of time--8 years.
    My thanks also to those that run this "chat".
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    I recently purchased an '06 LS430 and while washing it this weekend noticed that 2 of the wheels are peeling. Has anyone else experienced this and what can I do to restore the finish?
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    I have a 2001 LS430 with 79k miles. I purchased 7yr/100k warranty. Warranty runs out mid Nov and I want to make sure that all items that need repair under warranty are identified and corrected.
    I'm not mechanically inclined. Am going to take car to local Lexus dealer and ask him to check out thoroughly.
    Will appreciate your thoughts on items/concerns to pay particular attention to during this Lexus checkout. Thanks so much for your input.
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    Be prepared for the timing belt change required at 90,000 miles - that'll be coming at you. Otherwise, there isn't anything special you need to do to this car besides routine maintenance.
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    I have five 91-92(3)-95 LS400's in my realm of control/influence and ALL well over 150,000 miles and still running strong. Only one, the '95, has had the timing belt changed and that was done inadvertently.

    And any Lexus dealer worth their salt (wanting to transfer more funds from your account to theirs) will insist on replacing the water pump (absolutely NEEDLESSLY) at the same time.
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    I believe you - but what happens to that engine when one DOES break? Isn't that an interference engine and running out of time is devastating to the valves if your timing belt jumps or breaks? Am I wrong? :sick:
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    When you have a sudden flat, tire blowout, there is ALWAYS the potential for loss of control and an accident TOTALING the car, or worse. But do you PREVENTIVELY install new tires, replacing perfectly serviceable ones, every XXX miles to reduce the potential...??

    But the answer is that while I don't really think so the fact is I don't know if "my" generation of LSes has interference engine.
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    But do you PREVENTIVELY install new tires, replacing perfectly serviceable ones, every XXX miles to reduce the potential...??

    Actually yes, sort of. I won't run a set of tires more than about 4 years or 50,000 miles, even if the tread looks good still. Between the heat damage of the SouthWest, and just how many times the tire should flex before it becomes potentially unstable, I figure it's best to change 'em out. I think Firestone proved my point a few years ago. To avoid devastation of that engine, you bet, I'll change it out at the recommended interval.
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    "I think Firestone proved my point a few years ago.."

    No, if you're thinking of the incident concerning the Ford Explorer then Firestone was more of an innocent bystander that inadvertently became a victim. When it was discovered that the Explorer had an unusual propensity for rollover Ford decided that it was to late and too expensive to go back to the design table and decided instead that the rollover propensity could be reduced "just enough" if the tires were under inflated ever so slightly.

    Under inflated tires, hours of high speed tire flex.....
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    I am thinking of the Explorer incident. But my research revealed that the Ford Explorer only seemed to roll over on Firestones, almost never on another brand of tire. Accordingly, NHTSA cleared Ford. Also, Firestone did have to recall their defective tires made in a plant in Ohio. Ford was not forced to recall anything. It was the tires, which degraded unnecessarily in hot climates.
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    I remember that Ford recommended 26 PSI air pressure which was far below the 32 or 35 PSI that other SUV manufacturers were recommending with the same size SUV. It made them ride better (read "softer") on the road. However, if you are running recommended car manufacturer air pressure at 26 psi and loose a few pounds (which many of us do), then you are at about 22 or 20 psi and the flexing in heat climate conditions will build up a lot of heat and consequently blowout prone? I alos noted that Ford changed the Explorer's suspension soon after the rollovers started to happen. They went to independent rear suspension. I'd be interested to know what the recommended tire pressure is today on the same size/weight Ford SUV?????
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    I have always considered that should I ever find myself having to contrive a legal case/defense then I would first look to the lead attorney for Ford in that case as it was pretty clear that they managed to fool the jury.
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    I don`t know how to replace wiper blades on my 05 Ls. The holding arm does not fold back. I would appeciate your assistance. thanks.
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    They fooled the NHTSA by proving that you could not tip an Explorer by blowing a tire unless it was a Firestone from the affected lot. Car and Driver tried to do the same thing independently, multiple times. Failed to roll the truck. The difference turned out to be a defective Firestone tire, that under high heat would roll up in the fender well, and stop the rear axle, and sometimes that would flip the car. But blow out anybody else's tire on the back of one, and the car could easily be stopped. Comfort PSI aside, it was the tires, not the car.

    Today, I'll bet a Firestone is the safest tire you can buy, after all that hubbub. Still don't want one though. And you won't see one on a Ford SUV anymore either. Notice, those old Explorers, though millions of them, are still on the road - are no longer flipping over? It was the tires. Reason demands that conclusion. The trucks were not recalled, the tires were.

    Sorry to be off topic, but somebody had to defend the innocent here. ;)
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    Assuming I buy a used 2002 LS430 with 45,000 miles on it, how much should I budget for rountine maintanence costs between now and five years from now when it hits 95,000 miles? And do I need to factor into my budget unanticipated repair costs, or is the car as bullet-proof as everyone says? Basically, I love the idea of getting an amazing car for only $21,000, but I'm not sure how much I should allot for maintanence and repair costs over the next 50,000 miles.

    Also, is it okay to save a little money and not get a CPO car? If so, do I hire a local independent Lexus mechanic to inspect the proposed vehicle for me?
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    Has anyone told you how to change the wiper (the driver side is the one I cannot remove) if so please let me know as I need to change it bad. Thanks Brian.
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    I have the paper manuals for my car but I would like to have them on my computer. I have searched and have not been able to find these downloads. Anyone know of a site where I can get them??? Thank you.
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    For newer vehicles, CPO is $3000 out the window. That is typical of what the price for CPO relative to a non-Lexus dealership would charge. The powertrain warranty of a Lexus is 6/70000 miles, while CPO is 3/100,000 from time of purchase or total vehicle mile. This means that if you get a 2006 vehicle, the bumper-to-bumper is still good for 4/50000, so if miileage is low, you're really only getting ONE more year of coverage, but vehicle has close to 50K, then you'll get up to 100K.

    For your choice of 2002, the factory warranty are done, so getting a CPO MIGHT be considered for peace of mind, but I don't believe anything $3000 worth is going to fail within the 100K mark.

    As for maintenance, the major thing (spark plugs, timing belt, etc.) are good until 100K so you're good. Depending on if you're a DIY person or not, but the typicals are below listing in DIY and the dealership:

    Oil change - $30 synthetic / $150 regular (I would say every 5000 miles)
    Air filter - $30 / $75 (every 15-20K)
    Brakes - front $80 / $400 : back $80 / $400 (I've found the OEM are good for 40K or so, without driving aggressively)
    Cabin filter - $32 / $50 (every 20K)

    I didn't list transmission, because they're actually "life time" fluids meaning that changing not necessary until much older in miles, but I'd change them no less than 50K given it's only fluids. DIY $30, dealer $160 including rear differentail. I also did not list things like wipers which anyone can easily change themselves.

    Can't think of anything else under normal maintenance.
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    I have a 2002 LS, which I've had for two years and I also bought an extended warranty for $1800. It has definitely been worth the cost and paid for itself. I would have to go back through my receipts (things which were paid for through the warranty), to give specific details. It is a wonderful car, but things can and do go wrong with any make or model. I would not be w/o a warranty as long as one is reasonably available.

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    This is correct. I have a 2004 LS 430 Ultra and I had this "Check S/T Lock" message where the key would not turn as well. Basically when the ignition is turned, the steering wheel comes out and sort of unlocks. At that time turn the steering wheel left or right and simultaneously turn the ignition. If the Steering wheel does not come out far enough, use the knob on the steering column to adjust the steering wheel out and down. Then turn the steering wheel right or left and turn the ignition at the same time.

    One thing I noticed is that the tension or torque on the front wheels does not just have to be when the wheels are turned on your parked car. I had this happen when I was parked straight on an incline. Must be the tension on the wheels thing.

    This is a great message really helped me out of this bind.
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    I have smart access. I had a remote start installed in my 2004 LS430. When I remote start, I get the S/T lock message. Once I put the key in and turn the ignition, the message wont clear. I end up having to shut the remote start down and then restart the car with or without the key. I'm looking to find a solution to the S/T lock message when I remote start the car. The installer was unable to figure out how to eliminate the S/T lock message. I have the benefit of having the remote start function for a/c or heat, but I would like to be able to get in turn the key, step on brake and just drive off. Anybody have any suggestions?
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    I have a 2003 LS430 and the subwoofer is buzzing. Replacement is $400, (just for the speaker w/o installation). Is there an aftermarket subwoofer that might be more durable?

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    Buzzing as in "fuzz" along with musical notes or buzzing as in constant.

    In the latter case the speaker itsself is not the problem.

    More durable subwoofer...??

    Not if you play it so loud it irritates the passengers.....
    > a car two blocks away.

    Otherwise almost any aftermarket subwoofer will suffice.
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    Thanks for the reply. Found a cheap and easy solution on the Lexus Owners Club website.

    The problem is usually caused by a slight tear in the foam surrounding the speaker cone. Remove the speaker grill, lay a bead of hot glue around the perimeter of the foam where it attaches to the metal frame, (or where the foam attaches to the speaker cone if that is where the tear is). Let it dry and you are done. Cost: less than $10.00, Time: 10 minutes including drying time. Buzzing is now gone. Lesson learned on volume level.

    Considering the cost to buy a new subwoofer, ($400.00) plus installation, (cost unknown but I understand that the rear seat needs to be removed so it will be at least as much as the speaker) I figure I am ahead of the game even if the fix only last a few years.

    Hope this helps someone else.
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    Cost to buy...

    Maybe $50, maybe $100, tops, and it can be installed, easily and quickly from inside the trunk.
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    I've averaged about 1K a month in mileage since I bought my 2005 LS430 in Dec. 2005. I wasn't particularly happy with the OEM Dunlop 5000's which had issues such as hydroplaning, thumping and a short tread life. I wouldn't buy them again. I thought I had standard wheels and tires but now find I have a low profile tire on an 18-in. rim (245R/45R18) and everything I've seen so far are "performance tires." The question is whether anyone knows of a "less sophisticated," run of the mile non-hydroplanning tire for this rim; absent that, I be interested knowing what tires others chose as replacements and for what reasons.
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    I own a 2005 LS430 that I purchased in May of '05. It has 37K miles on it and is in pristine condition and I want to keep it that way. I recently purchased a second vehicle to use as my "daily driver" (a smart fortwo) and use it almost exclusively. I plan to keep the Lexus as my "real" and have been driving it to work about once every two weeks, about 10 miles round trip. How frequently should I be driving it to keep all the seals, etc. in proper condition? Your thoughts?
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    TireRack is a good source of tires. Here are 85 tire choices from them in the size 245/45R18: - - berSelected=Y&displayResults=85&compare=true&compareList=&RunFlat=All&goWhere=%2- - - 52Ftires%252FCompare1.jsp&sortCode=&width=245%2F&ratio=45&diameter=18&startIndex- - - =0

    I still have the original tires but I will probably consider one of the several Michelin choices as replacements. For each tire, there are lots of user reviews as well on that website. Happy Hunting :)
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    Once every two weeks should be fine. Since 10 miles is still a relatively short trip, so keep on top of regular oil changes. I would suggest no more than 3k miles if using regular oil, or no more than 5k if using synthetic oil. Always use a good quality filter. If you have Smart Key, you may want to use a battery tender to prolong the life of the battery. Over the long run, you may want to replace the timing belt according to years and not miles. I would also suggest having the brake fluid replaced every two years and the coolant every four.

    Even if you do not listen to me, this car is very well engineered and can take a lot of service use without a problem. You certainly can look forward to a long and generally good ownership experience.
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    Thanks for the advice vcheng. I'll plan on changing the oil according to dates rather than mileage too. So far this car has been flawless and has never had a reason to go in for service other than regularly scheduled maintenance at the dealership. I'm looking forward to enjoying many years of pleasure from it.
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    225,000 miles on our '95 and it appears I need a passenger side catalytic converter.

    New spark plugs, new downstream O2 sensor yet code persists.

    I can buy new one, direct fit/bolt up, on Ebay for $120 to $150, anyone used one of these...??

    Price seems to low....
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    What is(are) the code(s)?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706

    Low catalyst efficiency bank #2.

    I've been assuming the documents are correct and bank 2 is the US passenger side.

    I thought the catalyst was going to be extraordinarily expensive (not to mention WORK..!) so after oil & filter(air & oil) change, MAF inspection/cleaning, I when for the O2 sensor and spark plugs first. Looks as if it actually is the converter.
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    I think I agree with your strategy.

    If you are keeping the car, an OEM catalytic converter might be the way to go, but probably not worth it. How is the rest of the car in terms of condition?
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Beautiful, excellent, drives like new but with just a wee bit of brief smoking out the exhaust upon WOT.

    OEM would be about $800 DIY.
  • vchengvcheng Member Posts: 1,284
    The wee bit of smoke might be the valve stem seals and that job can wait, but it may be that the low level of oil in the exhaust that may be causing the catalytic converter problems. What do the spark plugs look like on both the sides of the V8?

    Might I suggest looking into that first before going the OEM route? Or just do a cheap generic one for now and see how it works out.

    However, I would hesitate to suggest a half-a** job on such a beautifully engineered car, especially if you can swing the proper repair.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Since to my knowledge the plugs had never been changed that was one of the first things I did. The plugs I removed were well worn down but looked normal otherwise.

    I ordered the CHEAPO converter and we'll see how well/long it lasts.
  • vchengvcheng Member Posts: 1,284
    Good luck. Please keep us posted here. :)
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    I have a 2006 LS 430 and on a recent trip from KC to St. Louis I averaged 31.5 mpg on the trip over and a little over 27 mpg on the trip back. Average speed somewhere between 70 and 75 mpg. I think this is outstanding in a fairly large car with a v-8 engine. I can only attribute the difference to wind direction. Tail wind on trip over, headwind coming back.

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • vchengvcheng Member Posts: 1,284
    That is good mileage indeed. Did you have to use the mandatory 10% ethanol in the gas over your trip?
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaMember Posts: 8,213
    Yes, I had the 10% ethanol. I also made this same trip just before Christmas in 2008 and the results were almost identical. I had no idea this car would get that kind of mileage when I bought it. A very nice surprise.

    I see small compact cars advertising that they get 31 mpg on the hwy and just laugh. These things should be getting 60 mpg.

    The computer on my car shows a lifetime average of 24.1 mpg on the 36,000 miles on the car. What surprises me is that the lifetime mph average is only 31 !!

    2013 LX 570 2016 LS 460

  • vchengvcheng Member Posts: 1,284
    In that case, wow, your mileage is indeed great for this type of car.

    I assume you used cruise control for most of the way. If you did not, you must have some great driving habits especially your right foot! :)
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    Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the Dunlop Direzza tires for this car. They are so noisy, it sounds like I'm running in 2nd gear most of the time! Even the Mark Levinson has trouble drowning out the road noise....... And if anybody out there has found a good quiet tire to replace these with, I'm listening......
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,285
    Yes, mine does the same. It's one of the best kept secrets about these cars - their mileage is phenomenal!! Why would you NOT want to buy one of these cars?
  • vchengvcheng Member Posts: 1,284
    I took a 700 mile trip on my 2005 LS430 this past weekend. My average for the trip was 25 mpg, including 70-80 mph cruising and idling at two border crossings for 40 minutes each time.
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    Struts...Does anyone know about KCB struts for my car? The Lexus dlrship will charge me 3x as much to replace my front struts. Also, Regarding tires...I currently have harmony michelins and they have been there another tire comparable or should I replace with the michelins...a quiet soft ride is very important to me...and the harmony michelins provided that ride...

    Thx for your feedback....

  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Don't run anything but summer only use tires and the Bridgestone Turanza is the best of those, nice and quiet and comfortably riding.
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