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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • hage57hage57 Posts: 24
    You and I seem to be on the same track as to an 04 LS. I have an 01 LS Custom Lux, with the air suspension and would like to order an 04 LS Custom Lux with the euro + 18" wheels, but my dealer said this combo is not available. I could get the 18" wheels, but the added cost is about $2300. If you have info that runs counter to this, please give me a heads up. Interestingly, my wife is ordering an RX330 in Bamboo. I hope she likes it as she is not a big fan of SUV's
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Yeah, sometimes dealers are right and sometimes wrong. In the (distant) past I found that the corporate info line 800-usa-lexus, can provide good info, even stuff not in the owner's manual.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I'm going in to see them next week re an LX470. I will find out for sure and get back to you. But a neighbor and friend who just took a euro told me that the custom lux and euro were doable and so did (or as I believe they are now known). But both said it was a special order.

    The RX is gorgeous in bamboo pearl. Even I have to admit that fact to my wife. She wants to get the RX first and an LX in the spring. I may go that route. Your wife will love it because the RX is much closer to a car than it is to an SUV. The advantages of an elevated 4wd with all the benefits of a lux car. No wonder Lexux hit a homer with it.

    What type of prices did you get on an RX and what did it include?
  • I hope I don't offend anyone but wondering if someone has experimented with other than premium fuel in their LS and what, if any, results. Thanks!
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    Hage57: Sounds like the dealer is quoting the price of the 18" wheels & corresponding tires with no credit for the 17" wheels and tires. The price for factory installed 18" wheels and tires and shocks is $220. I guess the dealer does not want to eat the original wheels and tires. Wonder they are worth? Dealer price quote for 17" Dunlop is $283 each. Personally I don't see that the 18" wheels and tires would make that much difference on an air suspension automobile?
  • You can put gas other than Premium in your LS and the computer will obligingly retard spark timing and power so it won't ping or misfire, robbing you of power and probably giving you WORSE gas mileage. As I've pointed out many times, if you drive 20K miles a year, you're probably only saving about $100 by going to a mid grade gas instead of premium. If you skip one Starbucks coffee a week you can stay on premium. ;)
  • I had that color on the very first lexus I owned, which was the second year they came out. A great car, that never had a single problem.. The next driver eventully had to have some dash lights replaced, and then it was sold two years ago. Tony
  • On build your Lexus it also shows sport pkg w/18-in chrome for $1920.I would like to buy 2004 18 cast wheels if anyone has some.
  • zdudezdude Posts: 22
    Just picked up my 2004 LS430, Flint w/Black interior, modern lux, smart access and sport package! Picking up my bluetooth phone next week and I will be set. The adaptive front lights are pretty damn cool as well. I was on a winding road and my wife thought I had the brights on - there were no dark corners. The wind here is about 40mph and the car was rock steady.
    Only problem is my wife wants to trade her E class in for one now ;)
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Best of luck with the car. Is this your first Lexus or Lexus LS?

    I assume the sport package has the Euro suspension.
  • zdudezdude Posts: 22
    My LS430 has the Euro sport suspension with 18" wheels. I am a former BMW owner (5 series and X5) and I think lexus has a winner with this setup. Its by no means a 5 series BUT for a car its size it handles very, very well and has excellent road feel, IMHO and the sweet part, still retains its luxurious ride. My son (who drives a 3 series) was very impressed when he drove it and he doesn't like anything that is not German :)
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I agree. It's really something the way they combine a spectacular ride with such excellent handling and road feel. The best of one world with more than enough of the other. Most people who would only look at German cars are awed by the LS. I know several people who jumped out of S-classes and into LS430's. It's great to have so much choice on our hands. Better cars at a lower price thanks to intense competition. Capitalism at work.

    But your wife should be careful. An LS is a very different car than an E in many ways including size. Tell her to wait for the new GS in 2005. I'll bet that will be one awesome car.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Congrats on the car. The Flint with black interior is one of my favorite color combinations - I'm sure that is one gorgeous car. Plus, as I've said before, the 18" wheels look great on the LS. Enjoy it.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Any of you 04' LS buyers get the XM Radio dealer option? I would be interested in the details of how it's installed and looks.

  • hage57hage57 Posts: 24
    The RX330 includes the performance package and heated seats-with destination checks out at 43,045 and I'm at 1,750 discount. I think that I am looking forward to it more than she is, but I'm sure she will like it also.
    As to the cost on the 18" wheels, that price of 2,300 does not include tires and the dealer does not want to trade back the standard 17" wheels-not a deal I want to do, I'll probably look at the Ultra Lux package.
  • zdudezdude Posts: 22
    I was quoted $530 for the XM module plus labor (est. 3 or more hours) is this the going price?
  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    My quote is $782 installed with tax..... However, still not available yet.
  • I don't get this whole tire pressure monitor thing. It's probably good if you are out and a tire has a leak, but a true flat you'll notice without the monitor. And the monitor is not sensitive enough to tell the TRUE pressure. I own a GOOD tire gauge (I paid about $20) and check pressure on the 15th and 30th-31st of each month in the AM before going out. It's no big deal. I keep a portable/rechargable small compressor that I bot at Wal-Mart for $40 in the garage to top off the tires as needed. Until the come out with a TRUE tire pressure monitor that can display the TRUE pressure within 1PSI, I am not interested.

    As to fuel. OK, maybe I am penny wise at the expense of being pound foolish, but here is what I do.

    The car calls for 91 octane. 90 is close enough. 89, however, is a rip off because it's always priced right between 93 and 87. I have learned exactly how many gallons it will take to fill the tank from all the various points on the gas gauge. I put in half and half, with a bias toward a few more drops of premium. So I am getting 90 octane at 89 prices. In the big scheme of things this is insane, I know, but I hate wasting money on gasoline.

  • half 87 octane and half 93 octane, averaging out to 90 octane.
  • That is a hell of a statement ! Penny-wise indeed !!! God bless America, the home of $1.50 a gallon of gasoline. Try 3X of that cost in many parts of Europe. How much do one save between filling up with 87 versus 91 octane-rated gas on an annual basis ? Maybe $100. Maybe $200 ? What would it cost to fix a pinging engine ? Not to mention that running lower grade gas actually leads to lower mpg !

    Wasting money on gas: 1/2(octane-87) + 1/2(octane-93) = octane-90. Indeed!
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    You can't look at it that way. The gas tax in Europe which is the cause of the high cost is a function of many other trade-offs within the Euro sytem. For example medical (also much worse than here) and post retirement pensions (far, far superior to the US) are part of that same system, Thus you have to look at the whole set of government items including land and home tax, vat/sales tax, ordinary income tax etc. In the end this stuff all equals out or comes close - in aggregate - on both continents but individual components like the price of taxes in gas are far different. Heck - I pay 30 cents less for gas in NJ than I would in if I filled up in NY simply because of the difference in state taxes. For what its worth I completely agree with bitkahuna but I will look for price differences in the same octane level and go for the cheapest. It's a throwback to my early driving days when money was a lot scarcer.
  • We picked up our Black/Black modern sport with the chrome 18' and smart key. Wonderful car. My first Lexus I know they are only cars but I just can't get over the felling when driving it. Speaking of $1.50-1.70 for gas. I its a crazy place we live when we will pay $5-6 dollars gallon for bottled water that's free. Then be upset about the price of a gallon of gas. This from a new happy lexus owner.Happy hoildays to all.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    And just how many tires with low/no pressure have you, wife, daughter, son, driven to destruction?

    At $80 - $200/tire the monitors, while clearly not a necessity, can save you money and one hell of a lot of frustration.
  • > "In the big scheme of things this is insane, I know, but I hate wasting money on gasoline."

    You'll hate even more the $2000 bill for the engine you're slowly destroying. But let me guess, you'll sell it before that happens so someone else will have to pick up the headache. (The reason I never buy used cars!)
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I have one on my Impala and it has saved me 4-5 times from being stuck on a highway.
    It goes off when the pressure drops 12 lbs below what it was reset at.
    i usually get notice at around 20lbs which allows me to get to a gas staion in time.
    It does not work aobe 70 mph though.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    My dealer had only one LS430 in stock (actually it was the demo and somebody bid on it while I was there) but it was in flint mica with ash interior. The car is stunning in that color and my wife loved it. I'd like to see the cypress pearl but it is hard to visualize any color (or any car for that matter) looking better than the flint mica LS. The tweaks in the car have really increased its elegance - imo - particularly in darker colors. It is striking.

    I took it out for a long ride and am just amazed at how great the car is. The 0-60 improvement is noticable and the ride (this was a base suspension) is tighter and incredibly quiet. But the ride is smoother, more refined if you can believe it, and just plain better than ever even though it is tighter with more road feel. I had driven my neighbors Euro earlier this month and it outhandles the base suspension and it also rides spectacularly. But the base suspension car is the most graceful car I've ever been in. I returned to the dealer and missed Bon Jovi (who created a ruckus by showing up) by about 5 minutes as he was in to buy an LX470 for his wife. But the LS ride was still worth it. As much as I love my 2001 I can't wait to get the 2004. Now the question for me is to Euro or not to Euro. The base car handling is more than sufficient. I will need to drive them back-to-back to decide.

    Hage57 - You can get the custom lux with the Euro but only if your dealer is willing to press Lexus in Japan on it. It's a custom order and most dealers will not want to bother - particularly right now - as sales are hot. I was told that the 18" wheels can be combined with the base car and the Euro suspension but not with the Ultra lux. I think I will go custom lux or go the modern lux/euro route rather than go to the ultra lux. I want the 18" tires. I also don't think I'm going to hold my breath for the custom order. I just didn't get a comfy feel about it. I was told they are going to start building the LS in the states in a few years and then you will get whatever combos you want.

    Lastly - The GS was pushed back a year because the initial design was vetoed by Lexus. i believe the reason - besides them not being enthralled with it - was due to the new look they want to have across the board. Also it is 90/10 likely that they will build the HPX in 2005.
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    Just some feedback on the tires I just put on my 2002 LS. I went with the 17' Michelin Pilot sport A/S. It is like having a whole new car all over again. They perform 10x what the Turanza's did for me. I could not be happier with the tires. Much more quiet and smother ride and in turns it is night and day different.

    I might just keep the car another year now until the fast one is released.
  • hey, I also just updated the tires on my 2001 LS430 about 2 months back with the Michelin Pilot sport A/S 17's. I totally agree, these are mostdefinately the best possible tire you can put on this vehicle. I originalyl had the dunlop sport 17's which were terrible tires and lasted only 20,000 miles. The LS should come standard with these. I know the MB s class uses the michelin pilots also. Just everything, ride, handling, smoothness, quietness has been improved and you are totally right, car feels better than it was right off the lot. just one question for you though, i dont know whether you drive agressively or not, but off the line do yours squeal a little bit? when you apply full power, this is the only negative, my dunlops never squealed. But, during a sharp turn though, absolutely no squealing which the dunlops did quite frequently. Def recommend this tire!
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    You know, it is funny you should mention the squealing. My Turanza's would sound like a strangled cat everytime I would take a really tight turn. These are just perfect with no noise. I have not noticed much off the line yet, with the exception that when I hit it, the VSC no longer has to step in because the Turanza's wanted to spin. How well the tires aided in the turns was amazing to me. I used to think that the 745 could corner a bit better than the Lexus when I would drive my brothers, but now, I think it was just the tires.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I wish everyone would stop with the gasoline and bottled water comparison...even if you follow the "8-8 ounce glasses daily" routine (and most don't) that's 64 oz daily or 1/2 gallon...for 7 days, that's 3-1/2 gallons...but I drive 500-600 miles weekly, at 25 mpg, about 20-plus gallons per week, and for cars/SUVs that have lower mpg, they might use 30 gallons or more...the comparison has no value whatsoever, as we use more fuel than the water we drink...and since most folks barely drink 2-3 eight ounce glasses daily (water, not gasoline...:):)), the comparison becomes even more worthless...
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