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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • rgswrgsw Posts: 333
    While I felt much like daryll40 regarding the new Lexus Tire Pressure Monitor, I'm still glad I have it. My first experience was low tire about 10 psi low. I reinflated the tire and wrote it off to improper inflation by the dealer at 1000 mile inspection. Next day the alarm went off again and about 5 pounds low on the same tire. Checked the tread and found a nail causing the slow leak. However; I have had a few "false alarms" recently and have reset the indicator by pushing the "reset" button under the dash (to the right of the sterring wheel column). I also have the valve caps (Wal-Mart)that indicate four pounds low (yellow) and more loss (red) indicator. These will allow me to find the low tire without checking all tires.
  • meagvgmeagvg Posts: 13
    I'm trying to understand the availability of PSC. Brochure states early '04 on ultra and custom luxury packages. Called Lexus US last week and was told same. Also because it is a "safety related" feature, PCS will eventually be across the entire option line.

    One dealer has said recently released info (as of today) now limits PCS to be on cars with variable air suspension (ultra lux). Another dealer says PCS will still be on ultra and custom.

    Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks for any info.
  • someone definately must of mentioned this before, but what exactly is the function of the power button? does it really even make any difference, cause if so its very hard to notice. Also, will fuel octane really make any difference to performance? or is that more of an oil thign? one last question, does turning of the air conditioning increase performance, as ive heard it does. one last question, I've been driving this car very agressively for the past 28,000 miles and the engine seems to have gotten more powerful and responds quicker to my pedal pressure. I dont know if thats possible, but it seems like it, anyone else who pushes their LS notice this?
  • meagvgmeagvg Posts: 13
    I'm trying to understand the availability of PSC. Brochure states early '04 on ultra and custom luxury packages. Called Lexus US last week and was told same. Also because it is a "safety related" feature, PCS will eventually be across the entire option line.

    One dealer has said recently released info (as of today) now limits PCS to be on cars with variable air suspension (ultra lux). Another dealer says PCS will still be on ultra and custom.

    Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks for any info.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I think that basically in "power" mode the tranny will try to stay within the engine's power band more. If you always go WOT anyway you won't notice much difference.
  • jsb16jsb16 Posts: 64
    Can someone explain to me what this bluetooth connection with the Nav is supposed to accomplish? Will it automatically mute the stereo when the phone rings or allow voice command hands free dialing?
  • Great question re link with NAV. Another one...does it make any difference what brand cell phone one uses with the Lesux Bluetooth system so long as it has Bluetooth capability?
  • Yes, the nav system does mute the radio when you receive a phone call and the screen indicates the caller's name if it is in your phonebook.
    Voice dialing is not available and while you are driving, only the preset one-touch numbers can be dialed through the nav system. I am using a Nokia 6310i and downloaded my phonebook numbers one at a time, so I only put in the frequently dialed numbers and set-up all the one-touch. I have found that this is not a problem, because you can always dial direct from your phonebook in the phone itself--even if speeding down the freeway--and the call still come thru the nav system the same as if it were one of the one-touch calls. Another great feature is when you are talking on your handset, you get into the car, start the car and then the nav (bluetooth system) takes over the call--you just put your phone back in your pocket and carry-on your conversation while driving.
  • Thanks for the very informative reply. So, confirm you don't have to 'activate' Bluetooth on your cell phone every time you get in your car?
  • I recently got a little crack, actually a round crack in the middle of the windshield, I thought it would be best to just replace it. Anyway, I called the Lexus dealer as well as a auto glass place, the Lexus dealer gave a quote of $800 for the windshield + installation, and the glass shop said $275 installed. Anybody have their windshield replaced? Can anybody point what could be the difference between these 2 windshields? Is the factory front windshield on a 2000 LS400 laminated glass and could the windshield from the glass shop just be tempered glass?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    wwest is correct; it changes the shift points and it uses more fuel in the process.
  • Does your insurance cover the repair? Here in Florida, by law, your auto insurance covers the replacement and the deductible doesn't apply.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    ljflx: Have you considered buying your 2001 LS at the end of the lease? Does it really make sense to buy your leased car?

    I am torn between a new GX, a new LS, or buying my 2001 LS. I can't quite get comfortable with the GX yet and know that either LS is a good choice...just a 28k differential for the new model.

    Are the GX problems going to be fixed and does the new LS offer enough improvement over the 2001? I see that you are also interested on both of these. By the way, I am not going to lease again but rather do a cash purchase.

    Anyone else want to chime in on the lease buyout issue, please do. Thanks
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The aftermarket installer will typically charge you only about another $100 to install an actual Toyota windshield. The Lexus quote is the usual ripoff.

    Just had the one replaced in my RX but went ahead with the aftermarket glass.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    ....windshields have the titanium dioxide coating, as the OEM windshields have?
  • Never going to be as good as OEM. Also, if an after market place or the Lexus dealer screws it up, who do you think you have more leverage with?

    Plus, if it's covered by insurance, go with the Lexus one... no brainer.

    If not, STILL go with the Lexus one. You get what you pay for. Unlike wwest, I don't believe it's a ripoff.

    That's like saying the LS is a 'ripoff' because it costs more than a Buick Park Avenue, or whatever.
  • To answer your question. No, I do not have a bluetooth connection until I turn on the car. (I always have my phone with Bluthtooth set to ON) At that point I get a message on the nav screen that say's "bluetooth connection successful".
    This morning my connection was not successful!! I finally figured out that it was because I had the phone and the smart key in the same pocket. I turned off both the car and the phone--turned the phone back on, put it into the console, started the car and "successful".
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    But, ah, there IS a difference b/w the Park Avenue and the LS, that you can see - build quality, NVH, ergonomics, luxury appointments, electronics, etc...

    Can you *see* any difference b/w an AM windshield and one installed by the dealer ? Having never had to replace one before, my guess is that the difference (if any) is not noticeable, but the price certainly is !
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    The Lexus that I bought on ebay has a cracked windshield and the owner told me he was quoted $250 to replace it.
    So your quote is almost identical.

    I don't know how much difference there would be in an aftermarket windshield.
    I would think it would still have to perform and have the same safety as the oem.
    In some case the aftermarket identifies a problem and provides a rplacemnt that is of higher quality.
    This is evident in some aftermarket rotors that are less prone to warping.
  • Few dealers actually replace windshields themselves ...They farm the work out...

    At least that is true of most dealers...I have never had to replace a Lexus windshield but would be surprised if they are different.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    LS430 may cost $65,000, but anyone who pays more than $139 for an OE replacement tire is being ripped off.

    And if Lexus does sub-contract and you have a problem, now you have two company management teams to negotiate/argue with.

    I might pay a 25 to 30% premium to have Lexus do the work, but never 300%
  • I'm not one to throw away money, but it's important to learn whether it's an apples to apples comparison. I've met many people who went with an after market windshield after being told it was "exactly the same" only to find distortion in the replacement (easily seen by moving one's viewpoint inside the car over the surface of the glass looking out. Another problem I've heard of is it not fitting quite the same so there's wind noise. On a car as library quiet as an LS that would be VERY noticeable. Last is the glass itself - all glass is not the same. Cheaper glass may get pitted more easily by dust/dirt. Cheaper glass may not offer the same tint/UV shielding as OEM.

    All I would ask is that anyone considering after market anything do their homework. Someone gave an example of after market brake rotors... I know people who buy 'cheap' after market rotors and they rust, crack, and have other problems. Now I have after market brakes on my car (StopTech's) but they certainly weren't cheap, haha. I bought them because they really do offer better stopping power than the factory ones, particularly with the larger rims (19") I have. (Note, my car is a GS400, not an LS.)

    Summary: Caveat emptor!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    As I said, my aftermarket vendor offered to install an actual Lexus sourced windshield for an additional $100.

    Anyway, things being the way they are, the economy and all, how can one be sure that the Lexus dealer, or certainly the sub-contractor, actually uses Lexus "glass".
  • Isn't most parts on the LS labeled Toyota ? I know my sunroof is labeled Toyota. Is the LS windshield sourced from Japan or local sourced ? i.e., is the dealer's OE windshield actually a Toyota glass or not ? Just wondering.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    GX470 - I was going to do a new LX lease but my wife hardly drove it because she was intimidated by its size the past few years. I had taken the GX out for a test drive a few months ago and while I was very impressed with its smooth ride I just didn't think it was big enough for my family needs. So I negotiated a great deal on an LX on the phone and went in to the dealer on Saturday to do the deal. They were going to take me out of one of my LS leases a few months early. But my wife definitely wants to have access to an SUV that she will drive comfortably and often and not rarely like the LX. So we took the GX out for a drive and she loved it. It does ride great. The dealer said to take it home over the weekend to make sure we are comfortable with our choice. After driving it on Sunday including a 50 mile highway trip I can say that I did not experience any of the vibrations that I have read about on the GX board. In fact I found it very smooth with better pick-up than the LX. In my town the LX470, Toyota Land Cruiser and now the GX470 are found at every turn. I know 5 people locally who have GX470's and they all love them and have not experienced any of the vibration or other problems noted on the GX board. Neither did I on the weekend one or on the earlier test drive. So I am past worrying about it.

    Now I am trying to decide whether I will buy the GX or lease it. I also will wait till the ones start coming over with the back-up camera mated to the ML/nav - supposedly in late December. I hope that is the case as I don't want to be without an SUV in January around here. The best deal I can get locally is $1500 off. LexusUS - if they are legit - will do $3500 off but it will cost $1000 to ship it. The $1000 differential is not worth it to me. I will likely lease it if the residuals are high enough.

    LS430 - My midnight pine is at 60k miles and is letter perfect. I replaced the tires and that is it. Great car - but it was bought solely for business miles and I don't need a third car anymore. My silver is at 35k miles and also letter perfect. But I doubt I will buy it because I (and my wife) am tired of the color. It's a flawless car though and whoever buys it will get a great car. The new 2004 is spectacular. Go drive one. I will likely buy it as it should be late enough in the model year - April - where you can drive a good discount. There are two things that would lead me to lease rather than buy though. One of them is that a new model will be out at the end of the 2004 lease cycle or a year earlier. The other is that I am watching closely the development of the Hybrid technology. Given my preference though I'd like to buy one vehicle and lease the other as it fits my tax situation. So if I buy the GX I will lease the LS. But I haven't ruled out two leases either. Plus when I leased the LS in 2001 it was smarter to buy at lease-end rather than buy up front. So I will do that math again.

    I would not hesitate to buy the 2001 though if you really love it. My silver car is a dream and if I weren't tired of the color I'd seriously think of buying it. My buyout is current $7k under what dealers are selling them for. By the way I'd always prefer a car over an SUV. I drive the latter because of bad weather, family needs and carrying large cargo. I also like the elevated driving position. But there is nothing like a great car.

    Let me know what you do as we can always cyber-shop together again.

    One thing for sure - I am staying all Lexus as the experience is so satisfying.
  • For complete info on the system, go to They will tell you which phones are compatible.
  • Where at does it give complete information about the Lexus bluetooth system?
    All I can get is a list of Bluetooth phones--it does not say which will work best with Lexus--or if they will work at all. Just need instructions on how to navigate that site.
  • Is not a Lexus system. We just use it in our cars. The phones that you find on the site will work with the LS. I believe there are 3 phones, 4 carriers (AT&T, TMobile, Cingular, and Sprint). That site should give you the information needed to get the phone. What you do is buy one of those phones, select one of the four service carriers, then with your nav screen go into the settings. There is a setup screen where you push 1212 in your phone and hit send. All the information from your phone is transmitted through "Bluetooth" with lack of a better term, and it will download your phone book etc. After that, you will be able to keep the phone in the center console, and be able to dial, talk, send, end, etc., all through your nav system. Unfortunately, you won't get voice activated, but it does have one touch capability
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Thanks for the comments; my lease is up in June; I will definitely drive both the GX and new LS. I wonder if it ever would make sense to buy the lease car and trade it if the differential is favorable?

    Let's stay in touch; I am very interested in what you decide to do. By the way, I would like to see XM Radio incorporated in all Lexus's a winning entertainment and news platform in so many ways.
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