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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • fabtfabt Posts: 22
    I got my LS430 with Nav/Lev AND CHROME WHEELS for $55,100; so you are in the ballpark for your car.
    I live in Southern California, I don't know if region affects price.
    I bought mine, no lease, so I can't help you there.
  • bongerbonger Posts: 16
    The custom luxury I saw was black on black with the Bordeaux birds-eye maple. This wood is red, almost a blood red. To me it didn't look like the sample in the Lexus Brochure - not unattractive just different. The custom luxury will be the same as the ultra without the back seat limo stuff. The sticker was Base $54005, Custom luxury $8820, Aniline leather $2105, Lexus link 1215, Chrome wheels $1800, Trunk mat $66, Wheel locks $59. Unfortunately I didn't write down the total and think shipping may have to be added.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I just did 39 months thru Lexus Financial with zero down on MSRP of $61230. I paid $58675....12,000 miles per year; Money factor was .0033 and residual was 57%; monthy payment of $992. No disposition fee.

    I'm in North Carolina, and we are not seeing these big California discounts. The cars are still "demand tight" here. A lot of buyers are still paying close to list for Nav-Lev models. Money rates and residuals are regionalized (as per Lexus Financial). I think that the residuals are beginning to drop in April....maybe a drop in rates will offset this.

    Hope this's a great car.

    Glad to see you're off the Q45 too!
  • slal1slal1 Posts: 1
    $55.1K sounds like an incredible price. Where did you get it?
  • jninojnino Posts: 1
    I own one of each, so I have a very fair view on this competitive issue. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Infiniti to attend the Infiniti Q45 Zero to Infiniti event at the Homestead Motor Sports speedway here in Miami, FL. This Sunday, April 8th, you can check out the track by viewing the Infiniti Grand Prix of Miami of ABC. Anyways, this event was very exciting! I, and a friend of mine, were able to drive the new 2002 Infiniti Q45 around the inner track, which is formula 1 like with curves and such. And we were allowed to drive hard, testing the vehicle in braking, straightaway acceleration, cornering, etc. I topped 100mph easy a number of times. You were even able to ride with a professional driver who did hot laps on the main oval track at speeds of excess fo 125mph! I was extremely impressed with the Q45. Infiniti must be very determined with the capabilities of its car, as there are many liabilities involved with the hot laps. Infiniti also let us test competing vehicles...the Lexus LS430, Jag, BMW 540i, Benz E430, etc. I honestly think that Infiniti has finally got it right. WHAT A CAR!!! It easily has the fastest acceleration times. The handling is simply incredible. Perhaps only the 540 handled like the Q45. The Lexus had way too much of a Cadillac ride. You couldn't feel the road. I guess it is all a matter of taste. I found the Q45 to have the best acceleration (which it does), tie for best handling with the 540, best cornering, best braking, and best interior amenities and accomodations. And it was the least expensive model on the track. Perhaps the only department in which the Q45 didn't demolish the competition was in its awful trunk! It is quite small for such a grand car. It reminded me plenty of the room in my 97 J30, and not of the room in my RX300. Otherwise, the Q45 is the best vehicle in this price group, hands down! And with a sticker costing thousands less, I think Lexus is in trouble with its LS430. It is overpriced and just can't compete with what Infiniti has to offer with its Q45. With the new Q45, a G20 replacement coming in October to compete with the IS, and an all new SUV coming in February, this just might be the initial displacement of the throne.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Try to stay away from putting money down on a lease unless you have to. Leases were created with 0 down in mind. Lexus historically gives you a high interest rate on large security deposits so if you want to part with up-front cash that's the way to go. At least that way you know you'll get your money back. That Q45 looked awesome on paper - what turned you off about it. I hope Infiniti makes it. They seem to have some good concept cars lined up and they make very reliable cars. But I disagee with jnino - Lexus is in a higher league and will debut a v-12 before too much longer.

    I am seeing a lot of LS430's on the Garden State Parkway here in NJ but for the first time I had one directly behind me today. Denniswade may think the headlights look goofy (as per his posts on other boards) from the sideview but the car is absolutely awesome in your rear-view mirror.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I see you are making things interesting on Arcoates board. Keep it lively over there. The other lux board is as quiet as an LS430 interior these days.
  • swithrow2swithrow2 Posts: 41
    Oh I always have leased with $0 down, Lexus just quoted me that lease at $5,000 down which was rediculous.

    As for the Q, I still like it and am still considering it. Its a unique car.
  • slexyslexy Posts: 31
    I also took that comparison test drive at a major motor speedway. The Q is a nice car, but the test was rigged against the LS which did not have the 2 sport suspension options available while the Q had sport suspension. As for the price, Lexus has always held its value better for many reasons. If you read the latest issue of Automobile Magazine, you will see the first indication that the Q may not be built as well as the LS. Only time will tell, but overall repair costs do affect resale value for any car. Will history repeat itself?
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    Someone's got to be a catalyst :-)
  • fabtfabt Posts: 22
    I got the car at South Bay Lexus in Torrance,CA. from Bob Wills, SVP-General Manager. 310.325.9999 The car is Mystic Sea Opalescent with Nav/Lev, lexus link, trunk mats, wheel locks and Chrome wheels. $55,100 before tax/license.

    I sent a dozen dealers a fax stating the color/features I wanted and told them I would buy the car that week from whomever had the lowest price. 6 or 7 replied, South Bay and one other had the lowest price, so I then called their General Managers and negotiated a little further. South Bay had the car in inventory within 48 hours and I closed the deal. Good Luck!
  • afinegoldafinegold Posts: 57
    fabt - where did you get the dozen or so fax numbers you used to send your query to the dealers? Did you call each of the dealers to ask for their fax numbers or is there a readily available list somewhere? And who did you address you message to--the manager or anyone else specific?

    Thanks, Al
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I just browsed lexuscanada and it appears that the canadian version of the LS430 has an electrically heated windshield, anyone out there know if this is actually true?

    If it is I'm off to Vancouver this weekend.
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    My wife and I have both bought cars at South Bay Lexus (GS400 and IS300), and we have had a very positive experience with them. I'd reccomend them to anyone in the Los Angeles area.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    Second day and loving the car!!! Only glitch is that the CD player seems to have trouble with CD-R disks. Originals play fine. I remember way back on the board someone said their home MLev stero was picky about CDs. I'm going to burn some more on a different blank and see if it helps. Also - does anyone know if the cruise control can be left on (not set, just on), or do you have to turn it on every time you start the car? Another question for the dealer to look up in his C-BEST manual.

    The "lock sw" refered to having them reprogram the way the door locks work. The default opens the drivers door only on the first press of the button, and you need to press a second time for the rest of the doors. Similarly, when you put the car in park after driving, only the driver's door is unlocked. You need to hit the unlock button to open the others. They can easily (5 minute job) make all the doors unlock on the first press and also when you put the car in park. I had it done before delivery.

    Information on my lease is # 829 and 835. In my case they wanted to sell a car, and bought me out of my $640 Mercedes lease which didn't end until July 23. They gave me a good price to start(57,900). At that time Edmunds and some buying services were saying list or maybe 1,000 off. I said OK July, interest rates will be down and with a softening market you'll be at least as anxious to sell the car and you'll probably offer at least the same number if not better. I challenged them to come up with some reason for me to buy now. My salesman went to the manager and they knocked another $1900 off for 3 lease payments agreed to prorate any delivery before April 23 (at their option). They found a car and chose to deliver yesterday, 19 days early. As a result they credited me for $380 of the money due at delivery.

    Leases through Lexus can use extra refundable security deposits to lower the money factor and therefore payments. This is much preferable to a down payment in my mind because:
    1. You get a reasonable return on your money. An extra $7,000 reduced the payment $83/mo on a 42 month lease. Since this is just a reduction in rate it isn't a taxable event, so I'm getting almost $1,000 a year return tax-free.

    2. Your gap insurance doesn't cover any cash you put into the lease. It protects you only to the amount of your exposure to the leasing company. If the car is destroyed or stolen you will probably lose any cash down payment.

    I'm very busy working and leaving Saturday AM for a weeklong business/pleasure trip with my wife coming along. Unfortunately we have to fly. I may not get a chance to check in here until I get back around the 15th. Everyone be well and continued good luck with your cars.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    I don't see or hear of many of the Mystic Sea cars. The color just keep growing on me. I was very concerned at first when I chose a "green" car, and kept going back to see a LX470 in that shade at the dealer. I stuck with it and I'm very pleased. The Ecru interior is quite elegant as well. Yours must be quite sharp with the chrome wheels. I still haven't seen a black cherry but have caught all the others. One of the advantages of going to a large dealer.
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    I also attended one of the Zero to Infiniti test drives. Unfortunately, my allocated slot was 4pm, the last of the day and, because of the lines, I was only able to drive 3 of the cars. First was the XJ8 - just to get a feel for the course. Not bad, but nothing special. With time running out, the LS430 was next. I hadn't driven one before and was VERY impressed. Great acceleration, very smooth, very quiet, but nowhere near as soft as my LS400 (maybe it did have the sport suspension?). Without trying too hard, I was just topping 80mph round the ends of the oval circuit. Next, the Q45. Acceleration also good,with noticeably more feedback from the road. Slightly slower than the LS round the bends (didn't feel as though I could push it further). Ergonomics of the centre console also not up to Lexus standards.

    Both cars were great to drive, but I was driving the LS faster without really trying, which I put down to it being quieter and having less 'road feel' - you don't know if you're close to the car's limit. Also, I didn't notice a great amount of body roll.

    Hope to do this again in a couple of weeks at the Motor Trend Cadillac World Challenge :-)
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154

    The owners manual says that the disc player will not play these. Don't know why.

    Took delivery on my car last Wednesday and then had to leave town for 10 days on business. Very frustrating! Look forward to long drives this weekend!
  • fabtfabt Posts: 22
    Two ways I found a list of dealers; The Sunday paper (LA Times here) Lexus Advertisement always list the local dealers and phone numbers. Also, The lexus website ( lists dealers with phone numbers as well. Call the dealers and ask for their Fleet Manager's name, and fax number.

    I sent each of them the same form letter- telling them the color/options I want, that I was a serious buyer looking to buy the car immediately, and would give the business to the lowest quote I receive; I would not share their quote with any other dealer, and would not haggle over price; I would just buy the car from the lowest quoting dealer.

    I then took the two lowest quotes and worked them both until I got the best deal; about $800 over "invoice cost", or $55,100 (including chrome).
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    I've been experimenting and found it will play gold colored blanks (at least Samsung ones) but not ones with a white backing. Manufactured CDs, CD-R and DVD's all use different frequency lasers. Every other CD player I know of has two lasers to read both types of CD. Some DVD players don't include the third laser necessary for CD-R, but that was the only case I know of where a CD reader wouldn't work for both. It's probably a $.50 part. There is little difference in CD readers (they're digital), the sould quality is in the D/A converters, analog circuitry and speakers. It couldn't be a money issue. I wonder what they were thinking of.
  • bitkahunabitkahuna Posts: 206
    Some CD players are ok with green medium, but not blue medium CD-Rs. I'd experiment with a few brands.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I have had no trouble playing homemade cdr's in my car. I've used both silver TDK's and gold Memorex. Created on an HP9100. By the way, to whoever posted not seeing a black cherry. I posted 3 photos of mine about six weeks ago on this board. I assume they are still there. It's really a beautiful color that changes intensity in varying light. I like it more every day I own it and it gets many compliments.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Digital Media brand cdr's which I got at circuit city play perfectly in my Mark Lev. Impossible to tell original from copy.I copied on a Dell xps 1 gig.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Anyone know which car waxes are considered the best. I've used Zymol and Meguiars Gold Class Clear Coat in past and both made cars look great but the Meguiars doesn't buff out so easily. Also does anyone prefer certain waxes for dark colors?

    Stevestein - try the Circuit City on RT. 9 - that's where I got my CD-R's -- But park far away from the door.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    Flint350 - The post on Black Cherry was mine. It looked beautiful in your pictures, but I was talking about in person.
    ljflx - I don't plan on parking near any doors for a while. I'll be parking in the outback for quite a while.
    All - Just found the small pad to cover the space above the rearview mirror -tee hee hee - love Lexus.
    Re: CD-R
    My TDK Certified Plus CD-R blanks won't work. I have Samsung Premium 12x guaranteed that do. This is true across two different CD burners, and both with and without labels. This is consistent with what Bitkahuna discovered about blue CD-Rs. I never paid much attention to the media before as there was no need. Unfortunately, many of the car CDs I have are on TDK. I'll just have to switch my car's CDs between my wife's car and home until I get the originals. From now on I'll stick to a brand I know works. The why of it still bothers me though.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Try Zaino from or read about it in /direct/view/.ee9975f (in Edmunds)

    I have used it for three years now and it really, really shine. swiftm
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    Exerpt from March 30:

    "...The MSRP for the third generation of Lexus’ flagship model, the LS 430, will increase $200 to $54,205, a 0.4 percent change.

    On average, the overall price increase for the Lexus line-up is 0.2 percent, or $79 over initial
    2001-model pricing. The price changes for the GS 300/430, RX 300 and LX 470 will be effective on
    May 1, while the LS 430 price change will be effective on June 1."
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Thanks. Don't have time today to check your links or the website but I will when I get the chance. Does it prevent swirls and remove existing ones? I have a midnight pine that is swirless right now and want to keep it that way.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    Z-5 POLISH FOR SWIRL MARKS & FINE SCRATCHES, it is important to follow detail instructions, I wear gloves when use this product, just don't want anything absorpt into my skin. Good luck, Swiftm
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    Drove to Hilton Head, put 1400 miles on the car, got 26.5mpg at 73-74 mph---WOW!!!! is all i can say. when i took my very loyal MB friends in the car several things popped right out. Trunk size, rear comfort and head room, ergonomics, and the gps system won raves. He drives S class and a new M55. His command system is so difficult to navigate he has to let his wife do the adjustments even to a/c and temp changes (he has to take his eyes off the road to make changes). When he asked about driving down, and changing the gps disk. When i said it covers the whole U.S. without changing discs because it was a DVD based system his mouth dropped. Remember he feels MB is always ahead of the curve. I let him drive it..... major pause when i said it cost 61k and performs like the s500. He drives mostly the M55, wind noise and the wheels cause hydroplaning, he is looking to replace the tires. "this isn't a keeper" he told me, dissapointed in the noise, tires. also the spare soaks up a lot of space. I told him to try the LX470 and try lexus. I think alot of MB owners feel the same way. if they test drive an ls they will be convinced and who wouldn't want to save 15-25K$$$$

    Relections: couldn't get the voice recognition on the gps to understand anything i was saying. Wish the cruise control was always "on" and didn't have to reset this after every stop and toll booth. They should inprove this. I have no trouble using cd-r's my son made for me (they were either tdk or memorex). spoils me...quiet... smooth...powerful. Passing on US 170 between hilton head and Savannah was like a hot knife through butter. to get to 90mph was a snapp. blissful performance. I should have increased my lease milage allotment so i could drive this for benefit???

    Just thrilled with this car....6k miles and not a glitch. the first car i can truly say is "perfect"
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