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Volvo S60



  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    One more thing: I seem to recall that STC works up to 75 mph, then all bets are off.
  • gerry18gerry18 Posts: 39
    My understanding is consistent with esp63's. If you know what under- or oversteer is, DSTC corrects for it. The Dynamic Stability Traction Control description in the S80 brochure is complimented by a great illustration. (see page 22 of the S80 brochure, which can be down-loaded from the Volvo web site.) DSTC is now a must-have safety feature along with ABS in my book. Hope to never buy another car without it.
  • Considering the S60 2.4T and have 2 questions. First, I have back problems and it's important to me that I purchase a car I can drive for several hours without discomfort and fatigue. It is difficult to find a day or week rental of the S60 and a test drive is not long enough so I need your opinion. As far as comfort, has anyone compared it with the BMW 325i, the Passat or the new Audi A4? These are other cars I like the look of. Second, I just saw an S80 2002.5 on the road and the bodyside molding is the same color as the car body. Is this something that may be planned for the S60? I like the car the way it looks now and would buy a 2002 with the black molding if it is going to change in the next 6 - 12 months. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • i actually had a one week rental of an S60 in Fort Lauderdale about a month ago.

    Hertz had a bunch of them and they were rented at a regular midsize price. Can you believe a little over 100 bucks for a weekly rental of an S60?

    As for the seating it was exceptional, I thought. Soft but form fitting leather seats. 5 hour drive to Tampa was no problem. Check with Hertz to see if you can get a rental in your area or take a Florida vacation.

    I heard something to the effect that the 2003 S60 would have monochromatic bumpers and moldings but don't really know. I actually don't care much for the black moldings and if I were to buy the car I would likely get it in a dark color to mute the effect.
  • We had a rental S60(base model) for a month the seat comfort was excellent-Volvo is considered to have the most comfortable seats in the auto industry--I personally really like the comfort--but I really believe this is a personal choice. Additionally I drove 935 miles in four days in my wife's S60T5 (sport seats) through Sweden and Norway and I thought these seats were wonderful.

    As stated by cayennered you can rent an S60 from hertz our rental was from Enterprise. We actually had no plan to get a new car but we liked the rental S60 so much we decided that we had to have one. Our car should be in San Diego in three weeks-i know my wife is going to love it.
  • c702000c702000 Posts: 39
    Had mine painted, looks a lot better, it reminds me of the BMW racing stripe, they have the same black on most all of their cars. You can have the rough sanded down to smooth or like me just painted and kept them rough. It does make the car (red)better looking and you do not have to worry about it fading like the older 850 did on the bumpers.
  • I have driven my S70AWD for 2 years(55k miles!). It is the most comfortable car I have ever had. I am trading it in on an S60AWD in the next few weeks. I believe the seats are comparable if not better on the S60. You asked how they compare to the AUDI. My wife has an A6. It is beautiful, very smooth and quiet, but like the other German top line cars, the seats are too firm especially for a long ride. Also there are many more Volvo dealers in the U.S. Audi dealers are few and far between.

    The Volvo has soft seats which have tremendous support. It's hard to describe any other way. THIS IS ONE AREA I CONSIDER MY SELF TO BE AN EXPERT! 2 1/2 years ago I fractured L1 and L2 (my back) in a fall. Comfort and safety are #1 for me in a car.

    VOLVO is the choice. No I don't sell them.......
    I just buy 'em.
  • rustyrrustyr Posts: 10
    As noted previously I had a Passat. The seats were very firm and supportive--great for long trips. I drove 10 hour days quite a few times and found the seating to be very good. The lumbar support in the Passat is more noticeable than the Volvo. Having said that, I find the S60 seats to be superior to the Passat. I feel wrapped in the seat. The seat holds me on turns where I tended to slide in the Passat. The comfort is far superior in the S60, much more luxurious. And you can adjust the seat in more ways in the S60 to get the perfect driving and riding position.
  • Does anyone hear of any special offers on the horizon for Volvo? There must be pressure on them as the U.S. cars are being given away with 0% financing and now $2002 back....... My S60AWD will be in in 3 weeks and I have my fingers crossed that something will happen. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU"VE HEARD.
  • I follow the Forums at and there are a number of Volvo sales people there. I haven't heard of any deals on 2002's though there was a substantial rebate on 2001 leftovers.

    Most everyone there recommends TDS (Overseas Delivery) as the way to go.

    Practically a free European vacation and about a $1000 under invoice. (free airline tickets and one night hotel)

    Probably too late for you unless you can cancel and reorder and are willing to wait the three months or more for the complete process. (two months to build and 6 weeks to ship home from Europe).

    Sometimes if you want something really badly you just pay the going rate. So that may be the most appropriate option for you.
  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    Last week, I put together an Edmund's review but it hasn't been posted yet. Here's a link to another review that I posted elsewhere. I know that someone recently created a topic to ellicit some opinions, maybe this'll help.

    BTW, it's been a month and other than an off-center steering wheel(dealer will need to check the toe-in next time I'm in the neighborhood), I'm still it's been an excellent experience.

  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    During the last two years of the 850's and 960's existence (1996 & 1997), how did they do in terms of overall reliability and durability? I've heard, and do know for a fact, that the 960 was more complex than the 850. And an 850 is not simple compared to the average Accord or Celica, correct?
  • drewsrxdrewsrx Posts: 57
    You might want to check this archived thread on Edmunds. Volvo's have always been noted to have the best seats in the entire industry, designed by Swedish Orthopedic Surgeons.

    The Most Comfortable Seats
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I had a '94 850 and had no major problems before trading in for a '97 S90 (960). Had more problems with it - had to replace sunroof twice (!) and hardly used, once under warranty and once out of. Also had AC problems and driver seat issues after warranty before finally unloading last year (cash drain was getting ridiculous). IMO, Volvos just don't have the same reliability as they used to have as other makes have closed the cap (and surpassed, in some cases). BTW, also owned a 240 and 740 previously.
  • Our new S60 (base engine) consistently tracks very slightly to the right, at high and low speeds. We first noticed this after purchase three weeks ago and had it realigned immediately. This seemed to "straighten" out the problem, but it now has reoccured. Any thoughts as to what might be happening here?

  • desaljsdesaljs Posts: 24

    Have the dealer check and see if the front sub-frame is properly bolted down. I have read on some Volvo forums that these bolts can be improperly torqued at the factory, or by dealers who have had to do engine work that required the sub-frame to be removed.

    Hope this helps.
  • I've been trying to decide on a car and I like the Volvo S60 2.4T but I was wondering about its' overall reliability. From the research I've done the reliability of the S80 is not too good. How has your overall experience been with the S60 2.4T? Any input would be appreciated.
  • RWClifton, I have a 2001 S80 T6 which is 15 months old with 35,000km. I have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of the car and the dealership where the car was purchased and is serviced. Other than routine maintenance, a few light bulbs have been replaced (with apologies) at no cost. Danny
  • tensortensor Posts: 25
    I have had my S60 2.4T just over 1 year and have 25K miles on it. It has been excellent so far with the only problem being the remote locks. They fixed it right the first time, though, and gave me a brand new S60 2.4T loaner while they did the work. Overall I have found the car to be very quiet and comfortable with excellent climate control and the best stereo set up I personally have ever had in a car (10 cd changer is great!). I have no complaints at all. Good luck with your decision.
  • I just got my S60 AWD last Friday. This morning I had trouble starting the car. It was not that cold (30F) last night. I turned key to start engine and got that familiar sound from a old car's dead battery. I made sure nothing was wrong like if I had left the lights on or something. After several tries I was finally able to start it. I am going to have the dealer check it out this weekend. But I am still wondering how could a new car has this problem?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Volvo batteries are notorious for not being that reliable (on my last Volvo it lasted less than 2 yrs - service guy admitted the problem, replaced free under warranty). Having said that, a new car with that problem could just mean that it sat on the lot a while and the battery needs recharging/replacing(I would demand a new battery!). If I had spent $30K on a car I would not be real thrilled....

    I took a test drive in a new Audi A4 a few months back and it died on me. Had to call the salesman out to "jump" it. Kinda embarrassing for him, plus he got a ticket driving out to me for driving a dealer car with temp dealer plates (only customers can do that!). That was kind of
  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    I have a 2.4T that occassionally needs a couple of tries before the engine will turn over. It seems to be a "normal" thing with the turbo cars, I think that the turbocharger causes additional resistance to starting. I've read a lot of posts here and elsewhere with similar complaints to yours. Living in S. Florida, I can't say I've tried starting the car in extreme cold. I do know that your battery is spec'd to produce lots of cold-cranking amperage. Having it checked is a good idea but I'm guessing that the service people will tell you that, in the best of circumstances, the light turbo is sometimes a stubborn starter. Let us know what you find and good luck.
  • Regarding engine starting, "esp63"s comments about turbos needing more cranking time is right on the money. Volvo owner's manuals have for years said to allow five seconds for a non-turbo car to crank, and up to ten seconds for a turbo car to crank, most likely due to more initial resistance. Although, "fchang3"s problems sound like a weak battery if the car makes noises like an old car with a dead battery.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A major newspaper is looking to interview folks who learned how to drive stick in their adulthood, and either fell in love or hated it. Also welcome is any input on why people love to drive stick, and any unusual anecdotes about how you learned etc.

    Hope to hear from you before Feb 22 via the Talk to the Press discussion or at with your thoughts and contact information.

    Thanks as always,

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director,
  • My S60 2.4 T makes a clicking sound on the left front at 15-20 mph. It only happens initially when the car is started. It never clicks again when underway. When the car is restarted it will click once again.
  • If your car has made this noise since new, it could simply be either the ABS system or the SRS-AIRBAG system performing their automatic diagnostic checks. Both of these systems will run sensor function/identification checks the first time the car reaches a certain speed after being started. And both systems can sometimes be heard as a clicking sequence. My only concern is that my car, though a completely different model (T6), does these checks at about five to ten miles per hour not fifteen to twenty. Unless a dash warning light comes on or the car seems to drive strange, I would wait until your next scheduled oil change and bring it up with your service advisor.
  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    I posted a review(See new vehicle info) of the 2.4T back in the beginning of January. It wasn't published until the end of January. Somehow, the rating that got generated is unbelievably low. I'm not sure if it's the rating algorithm Edmund's is using or if I made some sort of mistake. I posted a correcting review a few weeks ago and it hasn't been published. Let me say for the record, the 2.4T is a 9 or 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm totally happy with my car and actually look for reasons to take a ride in it. I posted a more detailed review at the epinions web site if anyone's interested.
  • rahoulrahoul Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 S60 base with 9K miles. About 6 mos ago after a couple of freeway pothole encounters, the steering loosened up considerably, the wheel wobbled when going over the smallest bumps, would not return to straight-ahead position after turns, and the car appeared too slow to respond to steering maneuvers at high speeds. The end result was a feeling of uneasiness and lack of control while driving. I took the car back twice to the dealership and both times was told there was nothing wrong that needed fixing. The third time I had them check and realign the wheels - which seemed to take care of the problem somewhat, but recently the looseness has surfaced again. I am planning to bring it in once more, but am concerned that they might be missing the real issue altogether. Any ideas on potential causes, or what I could direct the shop to look for, would be appreciated
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A major midwestern newspaper is interested in speaking with folks who have anecdotes and opinions on rear wheel drive vs. front wheel drive in winter driving conditions.
    We're also looking for people who recently switched one way or the other and what they like/dislike about what they're driving now.
    If you are interested in participating, please provide your city/state of residence and your daytime phone number to no later than March 20, 2002.
    Thanks as always,
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director


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  • gueviguevi Posts: 1
    I am in the process of buy my first volvo. honda drive for the past ten years. got tired of Honda.
    I am debating on buying the s60 vs s60t. i drove both and T has a little more juice and power;
    any ideas. ???
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