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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • dave330idave330i Posts: 893
    Did the Prelude have ATTS? Got to experience the joy of torque steer for 10 days or so. Not going to get a FWD period.
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Not sure about the ATTS (don't even know what it stands for). It did have a lot of torque steer, though. One corner really frightened me - I accelerated fast but smoothly out of the turn and before I knew it, the fronts slid. Not much you can do with a FWD in a situation like that except let off the gas. I know my 325i would have not come close to sliding in that same situation and even if it did, you can play with modulating the power since it's a RWD.

    BTW, is your vacation over? Welcome back, we missed you. Genie1's been a lot less interested in the board since you left ;O)
  • There's really a million ways to slice & dice the issue.

    To start, we have to understand the underlying intent of a speed limit: to foster safety.

    The problem is that vehicular speed is always situational and speeding can be no more immoral than the creation of inappropriate speed limits, or obeying the letter of the law by doing exactly the speed limit despite under adverse driving conditions.

    We also know how speed enforcement has generally transformed itself away from actual promotion of highway safety into a revenue tool which is a perversion of spirit and intent.

    I have no moral problem in letting a police officer present his evidence and if it is wrong, prove how his evidence was wrong. Even if I was technically speeding, that which he considers to be the evidence must be correct: it is the object lesson to prevent the potential for the improper conviction of a completely innocent man.

    And that's what applies here: if the GA officer testifies that the defendant was going exactly 70.0 mph, the burden is on him to prove that. If he can't do that, the defendant should walk, regardless of his actual innocence/guilt. If, on the other hand, the officer recognizes the limititations of his technology and presents his case while taking that into account and states that the defendant must have been going somewhere between 67mph-85mph (and this is correct), then the defendant should pay.

    It is in the public interest to make sure that our public servants strive to prevent abuses and actually strive to discover the TRUTH in court, instead of manipulating alleged facts to merely try to WIN their case: law officials who do unprofessional and shoddy work should be punished so that next time, he gets it right, and officials who knowingly abuse the system where it has known weaknesses and use it to punish the innocent and minor offenders simply to create revenue deserve nothing less than loss of employment followed by imprisonment.

  • boelkeboelke Posts: 14

    What do you mean when you say 7/10ths 10/10ths?
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    On this board, it typically means driving at about 70% of the cars or the drivers limits.
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    7/10ths and 10/10ths is like a percentage that approximates how far you're pushing the car. It may refer to RPM's, or handling limits, or top speed (10/10ths being highest and 1/10 lowest)
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Terrific reflexes for a middle-aged man :o) I must be getting old...
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    No need to convince me or most other people on this board. We had a debate on speeding a few months back that covered the issue from all angles. In short, there is no high correlation between speeding and accidents - only about 10% of all fatalities are related to speeding. Traffic enforcement has turned into a money-making machine - just look at the recent debate on shortening the yellow lights at intersections from 5 sec to 3 sec over the years to generate tickets. Law in general is guidelines for justice, not rules carved in stone and it can be interpreted many different ways. Criminals abuse it and so do law-enforcement people but overall, it works very as the lowest common denominator in a country of diverse population such as the U.S. As far as reasonable speed limits, in most of Europe and the rest of the world, the official freeway limit is 130 km/h (about 81 mph) and you won't get pulled over for doing 140 km/h (~ 88 mph). Not to mention that we have the best roads and vehicles (function of wealth) here in the U.S. I NEVER argue with a police officer and typically apologize for my driving. But if that doesn't work, I have the right to defend myself in court. I have never caused an accident in 15 years of driving.
  • boelkeboelke Posts: 14
    Thanks brave, kominsky. I live about 4 miles from work and everytime I drive I try and get ads much fun out of it by shifting close to 5500 to maximize torque on the succeeding gear and downshifting where possible. Because of lack of practice I do end up in some close calls cornering with the car but hey it still is fun.

    BMW driving school has slots available now for April in SC. Has anybody tried it and how was it? I want to learn how to push my car to its limits safely.

    Another thing. I drove on 3 to 4 inches of fine dust on a "shortcut" in the Croatan forest. I was following an Explorer and the DSC was working overtime as I was sliding on that layer of sand/dust on that road. I never lost control even at 65 to 70. Sure the tail would slide but DSC kicks in and keeps me straight. Now my engine compartment is covered in fine dust. Is it safe to wash the engine compartment?

    Thanks a lot gents.
  • genie1genie1 Posts: 398
    I was interested, but you guys weren't very entertaining.


    Welcome back Dave.

    I asked a friend if I could drive his Accord so I could really appreciate my own ride. (He said no) :(
    So I'm going to test the IS300 instead. :)
  • derprofiderprofi Posts: 249
    Just when I thought the Aztek was the worst design I'd ever seen, along comes Cadillac to take the prize with this new CTS. Anyone care to wager how long Cadillac will wait before dropping this design?
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    yeh, the reflexes are fine. the mind is that of a 7-year old (or so my wife tells me). all of my maturity has gone straight to my hair. :-)
  • dave330idave330i Posts: 893
    Got back late Tuesday night. Not doing anything for 10 days or so was great. Went through a BMW withdraw though (drove a 93 Accord). Did get to hydro plane which is always interesting.

    Genie1: Good to be back. I remember the IS300 being a good handler, but somewhat twitchy.
  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    if the 330 club sport is anything like previous club sport editions, yea, it's gonna be worth the extra money...

  • mschukarmschukar Posts: 351
    I've finally got an order drawn up and ready to sign. Of course it's always possible to get a few more dollars out of the dealer, so I wanted to see what you guys thought:

    325i sedan, steel blue, SP, cold weather package, moon roof, bi xenons, computer & HK upgrade (floor mats included). I live in Madison, WI BTW.

    MSRP = $33,045
    Invoice = $29,960
    My offer = $31,000 (purposely low ball)
    Their counter = $32,045

    I left saying I needed to clear it with my wife and I might consider $32,045 if they included the arm rest ($350 installed, they claim) and let me take out the M3 for a little drive.

    $1000 off MSRP sounds ok, especially if they include the arm rest. On the other hand, it sounds like others have gotten $1500 off MSRP.

    Are there any useful dealer installed options I should/could get included (alarm, sun shade, etc.)? Maybe a key ring or coffee mug? It doesn't hurt to ask, I guess.


    p.s. I got an email from our Travelocity fair watcher…Round trip from Madison, WI to Munich…$215!! If I didn't have a 16 month old daughter, I'd be on my way to the Autoban!
  • what is the model number for 1999 bmw 323i, is it e46? plz help
  • You dealing with Zimbrick? What's the salesperson's name (if you don't mind). I have not really talked price yet with the dealers here in Milwaukee, but they really don't seem to be dealing right now. I was looking to do around $1500 over invoice, so your figure ($2000 over minus $350 for arm rest= $1650) looks good to me!

    BTW, I like the color choice! Are you going with the black 'ette?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    The following are the build designations for the 1999 3-Series:

    E36 -- 318ti, 323is, 328is & all convertibles
    E46 -- 323i & 328i

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
  • I'm currently waiting for a 2002 steel blue black 'ette 330i sedan to arrive sometime in the next 4-5 weeks. One question I have is can I bring the car to service at a dealership that is different from the one from which I had purchased?

    The reason is because the dealership that is close to my home could not beat the price that another dealership (further away) was offering.
  • Hi, I am currently considering trading in my 95 325is for a newer four door 3 series. The edmunds TMV for the 330 is almost exactly the MSRP, which I really don't want to pay, for 2002 models. I was wondering if anyone in the Houston area, or anywhere around Texas, has been able to find a good deal for a 2002 330 (work up from invoice, 1000 or more off MSRP). I am not too sure about options right now but at least xenons and leather, but not everything. If I can find such a deal I might go for the 330 or just stick with the 325. thanks. josh
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