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Mazda MPV



  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    Hello fellow owners. I need a favor from you.
    I just noticed the pass side of my upper dash pad may be defective. It's right by the tweeter (2.5 inch round speaker). I originally thought there was a crack in the dash but, the closer I looked, there's an actual line outlining the round speaker cutout. This only exists on the pass side (driver's side has nothing like this.)

    PLEASE check your dashboards and let me know if any of you have the same.

    MANY THANKS & happy holidays!
  • If it's mostly the manufacture date you're looking for, that can be found on a sticker on the door jamb of the drivers' door.
  • Yes, I have also noticed a drop in attendance, but I don't think it's just our MPV sites. If you scroll down the topics, you'll see that there are not as many posts lately almost everywhere. I spend some time over in News and Views, and the place has been dead.

    I know of some long-time posters who have left the site recently because of differences of opinion with the moderators. Maybe there are more than we know of.
  • ... working, driving, shopping etc.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    ...lurking about, but have been very busy. Working on my classes, family, Christmas shopping and of course the fam. When do we get those extra hours in the day my boss keeps telling me about? I think everyone else is just busy. I love participating in these forums (and the, just don't have time the past few weeks.

    MPV content...having the bumper recall done this week...17.5mpg last few the remote starter...and the new center console (thx everyone)

  • Hi,

    I'm looking to buy either a Mazda MPV, Tribute or Ford Excape.

    I was leaning towards a MPV however this board has been giving me serious doubts.

    1. Gas milage of 15 is'nt making me too happy
    2. The leaning towards one direction concerns me.
    3. Seems to be a lot of 1997 and 2000 used ones for sale. No 1998-1999's at all.

    Are these used ones returns from people that were not happy with it? There are tons of 2000 with like 14k on them for sale. I know the engine is under powered, but can this underpowered problem cause so many resells? The milage thing gets to me a lot, because I've been hearing a lot of talk of 15-20 miles consistantly on the lower end.

    Now the good, I love mazda cars, this van is really nice and I think is a poor man's honda oddesey. I will not but a toyota ciana, when Honda is so much better for same price.

    The under powered and lots of used ones for sale scare me however, some of the odd problems you guys have been talking about scares me as well. I'm used to acura and toyota quality.

    So can anyone shed light on all the used ones for sale 2000 with 14k on them? Or more info on the milage spread that seems to go with this van?

  • We bought our 2000 MPV LX in early August. We test drove GM, Honda, Toyota(3times), Ford, Nissan, and Chrysler before making the decision. We've been very happy with our choice. We get 19 MPG in mixed driving. The MPV is not really underpowered, it just doesn't have the low-end torque many people are used to, and the transmission requires a different touch on the accelerator to prevent rough shifting and hunting. Once you adjust your style, no problem. I've had 800 lbs of people and cargo on a long trip on I95 doing 70-75 MPH with no problem.

    As far as problems scaring you, you really need look around on the other boards regarding problems, not just the MPV's. I think if you do, you'll be scared of buying anything BUT the MPV. Find a reputable dealer and take a good LONG test drive. Look for vibration at 65-70 MPH. If its there, it probably can be fixed with a "on the vehicle" tire balance (worked for us). Look for lean- its really just aesthetic, (if you can perceive it) but some MPV's seem to have it to a greater degree than others. Bottom Line- If you are aware of the problems, it is easy to shop for a MPV with none of them since most MPV's don't have them. On the flip side- yes there are some MPV's out there on dealers lots with problems, but thats true of the Honda, Toyotas, GM, DC and Ford offerings as well, probably to a greater degree in both severity and frequency.

    As far as not seeing any 99 MPV's, that's because there weren't any. and the the 2000's with 14,000 miles, I don't know- sounds like rental car (e.g. Hertz) dumping.

    One final note- with all the money we saved over buying a Honda or Toyota, we opted for the 9 speaker stereo and added an overhead Rear Seat Entertainment System- Yessir, we do love our MPV!

  • I wouldn't swear to it on a stack of shop manuals, but the prevailing belief chez Mazda seems to be that any horsepower deficiency is offset by the weight advantage - the MPV weighs less than 3800 lb, which is downright svelte for a minivan.

    I own a 626, which tips the scale around 100 to 300 lb less than the competition, and which has a teensy 2.0-liter four-banger. But it will run seemingly forever at 75-80 mph with no complaints. I imagine the MPV will likely do the same.
  • I've had my 2000 MPV for 3 weeks now and I am
    really enjoying it. I have a bright red ES and I
    get lots of compliments on the van. I would
    eventually like to add a roof rack. I was happy to
    hear it could be added even though I have the moon
    roof. The dealership told me it would be about 3-4
    hrs labor though so I can't really splurge on that
    right now.
    I haven't calculated the gas mileage yet but I'm
    planning to do that.
    We originally looked at the Honda but there is a 3
    - 5 month wait in this area. I'm happy I ended up
    with the MPV because they are much less common.
    It's fun to drive something not so ordinary!
  • Not to MPV has the same line on the passenger side dash around the speaker.
  • jktaxjktax Posts: 7
    ad in Sundays NY Times (12/17) offered free Rear Seat Entertainment System (good till 4/2/01 out of dealers stock) or 0.0% 24 month financing (good till 01/02/01 out of dealers stock). Don't know if this means that they expect the MPV's with the bigger engine to be ready by 4/01
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    I have about 2K miles on my 2001 MPV. I checked my gas consumption three times and it's steady at 20MPG so far. I'm driving about 70% freeways and remainder around the neighborhood - shuffling kids to soccer, Girl Scouts, track, school,! ha.
    I have no complaints except people stop me all the time wanting to know what I'm driving.
  • Mazda did not produce an MPV in 1999 which explains why you have not seen any for sale. As for the 2000's, I can confirm that Hertz does use the MPV in their rental fleets and sends them to dealer auctions when they are 4-6 months old with between 14,000-22,000 miles on them. That is definitely why you are seeing a lot of them on dealer lots. I bet, however, you'd have a difficult time finding many loaded ES's. I was disappointed to see that this months 10 best / 10 worst issue of Car and Driver listed the MPV as the worst performing vehicle tested this year (out of more than 60 vehicles) in the 0-60 category with a time of 12.3 seconds. The fact that owners are generally pleased with the acceleration is certainly some comfort, but this is undoubtedly a slow vehicle off the line. It does seem that mid-range acceleration is somewhat better though from what I've seen from owners. At least the steering wheel doesn't fall off while you're driving, nor has the MPV been recalled 5 times in it's first three months on the market (Mazda Tribute / Ford Escape). Good luck in your purchase decision.
  • There is a catch on the free entertainment system offer -- according to a dealer I asked, no-one in this area (Washington DC)HAS in-stock 2001s with entertainment systems.

    Another topic - I have seen a lot of MPVs with about 15,000 miles on them. Is buying a former rental necessarily a bad idea?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I'm posting this here, since Drew seems to have a great handle on all things edmunds. The new forum format is neat, I like. I can't seem to find the "MPV Cruisers II" forum. Was it not transferred to the new format, or am I searching incorrectly when I input "MPV" into the search box? Do the topics still have topic numbers attached? Maybe I should search by topic number instead. Anyhow, it all looks very nice, lots of eye candy for us abusers, er users. Now back to drooling over my Christmas wish list...

    cheers and happy holidays to one and all!

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Glad you like the new Web Crossing software that we are now using! Steve and I are now co-hosts for the Vans conference, FYI, and we greatly appreciate the work that Karen has done in the past.

    With regards to the MPV Cruisers topic, you can get to it by clicking here. Note that thanks to our Townhall team which is working around the clock to squish the bugs, we now have a placemark like feature called "Mark/Subscribe". You may mark specific topics or messages and they can be accessed directly by clicking on the "Message Centre" button at the bottom of your screen.

    If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

    Drew Townhall co-host
    Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories conferences
  • Dear all,
    Two days ago, the gentleman at the gas station forgot to "screw in" the gas cap after I got gas. ( I am in NJ, we can't put gas in by ourself). Yesterday, I got the check engine light on. Called up the dealer and they asked if the van just got gas. (Certainly, the van won't work if you don't feed it). He then told me that it is not cover by the warranty. I called up
    Mazda customer service (1 800 222 5500). The lady at the other side insisted this is an user error, not cover by warranty. I would say that this is an design defeat. All other cars I own, owned, don't have this problem.
    I can't believe Mazda is doing this. It wastes me one day for the service and $$ for their design defeat.
    I would not buy another Mazda again.
    Please let me know if you have any suggestion. Or, maybe I am wrong.
    Thank you for your time.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I'd say that this is more an OBD-II issue than a Mazda issue. I've heard of other makes having this same issue, my Ford did, and I heard the same story..."not covered by warranty..." Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the OBD-II box will reset this warning after a few start/stop cycles, right? I thought it self-diagnosed and reset faults after they don't occur after a preset number of cycles.

  • The diagnostics read this as an aberration in fuel pressure and the MIL snaps on. This is mentioned in the 626 manual; I'm surprised the MPV book doesn't cover it.
  • The check engine light will go out after a certain number of starts/stops, assuming that you have made sure that the gas cap is screwed on tightly. There is not actually a problem, so there's no need to get all uptight about it.

    No offense, but it really cracks me up to hear someone say that they'll never buy a certain make of car ever again just because a stupid check engine light is on. It will reset itself, so I don't see how it has actually caused you any inconvenience. It is not indicative of a poor design, and as someone else pointed out, this is just the way the latest emissions software is designed to work. I know people who drive Toyotas and Hondas that have had this happen, so it's not specific to Mazda. The reason why it's probably never happened to you is because the new emissions standard only been around a few years, and it only comes on if you don't screw the gas cap on tightly enough. If your other cars are older than about 1996 or 1997, they don't have the government-mandated OBDII emissions software. I believe that the owner's manual covers this (my salesman pointed it out to me), so I don't see how it's a design defect if you don't even follow the instructions by making sure the gas cap is screwed on tightly.

    Back to the point, several other people have issued similar ultimatums ("I'll never buy a Mazda again..."), and invariably the problem is something trivial. Somebody on this board recently made such an ultimatum largely because the CD player had to be replaced! No car is perfect, so if perfection is the only acceptable result for you, you will be going through a lot of vehicles in the coming years.

    When Consumer Reports tests cars, they have a category for "sample defects", which refers to minor problems that are not design-related but are just the result of variances during manufacturing. It is extremely rare for a car to have zero sample defects, including the most reliable cars you can think of (Honda, Toyota, etc.). The last one I can remember was a Nissan Maxima a couple of years ago. I'm just pointing out that with something as complicated as a car, it's almost impossible to build with no errors whatsoever.
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