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Toyota Prius



  • I to placed my order for a 2004 Prius during the first week in July. This will replace my 2001 Prui. Since I am selling my 2001 at this point (to pay off the loan) I may be out of a car for a few weeks. I hope the 2004s are delivered sooner than later.
  • about two weeks ago...hoping for delivery before Christmas. My Prius will be the Millenium Silver/Gray interior with the AG package only. Total MSRP is 21,645. Dreaming about picking up the car by November... :-)
  • Hey John1701A, you always seem to have the inside scope for the Prius. Is there a website you get all your info? You are filled with helpful tips and insight.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > Is there a website you get all your info?

    Almost all my info comes from forums like this. The catch is, I get also private emails that help confirm whether what we here is true & accurate or just a rumor. You'd be amazed at the friendships you can build online, without ever actually meeting the person. So we try out best to help each other out.

    There actually isn't anything more formal than that. Taking advantage of the internet by sharing info about something that will ultimately revolutionize the automotive industry (for that matter, the way people perceive technological advances) is a rather new concept.

  • I own an Aqua Ice Opalescent 2001 Prius.
    My mother owns a Brilliant Blue Pearl 2002 Prius.
    My husband has on (Pioneer) order a Black 2004 Prius.

    Just need to talk someone else in my family into picking up a 2003 Prius, and we'll have the whole set! ;-)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Do you have any sisters/Brothers looking for a new car? Just get a leftover 03 Prius while they still have them!!!!
  • Does the 04 Prius come with power seats or is it available in a package?
  • dupiedupie Posts: 22
    I have also ordered a 04 Prius, looking for delivery sometime in late November. I ordered the car from Carlson Toyota in [non-permissible content removed] Rapids MN. on August 26, 2003.
    Thanks to John1701a I have been able to find out more about the 04 then even Toyota knows. My wife and I are retired and live in Andover, MN. In the next two months this web site should be the hottest site around when the Prius owners start getting their cars.
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    These are the official numbers from the EPA just released for the 2004:

    51 MPG highway

    60 MPG city

    For details on how they determined those numbers, refer to

  • My coworker called me today to say she spotted a 2004 blue Prius near JFK airport. So..they are coming in.
  • yerth10yerth10 Posts: 428
    Hi Wayne

    Thats the spirit.
    I am happy that you are accepting the fact that Prius-2004 outscores Corolla/Civic atleast in city driving.

    It is surprising that Corolla sells for 15K with features like ABS, I guess its because of the Korean competition. If Hyundai/Kia starts selling hybrid vehicles, then the price of Prius will also come around that range.

    Anyway taking the bigger size, new design and the 5th door, we can pay atleast 1k extra for Prius.

    If you are doing a lot of highway driving with just 1/2 persons, then Insight-manual is a best bet. I am sure, Honda must be able to sell a new Insight for 16-17 K given the competition from Prius-2004.

    All the best.

  • My husband and I are each only children, so no brothers/sisters to convince.
    We had quite a fun time showing off my mother's Prius to all my cousins over Labor Day weekend, so maybe...

    One of my husband's college roommates did buy a 2002 Prius (on his own - he didn't know we had one at the time he placed his order). But that doesn't fill out the set.

    A family friend would love to get a minivan with a Prius-like hybrid system. If only Toyota sold their hybrid Estima in the US! (Toyota also sells the Alphard as a hybrid in Japan now...) he's just waiting for the release of the (2005?) hybrid Sienna in the US.
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi All:

    ___My original post from this morning was deleted ... Here it is again.

    ___I just picked up the EPA city estimates via a Toyota E-Mail as well. The city mileage is absolutely astounding!

    Most of the Toyota E-Mail contents:

    The numbers are in--the all-new 2004 Toyota Prius recently received its EPA-estimated ratings of 60 mpg city and 51 mpg highway. That's a combined city/highway average of 55 mpg--the highest fuel economy of any mid-size car*. With mileage like that, think about all the money you'll save on gas.

    The 2004 Prius will also help you save the planet, thanks to new technology called Hybrid Synergy Drive®, which delivers all the power of a conventional car with almost 90% fewer smog-forming emissions.

    The all-new 2004 Prius arrives at your local Toyota dealer October 17. Until then, learn more at

    ___With the final EPA City/Hwy actuals in hand, let’s redo some calc’s not including battery replacement for a mostly city type driver ... Let’s say 15,000 miles a year over 10 years which although high for exclusive city driving, should be a good comparison ... An average Corolla LE/Civic LX are only rated for 29 in the city and cost ~ $15K although the Toyota is better equipped (ABS/EBD/15” wheels/larger overall) vs. the Civic at that price.

    ___The Honda Civic/Toyota Corolla contingent would use 5,172 gallons of fuel over a 150,000 mile/10 year lifespan. With that, the Prius would use just 2,500 gallons of fuel. At $1.75 per gallon, that’s a difference of $4,676.00 in favor of the Prius. I am using a rather average high (all time high actually) price for fuel which is probably incorrect over a 10 year life span ... Advantage Prius.

    ___If you were able to receive an 04 Prius before the tax year ends, you will receive an ~ $560.00 tax savings ($2,000 deduction X an average 28% tax bracket). Advantage Prius.

    ___Initial pricing of the Civic/Corolla contingent will be ~ $15,000 (estimates depending on how many more additional options you were to include ...) vs. the Prius’ initial $20,500 + taxes on the difference (depends on your local state tax structure?) give an advantage of ~ $5,800 in favor of the Civic/Corolla. There is a lost potential for the 5.8K as well as a cost for financing that extra amount but let it go as just another car payment for some and a paying cash for others.

    ___As for resale, most automobiles with 150,000 miles of all-city type driving are shot. It would be better to give any of the 3 vehicles away at that mileage than to keep them running from what I have seen of older automobiles in the City of Chicago proper ... The Prius’ battery replacement won’t make any difference in that environment at that many miles.

    ___After all is said and done, the Prius costs just $564.00 more. There are a few costs which would not favor the Prius missing as explained above but a pure city driver should definitely consider the new Prius at the top of his list just for the ability to own a PZEV/SULEV with the few extra features the Prius has.

    ___Now if they could only get them in the Toyota dealerships in quantity so as to knock some off that MSRP off for others that will be interested ...

    ___Given my high mileage all-Hwy use, the 04 Prius won’t be in my drive anytime soon but it may just knock another grand or two off a used Honda Insight 5-speed’s resale which is what I am looking at right now. I have to hand it to Toyota; they did a great job on the 04 Prius’ drive train capability in terms of city fuel economy this time around ...

    ___Good Luck to you all.

    ___Wayne R. Gerdes
  • Just to reiterate, my local NY/CT metro area dealers say mid to late October will be when I can test drive one.
  • my local dealer said if i ordered one today, i would expect to see it mid november. price would be msrp.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To paul34b, jeep2jetta, mrvadeboncoeur and dupie -

    Thanks for responding to my question about 2004 Prius purchases. It will be fun hearing about your upcoming delivery experiences!

    To xcel - Thanks for re-posting. ;-)

    To everyone - On the subject of the 2004 Prius vs Honda Insight or other cars, this topic seems to keep coming up a lot here. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to start up a new discussion on the subject. That way, people here can focus more on the subject of the 2004 Prius. What do you think? Send me an email ( if you like the idea, and I'll get started on it.

    And now, back to the subject of the 2004 Toyota Prius. Happy motoring!

    Host of Hatchbacks & Wagons
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Why would you buy an Insight except for bragging rights of the first hybrid on the road? A Civic Hybrid would be more comfortable, but harder to spot in a parking lot, I guess.
      Does anybody know if Hyundai/Kia have any plans for a hybrid car? Hybrids on the cheap!!!!!!!
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Jchan2:

    ___The only reason someone should even consider an Insight (only a used one at that) is that the 2000 &#150; 2003 5 Speed Insight&#146;s have the capability of 90 + mpg on the hwy and can be obtained for a price between 9K and 13K with less then 25,000 miles. Looking for new, there is absolutely no way to justify it. That&#146;s the boat I am in. With a 180 mile commute, mileage means absolutely everything with a TCO being affected most by the initial purchase price because I am going to drive it into the ground anyway. Everything else when comparing the two vehicles should dissuade anyone from even looking at an Insight let alone considering one given the much smaller size (2 seater with human(s) and cargo weight limits of < 400 #&#146;s to meet spec&#146;s), lower city EPA estimates with the CVT, lesser performance no matter the transmission, far fewer amenities (no cruise on an Insight!), and to make John happy, much higher emissions (ULEV for the 5 Speed, SULEV for the CVT).

    ___As for the Honda Civic Hybrid, they are in deep trouble as well. In fact, I would say the Civic EX and Accord LX/EX may lose a few customers to the 04 Prius. High Priced Taurus&#146;, Impala&#146;s, and Camry&#146;s will lose some share to the Prius also. I can&#146;t think of any car manufacture that won&#146;t lose a small amount of customers to the Prius given America&#146;s appetite for new tech but in my case, the Initial and TCO just don&#146;t work out unfortunately.

    ___As far as what America needs vs. what it wants, the lower income American needs an affordable Hybrid with 60 mpg city/51 Hwy and the lower emissions. Selling 30 to 50,000 04 Prius&#146; won&#146;t fix the smog problem in the cities nor reduce our oil dependence a significant amount. Adding to this, a $20,000 + Hybrid is too much money for the lower income folks IMHO.

    ___Anyway, at least the 01/02 Insight 5 speeds should drop a bit more in price once the 04 Prius is released which can only help me looking for a super high mileage car for an even less expensive initial cost.

    ___Good Luck

    ___Wayne R. Gerdes
  • john1701ajohn1701a Posts: 1,897
    > Selling 30 to 50,000 04 Prius&#146; won&#146;t fix the smog
    > problem in the cities nor reduce our oil dependence
    > a significant amount.

    Wanna bet!

    With the reputation this next generation hybrid builds, sales will skyrocket. That will in fact make a huge difference... in the long-term, and Prius will be given the credit for doing that.

    Remember, Toyota has to establish credibility for HSD somehow. Prius is the vehicle they chose to do that.

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