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Scion MPG-Real World Numbers

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
This topic is for Scion owners to report their actual mpg.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

Save Money on Gas

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  • My Real World manual trans Scion tC MPG is 27.5ish... It seems counter intuitive but It went down to 25.5ish on a long road trip... granted I was averaging 78 mph which ment the tack was almos 3800 rpm... for 2400 miles... I took mileage readings every time I filled up and my worst was 25.1 and my best was 26.4. I think some people don't know how to take acurate mpg readings when I read about people getting over 30 mpg in a tC... my normal driving from work and back and to the grocery store... etc... no matter if I drive fast and ferious or slow and subdued is some where between 27 and 27.8... :surprise:

    the way I take mpg readings is I fill up with gas... take an odometer reading and or set the trip meter to 0... then I drive untill i need a fill up (the closer to empty the more accurate). I fill up with gas and take the trip meter reading (lets pretend 344miles) and divide that by the number of gallons that I just filled up with (lets say 12.6) 344/12.6 = 27.3 and vwhala! mpg! :P
  • markg4markg4 Posts: 44
    i have an 05 manual with 7k miles and i average 28mpg. that is with stop & go plus some highway so i can imagine getting 30+ highway if I kept my speed down.
  • Before the day (Friday) is over I'll have 15,000 miles on my xB. I've checked every tank except two. The first - as it was filled by the dealership and I did not trust it was full the way I FILL the tank (that is until there is gas lying above the the little flapper the pump spout depresses when filling). The second because I reset the trip meter before punching it into the calculator I carry in the car.
    Here's the skinny; I've gotten no tanks less than 35.4mpg (these are rare). I've gotten no tank over 39.5 (these too are rare). With the A/C running I usually get very close to 37mpg - sometimes a little less if I've got a lot of highway miles involved. Or - a lot of trips up and down the hill to town (you would think they would average themselves out - but the rpms coasting don't negate the rpms climbing). With the A/C not running I consistently get 38+. In fact, I'm hoping to top the 40mpg mark when the weather cools off. That tank (if I get there) will be posted all over these boards.
    You probably get the idea I strive for that high milleage mark with my driving style. Wish me luck :)
  • roomanrooman Posts: 10
    Is your xB a 5spd or auto? The mpg is impressive!
  • Auto! But I drive like an old, old, man. I get picked on by the family because there is this truly old guy who drives a small pickup on our road. He drives about 25mph no matter what (our road is labeled for 40 or 45). They tell me "you want to be the old guy in the pickup" My response; "I AM the old guy" ;)
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Yesterday I filled my new 06 xB for the third time (fourth if you include the dealership's original fill). I figured 26.4 mpg on the last tank. It has gone up less than 2 mpg since my original fill. I currently have around 700 miles on the car. I live in the desert and the a/c runs continually; I also drive 15 miles up a 4000 ft mountain twice a week (down too, of course). I'm loving my xB, but gotta admit I'm a little worried that the mileage isn't better, unless the mileage continues to increase as it gets broken in. Also admittedly jealous of some of those other posts of 35 mpg and better. I know that the 06 window sticker actually claims 1 mpg less in both categories (freeway and city) over the 05, and someone in one of the other threads said this may because they changed the gearing ratio at the low end (whatever THAT means). Has anyone else had experience of gaining up to 10 mpg as their car got broken in, or am I wishful-thinking?
  • I wouldn't be too jelous... I think eather some people over state the truth with there gas milage or they don't calculate it correctly. I own a tC and have never realy been able to get better than 27.5 ish mpg... no matter how I drive. Just recently I over inflated the tires to 39psi and have noticed about 28.5 mpg... not a big imporvement but did make it go up... Just don't fall for all those gas saving devices that you see advertized. In this months popular mechanics they test all of them and none of them increase gas milage and most reduce horse power. I'm talking about the Tornado intake thing, they tested some magnetic gas line deal... etc... the only way to gain gas milage is to drive 55 mph, over inflate tires, if you can and know how you can play with fuel to air mixture and run lean... you loose hp this way but you gain a bit in milage. Slowing down on the high way makes the bigest and most significant difference :cry: every other trick I tried only equaled to about 1 to maybe 1.5 mpg...
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    oh, like that's gonna work in the U.S. Slowing down on the expressway?! Don't you know American's have the right to drive way too fast on the freeway and not signal their lane changes?

    Just kidding, sort of. It sounds like you're getting honest tC mpg numbers, johhnyringo, considering the tC weight and engine and hp and ft-lb.torque numbers. Do you have the manual or automatic tranny, johhny? You bought a great looking car, BTW. Are you having the creak and moan problems, like some tC owners?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • UHM....! Anyone who doubts my mpg quotes is welcome to tag along for a couple of tanks - then call me ingnorant or a liar :P :)
    Been doing this a long time. Know how to top off the tank over and over again - even know which pumps are more difficult (sensitive to the auto shut-off) and carry a calculator so as not to depend on math skills. ThankYou
  • I have a manual... flint mica... which funny enough, I hear gets worse mileage than the auto?... don't know this for sure but I have read it several places. I fortunately must have gotten one of the good well built tC's no creaks moans pops rattles ... nothing. I love the car just wish it would get a smidge better mpg.

    I understand that no one will actually drive 55 in the US... hell sammy hagar wrote a song about it "I Can't Drive....... 55!!!!!" I was just saying that it was the best way to gain fuel economy. I am a lab rat for 3Ms research and development labs so I have a bit of an analytical approach to life. I get board driving the 70 miles round trip to work and back so I do silly experiments to see if i can get better mileage, and thats where my last post came from... ;) I still over inflate my tires... works better than anything else. I am waiting for my warranty to run out before I try different intake systems. I also want to do a bunch of suspension work like sway bars and maybe 2"lowering springs... lol I'm a 32 year old asian car tuner... my wife says mid life crisis but wouldn't I have a real fast car if that were true?...

    this month popular mechanics has an article where some guy spent 3000.00 modifying his pris and now runs mainly on batteries and claims to get 250 mpg. that would rock! but doesn't say weather he drives highway or just tooling around town.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    my comment on johnnyringo's mpg didn't in any way infer that other's results were dishonest. Wasn't meaning that...I was merely saying that the tC has some weight built in...for me I think that's a positive thing....and weight affects gas mileage. That's all I was saying. Sounds like you are digging your tC, johnnyringo, and it is not creaking and moaning...very cool, indeed. I love the tC's bodystyle, but want a 4-door, so as far as Scion's go I am looking at an xA, but only a RS 1.0 or 2.0, and only casually. Our Sportage 4x4 is doing a fine job for us at 104, 400 miles and counting. :D

    I drive like my grandpa used to drive, and hence, get optimum gas mileage. I signal all of my lane changes, too. I have noticed the manners of drivers getting worse in this country and getting worse fast. Semi-truck drivers are as bad as the worst car drivers, too. Gotta get there fast, who cares who we pester doing it. I don't really like any of America's interstates anymore. I prefer back highways and town streets and secluded country drives if I can fit them in. Being in the middle of South Dakota that accounts for about 95% of my driving, so I'm a happy camper in that respect! :)

    I agree about slowing down on the freeway system. I have always driven that way, not just in a gas crunch. Good to hear of somebody else doing it.

    Keep us up to date with any more Pop.Mechanic's car propulsion/energy updates, johhnyringo. I think some Americans are starting to want to tinker a bit, too!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I'm considering buying an xA, but want to hear from current owners how they really do on mileage (either manual or automatic, but please specify). I'm debating between the xA and a Corolla (we own one already). Our 5-speed Corolla LE gets about 35mpg with a mix of town and hwy driving. What should I expect out of the xA with a 5-speed?


  • Asking mileage questions probably will not be a lot of help. There seems to be a huge range based on driving styles with these little 1.5L engines. I've as much been called a liar for reporting 35-39mpg depending on a/c and highway-backroad mix. Others are getting as little as mid 20's.
    I expect no less than 38+ based on the highway estimate of 35-36?. I've yet to own a car that produced less mpg than the window sticker. I got 28-30 in the Sable wagon, and the same in my Buick Reatta. It is all about how you drive.
    I would ask you what the epa estimates for your Corolla LE are? Do you excede these? If so, you will likely do the same with the xA.
    By the way - I drive an auto xB '05
    Good luck with the decision making process.
  • I'm not calling anyone a lier... I'm just sceptical when I read about a "tC" not an xB or xA getting 35mpg because everything I've tried hasn't even got me close to 30mpg. If your getting over 30 in a tC I would like to know how... because I want to get 30 as well. Are you driving in the city mostly?, are you on the highway?, have you installed any devices like cold air intake or different exhaust?... From my expierence with my manual 05 tC i get worse milage on the high way than I do just scooting around town... i know it sounds counter intuitive but the car is geared so low that at high speeds like 70+ the tach is above 3200 which isn't good for milage. When driving around town I find the engine doesn't even have a hint of strain to get you going so the power to weight is fine for milage between 10 and 55 mph. :D
  • Can't help ya. I drive an xB.
  • I have an 04' Scion XB. I am averaging 22 mpg. I have low profile 215/35R18 tires on it. Can't figure out why my mpg for city driving is over 35% lower than the EPA estimate. Very frustrating. Anyone else seeing low mpg on an 04' XB?
  • I have an 'o5 xB and I get the exact same mileage. As a matter of fact, I've been on and off the phone with Scion and just brought it to the dealer to check it out on their advice. Fuel consumption test comes back OK so now Scion is totally changing their original tune on phone and saying car is fine, it's my driving, blah blah. I have registered a complaint. They also claim they don't say car is economical, fuel efficient. Lying, because while their "Scion Specialist" was on phone saying this, I brought up the website with their little "spiel" and it brags about gas mileage. He still disputed it, said it was EPA and qualified and until I sent him to the right page he didn't believe it was their advertising. Anyway, I've stopped people in parking lots and asked how their car does and they always brag. So what's the deal-i've also read complaints like ours, so something has to be wrong with some of these off the line. I feel like I've gotten the short end of the stick. Anyone else have this problem or any solutions. I have a 5-speed and use synthetic oil, and watch the tire pressure. So I've tried all those tricks.
    Hope to hear from someone!
  • You wish!! I've had my '05 xB for 5 months, have 4500 miles. Run both highway and city but mostly city. Do use the AC. I calculate each fill up and i've ranged 22 to 24, avg. 23 mpg. I've also called Scion several times on this and they have no solutions. I use synthetic oil, and watch the tire pressure. I just had a fuel consumption test done today, on Scion's device and supposedly no "codes" so everything is ok. I am ticked! Anyway, as far as the sticker changing, I asked about that. The Scion Specialist, and I use the term loosely, said that manufacturers (?) (Does he mean dealers) have been calling in and saying they don't get the posted mileage, so they lowered it. Also, according to Scion, my car is broken in, so that is wishful thinking. I'm looking for more of us with this problem-I wish we could do something. Or maybe, misery just loves company! But I do like my car-just that the gas mileage is terrible, especially when I bought it as a economy car as it is advertised on the web!!! :(
  • 2005 Scion XB automatic with 2000 miles on it. VERY disappointed. I have had 200 HP cars which gave better mileage.
  • I drive my xB pretty hard- Most starts are heavy or full throttle, I stomp on it often to pass, and most of my freeway driving is in the 85 MPH range. And this is with the AC on 100% of the time.
    In town I get 25-26 and about the same on the freeway.
    I think the "aerodynamics" of the xB really take a toll at higher freeway speeds.
    If I drive at 65-70 the milage is about 28, with AC and the Auto trans.

    I have a 150 mile trip next week, I'll try to drive easy and report back.
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