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    Well, I don't speak from personal experience about snow capabilities, however I recommend reading the forums at and type in snow in the search box. Many owners over last winter reported that the xB was almost impossible to fishtail on snow and ice. I live in NH where it snows plenty, and the stability and traction control on the xB will help to curtail skidding on slippery roads. The VSC on the xB is a hidden feature often overlooked and not available on any other car near the price and MPG capability. For more info on stability control, here is an excellent article:
    I will be buying one before winter. By all means, invest in 4 snow tires mounted on their own wheels. As for the comfy ride, give it a test drive. I felt it didn't ride like a limo, but it was far from punishing. I guess it depends on what you compare it to. Good luck.
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    To answer your 'ride' question:
    I drive on average 175 miles per day. In and out of the vehicle numerous times. The ride is harsh to say the least. However, I believe, because of the upright/high seating it doesn't have a tireing effect on the driver.
    If your commute is on 'good roads' I suspect you'd find the ride very good indeed. It is only on the poorly maintained roads that the harshness of the short, stiff suspension comes into play.
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    "I've accepted the low mileage, don't want to hash about it anymore, before others learn about the problems and the resale value begins to drop. It's already dropped since August."

    TWO years ago, I paid $14,965.
    After two years of use, It's worth $14,921 retail, and $13,082 "private party".

    Can anyone else name a car that depreciates $44 after two years??
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    Sorry to hear about your low mileage avg. I have an auto '05 XB and the lowest mileage I ever got was 29 mpg during the 1st 1000 miles. I now have 16k on my Box and avg 33-35 mpg on mostly highway driving. I run the XB up to 80 mph on my 110 mile commute and still get the above mileage. I'm glad it's that economical because I bought it with that intention back in April. I use Castrol and Penzoil and do all my own oil changes. I still have the stock 185 60 15 tires on the TRD rims due to the fact that I've read many posts of low 20's mileage on XB's with 17'' and larger rims. I hope your mpg increases soon as that would frustrate the heck out of me too.
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    As far as i can tell ,there are people on this post that know a awful lot of info on Government EPA and Engines and driving conditions, I honestly think we have some employees of toyota backing up there product. That's fine but the truth will be uncovered. As far remarks of females and this and such, we dont have to get personal here about who drives. It shouldn't really matter. I know people who drive their cars hard and they get great mileage, 35 and above. I and some other owners out there should not have to be so picky with how to step on the pedal and gas types and how to fill up, with the left hand or the right and hold the right foot up when filling, this is insane. I should just put a wood block under my pedal to make sure that I dont go over 60. I like the whining jokes of Scion complaning club, whoever wrote that should quit their day job and be a comedian, those jokes were a classic. Tear towels,huh.It is apparent to me that there are many of us with the same problems. All cars should be created equal just like people, and you know how that works out. I know people that drive the crap out of their XB's and they get 35 to 40 miles to the gallon, what does Scion say about that, "well they got a good one, they got lucky," what excuse will they use for that explanation. When I posted on Scion Evolution, I told them of my problem and this is the response that I received. "Dude your car must have been made on Monday." Is that Scions excuse? Sounds like something that they would say. I am so tired of keeping my RPMS under 3000, what kind of life is that. It really doesn't matter how I drive my car, I could push it for the whole tank or drive it like grandma, it doesn't matter, my mileage still stays the same. Whomever of who have paint isssues, believe me, it isn't fun. My car has a horrible paint job, it was so bad, my scion dealership even admit it and said that they would repaint the car. What is that? Why would I have to repaint a new car. Who ever said that we are whining must be happy customers or they work for Scion. Thats the only explanation.Check this out, Scions are so great of cars that when I contacted a Lemon Law attorney and yes they do exist for those that are looking for a way out, just Google "Lemon Law Attorney." They told me there have been about 20 calims for some kind of defect for the Scions in general, not just the XB, radio issues in XA's and apparently Toyota is saying that it is normal for your speakers to rattle. Anyways 20 claims in the past 6 months, and guess what I'm number 21. Just a little a "blues clue," for those that dont understand that those of us are not "whining."
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    "They" don't change, or produce data about MPG. The US Government is the sole source of any such info.

    The US Government mandated language says:

    "2005 EPA estimated 30city/33highway...your mileage may vary"

    Maybe that's where Scion came up with the exact same 30/33 they describe. Strange Coincidence?

    Especially since car makers are forbidden by law from using any other numbers besides the ones given to them by the US Government??

    So your theory is that your car is just burning more fuel?

    Please explain why hasn't it begun running poorly, smoking, fouling spark plugs, overheating the catalytic converters, fouling the O2 sensor or turning on the check engine light if it is somehow using 50% more fuel than it needs?
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    I do not accept the premise that anyone should be able to use any drive style all the while expecting to get 40mpg. :P In fact, I've not seen any posts of any individuals claiming hard driving and 40mpg. I'd challenge those individuals as having difficulty grasping the the concept as well. :confuse:
    If I was having paint issues, :lemon: and Scion agreed to repaint the car for me - that would go in the 'positive' list. :) I had to fight tooth and nail with Ford back in the '80s just to get a bumper repainted.
    You know another thing about females (there are exceptions of course):
    A couple of them can have a slight disagreement about any subject.....and be enemies for life. While men can argue about ever subject under the sun....and remain the best of friends. Just observations!
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    You do have alot of good points, I'm not saying that all of us should get 35+ for mileage. I am just merely stating the facts, that the minimum epa rating for my Scion is 28, Dealer rating is 31 of course based on "normal driving conditions."My Xb gets 22 and I am positive about this, I have tried every gas calculation process possible. I know people personally, not in a forums that own Xb's, I see them every weekend, some have stock and some have aftermarket equipment, as headers, exhaust, intake, stuff like that. They get the same mileage just like those that have stock equipped about 300 hundred miles per tank, I beleive the most that I have seen out of my friends Xb is about 400 miles out of one tank, and his Xb is an 05 and all stock. the most miles I have gotten is 230, that is over a 150 mile difference, we live in the same area, get the same gas and we drive the same, as in pedal to the metal, but I stopped a week in because I realized that I had to try something different, I have seen about a mile or two difference. He still gets about 300 miles per tank and drives hard. The way I beleive that these cars need to be driven.

    I honestly dont think that me having to repaint my car is a positive, that means that Scion admits of doing a crap job on my cars paint job, that leads me to think that other things are wrong with the car. I have bubbles in my paint job for gods sake, arrgghh!!!

    I agree with you about the females thing about them holding grudges though, I'm a dude by the way and beleive you me I know how women can be. With that being said, I am sideing with the women here and I honestly beleive regardless of what color or gender you are, no matter if you have a fat foot or not, there is no excuse of getting 80 miles less than from a tank than what is advertised, Economical car hmmm... I dont know about that one for those of us that are driving a 108 hp, (correct me if Im wrong about the Xb's horsepower please.) I'm driving a 108 hp V8 or maybe a big 250hp or higher V6, I should have just bought the Dodge Magnum. I thought I was getting this car for the great mileage, and that is the only reason I bought this car, I bought the 2.0 release because I like being different, I wanted something limited, when I meant limited I didn't mean limited to 230 miles a gas tank! I serious wonder if my points are valid or I'm just a whiney, ignorant bigot that just doesn't understand the meaning of "false advertising." Yes I like lemonade, I'm trying so hard to make light of this becasue I am overly pissed about this subject. :lemon:
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    Please explain;
    How is it false advertising if Scion reports the numbers produced by the US Government?
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    A couple of points:
    1. I may have misunderstood an earlier post. I thought you or someone had paint issues that Scion agreed to take care of. To me - that is a positive. Only if they refused to correct the situation would I continue to harp on the subject. Whoever experienced that problem did a good job of making the point to Scion.
    B. As far as the gas mileage issue goes, again, that seems to be an individual issue. In this case you haven't been able to convince Scion it is anyone's other than your own fault. It is your responsibility to continue to 'sell' them on the problem. Sounds as if their techs did the requisite tests which did not produce the symptoms your trying to explain to them. Don't give up! Remember, these xB are basically Toyota Echos which have been sold in the US for some time now. Maybe you can find Echo owners to join your parade.
    3. That said, your problem with the car does not, a whole company crooked make. I get better than the 'advertised' mpg. You know others who get better than the 'advertised' mpg. My car at $15,045 and 38mpg is an economical vehicle. Far more than the Magnum I too would have loved to own. Trust you me, those cars met many of the needs I have in a work vehicle - but not in the up front price, or the mpg ratings.
    4. You know what they say; the squeaky wheel gets the grease.....maybe that'll be the next problem your car presents you with ;)
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    To answer your question, on my sales sticker for me here in Southern California, I have 2 different sets of mileage numbers 31 to 35 this is the advertised mileage numbers from the manufacter. There is a differnet set of numbers underneath in fine print, it states epa minimum, 28 to 33. The problem with that is that I dont even get the minimum, I get 22 to 25. I would send over a scanned copy of my sticker to youe email to prove it you if I have to. I beleive you the government regulates these numbers, but I'm telling you that I have these numbers on my car.
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    I'll pull out my window sticker and take a look at that.

    There is nothing to "believe" about the numbers.
    The US Government produces the figures after testing the cars, provides them to the manufacturer and says "Here are the only mileage figures you can ever use"

    I do guarantee, without looking at it, nowhere does it say anything about getting a "minimum" mileage.

    Everyone drives differently.

    Thus, the mandated Government disclaimer that has become a cliche' in our language: "Your mileage may vary"
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    Let's refrain from comments concerning gender and age.

    And I'm not just saying this because I'm female and old. ;)
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    But, but, but,.....why? Even Toyota markets the Scion brand via age references. ;)

    Me Too - Old, but not female. But I like.....:shades:
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    jamesgang, when you say your getting 240 miles per tank, how many gallons are you putting back in to fill up?

    I drive my 05 Xb hard, 10,000 miles in 4 [email protected] mph+, and never get worse than 27 mpg with the a/c blowing.

    When my fuel light would come on, and I would fill up, it would only take 8 or 9 gallons.
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    I'm not the one getting so few miles. It must have been someone I replied to. :D
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    There was a gauge in the 1980's cars for gas milage I had one. It was just a vacume gauge you can buy at any auto store and hook up to your intake side. You will need about three foot of rubber vacume line. If you try to keep your foot of the gas you should be in the negitive numbers. Keep it that way and you will benifit. I was reading the kids posts and he is a lead foot or all XB's or anyother cars are all different. I always drive a couple to see if I can find one that drives the nicest. Just thought you would like the info. We are just about ready to buy our first XB. Any regreats?

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    Many years ago, my friends dad's neighbor bought a new VW bug. He was braggin' for weeks before he got it about the incredible mileage he was going to get with this new import.

    After he'd taken as much bragging as he could, my friend's dad decided to get even. After the car arrived, he snuck over to his neighbor's house every night and topped up his gas tank (what can I say -- gas was cheap). After a couple of weeks, the neighbor was starting to talk to anyone who'd listen to him about his miracle car that never seemed to use a drop of gas.

    Of course, pretty soon everyone in the neighborhood (including his wife) knew what was going on except him. I think they let him go on for three months or so before breaking the news.
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    I'm on my way over to the neighbor's right now. I got me some brag'n to do
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    "I have 2 different sets of mileage numbers 31 to 35 this is the advertised mileage numbers from the manufacturer There is a different set of numbers underneath in fine print, it states epa minimum, 28 to 33. "

    Nowhere on my sticker does it say anything like that.
    It mentions what other cars in this classification get.
    There is absolutely nothing about any kind of "minimum" mileage mentioned nor does it say anything about getting "31 to 35".
    It quotes the city, hwy and combined mileage, which are the exact figures produced by the EPA, not Scion.
  • datamansadatamansa Member Posts: 1 is the website where they have that 250 mpg Prius. Datamansa
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    1. Jamesgang, you have got to be about the funniest guy around with your post several rounds back about the criers club. I read it three times, and cracked up more every time.

    2. I've got around 2000 miles on my 2006 xB. Over the 7 or 8 tanks I've pumped, mileage fluctuates by several mpg per tank, but seems to average around 29. I was told it would improve as I drove it, and it seems to be doing just that. I also am still running the a/c constantly (So. Cal desert).

    3. To those who post that they are 'thinking about buying an xB' and ask for feedback, I TOTALLY LOVE my xB, and get a charge every time I climb in. It is comfortable, roomy, responsive, peppy, and eye-catching. I'd buy another in a second. It's my sixth or seventh Toyota (but I've had as many Buicks).
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    When I read this, I remembered the same thing happening in an old movie called Pete and Tillie, with (I think) Carol Burnett and Walter Matthau. Matthau and his son did it to a neighbor. They added gas to the tank each night for several weeks, then they started siphoning it OUT every night. Come to think of it, it was right after that movie they started selling locking gas caps...
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    With gas prices the way they are right now... I wish someone would play that prank on me ;)
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    I thought this was germaine to the discussion of getting/not getting the stated MPG on the sticker. For me, I consistently average 27-29 mpg w/my tC. :D t/2/article_id_int/753
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    I just got back from a 1300 mile trip to San Francisco and back (Palm Springs). I got 32 mpg freeway without the A/C, but including driving up the Grapevine, which is a pretty steep incline. When I ran the A/C mileage dropped several MPG.
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    Not sure if I ever posted this here, but I have had a tC 5 speed since they first came out (7/05). Now have just over 10K on it.

    My mileage seems to have settled into 23-24ish on a typical tank. This is real short-hop around town stuff, as I rarely take the car very far from home, or on any kind of highway ride of longer than a few miles. Lots of 1-3 mile local trips. So, 24+/- isn't too bad given the use I give it (my last car, a '99 Maxima 5 speed, used to get about 20-21 in the same usage).

    On the rare occasion I take a trip, I get just about 29.5-30 mpg. This is usually a combo of running quick on the turnpike (75+/-), along with some NYC driving, and however much stop/go the turnpike brings. I did get 32 once heading south, but that was a little slower speed overall (65-70), without too much traffic.

    So, I actually get the EPA numbers or slightly better (on a trip), and about 10% above the city figure around town.

    It would be nice to get a few more MPG, but I blame the gearing more than anything else. This engine does not need to be geared so short, but it is what it is.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

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    2003 Buick LeSabre, 3.8L V6, computer display of mileage:
    A steady 60 for 150 miles got 33 mpg, then 100 miles of 2-lane mountain roads sank it to 28 mpg, then 150 miles of aggressive 75-80 mph only brought it up to 29 mpg.
    Filled up after those 400 miles and checked the mileage manually at 28 mpg.

    The instantaneous average mpg on the computer display was pretty accurate.
    At slow steady speed, cars need very little gas to roll along.
    Using the throttle for speed changes, hills and high speed reduces mpg a lot.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    My 3.8L Buick LeSabre: 60 mph is 1500 rpm, 33 mpg.
    My 2.6L Mazda truck: 60 mph is 2500 rpm, 30 mpg.
    Scion xB 1.5L: 60 mph is 3500 rpm (?), 34 mpg (?).

    At a steady 60 mph on the Interstate, the mileage for these very different vehicles is pretty close. But aggressive driving with constant braking and accelerating wil change the mileage dramatically. To constantly accelerate the heavy Buick in city driving will drop the mpg to 15, whereas the same driving with the light Scion will only drop the mpg to 25.
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    No wonder the mileage isn't great on an XB. It's a box. Enough said. Bad aerodynamics = bad mileage, esp. on the highway. I used to own a VW microbus. Lordy, did that get crappy mileage: best of about 18, low into the low teens. It had less than 70 hp, but it was a breadbox and mpg sucked.

    Best mileage car I have is slippery GM sedan -- 3600 lbs, 200+ hp and easy 30+ highway mpg...and that's at 75 to 80.

    It's all about wind resistance....
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    No wonder the mileage isn't great on an XB.

    How is 31 - 35MPG bad mileage? :confuse: I think it's very good mileage, especially for a 'box'. The PT Cruiser (much more 'slippery' than the XB) gets only about 26mpg.
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    at 2300 miles, 2006 xA, auto transmission, almost 50/50 city/highway, 29.7 city and 36.5 highway. Generally use cruise control on highway.
  • hboggshboggs Member Posts: 3
    I believe that consistency and multiple fillups over time provide the best information. I consider it "filled-up" when the pump shuts off. If you do this ever time, any "errors" are mitigated. I also use an excel program on my palm pilot that does all the calculations. Based on coding, it either classifies the milage drive as "city" or "highway" and keeps a cumulative running total of each. Now the only variable that I can't control is the accuracy of the odometer. Honestly, I have not tried to compare it with interstate mile markers primarily because I try to stay off interstates! I really perfer back roads and non interstate multilane roads. I guess I'm sort of a numbers nut. I've always kept milage on all vehicles I owned, beginning with my 1956 English Ford Anglia many years ago!!
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    still no matter what I do... change the oil, K&N air filter, Different gas stations, etc... weather I drive fast or slow, highway or city... My tC is like death and taxes... 27.5 mpg when averaged over 3 or more tanks. The only way I see a real impact on my milage is if I have a lot of weight via passengers... one up front two or three back and my mpg goes to 25-26... I understand that the xA and xB gets good milage... My only gripe about the tC is the gear box... it really needs a 6th gear... BAD...! for the highway... has anyone seen or herd about an after market tranny that will fit the tC that has a 6th gear... or better yet just a different set of internal gears for the stock tranny?... it is a camery engine so I would guess you could get camery tranny... anyone?... :confuse:
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    What does the stereo sound like in the Xb? Do you have the sub in it? and last question does it have a good bit of tweeters and bass. Because im going to purchase an Xb and i want to know about the sound inside. :surprise:
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    I have a 2006 xB. I upgraded from the standard Pioneer CD/stereo to the one that takes the iPod. The sound is okay, though the controls could be better on the volume and the multi-use ('tuner') knobs. I don't have the subwoofer, but the rear speakers on mine have almost no sound at all; when you fade to back, the volume is almost non-existent. Don't know if it's mine in particular, or if this is a problem with the radio and/or car. On the good side, my mileage (when not using the a/c) averages around 32/33. I LOVE my xB.
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    I don't have much of an 'ear' for music - bass vs treble etc. That said, the speakers thoughout the car work fine - volume wise. I do have to readjust the settings after TheBoy drives it :)
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    I have an 05 tC 5 speed with 16500K on it, and I'm actually getting 27-28 MPG. I think the fuel economy has improved over time, because it wasn't that good at first.

    Does anyone else think the car is a little quicker, and gets better mileage, with premium fuel?
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    If the engine is designed for regular gas, premium gas cannot be any benefit. Use the gas that the manual calls for.

    If an engine is designed for premium gas, it should be able to tolerate regular gas due to a safety feature of its electronic ignition control. Those cars that have high enough compression to require premium gas, also have a knock sensor that retards the ignition when regular gas is used. The engine runs OK on regular, but at reduced power and efficiency.

    If the tC were to run better on premium gas, it would have had to be designed to run better on premium gas, and so it would run at a disadvantage on regular gas. The tC would have to have a compression ratio that needed premium gas to maximize its potential. Its manual would explain this.
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    i agree with the other post, the rear sound is very low. i changed the headunit and rear speakers and the "staging" to the rear is still the same. must be something about the way it is wired. the front speakers do sound good. some people complain that volume is a little low for us true music lovers. i don't have that problem since i changed the stereo out with a better pioneer. also, i recoop'd some expense by selling my 06' factory pioneer on ebay for $100 :shades:
  • scionwnterscionwnter Member Posts: 3
    Thanka for the info it really helped!About the stereo
  • scionwnterscionwnter Member Posts: 3
    what does the Scion xb the engine really sound like at highway speeds because i heard its kind of loud.and does it have that get up and go sound to it. I would really like to know all of this because im getting an xb soon and i would like to know about it.
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    Regarding this comment: "As far as the complaints about "fraud"; The US Government EPA sets the quoted MPG figures. Manufacturers have no say in how the tests are done. They are required by law to report the figure the EPA gives them"

    That is wrong. Completely wrong.

    Here's something from an article on EPA fuel economy numbers from an article in the Washington Post:

    "The EPA does not test vehicles for fuel economy. Instead, it issues guidelines that automakers use to test their own vehicles. Agency officials said the EPA audits 10 percent of the tested vehicles for accuracy"

    Here's the link:
    "> Mileage Numbers To Reflect Reality
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    I suppose it's possible to get better mileage and power with premium fuel. That's what my Scion salesman said and claimed to have worked in fuels in the army, so maybe he knows something. It's possible that there's more energy per unit volume for the hi priced stuff. Salesman also derided Arco and Texaco fuels here in Oregon as containing ethanol, which I know has less energy that gasoline. Whether the mileage/power increase is worth the extra cost is another question.
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    Your salesman knows more about being a salesman than he knows about fuel.

    Other than a 10% price difference, Do you know the difference between "premium" and "regular"?
    (Hint: is is NOT "more energy per unit volume for the hi priced stuff")
  • snailspacersnailspacer Member Posts: 4
    Gee, you probably know a lot more about gasoline than I do and maybe more than the salesman, but I can't quite see why he'd try to get me to buy a higher grade of gas. Maybe he owns stock in an energy company?

    Still, the idea of different BTU content per unit volume is not a myth. Here's what a simple google will tell you - this from the State of Hawaii but I suppose I could find out even more if I really tried.

    The energy content of a gallon of gasoline ranges from about 109,000 to 125,000 Btu. The average is about 114,000 Btu. The energy content of diesel fuel is between about 128,000 and 130,000 Btu per gallon (lower heating value).

    If an alternate fuel has fewer Btus, your vehicle won't go as far (generally speaking). So, to go the same distance, you have to use more gallons.

    Arco (around here anyway) has gas with ethanol mixed in and it has 76,000 BTU's per gallon. So, when you mix it in with gas, you get poorer mileage, eh?
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    You did not answer my question:
    "Other than a 10% price difference, Do you know the difference between "premium" and "regular"?
    (Hint: is is NOT "more energy per unit volume for the hi priced stuff")"

    The only difference is the octane rating. Do you know what that is?
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Member Posts: 65
    in my opinion, the motor is no louder than a toyota corolla. and yes, when you step on it you will hear the get up and go of this little engine. also mine has a cool little muffler and xb's come stock with a header type manifold on the engine- so they do sound pretty good in my opinion. i love the way mine sounds :shades:
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    You say yours has a cool little muffler and you love the way it sounds. Is that the stock muffler, or the optional performance muffler?
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