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Scion MPG-Real World Numbers



  • i am getting 30 to 33 mpg on the highway.i see in the forums where people are getting 20 to 25 mpg.they must be driving with the e-brake on or pulling an anchor.i drive appox. 1000 miles a week,85% highway at 70 plus mph and average 30 to 33 tank after tank.i would take the 20 to 25 mpg`ers to the dealer and have them take a look under the hood. something is not right
  • Had my xB for 2 weeks now. Just returned from a Thanksgiving road trip. Total mileage is just over 1100 miles total. Have checked the mileage from each tank of gasoline and mpg is running between 31-34 mpg. Could't be happier, especially since I had a Dodge truck that seldom passed a gas station that it didn't like.
  • It must be the performance muffler. Today I saw and heard an xB in my side mirror, several car lengths behind me. As it passed me in the next lane, it was as loud as one of those Hondas with the big cans.
  • that is the stock little chrome tipped (oval shape) chrome muffler that came on my 06' :shades:
  • i think those big chrome and stainless cans are a joke. they also change the back pressure on the engines exhaust which changes performances......it has pros and cons, but tooo noisey for me.
  • I have had 800 miles on my 06 tC (auto), and I get on average 22-23 MPG with mixed high way and city. Is this normal? would I be able to get a better MPG after the breakin period?
  • everyone i have talked to says mileage does improve (in most cases) after the break in period.
  • I've had a Scion XB for 3 months. I have about 1200 miles on it. My first tank full was only 22mpg in the city. My second tank full was 28mpg and that was highway. I was using the ac at that time. My 3rd and 4th tank averaged 25mpg they were mixed highway and city. I also watch my tire pressure. I love my car but am very upset about the mileage. I spent several months comparing cars, before I deceided to buy this "economy car". :mad: :cry: I think this is false advertising, but don't know what to do about it. :(
  • My prior post may help to answer your mileage question.

    axiomowner, "Scion Owners: MPG-Real World Numbers" #78, 11 Oct 2005 2:40 pm
  • I have had about 1300 miles on my 06 tc with auto. I have been consistently getting 18/24 on city/highway, which is very disappointing. Is this normal or should I take it back to the dealer and have it checked?
  • mssmss Posts: 12
    I have a 06 tC/auto with 2,000 miles on it and I'm consistently getting 26 mpg. Of course I do 90% of my driving on the highway, but that is usually at around 80 mph. It is a little disappointing the mileage that this car gets, since I have an 03 Camry with the same engine (4 spd auto trans) and consistently get 30 mpg/Hwy. The gearing they choose for this car is geared more for performance than economy. The 5 speed is even worse, which is why I ended up with the auto.
  • In/re your comment regarding people getting low MPG figures, I agree! I don't run quite as much highway as you but I've stopped checking my mileage because after 1 year & 21k miles, it is almost exactly the same with every fill-up, 28 MPG. Dipped a hair below that just once and have recorded 32+ on trips.
    I'm not disappointed with the numbers given the balance of performance & economy. I don't baby the car and enjoy exploring its capabilities. To have all that fun and get 28 MPG as well is good enough for me.
    I can't imagine what people are doing (including car mag testers) to get 20-22 MPG. As for expectations, just because a car is small doesn't necessarily mean it is going to 35 MPG. Besides, the window sticker tells you what to expect, why would one be so shocked to actually get what the sticker says? I'm doing much better than the EPA figures, so I'm not complaining.
  • I've given up and just try to forget about the bad gas mileage. We've tried everything. On to other things, like how it wouldn't move in the snow last week. And I mean we couldn't get it back in the driveway after backing out and trying to go forward. Consequently, just spent another $500 on snowtires for it-but that's part of winter driving I guess. My salesman had told us it was great in the snow, wouldn't need tires, the all-weather it came with would be just fine...-another stretch of the truth I guess.
    And to all of you with paint problems, that's also happening to mine. My side panels are covered with small scratches. I do not park near anyone (park with curb on one side and open road on passenger side). When we were shopping for the car, they told us that Toyota had a problem with all of the silver paints-some sort of defect. This included xBs. Mine is Black Cherry Pearl.
    I'm not a whiner, just think I've gotten a lemon. Through it all I still like the car, just not the problems.
  • the clear coat on the xb is thin. one touch of my dogs paw proved that....
    just polish the area with a good quality wax and those small scratches will vanish!
    works for most metallics with clear coat, and some blacks with clear coat!
  • i just found this site, and i guess Misery Doth Love Company, 'cause now that i've seen so many other complaints re: gas mileage, i Do feel less alone. i bought an '06 xA 2 months ago, and while i do love it, the mileage rates are off. my driving is ALL hwy, and i'm getting about 30 mpg [computing by the half tank, appox. 6 gals, getting appox. 175-180 miles] (engines in xA & xB are the same) i have the 5spd man trans, and have a 'relaxed' driving style-but for accel i do have to floor it...my paint was chipped on the antenna mount, and my local dealer changed it, no problem. [Funk 49, There I go Again-i can dig it!]
  • i just posted a reply to a similar msg-bought an '06 xA mid-oct (2800 miles)w/ 5 spd man, & while i love it, my milage is appox 28-30 mpg max (all hwy, no a/c)
  • Wow, that's too bad. I just got a `06 xA 5-speed. On my first tank (dealer-filled) I got 30 MPG. On my 2nd tank just this weekend I got 34 MPG. I think this is reasonable given my short 7 mile commute (lot's of time spent running cold) and 50/50 city/hwy mileage split. Of course I'd like it to be higher. I suppose it will improve once it breaks in (and perhaps once I bump the tire pressure a little).

    One thing about this car that amazed me is the RPMs the engine spins on the freeway -- it's something like 3200 RPM @ 60 MPH! That seems high to me -- if I had a 6th gear I bet I'd get better mileage.
  • here is a late reply, if u havent got one already. 'octane' is the rating used to measure the compression factor of the fuel. ie: the cyl can compress the air/fuel mix fully, and it will not ignite b/4 the spark is lit. the higher the #, the better your engine resists knocking, or 'dieseling'. 'peptane' is the rating used in diesel for the same thing-except in diesel there is no spark, the mix is ignited BY compression. im a large engine, the comp ratio is higher. so u need fuel w/ a higher rating...or something like that...Movermike...
  • While we wait for Toyota to go bankrupt and for you to send everyone to hell, I'd enjoy hearing what issues have caused such angst. You seem like the type of person everyone would love to help out.
    What is your class action lawsuit going to be about? Who's eligible to join the class?
  • Don't know what kind of problems you've had with your vehicle but I have 120k on an RX300 & 21k on an 05 tC without a hint of problem with either.

    As for dealers, (excluding Lexus) I think the same can be said for the whole lot of them. I always wondered how such inefficient, inept, ill-informed "busnisses" can survive. Don't even get me started on the know-nothing lumps in sales!

    Unfortunately, (apparently)the car makers have little control over the dealers. I would venture to guess that dealer dissatisfaction rather than product dissatisfaction drives more people away from any given brand.

    I sympathize with your lot. It happens... better you than I. Good luck, but don't hold any high hopes that the next dealer is going to be any better should you have any problems.(Unless it's Lexus, but then again, I don't expect you to go back to anything Toyota).
  • To funny.Some get great mileage some dont.

    Gas mileage depends on more than the sticker on the window.
    It depends on tire sixe(like 15" wheels vs 18" wheels),tpye of gas used (87 gets the most mileage v 89 or 93 ,because its whats the cars are designed for 87).
    Type of driving style etc.

    Mine(06 scion xa auto) has under 1600 miles on it .1st tank 30mpg,2nd tank 34 mpg,third tank 38mpg,4th tank 39mpg so far.I just varied my driving styles.

    I take off easy ,steady throttle,keep it at or under 70 on the highway.

    Nice site for many to read info on gas mileage:
  • I just bought a '06 scion XA and am quite disappointed w/ the gas mileage I am getting. I am getting only 23 mpg driving both highway and in the city. While obviously the gas mileage you get depends on a number of factors, the number should reflect somewhat what the manufacturer states it will be. They know that people do not drive in perfect conditions so why give us a number that is unrealistic. The salespeople also use that "great" mpg number is a selling point. I know that each Toyota person told me about how great the XA was since I would get 31 in the city and 38 on the highway. Considering how it is a key selling point in the car, I think that the cars should reflect the given mpg. And for all those that posted that the sticker mpg it merely a suggestion and are only acheived in perfect driving conditions, what if it was your horsepower that was less that listed. What if you bought a car for the great horsepower to find out that hey it was only mediocore? The car companies list the mpg like they do the other statistics about the cars to get people to buy them. As such the numbers listed my the manufactureres should be fairly accurate. If mine does not improve, I am going to see if I have any legal remedies.
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    It's been common knowledge that the estimate mileage posted on new car stickers is inaccurate, and the only thing it's really good for seems to be comparing the MPG figures on those labels from car to car. Consumer Reports has, for years, been trying to get the government to use more accurate criteria on these stickers, and in fact, in the latest issue there is an article about just that: the government is finally reviewing the way in which MPG averages are reached. I believe it says there will be a 60-day comment period, and it may be as soon as 2007 that the new methods will be used. It doesn't seem like rocket science; there must be many more-accurate ways to come up with average mileage from model to model. Consumer Reports actually does provide average mileage in their ratings, but of course those cars haven't yet been fully broken in. Those of you with new Scions (or any other new car) bear up, mileage really does improve pretty radically as your car breaks in. My 2006 xB with about 3800 miles is at right about 30 (mostly around town and mountain driving) and 35 freeway (averaging 70 mph). When I run the A/C it drops by 3-5 points, so be sure you've only got that little button pushed when you really need it.
  • Lucky you. You seem to be one of the lucky ones. My xB now has 7000 miles on it-I'd say that's broken in. It still only gets about 24 mpg. There was a short time in the fall (no AC) that I was getting 25-26 and got all excited! Then dropped right back down. And yes, have considered tire pressure and type of driving. I've just accepted it. I know how brvsgrl feels!
    It's still a fun car though. Did need to get snow tires for it though-wouldn't move without them. The salesman told us it did great in the snow with the all-weathers-not! The tires have made a big difference. Still love getting the looks and questions about the car! :)
  • Worst ever: 31.3
    Best: 35.6

  • My TCM'05 XB now has 27,000 and I religiously get 32-35 mpg with the automatic. The worst mileage I ever got was 29 mpg with my 1st tank. I just ran the XB up I-95 from DC to the Jersey shore and I got 33.7 mpg at speeds 50-75 mph. On the trip back I got hung up in Jersey's famous rush hour mess and I avg'd 31.4 mpg on the return trip. Of course I fill the tank all the up to the top of the neck for the extra cruising range, but I fill it the same every time due to the length of my commute. By filling the tank up more you can increase your cruising range slightly. Also I read on a Scion web site that there was a problem with the angle of the filler necks for the XB and that the gas pumps were turning off before the tank was actually full. On my car another 1.2 gals can be filled to the top of the neck after the pump auto shut-off.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Are any of you who are getting low MPG figures using the "defrost" setting on your heat controls? If you are, then your AC is on ALL THE TIME that the knob is set to "defrost". This will really screw up your fuel mileage, especially in the city or on long high speed hill climbs.

    Once you've defrosted the windshield, you should switch to floor or floor/bi-level right away.

    Your AC light will NOT go on when you are on defrost, either, so there's no warning.

    I get 30 mpg City, driving with my foot mostly mashed to the floor (manual trans.). Haven't really had a chance to do a long highway trip yet, as car only has 1,300 miles on it.

    RE: Improvement over time -- fuel mileage should get better as engine breaks in, but really you can't hope for more than say 10% better.

    I'm also running 35 lbs in front tires.
  • I took a Scion xB for rent for a trip from Lexington, Ky to Chicago and back temperatures in the upper 30's during the trip, and mostly highway driving at 72 to 25 mph, I did a consistant 30 MPG both ways. the car only had 3700 miles on it, so it wasn't broken in, this said, I think during warmer months and not driving so fast 32 is a realistic figure on highway and I could maybe see 27 at the low end during winter months with warm ups and stuff.
    My opinion of the car, great if you add the cruise control and arm rest :-) Still would prefer to see side air bags before I buy.
  • Was wondering if anyone has really put the test of time on their Scion, more interested in the 1.5 engine, and what kind of problems they may have add and what kind of service or tips they have...
  • I like the Scion xB a lot I like the current design, but Im just not in the market yet after putting $1100 into my Subaru for a headgasket leak, so I want to get a little more out of my subaru, but I fear whatever change they make I may not like (common from what other manufactures have done) but I was wondering if anyone knows if the xB will be redesigned in 2007 or if its due in 2008? I would really like to get one late model year next year or if my current vehicle warrants sooner :confuse: But I'm hoping they add side air bags as an option next year too!
  • I realize that someone will probably scold me for suggesting this, and perhaps give me an ineloquent explanation of why it couldn't possibly be, but everone on this forum seems to have wildly different MPG results, right? And everyone insists (insists!) that it has nothing to do with driving style or transmission or gender or any other possible variable. So, here's my question: If everyone's right, and the cars are all the same, could it be that the gas stations are sometimes overrepresenting the amount of gas you actually got? If the Chevrtexonmibileaarco76 station you visit gives you only, say, 90% of what the pump represents (i.e., 9 actual gallons when the pump reads 10.00) that would account for the 10% variation that seems to be common, particularly if people routinely fill up in the same place or area.
  • cdoccdoc Posts: 41
    I bought my new xA (manual transmission) on 3/17, and it has almost 400 miles on the odometer. I filled up the tank for the first time yesterday. Overall mpg: 35. My sense is that this will improve slightly over time as the engine is broken in and we switch to summer gas at the pumps.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    That's actually pretty good already. But you'll need more than one tank fillup to accurately judge mileage. Be prepared for getting fewer MPG as well.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I just got my MT xB ten days ago. For the first 500 miles I broke it in driving on hilly curvy country roads, using 3/4 throttle for frequent alternating acceleration and deceleration while staying under 3000 rpm. The next 500 miles I stayed under 3500 rpm. In those 1000 miles of rather hard driving, my first 250-mile tank and my last 250-mile tank were both 33 mpg.

    Now today at over 1,000 miles, I tried for economy. Drove 25 miles on beltway, 75 miles on country roads, 25 miles on suburban lanes, and 25 miles in downtown = 150 miles. Started off easy, upshifted at minimum RPMs, and used the minumum throttle and RPMs to maintain the speed limits. In that mixed driving, the xB got 40.5 mpg!
  • wrxtcwrxtc Posts: 9
    Hi All, this is my first post. Like most of the internet, I find that the more I read the more I get confused. With so much discrepency regarding MPG I'm a bit concerned.

    I currently drive a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX 'sport' wagon and I've racked up 42k miles on it already. I have a 80 mile round trip commute all expressway. I think I get low 20s MPG in my Suby and visit the pump almost every 4 days. I'll admit that I drive with a heavy foot but that's because the Subaru is so much fun to drive (all-wheel-drive and turbo).

    But I'm trying to do the right thing (for me) without giving up too much fun or functionality. I have test driven the xB both auto and manual and while the handling and suspension are responsive and brakes are good, it will take some time getting use to 108 hp.

    My main dilema is if it's worth it to trade vehicles especially if people are getting under 25 MPG? I realize that it has alot to do with how you drive and maybe a little with where you drive. I live in the flat midwest so I'm hoping for at least 30 MPG under 'normal' driving.

    Lastly, I can't decide between auto and manual. I have test driven both. My current car is a manual which is a perfect match for the kind of vehicle it is. However, some people recommend to get the manual to milk that 108 hp for all it's worth. While others suggest the car was designed for cruising plus it has lower rpms at highway speeds.

    Even though I am in stop-and-go traffic, the clutch is so light it seems hardly an issue to row my own gears. Although the auto seemed peppy and responsive. Anyone else go through this dilema care to share some insight?

    Lastly it looks like you can find a used xBs for $12,500 - $13,900. I was thinking about picking one up from Carmax. What do you think?

    Thanks for reading!
  • I suspect any savings from increased gas mileage will be far outweighed by the negative equity beating you'll take on the trade. (But, I could be wrong...)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Well an xB is about as aerodynamic as a brick, so the faster you go, the faster it will eat up fuel. If you plan to drive an xB over 70 mph, you are not going to get mileage in the 30s I don't think. Below that probably.

    If you can live with an xA, they are much peppier in performance than an xB, especially with the manual transmission.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    I drive up to 80 on the highways and I have never gotten below 31.5 at the very worst. I average 34.

    Another thing, 108 hp is plenty of hp. I have had 6 cars less than that. In the hp wars of today, every car gets plenty of HP.

    77 Corolla DX - 69 HP
    85 Corolla SR5 - 70 HP
    83 Camry LE - 92 HP
    78 & 79 Celica GT & ST - 95 HP
    95 Corolla DX - 105 HP

    With the exception of the 85, all of these had plenty of power for its size.
  • wrxtcwrxtc Posts: 9
    Great advice folks, thanks.

    I should also mention that my Subaru requires premium grade fuel (92) being a higher performing engine with a turbo. So the thought of getting near 30 MPG on regular (87) makes me giddy.

    When traffic is light I find myself cruising between 65 - 80 mph. The roads are pretty much flat and straight. I understand that aerodynamics plays a big part in fuel efficiency.

    As for auto vs. manual xB, I didn't notice a huge difference in performance but it's very difficult to tell on the limited (short) local test drive the dealer allows you. Around town, the auto felt peppy enough from a stop. But I'm concerned about merging and passing on the highway.

    I did test drive an xA but I prefer the roominess of the xB. I figure if I'm giving up the performance of my Subaru, I might as well gain more functionality and some unique 'style'
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    I think in an automatic xB you'd have to be very careful and plan your shots about high speed passing on two-laners, but on a flat highway I don't think on-ramp or simple highway lane changes would be particularly stressful.

    I drove an automatic xB and a stickshift xA back to back and the xA was noticeably quicker to me.
  • mattgg1mattgg1 Posts: 191
    The gas mileage you're getting in the Subaru is horrible, particularly since you drive on flat roads and have to fill up with premium fuel.

    However, I doubt you'll be happy with the gas mileage in any car unless you change your personal driving habits. Your gas mileage will always be much worse than what you see posted here if your driving style doesn't change.

    I, too, live in the midwest. I regularly drive on flat Ohio interstates, in my 1992 Acura Integra, and consistently average 34-35 MPG on 87 octane. The EPA rating for my car is 29 MPG highway.

    However, I bet if you were behind the wheel of my car, you'd probably get mid/high 20's.
  • wrxtcwrxtc Posts: 9
    Point taken regarding changing personal driving habits. While I engage in 'spirited' driving from time to time my commute is a bit of a different story. Moving along with the flow of traffic I'm usually going 65 - 80 mph.

    Also I should mention the EPA Mileage Estimates for my Subaru with manual tranny is 20 /27 MPG so you're right, I should be getting closer to 27 MPG. I think if I behave myself I can get closer to mid-20s.

    Thanks for the comments.
  • jimw0238jimw0238 Posts: 65
    i drive a 2006 xb that now has just over 10,000 miles on it. it is auto, with alloy wheels and i run semi synthetic oil. i drive open highway daily which results in less mileage due to more wind resistance and at 80 miles per hour(which i do almost daily)- rpms @3300, i average 27 mpg with a/c off. i do a 60 mile commute 5 days a week.
    if i drive @65 mph, it will get 30mpg. either way, i love the car! ;)
  • cdoccdoc Posts: 41
    I purchased my new '06 xA is just over three weeks ago. For the first tank of gas, I had an overal mpg of 35. For my second tank of gas, I had an overall mpg of 37. I couldn't be happier, especially now that the price per gallon is going up again. I'm the one laughing at the pump.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    I've never gotten higher than 35 mpg, but I drive it pretty hard and pretty fast, so.....still, even at about 33 mpg average I'm very pleased with this car. It doesn't feel cheap or under-performing.
  • cdoccdoc Posts: 41
    I live in the country. We have no traffic lights to speak of; no traffic, either. So I'm mostly in 5th gear, going at 50-60 mph. I guess these are optimal conditions for the best fuel economy. And you're right, it gives you a wonderful drive.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Yes, that is optimal for a Scion....50-60 in 5th gear...that explains your mileage....
  • while i love my little Scion Xa, its not just the dealerships that are non-responsive to customers complaints. i e-mailed Scion on the website to ask about High Prices For Accessories At The Dealer- no reply-...then i tried again re: bad finish on many interior surfaces- again, no reply...i am about to try Mother Toyota to see if they are any better, and see if they spank "Marque" Baby Scion....Good Luck...Mover...
  • rwhrwh Posts: 29
    Hey tundradude:

    77 Corolla DX - 69 HP
    85 Corolla SR5 - 70 HP
    83 Camry LE - 92 HP
    78 & 79 Celica GT & ST - 95 HP
    95 Corolla DX - 105 HP

    Toyota should hire you for PR!

    I agree about the horsepower wars, and will add the cubic feet wars. I bought a new Dodge Caravan (base unit) in 92. I bought a new Mazda MPV in 2000. Lots of comments on the Mazda forum at that time about underpowered the MPV was at 170 hp and also how the van was too small. When I got it home and parked it next to the Caravan, the Mazda was longer!

    Everything is relative I guess.
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