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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Rx 350 FWD Premium Plus w/ Nav $36,700 + TTL.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the final selling price? I am also here in the Bay Area. Will you please let me know which dealer you received the quote from and also, did you use the internet pricing to negotiate with? thank you.
  • We recently leased a 2009 RX350. Here is a great way to reduce your monthly payment. I know Lexus accepts it along with some other companies.

    Give the dealer a Refundable security deposit. We were able to reduce our monthly payment by $50 per month by giving the dealer a refundable security deposit equal to nine monthly payments that I will have refunded to me at the end of the the lease.
  • Refundable deposit idea.
    Great to know. Saving is $600 per year and for 3 years equals to $1800. That is excellent investment. Does it work for all Lexus's lease?
  • hi i'm from queens, ny. i'm looking for a rx350 awd with navi and premium plus package. dealer told me the invoice is 41347 and minus the 2500 they got the lowest he can give me is 38847... any thoughts?

    does anyone thinks that lexus won't give anymore incentives after the dec. to remember promotion? if miss this time probably need to wait till the 2010 comes out right?
  • We just purchased a 2009 RX350, FWD, NAV that includes the Premium Pkg. We were OTD at $40,000 which means we paid 36,565.09 for the vehicle. We put $10,000 down (put $5,000 on charge card for flyer miles...of course will pay it off before any interest) and financed at .9%....three years financing for $413.88...we are happy with our purchase. We purchased from DCH Lexus of Oxnard, CA...the internet department and I can say the whole experience was very positive. I highly recommend them.
  • I’m looking to buy 09 RX350 AWD with PPP, NAV and heated seats in NY/NJ area. What would be the best OTD price at this time? I plan to pickup the car within a week.

  • Just bought my 09 RX360 AWD with Navi/Premium Plus and heated seats last night OTD for $39,300. I got it in Chantilly, VA.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    What is the price before tax, title & license?
    Do you know the MSRP for your car?

    Tax rate is different in each state.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    According to the pictures, the RX350 2010 will have the Smart
    Key Access.
    I believe only the Lexus SUV models don't have this feature.
    Other models already have it in 2007.
  • Thats sound like great price. So far the best quote that I have is 39,300 plus tax and fees with msrp of 46,241. About 42,000 OTD.
  • Same thing in NJ,getting the 39,000 best price. I want 39,300 out the door. And 4joy4joy, your math is not adding up. Anyway I would like to know what you people in NJ and Ny or paying or getting quoted.
  • Lexus started putting the push-button start on its 2007 sedan models. Thus, the RX350 is the same model that came out in
    2004, so it doesn't have the push-button start feature yet. The 2010 model will have that feature. Same thing with the Lexus GX470. Right now the current GX SUV does not have push button start. Toyota started adding the push-button start to its 2007 models also.
  • tranavtranav Posts: 30
    I am looking for a 09 RX350 too in Orange County, CA.
    What is the MSRP on your RX350 FWD? Does it have the NAV with Mark Levinston? Does it have Towing Package? Heated Seats w or w/o Sensor? Does it have Chrome Wheels? Thanks in advance,
  • Vehicle 36565.09
    doc prep fee 55.00
    sales tax 3021.16
    DMV elc filing fee 28.00
    license 237.00
    registration fees 85.00
    tire fees 8.75
    total 40,000.00

    What am I missing? Some of the fees might have been negotiated but we are happy with our price
  • NO, we purchased the FWD with the NAV system. I just checked the Lexus build your own site and the options are different than they were yesterday??
    We have the
    Voice-activated DVD Navigation System with backup camera and Bluetooth® technology
    - Leather-trimmed interior
    - Power tilt-and-telescopic steering column with memory
    - Lexus Memory System to control power driver's seat (except lumbar), outside mirrors and steering wheel
    - Illuminated entry system
    - Power tilt-and-slide moonroof with one-touch open/close and sliding sunshade
    - Roof rails/roof rack
    - Outside mirrors with auto tilt-down in reverse
    - Heated seats
    - Rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers and headlamp washers
    - Seven-spoke 18-in aluminum alloy wheels with Liquid Graphite finish (235/55VR18 tires and full-size spare) Michelin tires
    - 6 disk cd and tape deck

    I apologize but I cannot find a list of everything on the vehicle. We did get the Smokey Granite Mica with the light Grey leather trim and black bird's eye maple.
    The car is beautiful and we are please with our deal.
  • Price before tax/title/license was $38125. MSRP was $46,241. Yea I know tax rate is different but that shouldn't matter. I was dealing between MD and VA and VA has the higher tax rate. I think I could've gotten them down to $39,000 OTD but was tired :). Don't let them fool you. You can get them down to $39,300 too.
  • That's too much! You should get them to give it to you for $39,300 for OTD. Don't budge when you in the dealership..they'll try to claim they're losing money...just ignore that.
  • New on here... Looking to purchase a 09 RX 350, pretty basic model in the state of Florida before Christmas- We are in the beginning of our search and for a model that lists for about 40,500 they are saying the best OTD price is about $35,600. Is that a good deal or should I try for better? We have about 4 dealerships within a 100-mile radius and dont mind traveling to any of these for a good deal. Also, does anyone know if just by calling these places over the phone is effective? Thanks so much.
  • We got our deal from Mission Viejo lexus. The MSRP i think is 44,950.

    It is PPP with nav and rain sensing( i think) but im sure without chrome wheels. Other than the chrome wheels i think alll that you mentioned is standard with the PPP.

    We havent bought it yet. Maybe in a week or two.

    Where did you get your offer from????
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