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Pontiac Grand Am Starting/Stalling Problems



  • help16help16 Posts: 1
    yes i have a 2003 grand am and while driving it completly shut off the RPM's went down and it slowed down on its own. i have no idea what it could be. and i could not find the emergency fuel cutoff switch either. we added started fluid to it and it started then shut off again. any ideas?? :confuse:
  • twick2twick2 Posts: 5
    my 2003 was doing all kinds of intermittant problems about a year ago. Turned out to be the ignition switch since all new cars are WAY over engineered. All things electrical go through the ignition switch. I had flickering.. AC and electric windows intermittant.. etc.

    NOW .. with a new battery a few weeks ago I had it just not start the other day.. The dash got power and all things electrical .. Lights,, dash, horn, etc all worked but it would not turn over .. no clicking and no half turns or chattering. Just a low hum. after numerous attempts, even by my mechanic..had it towed to the shop and now IT STARTS JUST FINE!!! what is up with that. ???????

    I have driven the snot out of Pontiacs since 1967.. I have had 2 Grand Ams with no horrible problems.. Now this. HELP
  • sbobosbobo Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 grand am coupe,Went out side to start it everything comes on but it would not start. After waiting around a couple hours,it started right up. Did not get manuel,so this forum is really helpful. Some guy said there should be a kill switch,if so where is it.
  • twick2twick2 Posts: 5
    mine would not start the next day either... after being towed it did.. something loose after being bounced around? You would think that with all the technology and overengineered cup holders they would put an on board schematic that would register where a break in they system happened and retain that information just like any other code system on the car. "We can't fix it unless it does it for us at the shop" just does not get it.
    I will have to see what a kill switch is .. (I wish I still had my 65 GTO.. at least it was a lot simpler to work on) My problem last year just started to get worse and as I said turned out to be the ignition switch and they can go bad again but no one wants to touch the problem... So far it has not done it again.. Maybe if I had Onstar they could suss it out.. or not. thanks for the reply pooh
  • sbobosbobo Posts: 4
    Thanks for your help,maybe we will get lucky and it won't happen again. :)
  • mkadlecmkadlec Posts: 1
    My 92 Grand Am. 2.3L Quad suddenly died while driving.
    When cold starts perfectly, when warms up idle is rough and when I step on the gas a bit then dies.
    I checked the code it shows 22, which is Throttle sensor, but I check it with and it is properly giving 0.6V with throttle shut and increases to 5.2Volts with openning.
    Please help what can be wrong next.
    Thanks, Milan
  • have a 2002 grand am, v6 crank no start. hear the fuel pump. got no spark from plug wire. i dont have much tools or equipment to check other things . need ideas.
  • gtxgtx Posts: 16
    The car seems to run fine once warmed up but lopes and runs like crap at start up. I thought it was in need of a tune up so changed the spark plugs, fuel, oil, and air filter. As of tonight, it's still doing it.

    My next step is to see if I can't figure out if the diagnostic system is throwing codes. I see from the little reading that I did that rough idle is not uncommon for these cars but don't understand why. If everything is and has been maintained properly, 52K should not be a big deal, at all.

    My only concern is that my wife may end up stranded somewhere because her car won't start. I'm loosing the confidence I had in it and am about ready for that new car smell again. j/k

    I'll post my solution if and when I come up with one. If anyone has any suggestions that may save me time and money, it is appreciated.
  • 03jgcl03jgcl Posts: 3
    I hate to tell you this but it will do it again! It is your ignition switch getting ready to go out once again. I have not been able to find the underlying problem with it yet, and it can get expensive putting an ignition switch it it every 6-12 months!
  • 03jgcl03jgcl Posts: 3
    Ignition switch is a very common thing that goes bad on these vehicles. Costs about $4-500 to have fixed and has to be done at dealer!
  • sbobosbobo Posts: 4
    Thank you.Keep me updated,it has not done it again,but i use to be able to pop the trunk from inside now i have to open it with the key, HMMMMMMM
  • gtxgtx Posts: 16
    I took the car to AutoZone today and had them check for codes. They told me that I have a cylinder not firing. I could tell when I changed spark plugs that the #1 plug was cleaner than the rest but was hoping that the new NGK's would fix the problem. It looks like wires next.
  • I have a 97 Grand Am with the 2.4L engine. It seems to die for no reason. I will just be driving down the street or highway and it will just die. I thought it was the alternator, but all of the electronics stay on. When I restart it the engine sputters. I have to give it gas so it doesn't die again. It seems like it would be something electrical or with the fuel system, but I am not mechanic. Any suggestions?
  • gtxgtx Posts: 16
    The latest update on my 2002 Pontiac GT is a newly developed over heating problem. I'm so damn sick of this crap.

    I'm going to take the time this weekend to change the thermostat and flush the radiator. I was going to last weekend but didn't realize that I was going to have to take the throttle body off to get to the thermostat. I think I'll change the radiator cap as well just for kicks. I've read some post that seemed to suggest that the overflow bottle cap looses it's ability to hole pressure over time and causes the cooling system to not work right. In fact, I think I'll change that tomorrow so I'll be able to tell if that is indeed the problem.

    I'm still having trouble with the idle at start up and am going to run some sea foam through the gas to see if it won't clean up some problems for me. I'll do that tomorrow too in the hopes that I can solve all my problems in 15 minutes.

    I'll post back with results.
  • gtxgtx Posts: 16
    Okay, I got the Sea Foam in and I changed the radiator cap with a Napa equivalent. I even rinsed out the radiator with a garden hose as best as I could. I should see some kind of results, from the sea foam at least.

    I did notice something when she started it up this time. The belt was slipping for a few seconds until all the accessories started to turn. Could the water pump be crapping out on me? I'll have to give it a test when I have the car apart.
  • twick2twick2 Posts: 5
    In other vehicles, including other Grand Ams and my trucks, I have always had problems with the EGR. It had to be cleaned out or replaced fairly regularly. Not to confuse the issue but my '86 Grand Am would stall especially when decelerating.. when the RPM's got low enough. It would not start until it had cooled off a bit.. then it would run for a while but as soon as I slowed down or came to a stop it would die and would not restart. this was at 100K+ but it turned out to be a transmission sensor.
    I am afraid that all new cars have been way overengineered..and electronics being the most sensitive thing will go first..with no warning..If there is a sensor dectected I guess you might as well swap it out as it will fail at some point. Not like in the good old days when you could tell if your carberator was out of sync. I used to have a Brilliant mechanic where I used to live who had a second sight on these things, but all auto manufacturers are making it difficult for the independent to operate. I even heard of a person who changed the battery in their Lincoln and it would not start.. Had to reset the computer.. and only the dealer did that. phooey..
    My problem with going to Autozone is, if it has not thrown a code .. as my problem did not.. I can't get it there if it isn't running and if it is it does not seem like it can be detected. sigh.. ep
  • gtxgtx Posts: 16
    @ Twick2- I would like to respond a full six paragraphs about how shady manufacturers are but just don't have time or the will.

    Besides the terrible trend towards making our cars maintenance schedule secret information, we're now facing the possibility of built in faults so that either we buy the extended warranty or we pay out the nose.

    My owners manual says change the Dex Cool at 5 years or 150K. All the reading I've done says that 5 years is about the time the stuff turns to a sludge consistence and starts causing problems with head gaskets. At the very least, MANY people have had to have their radiator flushed just to keep their car running. An unfortunate few have even had to have their head gaskets replace as a result of this product.

    A lot of people are suing GM and a nation wide class action has just been turned down by the courts. Not because it wasn't justified but because it would have been so complicated to implement. I sure hope this unscrupulous behaver doesn't go unpunished.

    At the very least, cover the out of pocket expenses for all the trouble this little scam has caused. We should, and probably will address some antitrust laws to see if GM should have criminal charges brought against them.

    This post is a mix of personal opinion and info from various blogs. I hold it to be true but your experience may very. I'm going to flush the radiator myself and I am never again setting foot on a GM car lot. I tried to give American cars a chance but nooooooooo!
  • gtxgtx Posts: 16
    I have finally come to the agonizing realization that I have a blown head gasket. I am going to take it to the dealership on Monday and have it diagnosed by a trained, certified technician so I have the paperwork. I called the lawyers that are in charge of the class actions suit but they had very little to offer. They simply say to keep all receipts. They will update me with information as it becomes available.

    The head gasket explains the rough idle, the over heating, the missing on one cylinder, the white smoke out the tale pipe, the loosing coolant.

    My call to the dealership was very telling. They have no intention of covering the cost or admitting that a problem exist. Bastards!
  • i have a 2002 grand am 2.4 engine that won't start. it turns over . we tried the module on top of the motor but it did not change condition.
  • Can you tell me what engine you have (I have a 2.3 liter Quad four) and where the crank sensor is located on the engine?

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