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2007 Infiniti G35 Problems

Well...I have had my 2007 G35 Sport for all of 2 weeks now, and I have had to bring it in to the dealer two times already. I wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem or if anyone knew what exactly might be going wrong. so here is how the problem began.

I was waiting in line at a gas station for a pump to become available when all of a sudden the Check Engine, Slip, and VDC lights came on. I turned off the car, filled up the tank, and when I restarted the car only the check engine light remained on. I made an appt. to bring the car in, and the night before I was to bring it in, while I was driving, the car felt like the engine just shut off. I realized that the engine was still "on", however it was just idling and when I stepped on the gas nothing happened...I was just coasting. I pulled over, shut down the car, and re-started and it drove, but the check engine light was still on. I went to the dealer and they told me that they needed to replace a sensor...on the paperwork it said they replaced the left throttle body. Fine, everything was working for about a week, and then when I went to go get gas again the exact same thing happened. Same gas station, same situation, same result. I'm wondering if there is something to do with the gas fumes or vehicle exhaust that is causing the problems? And if so, if this is going to happen everytime I go for gas, it's going to be a REAL problem!! Anyway, the car is at the dealer again, so hopefully they will find a different fix that works this time, but if anyone has any suggestions as to what it could be I'd greatly appreciate it.

It's very unfortunate that this is happening, because I spent a TON of time and effort to get the deal I got and I really like the car.....when it's actually RUNNING!!! I hope that a resolution can be found soon because I don't want to become a G35 basher :(


  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297

    I'm having a problem with the auto trany in my 2006 Coupe. You said the engine was idling but you had no power; are you sure it was the throttle body and not a valve body they replaced?

    By the way, it seems unlikely it has anything to do with proximity to the gas station; that element of the event is probably just coincidence.

  • Well...according to the paperwork it said left throttle body. And I know that it seems like coincidence, but it wasn't so much the proximity, but basically the exact same series of events. Waiting in the gas station with a bunch of cars, and then the engine rpms flutter and the lights come on. Seems strange to me that a brand new car...with a brand new throttle body would have the same problem the exact same way and it be coincidence. I'm wondering if there is some sensor or something that should have been replaced the first time and because it wasn't fixed it just had the exact same problem.
  • So, I've had my car for all of 3 weeks now, however it has been at the dealer for about half the time for repairs. I'm a huge fan of the car, but I'm a bit disturbed right now at the factory's inability to give an ETA on the arrival of the necessary part. After bringing the car to my original dealership for a check engine light, they determined that the throttle body needed to be replaced. They did that, however the exact same thing happened under the exact same driving contitions and the check engine light came on again. This time, I brought it to my local dealership since the original one where I bought the car is an hour away. This time, I was told that the ECM computer needs to be replaced as that was the cause of the original problem and also makes the car unsafe to drive (it could shut down while driving). The car has been at the dealer for a week now and they can't even get an ETA from the factory as to when the part will ship/arrive. I've already begun a complaint with Infiniti Consumer Affairs, but I'm wondering if there is anything else I should try?

    At this point, I'd love for them to just give me a new car, but since the availability of a Sport w/ Nav and tech was already nearly impossible to find in all of California, I think this will be a lost cause. What do you think is appropriate to ask for in compensation from Infiniti...some free maintenance services? Window tinting? Etc.? I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks.
  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    If you get anything it will be at the Dealers discretion and probably along the lines of preserving customer good will.

    I understand how you feel but there is no agreement I am aware of that will compensate a customer for down time while the car is in for repairs. You are in a loaner? If so, I think that is about all you can expect.


    Unless..... can you get the dealer to take one out of a car on the lot and replace it with the new one they ordered for you?
  • Yeah...they did give me a loaner and at least it is an 07, but it's still just a base model and I'm still making lease payments on a fully loaded sport model. My problem is not so much with the dealer, but I think that Infiniti corporate should bear some responsibility...especially since they are the ones who can't seem to get any info to the dealer about parts availibility. And I asked about taking one from inventory, but they can't/won't do it. I'd just assume that if it has to be replaced anyway it should be new too. Hopefully things will get worked out...maybe they will give me some free future maintenance or something. :mad: :cry:
  • I just had to laugh when I read about your problem with your G35. Let me just say I can't wait to get rid of this car. Here is what I did, go to or call 888-327-4236 and then tell the dealer what you did, watch his attitude change.
  • Well...while I thank you for your response, I think the difference is that I can't wait to get my car back? I had an 03 G35 with no problems other than the brake issue which was quickly fixed. I am very understanding that problems will come up, I just want them taken care of in a timely fashion. Fortunately, I've been informed that I will be receiving some compensation for my troubles.
  • Has anyone had a notable hesitation with their 2007 G35 six-speed when accelerating in 3rd, 4th or 5th gears at an RPM (2500-3500) that should produce NO delay when you step on the gas?
  • Car wouldn't "wake up" in the grocery store parking lot. I was sitting in the drivers seat with the "intelligen key" in my pocket. I tried to start the engine and nothing happened, the key warning light was lit. Owners manual gives very little advice. Got in, got out, locked the doors, unlocked the doors, nothing... After about a minute of nothing it just woke up. Anyone else have a similar experince? I'm afraid I'm going to be stranded somewhere without a manual start backup option.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    The "Intelligent key" has an actual key inside it, I thought you could just eject the key and start the car for when those situations arise. did you try using the physical key?
  • There's no place to use the actual key...but you can insert the whole remote into the intelligent key slot to start the car in case the remote died. However, I'm not sure if it's worked in this case...may be there's something wrong with the remote, computer...
  • I tried the key slot, didn't change anything. I've only had the car for a week so the battery shouldn't be dead. I'm going to try the other remote for a few days. Talked to Lupient Infiniti service department, where I bought it, they would like me to bring it in, but unfortunately they are the closest dealer at 240 miles away.
  • Does your state have a lemon law? If so you could get a new car or a refund. in my manual it came with a lemon law book/ manual on the procedures to file a clam. i live in NJ :lemon:
  • Hi All,

    Naughty or nice??? (06' Coupe 6MT) If I am naughty, I will get about 280 miles for the tank. If I am nice, I can push a little over 300 miles for the tank. How about everything else???
  • Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I just started noticing this. It seems to happen for me when I downshift into third or fourth and give it gas. I wouldn't really label this as a problem though.
  • Is anyone else having their new 07 Sedan sport idle about about 2000 or higher everytime they start it up in the morning? I'm in Florida and it's garage kept so there should not be any weather effect?
  • 8 weeks owned, 3 weeks in the shop and about to go back a second time.

    About a month in, we started having the 'passenger seat airbag off' sensor light up. additionally, the airbag icon on the dash would flash. also, the lcd and dash would flicker between daytime and night. All this wouldn't be so bad (yeah, it isn't great either), but the kicker is the airbags are completely non-operational with this warnings display, so that is a show-stopper for me.

    Took it into the local dealership. It took 3 weeks (and a tech supposedly from Japan) to fix the problem. We had the car back a week and the lights are back on. They have a new airbag module on order, whatever the hell that is.

    Anybody else heard of this? Do I have any recourse?
  • I couldnt agree with you more. 04' G35 with all the typical expensive rotor/braking problems and poor customer service. Been there and done it- ~60 days left on my lease and money's on BMW this time around.

    good luck.
  • I'm having the same issue. Noticed it yesterday. Went away for the weekend and started it up last night and it idled at just over 2k rpm. Did the same this morning. Also in Florida and the car is garage-kept.

    Noticed this morning it did not seem to run smotthly at slowe speeds in traffic. A bit rough on the down shift as the speed decreased. Typically when running between 20-30MPH in stop-n-go traffic. Anyone else notice this?
  • Haven't heard of that problem, but I recently had a ECM computer problem that unfortunately involved a lengthly repair time. All is good right now and the dealership was very nice, but be sure to contact Infiniti Consumer Affairs and let them know about the problems...especially if you have been out of the vehicle for 3 weeks. They have been pretty helpful with me in getting some compensation for my time lost from my vehicle.
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