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Jeep Cherokee



  • sandyboysandyboy Posts: 114
    $2,000.00 Cash from Factory to buyer, UNLESS you finance with dealer, then it's $1,000.00 cash back & 0.9 financing. There is no factory-to-dealer rebate yet. Dealer stock is fast depleting, andmany dealers have but 2 or 3 left, some have sold out. They are being snapped up. The two that seem to be in stock mostly are Sports with very little optional equipment with MSRPs of $23,000 or Limiteds with MSRPs of $28,100 with every option. The middle of the pack, Sports with a few goodies are running out fast.
  • csawrucsawru Posts: 29
    OK this is straight from the Hoss's mouth, so to speak:


    Current national consumer incentives

    U.S. cash allowance of $2,000 on 2001 models is available through 9/4/01.


    Chrysler Financial's special alternative APR financing is available on 2001 models through 9/4/01: 0.9% short term APR financing or 1.9% long term APR financing is available to qualified buyers. See your Jeep dealer for complete details and eligibility requirements.


    Eligible retail customers may be eligible for a U.S. cash allowance of $1,000 plus Chrysler Financial's special alternative APR financing on select 2001 models available through 9/4/01. Short term APR financing of 0.9% or long term APR financing of 2.9%-3.9% is available to qualified buyers under this program. See your Jeep dealer for complete details and eligibility requirements.


    LOWER YOUR MONTHLY LEASE PAYMENTS! Special lease cash allowance available on select 2001 models through 9/4/01. Please see your Jeep dealer for complete details and eligibility requirements.


    Qualified lessees who are returning from a lease on a Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge or Jeep vehicle may be eligible for a special loyalty lease cash allowance of $2,000 on eligible 2001 Cherokee models. Offer ends 9/4/01. Please see your Jeep dealer for details.

    Anyhow, I bought mine from a dealer in Sauk City, WI a few months ago... they have about 20 left. They gave me about $5900 off the Invoice price for a 36 month lease which I'll turn around and buyoff at the end. The "Special Lease Cash" can be about $4000, plus if you get the $2000 loyalty cash it's a chunk of cash for other things. Good Luck. Besides even if you don't get quite what you want, the Cherokee Aftermarket will likely have all you want and then some...


  • chaser1chaser1 Posts: 20
    Not aware of any aftermarket on the headrests, although I understand they are available on export XJ's - maybe a dealer/wrecking yard in Canada/Mexico could help

    No lift - 30" tires, but you'll have to adjust the steering stops out with washers to keep the tires from rubbing on the control arms (15 cents in parts, and a 2 minute job) May get some fender rubbing off-road

    2" lift - pretty much the same size as above - you could put 31" on - but they'll rub the fenders off road most likely

    If transfer case leaked and went dry - this SHOULD BE A WARRANTY FIX! If dealer balks - go over their head to D/C district manager
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    To follow up on our conversation, the Jeep incentive programs currently on Edmunds (including ones for the Cherokee) are regional only and do not cover the entire U.S. This is because we did not have any national program info for July and the regional info obtained did not cover all regions. When the data is refreshed on Monday, all of the national customer Jeep programs for August will be added.

    The data people are working on getting the dealer cash programs and may have those up too. The only way to ensure that we have all of the programs all of the time is to obtain the data directly from Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and we're in discussion with them on this now.

    Hope this helps.

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  • I've got a '92 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. Whenever I use the A/C or Vent, I get a loud trumpeting noise that comes and goes intermittently (enough to get everybody's attention). It actually sounds like an elephant (my jeep is gray, too ... hmmmm). Please e-mail me if you know what the problem is ...
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Posts: 237
    Could it be leaves? I've had a problem similar to yours in all my vehicles. One time a cloud of snow came out in the middle of winter. If it's not leaves, it could be something loose flapping under the airflow.
  • mmateyakmmateyak Posts: 15
    I'm looking into buying a used (recently turned in lease) Cherokee. I found a pretty nice ride...a 1996 Cherokee Country 4 door, 4WD. My sister has a 2001 Cherokee Sport, and I am accustomed to the ride. People come over from sports cars and expect the same soft, luxury ride in an SUV...but that just doesnt happen.

    I like the rugged Cherokee and IMO the inline 4.0 can't be beat. Superb power and exhibits a commanding off-road experience. I mainly want the vehicle for a dependable ride to and from work (about 40 miles total a day) and for the woods/mountains throughout the year.

    I'm looking into the 1996 Country because:

    A) its relatively inexpensive (dealer quote $10,800...but I can probably get it for about $8500)

    B) its older...with some aesthetic scratches, I wont mind running it through the woods

    C) a test drive (about 20 miles long) revealed a nice smooth driving vehicle. Of course, a stiff suspension and occassionally "rough" ride...but as to be expected. Transmission shifts up and down gasket leaks underneath the car...engine looks clean...all new wiring, new water pump, tires are in good condition, power everything works great...AC blows like an arctic blast, etc etc.

    Anyone know of any issues with the 1996 Cherokees?

    Does anyone know if they 1996 Cherokee came with standard ABS and limited slip rear diff?

    I'm pretty new to the Jeep scene...but I like the vehicle for my purposes and am considering purchasing a used one very soon (within the next 2 weeks). I'm looking into Jeep Cherokees from 1995-1998 generally because they will be 65,000 miles or under and won't be too too pricey.

    Should I stay away from any years? or models? Sport? Country? Classic? etc? Any potential problems with Cherokees (electrical? engine? anything?) that I should be aware of?

    I plan on having a mechanic check out the vehicle I will purchase, and I have a Carfax membership to run checks on their anything more than that I should do...please let me know! ;)

    Any advice and/or suggestions on what to look for and what to stay away from (year and model wise) would be great!

  • I bought a 1995 gjc, v8, 4dr, 4x4 for $10,500 which included a 12 month/12k mile warranty.
    I has 87k miles. I just heard about the transmission problem jumping into reverse while idling in park. Anyone had any such problem.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    I'd look for a 97 or newer. They updated the interior styling (much better IMO), improved the electrical systems to remove some gremlins, and updated the cooling system on the I6 to cut down on overheating problems. They may have done more, but that's what I know of. I personally would spend a few extra buck, or buy something with higher miles to get into the updated models.

    Good luck,
  • gc94gc94 Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for your suggestions! I checked out and that helped a bunch. I now know my jeep is not the only one with a CPS problem--and the first step is admitting it. As per usual, I should have remembered from my TR6 days to always check the electical connections first. But I guess I thought that only Lucas was the prince of darkness. I am glad that this is pretty routine and does not suggest a warped flywheel. I thought that was a bit farfetched since my jeep runs ok and has no more bottom end noise than any other with more than 150K miles that I've heard.

    I appreciate y'all taking the time to answer my question. My mechanic was cluless.
  • checkmecheckme Posts: 73
    When I bought my Cherokee, I knew that I would never take it off-road. I live in a major city.

    I bought the jeep anyway, because I wanted something that really was capable of going off-road and taking punishment, even though it never would. I didn't want one of those imitation SUV's which are so common today. I wanted the real thing.

    Sure, I knew that the Jeep might not ride or handle as well as an imitation truck, and might be a little noisier. But I didn't care.

    After buying my Jeep, I sometimes wondered whether it really could handle off-road conditions. It is obviously tough, and I didn't doubt that it could do it. I just wanted to see
    for myself.

    However, I lived in the Midwest. It is flat in the Midwest, and there are very few opportunities for serious off-roading. Thus I continued to wonder.

    Last week, however, I drove from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. This is a 2000 mile drive and includes hundreds of miles through the Rocky Mountains, the Mojave desert, and Utah arroyos and salt flats.

    One day while driving on I-70 through Utah, an area so rural that gas stations really are 100 miles apart- though it is a major interestate, very few cars travel on it, I saw a rugged stretch of desert. I knew suddenly that I had to try driving my Jeep through it. An exit was coming up. I exited the interestate. At the end of of the exit ramp, there was a sign which pointed to the next town...and then the paved road ended.

    I got on the dirt road and, a few hundred yards later, got completely off-road and drove through the desert. How did the jeep perform? Flawlessly. I drove up and sideways over 30 to 45 degree grades without a problem. The jeep ate up ditches that would have literally destroyed my old sedan. The four-wheel drive made short work of sand. It was amazing!

    If you have ever wondered whether your jeep really can do all of those off-road things, now you can!
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Posts: 237
    it's a Jeep! :)

    Btw, I live in a flat area too and while rocks can be a little hard to find, mud is in plentiful supply.

    I suggest start here:

    Check out the trails section for pictures of people having fun. Watch out, though, it's addictive. I'm already planning mods and the vehicle only has 3500 miles on it.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,231
    It's not hard to find off-roading. Many clubs out there you can join. I find mud to be a blast, not so much mud pits, but just winding out through the forest on trails. Love my Jeep just as much on-road as off. I'd be ashamed to be seen in one of the wimp mobiles out there that claim to be 4X4's.
  • sandyboysandyboy Posts: 114
    Funny! Well, I almost bought, I guess what you'd call a "Wimp-Mobile" ~ I did buy a Cherokee Limited, but here's the reason(s). I have little time and no interest in off-roading, nor mud, nor forests, nor deserts nor rock climbing, nor Jeep-Jamborees, etc, etc. WHAT I did want 4x4 for was for the winter. I live in New Jersey, work "in the city" and live in the residential suburbs. There are no deserts, sand hills nor mud around these parts. BUT, I do need to get to work, and out to food shop and to the bank & the post office. With my other car, which is rear wheel drive, it's useless in anything more than a coating of inch, Okay .....2 inches, park it!! So, that's is why I wanted 4x4. I decided on the Cherokee because it is 63 inches tall and can fit in my garage (height-wise). All other SUVs are MUCH taller, and also because I like the square - down to business - lOOk of the thing! I have kept my luxuries on board, what with heated dual 6-way leather power seats, CD & Cassette and time delay headlights, etc. So, you see, many of us in Snow Country have that to deal with daily, and mud running and desert runs don't even enter our minds!! We each have different needs. If I lived in Florida, or was retired, I would not own any 4x4 - but rather a Corvette convertible !
  • Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good rear air deflector for my 98 Cherokee Sport. I have a bug shield and ventshades by Autoventshade. They don't make a rear deflector though. I know that they don't do much, but I want one to set off the back of my Jeep. I know Mopar makes one, but you have to drill holes to install it though and I don't want one like that. I have seen the GTS aerowing and the EGR dustguard from their websites, but they are shown on other suv's. I don't know what they look like on a Jeep though. Has anyone out their installed one that looks good? If so, let me know. Thanks.
  • My wife is a Wrangler driver, but hope some of you can help me out!!

    (Copied from Wrangler Board!)

    Signed my wife and father-in-law up for a Jeep Jamboree in the NC Mountains this fall. It was an anniversary present and I have to say it has been the biggest hit for a present that I have ever given. And they don't go until October!

    Anybody been to one and have advice on how to maximize the experience?

  • realsuvrealsuv Posts: 1
    For roof racks for the Cherokee-- Which ones are the best, factory upgrade towers, etc, Yakima or Thule? I want strongest and most secure.
  • mhall02mhall02 Posts: 38
    I have a 2000 Sport with 39,000 miles, lately when parallel parking or turning the steering wheel quickly w/ the AC on and slowly moving, I hear a 'whooomp' sound and vibration coming from what sounds like the power steering pump. The pump is full of fluid and it the wheel is not turned all the way so I think the pump is going bad. Has anyone had this problem? The belt seems OK, not too tight or loose. Luckily we have an extended warranty (six year,100,000 miles) but seems kind of strange. I have a 23 year old Ford truck w/ the original power steering pump and put over 180,000 miles on previous Dodge Shadow w/ no problems with the pump. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Jeep's brand new Cherokee is ready to do battle with Land Rover's best

    Back on the warpath

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  • I have a 2000 as well, same sound from the steering, I just think its how it sounds. I will bring it up next time its at the dealer, mine is still under warranty. I doubt there is anything wrong, most likely the tires are gripping hard and it is putting it under stress at a certain point in its turning radius.
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