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  • mooner73mooner73 Member Posts: 3
    I am loosing some coolant. Is this a bad head gasket?
  • loosenutloosenut Member Posts: 165
    head gasket,water pump,radiator?who knows?? with it cracking the first plug,i'd discount the head gasket,as the wind from the cooling fan blows things from the front back..more likely the pump..
    if your using coolant,FIX THAT QUICK!! or you WILL be replacing that head gasket,or engine!! overheating is how heads warp,and gaskets blow..
    mecanics have a tool that pressurises the coolant system to help find leaks...shouldn't be that mutch,and a damn sight cheaper than replacing a overheated engine..good luck! i think your engine is giving you a warning that a catastrophie is lurking just around the corner..get on top of it,or it will get on top of you..k? :sick:
  • gr8_juangr8_juan Member Posts: 1
    i have a 99 jeep cherokee doing somthing close to what you describe when i wigggle the wires to the computer it starts charging for a little while i have a used ecu but the dealer want to go through a flow chart and diag before they programm the other ecu but i can do that my self if i had a wiring chart
  • theshoelace38theshoelace38 Member Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you ever got this problem fixed? I'm having the exact same issues with my Jeep. I already changed my spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor but it didn't seem to help. It could be that I did something wrong there- as the distributor is a pain to get to. ( being a female I was the only one who could reach in there because my forearms were smaller than my brothers' :) ) It didn't seem to want to drop into place so I had to hold it there while my brother fiddled with it from the side. He keeps telling me it's got to be a sensor of some sort but since you changed a bunch of them and it didn't fix the problem I'm hesitant to start changing them. (I don't have a lot of money to spare and it makes me sick that I already spent the money on all these parts and it sits with a full tank of gas!) Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :confuse:
  • sneakers3sneakers3 Member Posts: 1
    up front between right tire and transfer case. When I spray the brakes with high pressure water the sound goes away for a while, only to return the next day. Had a front bearing replaced a year ago and had a similar sound coming out of the air vents it seemed. A bearing problem again? Possibly a rotor problem on the right brake (as the high pressure water in the brake pads takes care of it temporarily. Thanks.
  • je032735je032735 Member Posts: 1
    Cannot believe Jeep has not done a recall (either by choice or not) on the Grand Cherokees for the inferior quality of materials used on the seat frames, which result in broken seats that rock side to side or back and forth. Not sure exactly what all model years this problem encompasses but I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Loredo. The first time my driver seat frame broke (flimsy cheap metal just snapped. Not even at a weld point) I started looking online and found this is a common problem. So much so that an individual has created a product to replace the cheap metal Jeep used with stronger pieces. Shortly after replacing those pieces, the frame snapped in a different place, so now it wobbles side to side instead of forward/backward as it did previously. If having a seat fram that is so flimsy that it just snaps under normal conditions isn't a huge safety issue, I don't know what is. If this vehicle were ever in any kind of accident, I'm pretty sure the seat frame would completely fall apart or at least dismount from the floor. Guess it will take numerous tragedies of individuals being killed or seriously injured before Jeep does a recall or at least comes out with a way to fix the problem.
  • richardattekrichardattek Member Posts: 1
    I know what you mean, I have had mine welded 3 time in the last 3 years.
  • sorenssodesorenssode Member Posts: 2
    Please Help I'm going crazy. My 2001 Jeep Cherokee started showing check gauges light and my battery wasn't charging and my temperature gauge started over heating and making this whistling noise and a loud squeaky noise like a bad pulley. I took it in to a mechanic and he said i needed a new belt. So i put a new belt on. Still engine is squeaking and whistling. Told me I had a hole in radiator and thermostat. Put a new ones on. Still check gauges and squeaking and whistling. Took to another mechanic he thought it might be the alternator. So put a new one of those one. ITS STILL MAKING THESE NOISES. HELP ME PLEASE.
  • loosenutloosenut Member Posts: 165
    Tentioner? Idler pully, what engine?
  • sorenssodesorenssode Member Posts: 2
    inline 6 4.0 i asked if the belt needs tightened and they said was an automatic tension do these things not wear out?
  • loosenutloosenut Member Posts: 165
    Yes they ai can fail.
    i always checked to see of i could turnu the alternator shaft.
    also, see how mutch deflection you get at the longest stretch of the belt
    tentioner has marks to let u k now when belt is streched..good luck!
  • phil154phil154 Member Posts: 1
    The Deathwobble is a uniquely exciting Jeep experience!

    I've wrestled with it on my 98 cherokee as well. It started around 180K and appeared from time to time over the next 100k miles. Fixed a bunch of stuff; Steering damper, sway bar links, new tires, even a ball joint. All of which seemed to help. But the silver bullet was was the shock absorbers. My error was thinking that they were relatively new and couldn't be the problem. They were a big part of it.
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