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Cadillac DeVille



  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I just want to congratulate the DTS for being named to the list of contenders for the world's best sedan inthe ROBB Reports best of issue. That's quite a feat, considering the BMW 7 was left off. The DTS is a considerable jump from the previous DeVille's and someone like the ROBB taking notice proves that~ A.R.
  • I think that $2000 is worth more then the hassle of putting new visors in the car. If it's that important to you, take the $2000 and go get a new Deville.

  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    I was not aware the DTS nomination for "best sedan" in the Robb Report. Just being nominated say a lot!

    Do you know what the criteria is they are using for the judging/selection?
  • Is the article, currently, available at news stands?

    J "CaddyLac"
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    It is available on newstands. It is their annual best of edition. I don't know what the criteria are, but I can tell you the DTS is in elite company such as the winner, Bentley Arnage Red Label, MB S-Class, Audi S8, Lexus LS430 and the Jaguar XJ8. I will save you the $10.00 and read you the statement:

    "Cadillac hasn't left the building. It's making a comeback, and the DeVille DTS is the star of the show. A 300-hp V-8 and road-sensing suspension reinstate the superior performance of Cadillac's finer years. Outside, the DeVille DTS has a leaner, chiseled, contemporary appearance. Inside, the old disco-era look of the dashboard has been replaced by European styling. Classic Cadillac staples, such as the spacious trunk and interior, remain".

    Congrats Cadillac~ A.R.
  • Thanks.

    J "CaddyLac"
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new car soon and have always wanted a luxury car. I've found a 1997 Deville Concours with 58K for $21,900. It is completely loaded including Onstar and the integrated hands-free cell phone with steering wheel controls, sunroof, cd changer, the works. It's beautiful too, pearl red with the chrome wheels. What do you guys think of the price? It's at a Cadillac dealer and appears to be one that has been traded in for a new model. I haven't driven it yet and I wanted some ideas on price when I go into the dealership if I do. The listed price seems decent considering the how much the car was when new, but I'm not sure. I know dealers usually start out asking high prices on used cars expecting low ball offers and then work up from there. I could drive it and it could turn out to be a bomb, but it looks to be in excellent shape and typically a dealer like that will not keep used models in poor shape. Heck, they've got this one up on a rack in front of their used lot.
  • theyustheyus Posts: 3
    We bought the DTS 15 months ago. Dealer has been telling us the rough idle problem will be solved with a software fix. Well, after waiting for 15 months, my wife asked another dealer near her office about this problem (during a routine oil job). This dealer went ahead with:

    Replace intake and exhaust camshafts per TSBVSS20010048
    Reprogram PCM

    All together, I counted 15 parts. Looks like a very expensive warranty job. Anyway, the 2000 DTS now runs real well and NO ROUGH IDLE. We are now happy.
  • larry0605larry0605 Posts: 3
    The Mileage on my 2000 DTS has progressively dropped from an average of around 19 MPG to 16.4 MPG. I noticed the difference when I had a warranty loaner 275HP Deville(cruise button died) and got 22.8 MPG driving the same type of roads. I asked the service guy about it and
    he asked what octane gas I was using. I told him 87 as called for. He replied that they
    were finding out that the car needed at least 89 octane to prevent "carbonization". He said if I
    brought it in they would "de-carbonize" it under warranty. the car only has 15,000
    miles. Am I being feed a line of bull or is this real?
  • captainjcaptainj Posts: 31
    what's the most reliable used Cadillac to buy? I don't need any extras or features, I just want a full-size smooth riding car for everyday use. Thanks.
  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,068
    I would highly recommend a 1977-79 Deville. Sensible size, fairly decent gas mileage, excellent 425 V-8. A lot are still on the road. Of more recent Cadillacs, the 1994-99 Cadillacs are good. My 1994 Deville with 4.9 V-8 and 85K miles is still going strong. A nice 1998 or 1999 model base Deville would probably be your best choice. They can be had for very reasonable prices.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    I own a 2001 Aurora 4.0 (small bore 4.6) and switched out the factory oil at 4000 miles with Mobil-1 0W-30 (8 quarts). the car now has 6000 miles and has not used any oil since the change. While the owner's manual does not mention 0W-30, the service manual does recommend it (synthetic only) for cold areas and/or better start-up lubrication. Even with mostly mountain/city driving, the oil life monitor is running at about 7000 miles per change and it looks like it won't need any added oil during that time. I also use Mobil-1 filters. According to the service manual, synthetic 0W-30 or 5W-30 can be used in any climate, and synthetics are specifically recommended for colder areas.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    ....NOT! My 2000 DTS has less than 10,000 mi. and has been pampered. Despite this it has been in service for no less than six times since I bought it a year ago. Each time it has been in for 3 - 8 days at a time. Now it is in for defective camshaft, problem with the condenser, and a leak in the radiator, and they "keep finding things wrong". It has been in since Friday, the 15th, and there's no telling when I'll get it back. As for Cadillac, and one of it "flagships"...never again. It's foreign cars for me, and I personally hope that Cadillac goes the route of Oldsmobile. Don't buy one or you've got trouble!
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Hello all
    96 deville northstar 76500 mil.
    Used 1 Qt. dino 10w40 1500 miles.
    Purring like a kitten. But the woman is
    too cheap to put premium in. But i got a new
    chevy truck recently. And the wheel fell OFF !!
    So Carnaught : sorry to hear of your problems.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I currently own a 1997 Chrysler LHS with 53,000
    miles on it and in very good condition. I am looking for a car with a little more power and a little less road noise. I have not found the new LHS as comfortable in its' seating or visibility as the 97 LHS.
    I now have the opportunity to trade the 97 LHS for a 1998 Cadillac Deville with 11,000 miles on it and in like new condition.
    The trade would be the 97 LHS and $ 12,000 cash for the 1998 Deville. Is this a good trade? Has anyone in the discussion owned both models? can you give me your comparison based on your own experience. All other replies also welcome
  • reveillereveille Posts: 1
    my 2001 deville has been in the shop more than we have had it.
    the passanger side sun visior is defected
    transitors had to be replace at 200 miles
    transitors had to be replaced at 500 miles
    the dealer said the transmission was slopping but
    they had fixed it
    at 700 miles they are replacing the transmission if they ever get one in.
    anyone else having tranmission problems
    windshield had to be replaced 200 miles,,,,,,took 3 weeks to get the windshield
    i am going to tell the factory rep. that i want a new car not a repaired new car......if he ever calls me. i come but i have owned 9 caddys and have never had these problems
  • ashur1ashur1 Posts: 8
    Now I'm worrried about the transmission on my 2000 DHS...

    Problems? I have had them all. I just had the cam replacement. The vibration at idle is better but not great. You can still feal a little roughness at idle - I'm still not satisfied given the price I paid.

    To recap: I have had both sides of the car repainted to correct bad factory paint job, painted again to correct a bad dealor paint job (call my picky but I simply did not like the fingerprint in the paint just above the door handle), defective passenger visor replaced, wood dash panel replaced, AC vents fixed so that they stay open, driver seat cover replaced, heated seat repaired, cruise control repaired, door trim reattached (three times - I know they are just pushing the piece in), the car was out of alignment when delivered, the brakes have been cleaned and adjusted a couple of times and had rotors resufaced or replaced to fix nasty pulsation upon breaking - they still groan.

    I love the styling, handling, toys and power. But, too many problems. I'm 38 and thought I was the market that Cadillac was after with the new Devilles. Cadillac has made it very clear to me that they are not interested in me as a long term customer. My dealorship is not especially upset over my problems, the Cadillac 800 numbers are absolutely useless, the folks at the 'executive offices' don't seem to really care, and the field manager is 'real sorry' but really has not made me happy - when he calls me back. I can't wait to see the next generation Town Car.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Please read my previous post approx. #515. Just got my 2000 DTS Deville back from the dealer service after a week there. It is about my eighth time in within the last year I've owned it. Had the cam shafts replaced, overheating, and radiator leak, condenser problem and air cond. vent fixed/replaced. It was all washed and shiny and filled with gas when I picked it up, although the interior being cleaned also was not as clean as I left it. On the way home the engine temp. was higher than, I suspect It'll go back for no. nine. When the car runs and is shined, it is pretty and a pleasure but those moments are getting more rare and less appreciated. Even though my service rep., who is himself stellar, said "don't give up on us", the car is just about history. It is the MOST troublesome I've EVER owned. I think I'll buy a second Lexus. It's more expensive but no comparison. Cadillac is destined to go the route of the Oldsmobile.....extinction. I feel there's no hope...and frankly I don't care. So can GM!

    Ashur1: Cadillac's attitude is reprehensible and they deserve what they get!
  • dwaynejdwaynej Posts: 1
    I purchased this car the first week in May 2001 and I feel like the suspension needs a minor adjustment, such as new struts. The car has 51K on it and rides like a dream except when the trunk is loaded down; I think that it sits too low to the ground in the rear. The original struts are on the car now, is it true that struts are only good for about 30k miles or so?
  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,068
    ...on my 1994 Deville with over 85K. Pretty impressive when I consider my city's cratered streets. I've felt that something was amiss with the suspension as well, but have been told that the struts are OK. There are two thin vertical stabilizer bars in the front that tend to go bad. I believe a set of these costs $180.00. Struts, on the other hand, are costly at $500 a piece!
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