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Volkswagen Passat 2005 and earlier



  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Side impact airbags are located in the seats. I'd be very leery of seatcovers over those bags....

    On the air pressure thing, I'm running 32 psi all around, but I'm actually thinking of going up to 34.
  • taft4taft4 Posts: 57
    With fingers crossed, because of poor reliability reports on VW products, I purchased a 04 Passat (GLX - V6 - sedan - AT) in April after reading the CR reports on cars. Except for the reprogramming of the transmission because of its downshifting clunk, the car has been great.

    Last week my brother and I traveled the "blue highways" (secondary paved roads) through the Great Plains (IA, NE, SD, ND, MN) over a distance of 2720 miles and averaged 27.1 MPG. We rarely drove expressways (400 miles in total).

    As I was driving these roads I thought of some of you auto aficionados who contribute to this board as we encountered straight and smooth places where we did not see another car for at least 30 miles. We could have easily driven 100 MPH in those wide open spaces, but that is not something we would be comfortable in doing so we kept at our usual 65 MPH pace.

    The driveability of the Passat made the trip not only easy, but also very pleasant. I now have 6500 miles on the car and have experienced no other problems then the one mentioned above. Hopefully that will continue to be the case.
  • I don't know if this has been addressed previously but the oil sludge issue is probably due to the oil overheating and I will explain.

    I have a V6 and thought that having to put in a quart after 2500 miles was excessive and called the dealer service dept. and they told me that was "normal". Called again later not identifying my problem and asked what the one quart oil consumption should be and he said, "as little at 1000 miles", then asked which motor I had. Turns out the 1.8 can use up to a quart every 1000 miles. Since then I have talked to other owners and have found that they checked their oil at the 5K mark and it did not even register on the stick. The dealer attributes this to the motor design calling it a "loose bore motor" which would provide more upper lubrication giving longer engine life. I suspect that any dealer that is presented with an engine problem due to low motor oil would point to the owners manual that tells you to regularily check the oil level.

    If the oil level is low enough it will cook and probably produce sludge. You should be able to run your oil above the recommended oil change withhout producing sludge as long as it has not overheated.

    I suspect that there are a lot of owners out there that are not aware of this problem and have taken thier car in for maint without checking the oil level inbetween. I find it upsetting that I was not made aware of this before I drove the car off of the lot.

    Anyone else heard of this?
  • ctiguyctiguy Posts: 4
    There have been a number of theories posted under Oil Changes/Fiascos. I am no expert on the properties of various oils in various engine types. What I can say is my 2003 1.8T consumes very little if any oil between changes. I usually change oil between 5k-8K kilometers or 3K-5k miles give or take. Was using regular 5w30 but have switched to full synthetic (and dealer now insists - although they pretend this is some kind of new requirement!) I do notice that when I get the oil changed at the Dealer they tend to fill it about .5" past the highest mark on the dipstick. Maybe thats 'cause the oil pan if full of sludge! Doubt it though only 15k miles and with the oil change interval I follow I seriously doubt no matter what oil I used it would cause a problem. But better be safe and to protect the warranty only synthetic every 5k from now on. And check the oil every 3 fill ups or so...The manual does state 5w40 synthetic and check the oil every fill up (a bit extreme)...
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I got a chuckle from your comment about the dealer still over-filling during an oil change.

    Does that .5" put the oil past the top curve on the dip stick? It shouldn't be.

    Are they using the new larger oil filter? If they used 4 quarts, I think it would just bring it to the top of the cross hatch on the stick.
  • I would still like to find out if anyone has heard of the VW engine being a "loose bore engine". Filling past the high mark will only produce more consumption till the level goes down. Caused by alot more oil trashing around by the crankshaft. Shouldn't be filled past the high mark.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    All I can say is that, in most instances, when I read a story about engine oil consumption in a VW, the engine usually turns out to be the 2.8 V6.

    I've got 20k miles on my '03 with no noticeable oil consumption between oil changes. For the record, I'm changing oil on average at about 4,250 miles, and have used Valvoline Synpower 5w-40 from the first oil change. I usually check the oil level every other fuel fill.
  • As far as I know, the major difference between regular and synthetic is that synthetic can withstand higher temperatures before it starts breaking down. That is why you can go about twice as long between oil changes with synthetic. Ever heard of a bypass oil filter? Instead of changing your oil, you send it in for chemical analysis to determine if it needs changing. One guy got 50K out of his oil using a bypass oil filter before changing it on just the shear fear factor.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Just a reminder - you should have received a letter from VWoA citing the need to maintain an OCI of 5,000 miles and must use oil meeting VW spec 502.00. VW's 1.8T is tough on oil (small oil sump pan plus hot turbo) - personally, I would never consider extending the oil change interval on it, especially if you want to maintain the sludge warranty that VW has recently issued.
  • The 50K was on a diesel.
  • 03 GLX manual, black on black with tinted windows. Most leg room I have ever had in a car.

    Although I have had problems with it, most of them have been my fault. Me bad! 10K I hit a boulder turning around. Right front lower corner. Took it to the body shop and it turned out to be $5.5K in damages since they had to use all new parts. Overnight after taking it in to the body shop and in my garage the windshield cracked and was considered another incident which did not reach my deductible, rats (nick on the edge). The accident damaged the A/C system so the dealer needed to replace a high pressure line. I don't think they put oil back in because after about 2 days, the bottom literally blew out of the A/C compressor. 2 weeks later I had a new compressor.

    At 20K a guy hit me in a parking lot on my right rear wheel bending it in at the top by 2 degrees. That necessitated an axle replacement, a little body work, and a refurbishment of the wheel.

    I am coming up on 30K and have become afraid to drive it. LOL

    Tried to sell it, even at a great price, but no one wants an 03 that has a history so I am keeping it but that is OK since I like it. Getting spoiled with the heated seats.

    I have a bubble on the dash and I think it is where they tech leaned on it to replace the windshield. I am not so sure I want the dash replaced and have problems introduced. Had to have the VW steering wheel emblem replaced after a tech scratched it fixing an electronic problem in the dash right after delivery.

    The shift boot is deteriorating and I will have to take it in to the dealer for a look.

    Left the battery cover off and shut the hood on it and broke it. New part.

    All in all I like the car but do not like the oil consumption and the time it takes to get parts (has been 2 weeks most of the time). The dealers service (Speedway Volkswagen in Indianapolis) has been great, no complaints there. They have always provided a loaner car for warranty work and have always been very helpfull.

    Have previously had a Cabriolet and a TDI Jetta manual xmission. Both to small for me but loved the 50mpg in the TDI on the highway.
  • My rear ashtray got jammed and when I finally managed to pull it out, a small pastic piece (about 3/4 inch long) fell out. I can tell that it did not break off. If I put the ashtray back in without the little plastic piece, it will not stay shut. Does anyone know how the plastic piece attaches so that the ashtray stays shut?
  • naveenavee Posts: 3
    we just bought a new passat wagon, I ran carfax on it and found that the car already has a service record. The record does not have much detail, it only says the service is done on engine and vehicle, is this normal? Thanks
  • mrjettemrjette Posts: 122
    I just got an '05 Passat TDi. The rear floor mats have holes for the oval anchors (not round anchors like my '02 Jetta), but no floor pegs on which to place them.

    Were they missed on this car, or has VW stopped putting the pegs in the back seat (the front pegs are fine and do a great job of holding the mats in place).
  • I had the same thing happen on my new 2004 Passat. The dealer ordered the carpet holders and installed them for me in about five minutes (no charge). It's worth asking for.
  • I just traded in my 2003 Jetta TDI Auto Wagon for a 2004 GLS Passat 1.8T Wagon with Leather. I know this is a sedan section, but my comments don't pertain to the van section of the car - and this forum has more action.

    I was so proud of my 2003 Jetta TDI, but I just needed more room and wanted more luxury. I love the feel and performance of my new 04 Passat. I got a great year end closeout deal. Like many, I have come to realize that Volkswagons can be a huge money pit for repairs.

    Get this - When I bought my first 2003 Jetta TDI, within a week a rock hit the front windshield and created a circular crack. Within a week with my new 2004 Passat, the same thing happened.

    Also, with my Jetta TDI the rear alignment was off because of a bent axle. They said I hit something hard (a pothole) which caused the axle to bend. I couldn't think of anything I had every hit hard with the car because I would baby it - it must have been some past pothole or railroad track. The car always slightly steered to the right which was forever annoying. I was so much enjoying the pure alignment of my new 2004 passat until last weekend when I was turning right onto a road and hit the curb with my right rear tire. I was not going fast at all and I was really angry at myself for bumping the rear tire (not to mention the new rim scratch on my mag)! I swear its pulling to the right now. If my dealer says the axle is bent then Volkswagen must be using the most pathetic durability mechanical parts in its car. Hitting a few potholes or bumping a curb, sure that might whack a tire out of alignment, but a darn axle?! I cant imagine this having happened in my old Subaru. I'm probably being paranoid because the fix is really expensive. To make matters worse, on my way home today as I was thinking about my alignment woes I saw 2 Passats broken down on the side of the road within 2 miles of each other. Woe to me! This made me worry about my purchase again. Yet I love the feel of the Passat and the "look" I get for the price.

    Either way, I think it is uncanny that I've experienced the same annoying road hazard problems with the Volkswagen. When people ask me what I think of VW, I say its a great sedan for its price that seems much more expensive, but that it doesn't seem "tough" and repairs are imminent. My Jetta was in the shop a lot due to road hazards and breakdowns.

    Face it, we buy volkswagen because it is a cool car with style and finesse - and we suck it up for the repairs to come. I've lost some enjoyment on my new ride at only 800 miles on the odometer!
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Are there any significant changes to the Passat for 2005, and if so, are they in the drivetrain, trim levels or other things? I hope they have kept the excellent 2.8 V-6 as well.

    Also, what is the earliest date in which the U.S. will get the fully redesigned '06 Passat? (I feel VW's been putting off this one)
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    Changes for the '05s are not significant - wheels and colors.

    First appearance of the '06s [the next-gen car] could be any time from July to December '05, depending on whom you are willing to believe. My personal wager would be later rather than sooner - VW's track record in our market is pretty awful for new product launches in anything like a timely fashion. On the other hand, the dealers are screaming in the ears of VWOA and Wolfsburg to get on with it, already...
  • I just purchased a VW Passat with leather/heated seats and was wondering how warm/hot you think they are. I drove to work this morning and turned the heat(seat) to the highest level, and it seems like it didn't get very warm (during 50 min. drive). So I'm not sure if it's just me or if it's the car. Thanks
  • I bought my car new in June 2001. Since June 2004, I have had to replace a headlight wiring harness (headlight wire was burning), a fuse in the main wiring harness (car died while driving) and now a micro switch on the clutch pedal (periodic no-crank issues). Please chime in if you've had a similar string of electrical issues - 33,000 miles, Manual Transmission.
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