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Chrysler 300M



  • Are you going to trade your silver beauty in on a 300 Hemi C if/when they are produced?
  • I found something else that will fit in a 300M in a pinch.

    I was suprised!

    A 6 foot ladder! Not using the trunk. Inside the cabin. Getting it out was easy to.
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    I've had plenty of fun in my M (with PHP) on the mountain curves above Denver, and on the straightaways down to Santa Fe. Both types of driving are a blast in this car -- we don't have to choose, we have it all!

    If you live someplace where the roads never bend, take a road trip to the mountains, the Pacific coast, or some other twisty byway, and experience just how competent the 300M is on the curves.

    So, pinhead, are you a freeheeler?
  • racefan9racefan9 Posts: 120
    naw, you??? i think my next car will be a grand am, or oldsmobile alero...he he i'm waiting on the next generation Ram, that will me my next new one, then i may get a used prowler, to fill up the third bay on the garage i'm building this spring, i'm going to have a pit so i can change oil and wire up neon lights, have to get all this done before some woman comes along and does her thing, you know what i mean :~)
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Actually it was Fuzzy's tire situation, not mine. The Pilots suit me just fine on my painted 17" wheels.
    Regards, Silver
  • My heater works and I have taken it to the dealer. Within minutes all the windows in my car are fogged up. I have the defrost on and can feel the heat but the front window will defrost only a little bit, with it on high. I have a 1994 LHS. Can anyone help me with this problem.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    Sorry - can't help. From what I've read, window fogging was a problem on early LH cars. I haven't had any problem with my 99 300M windows fogging and they've had a workout this winter.
  • illini4illini4 Posts: 140
    If you have the heater in the recirculate mode, that will cause fogging. Also, make sure your A/C compressor is on during defrost and the A/C is cooling. 94s are notorious for leaking A/C evaporators. If the evaporator is leaking, there is an extended warranty that provides free replacement if under 70,000 mi.
  • Yeah, I'll get either the 300 Hemi C or Crossfire, whichever they choose to make. I'm only 30, but it's never too early to get a good start on my mid-life crisis!! I like the idea of a Prowler. Trouble for me is that in Birmingham, it might as well be a Lamborghini Diablo. Not many exotics here, so anything like that sticks out like a sore thumb (read: keying canidate, insurance claim for stolen car, etc.). There are about 7 prowlers here and I would love to be eighth! It's a beautiful car. Have you seen the Chrysler Howler? It's a prowler with a pickup-type bed on it. You could kill two birds with one stone. You are right on the money with your ideas about building the pit now! Trust me...RIGHT ON!! Get everything like that you want done beforehand and life will be much easier!!!
  • Let's see, 250+HP and torque, 17" wheels with low profile tires standard, an available PHP, An aggressive look, tight handling standard, and a 240 watt 9 speaker stereo standard with a 360 watt 11 speaker 4 disc changer system optional. Conservative? Hardly. HEY ALL YOU AFTERMARKET COMPANIES OUT THERE, BRING ON THE MODS!!!!! CHRYSLER, BRING ON THE MODS!!!
  • drpixeldrpixel Posts: 256
    Hey, Dustin..missed you last night...hope all is well...woiking my leetle feengers to de bone on Gen2....too cold here in Joisey to wash eMily...hose is away for the winter, and I can't deal with a bucket brigade---and no I won't take her to the car wash. Washing eMily for me is brain therapy and requires little if any brain activity whatsoever.

    Have a happy 300M kind of day, dude....
    the doctor
  • Just had my first tire (4 tires) rotation yesterday at 7500 miles. Was a little concerned with what would happen after all of the experiences on this board but put about 100 miles on it afterwoods at speeds up to 75 and no vibration, pull, anything. Guess I am blessed (or got a better than average set of Goodyears and 5* although the latter just called to say they had forgot to put the wheel lock key back into the glove box).

    2K nonPHP, small stero, after market hole in roof, Inferno Red.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    The problem is that the 300M just happens to be the most expensive model in the Chrysler lineup. So ... all those little gray haired ladies trading in their New Yorkers are still going to want the most expensive car that Chrysler makes. I have seen a LOT of seniors (even older than me) driving 300Ms. I think that market segment is where the conservative image comes from. It would be very interesting to see the age breakdown of 300M buyers. I think the median age may be a lot older than you would guess, given the aggressive personality of the car.
  • Well, I can see that down here in FL. Seems like the only people I see driving 300M's are older people, or woman(no offense). And they seem to be the same color. Tan. Even my neighbor who bought one is in his 50's. I wonder if i'm the yongest owner, at 25? 24 when I first bought it.
  • Since I was going to replace my 2000 steering wheel with 1 from a 2001 model, I decided to test drive a 2001 PHP model to see how the new wheel was. I'm very glad I do not have the 2001 wheel. Those audio controls are very hard to use. At least in the positions my hands are on the wheel. It would drive me nuts! They wouldn't work anyway with my 2000, but would be in the way big time. I'm still waiting on a price for the 2000 wheel. I found a few in junk yards here, but the airbag was deployed, or they were the wrong color. Looks like i'm stuck with the steering wheel cover. Can anyone recommend a good leather cover?
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 356
    I would think the New Yorker crowd would trade in for an LHS. Lots of (ahem!) older folks like to have fun, too, so the age of a 300M driver doesn't necessarily mean much to me. I would have loved to have a car like this back when I was in my mid-twenties, but I couldn't have afforded it then. (Congrats to all you youngsters who are able to buy one now!) I'm in my mid-forties, but I'm diggin' the car now, and I think I'd be pushing the gas pedal just as vigorously if I were ten or twenty years older, too. To me, the styling and performance of this car are not "conservative," and after-market vendors are probably missing out if they ignore the vehicle because of the median age of its drivers.
  • Still messing with the intake side of the 300M. I had an idea to reinstall the stock air box, but drill a bunch of holes in the bottom, & sides, & then put in the stock size K&N filter. Just wondering if anyone tried this out yet? I have a spare airbox, so i'm not worried about drilling holes in it.
  • drpixeldrpixel Posts: 256
    drpixel. Now don't everyone jump down my throat, but I seem to remember a few years back that you could buy a leather steering wheel wrap at the local Pep Boys or local auto supply stores. I had put one on another car I had owned, and if you do it right, it doesn't look too bad. Just an idea, fuzzy.
  • I did buy one of those for my truck I owned. The 1 that has the laces. Didn't fit right, & looked bad. Wonder if they changed?
  • illini4illini4 Posts: 140
    I'd try an auto trim/upholstery shop. They should be able to come up with something much better than a wrap from a parts store.
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