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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

         That sounds like a great idea, but I don't know if Edmunds will allow it. Maybe at a separate web site???
  • Guys..I cannot do it alone. I need you guys helps/inputs on this. I could set it up and post it. Please send email to me if you guys wish to participate.
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

         You got my vote. The post, as you suggested should have the dealer name, maybe salesperson/s experiences, both positive and negative. Pat(Our Host), is this something that can be done??
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This discussion is about exactly that - Buying Experiences. Why not just make your posts here?

    It's okay to name the dealership, just don't put any contact information in your message (see header for full details).

    Tell me if I'm missing something ...
  • MSRP: 30,568
    Paid $27,350
    less $ 750 rebate
    less $ 1,000 Customer Loyalty Certificate
    $25,600 including 1 year free prepaid maintenance
    + $289 Conveyance fee
    + $88 registration fee (State of CT)

    Lynch Toyota in Manchester CT, dealt with the internet sales manager and had an excellent customer experience.

     - Engine: 3.0L V6 DOHC SMPI
     - Transmission: Electronic 5-Speed Automatic w/Overdrive
     - Tires: P215/60R16 AS 94V
     - Wheels: 16 in. x 6.5 in. JJ Aluminum w/Center Ornament
     - Front Bucket Seats
     - Monotone Paint Application
     - Driver & Passenger Power Seat & Leather Package
     - Leather Seat Trim
     - EMV Navigation System
     - Radio: AM/FM CD
     - XLE Navigation Package
     - Vehicle Stability Control
     - 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System
     - Driver & Passenger Curtain & Side Airbags
     - VSC & Side Airbag Package
     - Carpet Floor/Trunk Mat (5-Piece Set)
     - Molded Simulated Birdseye Maple Dash Applique
     - Driver & Passenger Heated Seats
     - Wheel Locks
  • I found a toyota dealership in Greenfield MAss that sells extra care warranties at a great discount. I picked up the 7/70 extra care platinum for $870.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    How did you get the $1000 customer loyalty certificate? My parents will likely be buying their 10th Toyota in Oct 2004, and we have never received a loyalty certificate. Perhaps its because 8 of those 10 were leases?

  • The $1000 loyalty rebate is one of those things that we would normally throw out. It was a 4 page glossy that came from toyota that had the certificate on the last page.

    It was good timing for me
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

         I am really interested in finding out more about this deal. That was certainly an excellent price. Why did the dealer offer such a steep discount from the MSRP? Was he trying to move inventory? Did you finance, what was the percentage? or did you buy it straight out? What was the invoice pricing on this vehicle? If you don't mind me asking what was the dealership name? We are awaiting our 04 SE V6 to arrive and the price we were quoted was $26,486.00 which includes the Navigation package, VSC package, rear spoiler, rear view dimming mirror, carpet mat set (5 piece), heated seats, the V5 security system and adjustable pedals. Our MSRP was $29,888.00. Our discount from the MSRP is about $3,402.00. Registration $63.50, Inspection $12.00, NYS Waste Tire Fee $12.50 OTD equals $28,745.99. But upon delievery we will be entitled to what ever rebates, incentives, etc. at that time. I am shooting for the 0% 36 Months deal.

  • I used the internet to email all of the dealers in my area with what I was looking for. This dealer, Lynch, in Manchester CT said that MSRP was $30,568 and Invoice was $27,350 and that they would sell to me at invoice plus I would get the rebate of $750 (or 0% financing for 24 months)and the 1 year prepaid maintenance. If you go to their web site you can see their inventory and place a bid. The salesperson I dealt with (O'Neal) was truly a find. He was low key and extremely helpful. After I had that deal negotiated, I then produced the $1000 loyalty certificate which tehy took with no problems. O'Neal said that toyota reimburses them the whole thing so it is no big deal.

    They wanted too much for the extended warranty so I am buying that from another dealer.

    If you want more info, please feel free to email me at Thanks --Evan
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

        Thanks for the reply. We are expecting to get our vehicle in mid December. Do you know where we can obatin such a coupon for loyal customers? We reside in the New York area.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I didnt know you've owned other Toyotas- which ones? For some reason I was under the impression that your Catalina Blue SE V6 was going to be your first Toyota.

    Anyway- I would imagine that calling Toyota's Customer Assistance Center, 800-331-4331, and inquiring about the availability of any loyalty certificates.

  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

       The Toyota vehicles that I have owned are:
    1984 Supra
    1987 Cressida
    1994 Camry
    2000 RX300 (Lease)
  • If it helps, the loyalty certificate was only valid for NY/NJ/CT toyota dealers. I tried up in Mass but they couldnt take it.
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227
    Emarks1 and Alpha01,

        I have contacted Toyota of California and they said that they would have the regional Toyota contact me. They claimed that it is the regional Toyota (for NY, NJ, CT)that sends these certificates out and they are aware of them. I am just hoping I can obtain a certificate/coupon before I accept delievery of our vehicle. Emarks1, did the dealer actually have to have this ceritificate on hand from you? or could they give you the discount and then obtain the funds from Toyota later so that they get reimburst? Did the certificate have your name on it or could anyone just have utilized it?
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227
    Alph01 and Emarks1,

        Emarks1, I just spoke with my dealership and they stated that the certificate was only good from 11-21-03 to 12-01-03. Is this information correct? When did you take delievery of your vehicle? My dealership claimed that there might be another special like that during the Christmas time, but he is not sure.
  • riferife Posts: 8
    My '04 Camry LE stickered for 20,574. I paid 19,084.87. This was the invoice price including the dealer advertising charge that they put in there. For one weekend only Toyota offered 0% for 60 months in the Cincinnati/ Dayton, OH market, so I was able to take advantage of that too. Voss Toyota in Beavercreek, OH was great to work with and their service department is good too.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I'm curious- and certainly not criticizing your decision- but why did you skip on ABS?

  • The certificate was good from 11-21 thru 21-1. I took delivery on 11-29. I had to hand the physical certificate in in order to get the discount. It had my name on it and was only transferrable to immediate family members (spouse/kids).

    And Antilock brakes came with my XLE...
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    ABS is standard on All V6 and XLE 4 cylinder Camrys. My question was to a different poster.

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