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Ford Freestyle - Taurus X



  • I have a few, trying to take a picture in a hyper-crowded event was difficult. (I have ten plus pictures of passer-byes =(. Fortunately, digicams lets you shoot a zillion. Unfortunately, I'm not a real photographer.

    * Front
    * Side
    * Dashboard from outside
    * Seating rows from rear glass
    * Back

    Moderators, and room experts, how can I post the pictures? Yes, I'm still a rookie.

  • The reps told me the base will run about $26K. The Limited will reach $34K. (I presume these are MSRPs, and I hope "loaded" configurations.)

    I was disheartened on those news. But I still love the vehicle. It has the same "great car" feeling of the Contour when I bought mine. (Yes, this is a me-biased opinion.)

    They also said there won't be any rebates. I quote, Ford "made a good marketing effort on the price". Translated: they figured the "cash cow point" upfront =(. FYI, the 500 ranges $22->29K.

    As I see it, they're pricing each version just below/about the same as the equivalent-trim Explorer. (See for XLS, XLT, & Limited pricing.) And the Explorer has $3K rebates.

    This would be a long and hard decision for some. Not me. I didn't like the Explorer 3rd row nor the gas mileage.

    If my 1996 Contour dies before the Freestyle release, I may jump to the Sport Track or F150. It also gives me an excuse to wait for the Duratec 35 Freestyle ;).

  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Be aware that most all manufacturers always say there will be no rebates. Why would they say anything else? They want you to buy as soon as the vehicle becomes available, and they are not going to pass up a chance to get full price out of a vechicle that may well be able to command full pricing.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    MSRP for a loaded Explorer V6 is almost $40,000. I wouldn't think a loaded Freestyle would be a lot less than that.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,949
    Pic posting instructions are in Town Hall Help, linked at the upper left of this page (under Tools).

    You'll need a home page or site to host the pics, since you can't just upload them to Edmunds.

    Steve, Host
  • Ladies & Gentlemen:

    Here's my photo-share site for my pictures.

    Link =

  • These are just a few words to describe what you see. Please note it's a Limited, so it has features similar to the equivalent-trim Explorer.

    0190 - Front of the vehicle.
    0191 - Side, looking diagonal from behind car driver side.
    0193 - Dashboard. You may see below dash left of brake pedal the Hood Release. Lights & wiper controls are on each side of the steering wheel. Cruise Control is at the wheel's left, radio/CD controls at right. The pedal adjust is right of headlight switch. Mirror control is at door (dash far left).
    0227 - Back.
    0183 - Rear window view. The third row seat is one side up, the other flat. Second row has center console (also available on 60/40 split). You can also see the first row console.

    Emergency Brake is on bottom ("3rd pedal" configuration). Note:
    * 18" Wheels look great on it.
    * The "hump" giving headroom to the third row. (Rear portion of roof rack.)
    * The privacy glass, like most minivans & SUVs.
    * If you can't see that third stop light, you shouldn't be driving =).

    The glimpse of a face in the rear window picture is my wife's. She really likes it. I enthusiastically second the motion.

  • I'm figuring out why they are not coming through. Please hold.

  • I tried the following after logging out of their site, so this time should be right.

    Link =

    Sorry for the technical difficulties.

  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    I get:

    **An error has occurred.

    The user page for figuesam could not be created.

    Please push the Back button on your browser to correct this problem.
    Thank you.
  • It sometimes does that. Give it another try. I just did, and it's OK.

    It's not perfect, but freebies are like that.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    looks sharp. Better than the beige one in Detroit.
  • iglooheatiglooheat Posts: 32
    I have to say that I am a bit disappointed, but not surprised, that the price range now extends to $34,000. The rep. at the Phila. car show said that it would top out at $29. I wanted to believe her, but I know that all that equipment on the Limited would demand more. We'll still probably get one as it seems to fit our needs perfectly, but we'll delay until there are some deals. Shouldn't be too long as rebates started on the f-150 right out of the gate.
  • Hmm... If the Truck Of The Year had rebates early, a month or so of extra wait should be beneficial. Maybe we'll get word of them when you get the brochures. That's in 3 weeks +/-. Likely not.

    Yes, I noticed the rise in price as they get closer to the release date. It did hurt, as my "low price" expectations were high. It's the old "demand & supply" rule. They demand a good supply of your dollars!

    If you're into Freestyle 35 (larger engine), a year (two?) wait shouldn't be a problem. Maybe they would have bigger rebates then =).

    How can I tell my Contour not to die on me for a few more months? =(

  • mgpmgpmgpmgp Posts: 15
    What is with the privacy glass I have seen on all the Freestyles. It only seems to be on the rear quarter of the vehicle. There is no privacy glass on the 2 row passenger windows. This seems silly especially when the Escape and Pacifica each have privacy glass there. If it is not available for the second row I may not buy one. Also does anyone know if a moon roof is available. I wish they would offer a large one like the Subaru Forester or the Cadillac SRX.
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 464
    I think Detroit is starting to pad the price when the car is released to cover the rebates. It's like every car is basing 3-4K more then first announced. It realy is a nice wagon, nice to have them back. This is something GM is lacking.
    (We all can't afford SRX's).
  • I noted that peculiar approach to the privacy glass. It's better to give the benefit of the doubt, as the Freestyles in the shows are prototypes.

    On sunroofs, the first picture of the set I posted (message 473, if you get an error, re-try) shows the NYC Auto Show Freestyle with one. I don't know if the sunroof sacrifices the conversation (AKA watch kids) mirror.

    The Freestyle website has one to their Auto Show.
    (>cars & vans->future vehicles->Freestyle)
    Their videos have one on the Freestyle. The cutaway Freestyle in it also has a sunroof.

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    There's a legality pertaining to the privacy glass. According to federal regulations, only trucks, minivans and SUV's are allowed to have the backseat protected by privacy glass. Passenger cars are exempt. I'm not sure WHAT those limits, or what exactly is involved, or what THEY classify the above, (I have a hunch it's pertaining to the vehicles floor clearance) but I do know that much from my research.

    Ironically, Ford is trying to get the vehicle classified as a truck.. This will help Ford with CAFE credits. But there's that RULE I'm trying to find out what it is, that prevents it from having the 2nd row privacy glass.

    If it's that much of an issue, have it tinted aftermarket along with the 1st row seats.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287 many states you cannot tint the side windows very darkly at all unless the vehicle is a truck. In a few states, you cannot add to the factory tinting, period.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Which reminds me, what are those states issue with having dark tinted windows? Granted, here in FL you can tint up to 33% dark tint (although numerous people will have much stronger tints) but hardly any cop will enforce it. I only know of one cop that actually stayed there while the guy peeled off the tint- luckily I have him as a friend (the cop).
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