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Hyundai Tiburon



  • My daughter was given this car for her 16th Birthday. We checked it out throughly prior to purchasing it. It was brand new with 14 miles on it when purchased. There have been the typical recalls and repairs. Just 6 months ago (give or take a few) they replaced all of her asles because the car was shakin out of control. We had complained about this for ALONG time and finally there was no denying there was a problem.
    Today while on her way to college, 5 blocks from the house, her car went out of control at 40mph (as per witnesses) hit a center median and propelled its self into the air rolling 4 to 5 time landing on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.
    I am demanding and investigation of the front end of the car. My daughter sustained moderate injuries.
    BUT in defense of the car, it also saved her life. The passenger compartment of this car sustained NO DAMAGE, the side airbags deployed and I believe saved her head from hitting the pavement.
    Will I buy another Tiburon NO we have had to many steering problems.
    IF THERE IS ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS HAD THIS HAPPEN TO THEM Please I beg of you contact me. My daughter is 18 years old and by the graces of god she could have been taken.... please let me know if you have had these problems. email me at : thanks
  • I currently have an 2001 Ford Focus, which I hate- but it was the best option to build credit with the Hyndai, Izusu, Chevy dealership. I've had the car for a 1 1/2 years, and feel that its time for the dealership to allow me to trade. I really like the look of the '06 Tib, which is going for about 17,000 there. Does anyone out there know how great the car is. Been reading up on the forum messages, so I know NOT to get an '03 or an '04, and I also know the best way to go with these cars is an automatic. Any additional info would be very helpful. My Ford has been a nightmare, I'd like to wake up soon. THANKS!
  • I have a 2003 V6 automatic. First battery died after 13 months. Dealer replaced battery and alternator at no charge. Second battery died after 13 months. Dealer charged almost $50.00 to replace it, as replacement battery had only a 12 month free replacement warranty. Told it was HYUNDAI policy, not to be appealed. In addition, was warned that my front brake pads needed to be replaced immediately to avoid possible failure and need to resurface rotors. Diagnosis apparently based on mileage (40K), as wheels were not removed from car for inspection. Since I had spent the better part of the day waiting for the battery to be changed, I told the service manager I'd wait on the brake job until my next regular service visit. Took the car to my neighborhood PEP BOYS the next day. They took the wheels off and told me they'd be happy to replace the brakes if I insisted, but there was no reason to do so. This is my third HYUNDAI, and I love it, but it may be my last.
  • Its like im reading a post that i woulda of put if i still had my 01 focus .I just bought a 06 tib v6limited and traded in my focus your right they are a nickle and dime nightmare so many little things go wrong witht hem it an anoying car to own. but the tib is realy nice Ive been reading about the 03's.what a drag. i hope i dont have same problem but ill keep u updated if it dose . question why do u say automatics are the best way to go. ive owned 5 speeds and found that there the best way to regululate gas milage and performance is with manual.but just get rid of that heap u call a focus yuck!
  • does anybody know if the blower motors of the 05 have any problems? i had to take mine out cause of a clicking noise and didn't fine anything wrong w/it. would you please let me know if you have same problem
  • jck1jck1 Posts: 3
    I had that happen in my 04 last Fall. Took it to the dealer who said a leaf/twig had gotten into the fan. They cleaned it out and I was good to go.
  • dear sharkboy, thank you for the response- I waited forever for someone to get back with me. Some of the old postings state that Tibs have been terrible with transmission problems/clutches going out without warning- I myself enjoy driving a stick shift (I'm a busy bee), but it sounds like the best way to curb problems with these cars.
  • Yea thats what I thought too but I took it out at word and nothing is in there, i thought bearings or brushes but i think im going to take it in and have them look at it. I have another question, I have a small rust spot on my trunk under the lock cylinder and i'm a parts production manager at a body shop and the painter said he would take care of it cause he owes me a faver but if he does it will it void the warranty if i don' go the dealership first?
  • Help...My son's 2005 tiburon's clutch is out with only 3000 miles. The dealership is telling me it is not covered by warrenty due to his driving. They are going by the wear on his tires. I feel like a clutch should not go out on a vehicle with only 3000 miles. I noticed a burning smell when I first bought it, but thought it was just the new burning off a belt. When I was following him to the dealership I could smell the same burning smell. Please someone, give me some advise. :mad:
  • I also have an 05 5speed and had the burning smell as well although it is just the clutch breaking in, and i have 7000 miles on it and it still feels like new. the only thing that i can think of is that the problem is (dumping the clutch) to get the tires to lite up which also puts the clutch under a huge amount to stress causing it to go out. sorry if this doesn't help but its the only advise i have
  • bilhaibilhai Posts: 1
    I have an 05 tib and the clutch has burnt out now twice. It is a definete problem. The first one went out at 10500 and now the second one is going at 24000. This is just not right. The first one I was told had a defective fly wheel. I would demend they fix it. I don't beleive the clutch is high performance enough for the car.They are just looking for excuses.
  • Ok, I bought a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon right when they came out, I immediately had problems with the vacuum system leaking, 3 trips to the dealer and 6 months later i got it fixed, under warranty so its not that bad. Next, my CD player went out started eating CD's. The car was one year old when that happened. The dealership himmed and hawwed but replaced it no charge. This brings us to today. I have 25,000 on a 2003, I stored it for a year, and the clutch is gone. I've been driving manuals for 10 years and have a commercial stick shift truck for work, I know how to drive. The dealership refused to replace it and tried to charge me $1,500, I left. Took the car over to a local shop my friend works at, $650 later i had a new clutch. Now the fun part begins. If you reread i stated its a 2003, manufacture stamp says 11/20/2002 and carfax says its an 03. After taking it to a "unaffiliated" shop, the mechanic flipped out cause everything under the hood is `01! Im writing this in hopes that someone else had this problem, Its to late to start doing anything about it tonight, but first thing tomorrow im taking it in to the dealer. I know the 01's had clutch problems so thats why I bought an `03, if you had this problem or know of it, please, Im gonna need a lot of help here.
  • I know the clutches for the tibby aren't that good mine just went out over night no warning it is completely shot so I am ordering a ACT (advanced clutch technology) stage 2 clutch it is cheaper then going to the dealer they are outrageous pricing and with them they are putting the same old clutch back in. If u are going to get a new one go with performance and u will have a way better time and if u have the money put in a light weight fly wheel better acceleration and throttle response thats what i'm doin and it only weighs 9.5 lbs where the stock one weighs about 30 somethinbig difference and since the clutch isn't under warranty whats it matter it doesn't hurt the rest of the cars warranty just have it done by a certified shop and you'll be good.
  • dcox3dcox3 Posts: 1
    Really interesting. After reading all of the posts about this stupid car, the "2003 tiburon", I realized that once my front brakes went out twice, the 6-spd tranny went out, then the front windshield started leaking into the infinity stereo, which then stopped working only to send a screeching sound every once in a while all on its own, next the sunroof broke, oh, and the clutch went out as well, along with the gas tank recall. I went to the dealer only to get turned away, because after all was said and done "it was under warranty after all RIGHT! Well I spent hours upon hours from work dealing with this piece of crap. So, I decided to sue Hyundai Motor Corporation and the dealer that sold me the car. After 3 months they decided that it wasn't worth the cost and provided me with the Tiburon of choice which, I took up a 2005 SE with the package 10 option. So far after 2500 miles it seems to be doing just fine. But we will see....... is the place to go about the California lemon laws.....

    Wishing myself and everyone else LUCK....... :lemon:
  • your situation will be interesting to see if Hyundai has improved the Tibby. I'm thinking they have and your driving experience will smooth out a lot now. Keep us all posted, OK?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I've looked everywhere for a polyeurithane body kit for my 2001 tib, but nobody makes them, they're all fiberglass. I welcome any suggestions, but remember I don't want fiberglass (I already have that one and hate how it fits)
  • After checking out the hatchback coupes at the Miami auto show, I still liked the Tiburon better than anything else currently available, at any price. This forum helped me realize that my 2003 Tiburon was probably not a "keeper", so I rationalized my way into buying a 2006, with beige leather interior, six-disc CD player, climate control, 17" wheels, etc. Same brand, different dealer because of my previous experience with the service manager. No regrets so far, in fact I'm delighted with my purchase.
  • I have a 05 Tiburon 5spd and I don't have any problems with my car. Mind you I only have about 9000kms on it but I learned manual on this car and I've grinded it MANY times and stalled it countless number of times. I also read other Tiburon forums and no one seems to be having any clutch problems on the 05/06 Tiburons. Maybe it's a defect.

    The car is great but I do have one little gripe. I noticed that there is a rattle that's coming out of my trunk that's sort of annoying. It may be due to the cold weather (Ottawa, Canada) but still, a new car shouldn't be rattling. Previously, I owned a 2000 Sonata with over 150K on it and it didn't have a single rattle. Overall, the Tiburon is an amazing car, though I love the new Sonata too. By the way, the new Sonata and Azera won the AJAC award in their category (Family car under $35K and over $35K)

  • I have a 1999 Tiburon FX. (knock on wood) so far no big problems. Anyway, I recently left my lights on and my battery died. I got a jump from someone and everything has been fine except my car alarm. It's the stock car alarm. Since I got a jump, my car alarm does not work. The little red alarm light that is on my dashboard is constantly on. And the really strange this is now when I start my car, my doors lock, and when I turn my car off, the doors unlock. The locks never did this before and everyone is baffled. I know it is not the maxi fuse, because my car doesn't have one. Any suggestions? I've called dealerships and they have no clue, but are willing to work on my car at $98 an hour. :confuse:
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    When you jumped the car you probably damaged the ECM (Electronic Control Module). If you didnt jump it correctly (polarity) that could cause damage. The dealer would probably swap out the ECM, verify its fixed and charge you for a new ECM. You could also find one used for a few hundred dollars. Here is the troubleshooting procedure from the Hyundai Webtech site. At the very bottom in the alarm section they refer to the ETACS module. Its this module that controls most of the functions:

    Applies to: Tiburon 1998-2000
    Body Electrical System General


    Possible cause

    The system is not armed
    (The siren doesn't sound)
    Transmitter faulty
    Replace the transmitter

    Receiver faulty
    Replace the receiver

    Damaged or disconnected wiring of door switch input circuit
    Repair the harness

    ETACS module faulty
    Replace the ETACS module

    The siren sounds in error when a door or trunk lid is unlocked by using the key while the system is armed
    Damaged or disconnected wiring of a door key cylinder and trunk lid key cylinder switch input circuit
    Repair the harness or replace a door key cylinder and the trunk lid key cylinder switch

    ETACS module faulty
    Replace the ETACS module

    Engine does not start in disarm state
    Burglar alarm relay faulty
    Replace the burglar alarm relay

    Damage or disconnected wiring of burglar alarm relay activation circuit
    Repair the harness

    Malfunction of the ETACS module
    Replace the ETACS module

    There is no alarm when, as an alarm test, a door is opened without using the key
    (The arming and disarming are normal, and the alarm is activated when the trunk lid or hood is opened.)
    Damaged or disconnected wiring of door switch (all doors) input circuit
    Repair the harness or replace the door switch

    Malfunction of the door switch

    Malfunction of the ETACS module
    Replace the ETACS module

    There is no alarm when, as an alarm test, the trunk lid is opened without using the key.
    (The alarm is activated, however, by opening a door or the hood)
    Damaged or disconnected wiring of luggage compartment light switch input circuit
    Repair the harness or replace the luggage compartment light switch

    Malfunction of the luggage compartment light switch

    Malfunction of the ETACS module
    Replace the ETACS module

    There is no alarm when, as an alarm test the hood is opened from within the vehicle
    (The alarm is activated, however, by opening a door or the lid)
    Damaged or disconnected wiring of hood switch input circuit
    Repair the harness or replace the hood switch

    Malfunction of the hood switch

    Malfunction of the ETACS module
    Replace the ETACS module
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