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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • I bought a new E500 this January and currently have less than 5k miles on it. The transmission shifts/kicks really hard when your slowing down. I have actually had passengers in the car notice it and ask me about it. Is anyone else having a simular problem on a newer E500?

  • Is the first car you mention a 2001 or 2004? Or some other year? (The 20014 is kinda confusing.) I don't understand how you can say that it was underpowered when you say the second car (a 2000) had good power. It is the same engine. I believe the 2000 might have had a 4-speed auto transmission where I know that the 2001 has a 5-speed, so the 2001 should feel more powerful. As far as the room inside, they are nearly identical; in fact the 2001 drastically reduced the driver's knee bolster which made it fit long legged folks much better than the 2000 and prior years. The interior layout is otherwise almost identical also. SInce you think the cars you mentioned are so different, you must be referring to the first one as a 2004 model. So the drivetrain then is absolutely identical from 2001 to 2004 and the only difference is the few extra couple of hundred pounds of weight for the 4-matic. That might make a barely noticeable difference drag-racing from stop lights.

    Please clarify "reconfronting". I've never run across that word so I don't really know what problem you have. I will admit that the location of the CD 6-pack is awkward, but it hasn't been a real problem either.

    Re: a Saab. My daughter bought a Saab a year ago and it has been a real headache for her having had to bring it back to the dealer numerous times for repairs. My 2001 E 320 has not required anything since I bought it 2 years ago except oil changes, which were free until the 50,000 mile mark. And my dealer has never been condescending and has been totally responsive to my needs. Maybe I'm just lucky, seeing as how I'm not their best customer having bought just 2 used Starmarked cars from them. But maybe these cars and the dealers aren't as bad as your experiences suggest.
  • A week or so ago, I had a "check engine electronics' light come on. I took it in to the dealer and it was a o2 sensor, replaced, reset, fine. I picked the car up and on the way out noticed the first digit in my odometer was only half showing. It's a "1". I turned around and the 'service advisor' told me that on old cars like the 98 they burn out. I said it wasnt that way 2 days ago. He said well its hot out and it pbly burned out from sitting in the hot sun. I said it 85 today and it's been in 105 degree heat. He wasn't budging. He said I could get it replaced for $1400. I was pissed and he was spitting out any excuse to get me out of there.

    I went home and looked closer at the display. I saw which exact pixels had supposedly burned out and switched the information to something else besides the odometer and the pixels that were previously burned out, lit up.

    I went back to talk to the service manager and the service foreman and they were not to helpful. They understood what I was saying to a point and I showed them, but they kept going back to they pixels had burned out. I lit up the display again to something besides the odometer and said 'there, the pixels are lit up'. I said since the pixels are working on one screen and not working on another could it be a glitch and maybe you could re-clear the system or something. They both said there is no way.

    They were aware of the problem and couldn't just say "I don't know". They said replacing the instrument cluster would be the only way to fix the pixels. I said the pixels are working! just not on the odometer. It was crazy and I gave up.

    If anyone has any similar problems to this or any ideas for solutions please let me know.

    Summarize: the pixels all dont light up on the odometer, but light up on other screens.

    From what I understand about pixels and LCD, it either works or it don't.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    Wow, sounds like a very frustrating experience with your dealer's service dept.

    What you say about the pixels either working or not is obviously true, but I guess it is possible that the circuit/chip that drives the screen is malfunctioning. If nothing else, there must be a way to pull the circuit/chip and then re-insert it - maybe that will clear it. Perhaps you need to call MBUSA and escalate this, certainly before spending $1400 on a new display. Or maybe find a good independent mechanic that isn't going to be defensive about how it happened, or try to sell you a $1400 display you don't need, and let him/her figure it out.
  • I recently bought an E350 and took it back to the dealer to have satellite radio added. After they kept it for a full day I was told that this model as of June 2005 is no longer wired for satellite radio eventhough there is a button on the dash that says "Sat".
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you solve it?

  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    Sorry, I don't know how to solve your problem; however, when I visited my Merc dealer to test drive the E350 I asked about getting XM satellite radio. Nope, we only offer Sirrius - but, we know a shop where they can take out the Sirrius and put in XM. Well, will it work through the standard Merc dashboard controls, etc? We don't know, but it would be XM. Thanks, but no thanks. Sometimes I believe that Mercedes thinks that they have no competition. We know best so if we don't offer it, you don't need it. Yeessshhh!
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    What? As far as I know, most manufacturers only offer either/or, not both. So how is Mercedes any different than anyone else?

    Maybe I'll go down to my local GM dealer and complain that I can't get SIRIUS installed... hmmmm.
  • IMy 2004 E500 AWD wagon came with orig equp Continentals that I had to replace at 16000 miles even after 2 dealer tire rotations.Besides relacing with Pirelli P Zero Nero tires a `bent wheel rim`was also replaced. Now at 23,000 miles and 2 more dealer rotations plus an alignment there`s excessive `cupping` again especially of front tires. The dealer rotated them again and added 2 more lbs of pressure than Mercedes recommends. There`s still a noisey pulsating roar audible in the cabin. The tire people say its not due to a tire defect but rather an inherant `situation` with the car. With the cost of the new tires ,rim ,extended warranty and multiple dealer rotations and alignment on a $70,000 auto this does not seem right .I noticed some other emails to this site with similar problems.If I can`t get some satisfaction from the dealer or regional MB rep,I`ll be seriously checking NY `s lemon law with my counsel. I`ve owned 9 other Mercedes autos including 4 E AWD wagons and never had this problem...R.Thrust
  • Have 2001 E320 Sport with about 7,000 mi. on P Zero Neros. Still Very smooth and quiet. Ready to rotate and rebalance. Size: 235/45/17.
  • kathimkathim Posts: 3
    I just got a new 2006 E350 and on the drive home from the dealer noticed what I would call a wind noise at ear level near the drivers window or passenger window or T-Bar..........the car has been back 2x and they cant figure it out.
    Anyone with similar problem????????

    Thanks in advance :)
  • kathimkathim Posts: 3
    I am not having that problem but have heard of this problem from a flat bed tow truck driver who has transported my car 2x. I just got my new 2006 E350 3 weeks ago and I have what seem like an air leak at the drivers window or the window behind the drivers. It has bene to dealer 2 x and they cant get it right.

    What dealer did u buy yours at????? ALso what color????? Mine is white and it seems the white colors have more flaws I think (weird I know)
    I am at my wits end and very upset over spending this kind of $$ and now problems.
    I am in California also so our lemon laws are prettyy good I think but i dont think u will have to go that far........the dealer should bend over backwards for u !!!!!!!

  • Hey Andrew,

    I am having that same problem it went down to far then would not come back up.
    now the molding is holding it from coming up. the motor is working, I need to get the panel off and I can't get it off. I need help!

    thanks mark
  • shrikeshrike Posts: 3
    Transmission slippage problems on this forum noted. We have a Feb05 make E350. Also had two incidents when the transmission went into neutral(No Drive). At 2500 km and again at 4800 km from new. Mercedes eventually replaced transmission valve body with new part no. item. However they claim they do not know the reason for the problem and they further claim that they know of no previous problem of this nature. Therefore we do not know what caused the "no drive" condition and thus it may occur again. Has anyone had same problem with the vehicle assuming neutral gear while driving and more importantly did they have the problem before 1 June 2005 and which dealership is aware of the problem? This is a serious safety issue!
  • kathimkathim Posts: 3
    My husband has a 2004 C320 and this just happened to him 2 weeks ago while driving it slipped into neutral. It has not happened since but we are keep a close eye on it.
  • I was wondering if someone can give me some advise, I have a MB E430 4matic special edition and ever since i brought it in 2002, it has been giving me problems, it just slipped by the lemon law. But i am in the dealer almost every 4-5 months.

    I was wondering if someone can guide me in how to deal with car, i have a record of the problems with me, i was thinking of writing a letter to the MB head office, but what will that do? I was thinking of asking to inc the warranty on the car, it is a hardly 30,000 miles on that car, and it still looks new.

    Please help
  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    well, without some context as to what sort of problems you're having its hard to recommend how extreme an action you should take.

    All of my issues with my 2001 E3240 4matic have been relatively minor but maddening. The only crippling one was a blown coolant hose happened to the service department as it sat on their own lot waiting for parts. So that didn't really happen to me.

    Anyhow, the most severe issue I had was a leak from the transmission that took them 3 tries to fix (never dawning on them to put dye in the fluid). I went ballistic on the management of the dealership and they gave me a complimentary starmark extended warrany for an extra year and 100K miles.

    Fast forward to earlier this year. Car is out of original warranty and in the starmark phase. The very first problem I have is NOT covered by starmark (important to realize it is not bumper to bumper as the original warranty is).

    So the moral of the story is you may "go off" on them and get a complimentary extended warrenty and still have issues that result in your not getting satisfaction. Clearly the extended warranty will not stop your car from having to go to the shop every 4 - 5 months.

    To summarize, you have, in my opinion, two options.

    1) live with it.
    2) dump the car and move on.

    On more than one occasion I've gone directly from picking my car up from service to test driving other cars (Lexus, Acura, etc). Ultimately it is always cheaper for me to just live with it then drop another 50K+ on a replacement. I will say, though, that if one of these cars I test drove had really "done it" for me, I'd have already jumped on option 2). I'm eager to see the LS460 AWD next spring.

  • I am looking for help with my 1997 E300 Diesel. The check engine light keeps coming on and says to check engine electronics. When I have the code read it says it is a problem with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. I had my mechanic take the EGR valve off to see if it was plugged and if so attempt to clean it. It was very clean. After reinstalling it and clearing the code we watched as the engine idled. The linkage was moving and adjusting at idle and the check engine light came back on. I thought an EGR problem occured under load conditions not at idle. The local dealer wants to replace the EGR to see if that fixes it at the tune of $650.00. I can buy one on line for less than half that cost however I am concerned it my be a control problem and not a problem with the valve itself. Does any one have any suggestions? I appreciate your help!

  • tom75tom75 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 05 E500. I always feel a slight jerk in the transmission when coming to a stop. I brought it to the dealership and they said there was a problem with a "C-Clip" in the transmission and that they will repair it. I just picked up the car yesterday and the same problem still persist. Has anyone with a similar problem been able to get there car fixed?

  • shrikeshrike Posts: 3
    Thanks kathim for your reply. Plse note that my E350 has the 7G transmission. On both occasions when the transmission "neutralized" I had the Service centre check the vehicle since it is under 3 yer warranty. Both times the computer readout gave the same two fault codes - 2502 & 2505. The readout for 2502 is "The gear is implausible or the transmission is slipping". Your vehicle would be under warranty so you should have the car checked as the computer will hold the fault. Please tell me which gear box you have as this is important. Mercedes will not tell me or do not know the cause of the probem but have changed the valve body. This change from the original part number of MBA2202701406 to part number MBA 220270140628 is apparently a fix for the heavy noisy gear change in lower gears. Mine did not have this problem. Any more info would help me since I wish to know if they officially know of my problem with other vehicles with the 7 G transmission. Not being told what caused the problem is cause for concern. They did find the car was about 1 litre short on transmission oil out of the factory but will not say definitely whether they believe this to be the cause of the problem. I am in regional Australia.
  • shrikeshrike Posts: 3
    Do you have the 7G transmission? If so a change of Valve Body may solve your problem.
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