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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • si88si88 Posts: 39
    I am now considering both the 4x2 Titan Crew Cab and Tundra Double Cab with all options, NAV, DVD, etc. Don't need to haul more than a small boat with family bikes and camping equip, etc...

    What are some of the major differences that made you buy your truck?

    I know Titan as more power but Tundra has a more refined smooth ride. I like the Titan's color choices better. With both equiped similarly it seems the Tundra is less expensive. What to do? :confuse:
  • jdkx2jdkx2 Posts: 10
    My choice was based on pure science. The Titan looks fabulous. The smell of the leather is dynamite. I simply could not live without the toys such as the rear parking sensor. But most important is that subwoofer under the driver seat. Sit in it, crank up the sound and you will be sold. See, pure science.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    Jolie? The Chevy people would like a word with you

    LOL, too funny :P
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    I came shopping for a Titan CC, but ended up getting the 05 Tundra Double Cab instead. The Tundra is currently in its 5th year production. Basically, it's bullet proof. I got the natural white DC with the TRD package. MSRP was $29,500. I bought it for $23,998 on sale. If you want a Tundra DC for $23,777, I know a dealer that always have 2 on sale.

    The only reason why I crossed shopped between the Titan and the Tundra is because I like the rear window feature. It rolls down. I don't know why GM, Ford, or Chrysler didn't come up with that simple idea. Duh!
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    The track record of the titan scares me..............

    But if that roll down rear window excites ya check out They sell that roll down power replacement unit for most brand trucks.
  • utahmanutahman Posts: 2
    Just spoke to my local dealer who said that Nissan will be recalling all the titans for replacement rotors pads, control arms and some other things connected, ALL COVERED BY WARRANTY.
    Told the sevice tech that I was thinking about buying a tatan but had been concerned about the brakes. He felt it was nothing that should keep me from buying and that the brake situation will be resolved in May.

    For what it's worth.
  • do you know when they are recalling the titan
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Interesting. Do you know a good aftermarket dealer for moonroof? I would like to have a moonroof installed. I will be adding a factory style color keyed running board, custom leather cover seats, and eventually a moonroof. ONce I"m done with those, I'll add an aftermarket LCD/DVD player on the back head rests. Sweeet.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Unless something has changed in the past 2 weeks, there will be no actual recall on the Titan brake judder issue. It is a Tech Service Bulletin.
  • utahmanutahman Posts: 2
    I don't know, all I know is I talked to the service dept a day or two ago and they told me there would be a recall and everything woould be covered under warranty. They told me the recall date would be in May. Don't know how to confirm this, but they are the ones who told me- said they wouold be replacing rotors, pads, control arms and a couple of other related components..
    Guess we will find out pretty soon.. ;-)

  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Here's a copy of the Nissan Claims Bulletin on the brake judder. Hope this helps.
    Reference: WB/05-011 Date: March 16, 2005

    TO: Dealer Principal, Service Manager, Service Advisors and Claims Administrator
    SUBJECT: Warranty extension for “brake judder” condition involving model year 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles.


    All 2004 and 2005 model year Nissan Titan vehicles.

    All 2004 and 2005 model year Nissan Armada vehicles.

    Nissan has developed new brake parts, including pads, rotors, and floating shims, that will be very effective in the repair of 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles that experience “brake judder.” These parts will also be very effective in the repair of vehicles which may have experienced the incident after an initial repair. Nissan is presently working with its suppliers to expedite the availability of these parts for use in the repair of customers’ vehicles, but the initial availability of these parts is extremely limited. Significantly greater availability is expected to occur during May, with increasing availability thereafter.

    In order to ensure that all 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada customers are ultimately able to obtain the new parts if needed for their vehicles, Nissan is extending the warranty on these vehicles for “brake judder” to 36 months/unlimited mileage from the original in service date. All other terms, conditions and limitations of the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty will apply to this extended coverage. Nissan will begin mailing notices to all owners of 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles during May of this year as parts availability increases. In the notification letter, Nissan will advise owners that the limited warranty on these vehicles is extended as it pertains to repair of a “brake judder” condition only, and that Nissan will correct the condition if it should occur at no charge to the owner throughout the extended coverage period. Sample copies of the letters will be made available to Nissan dealers prior to the mailing.

    As this warranty extension is effective immediately, dealers should continue to repair all customers’ vehicles which experience the incident using the most current applicable Nissan repair procedure. For vehicles built before June 30, 2004, the correct repair is set out in Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) NTB04-066b. For vehicles built after that date consult the appropriate Nissan Service Manual. When the new parts become generally available Nissan will issue a new TSB setting out the proper procedures for making repairs with the new pads, shims, and rotors.

    This warranty extension will ensure that customers continue to receive a timely and appropriate repair of their vehicles throughout the transition of production and increase in availability of the new parts. It will also ensure that any customer who may experience a recurrence of the incident after receiving a repair using the presently available parts and procedures will still be well within warranty and able to obtain the new parts as production and availability increases.
  • zapper1zapper1 Posts: 15
    American Sunroof Co. makes a few different styles of sunroofs for many vehicles.
    And even engineers/retrofits most of them for all auto companies as well as convertibles too plus Pop-up and sliders...............Do a search for ASC...........
  • cheungcheung Posts: 4
    Thank you folks.

    I started feeling the vibration on my steering wheel during braking about two weeks ago. The 04 truck only got 13,000 miles and it really puzzled me that the brakes will wear out this quick. Lucky that I read this forum because I was going to spend my own money to do a tire rotation and balance. I'll just wait for the recall now.

  • accumacaccumac Posts: 16
    Dont wait for a recall, take your truck in to your dealer and tell them that you have the brake judder and then they will do the technical service bulletin related to the brake judder. I have had the latest repair (new set of front rotors and turn the back rotors as well as new pads and hanger bolts). So far so good but it has only been about a thousand miles. I am on my third set of rotors, Nissan says this is the repair that will stick, I hope so. I am no longer getting a loaner truck from Enterprise rental but am given a loaner Altima by my dealer, I am impressed and at about 700 miles a week the gas milage is very good! ;)
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    TC, don't wait on your brakes. Some dealers are only putting the original temp fixes (just turning rotors and pad replacement,) on the brakes until you have been in two times for the same problem before they will order the new parts on the current TSB. Most dealers are only getting a couple of
    the new kits a week until supply can be met. I would get my case documented with the dealer now. You may even get lucky and get the new TSB on your first trip.
  • ljcpepljcpep Posts: 1
    My Titan is also hard on the brakes because of the small rotors that don't handle the heat generated by the force to stop this beast (that I love so much). Nissan is about to release a notification about this fix in May. The radio problem may be the feature they call "speed sensitive" volume. If your have the navigation option, it is either in the system settings or just keep pressing the large tone control knob to the right and you will run across this setting. It can be turned off.
  • wiselwisel Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the B-LSD Light issue fixed? My '04 Titan started doing that earlier this week and I just made an appointment with the dealer to get it fixed. It would be helpful if I could tell them what the problem is beforehand.

    I also have trouble with my window switches occasionally, but not enough to be concerned with. I also have the brake shudder issue that seems to be common. Can't wait to get that fixed.
  • I stopped by the dealer in Little Rock last week and their service advisor informed me that Nissan is not letting the dealers stock this so called brake fix kit. They say that when a Titan comes in with "brake judder" they are to try the first fix of turning the rotors. If the same vehicle comes in again, the dealer has to put the vin number and the rotor thickness from the first repair attempt on the order form. Then, they will call me when the brake kit comes in. 5-10-15 maybe even 20 days or more is what they said. Funny how since this brake business started the factory hasn't called me anymore asking how I like my titan. I'm sure that is just coincidence. I really like this truck, but I also love my 22-month old twins so I hope this works or the next (3rd) time it will be a Lemon Law claim.
  • ortizseortizse Posts: 1
    I've had similar problems with my Titan CC. As far as the clicking sound, I discovered that sound my accident as I moved my cell phone by the radio. The interference from the phone's signal causes a clicking sound that comes out of the speaker. I was placing my phone on the space right above the radio. Brake dust, I got it; vibration, I got it; rough ride at higher speed, I got it; poor gas mileage, I got it; break problem, I got it too. Somehow, the truck still feels good but it would definitely feel better if Nissan would just fix the annoyances. Word of mouth is always the best advertising.
  • jackreese1jackreese1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Titan king cab and when I apply the Brakes at any speed I get a shimmy in the front end, I only have 3500 miles on it has anyone else experienced this problem
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