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Jeep Gladiator- People who want it built!



  • brdhntr1brdhntr1 Posts: 19
    I agree heartily with your thoughts. The Gladiator is the truck for the times. The Dakota does nothing in regard to touching my emotions. I have been a loyal Jeep owner since 1992. At this time we have four within my family. The Gladiator would become the 5th if they produce it. If not, I will be buying a Tacoma probably within the next 9 months. If Jeep would announce production I could wait and continue to use my trailer. The old trailer has a sag and I want a truck. I want a Jeep Gladiator.
  • Personally I think Jeep doesn't need the Gladiator. You say that it is a mistake to debut an SUV now due to high gas prices but a truck is just as much a gas hog as an SUV.
  • weswesweswes Posts: 5
    Wrong. It's same diesel engine as liberty; 2.8 mercedes CRD.
    So far I got about 30 mpg, so if the gladiator is a bit heavier, that
    will drop under 30 miles, but not too much. Besides they are already
    working on some light materials could be used in the future....
  • cjw60cjw60 Posts: 4
    dont need more horse power in it it has enough in it i have the new jeep liberty crd desiel 2.8 same as the soon to be jeep gladiator concept and it has great power i get 23 miles in city 30 high way love my jeep does zero to 60 in 5 sec.more then enough HP and will push u back in the seat my son found that out when he drove my liberty can't go wrong with 2.8 crd:) :) i can't wait for the gladiator to come out :)
  • cjw60cjw60 Posts: 4
    what is the AVE's Brute ?never seen it
  • pugnaxpugnax Posts: 2
    When I googled ‘AVE's Brute’ I came up with the following:
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735

    These guys also produced a LWB Wrangler long before Jeep brought it out...

  • brdhntr1brdhntr1 Posts: 19
    Since Jeep is slow in making a Gladiator decision, is anyone familiar with this conversion? Is this a vehicle to fill the void for next two or three years while Jeep procrastinates?
  • Can't wait to buy one!!! I owned a 1988 commanche as my first truck. That little truck was tough. Then I found my J-10 and was in heaven, but gave it up due to having kids and new home and could not afford to keep restoring it.:( Now, I can afford a new vehicle and can only dream about having a Gladiator at this time. One major requirement is that it have a good towing capacity, I need to be able to tow my bass boat (21' ), so I can take my boys fishing!! Anyone know the towing capacity???
  • Check out the HUMMER H3T. The H3 is here and the Truck version is coming. H3T has a retractable roof like the Gladiator and has a cool side door on bed. One draw back it only seats 2. But if you have a family, you probably have a SUV or mini-van to haul everyone anyway!!
  • The H3T is ugly in my opinion. Bring out the Gladiator instead. Not to mention I can almost bet money right now that the Galdiator will out do the H3T in the MPG department. Face it folks, gas prices are not going to get any cheaper and SUV's are never going to be fuel efficient. That said, the diseal engine they have planed to put in the Galdiator is going to save you money down the road compared to the H3T. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • I notice in the Commander forum that Jeep has a rep sitting in and answering questions. If DC is really serious about consumer reactions, they ought to be doing the same thing here!
    Come on DC! We want this truck!
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    The 2.8L CRD in the Liberty is not a Mercedes engine. It's made and engineered by VM Motori in Italy. This company, I believe is a subsidary of Detroit Diesel.
  • nmertznmertz Posts: 27
    This thread is getting too quiet again! Has anyone heard or seen anything at all from Chrysler about this truck in the last couple months. I read something a week or two ago from the new CEO to the effect that he "likes the Gladiator concept", but he didn't offer any more encouragement than that on whether they might in fact build it. Come on, DC; there is a market out here for a mid-size diesel pickup!

    RE: 2.8 by bored; You're right, VM Motori is a wholly owned subsidiary of Detroit Diesel. We can only hope Detroit acquired them because of the quality of their product.
  • cwbrgcwbrg Posts: 3
    I Agree, it is too qui.te. I would order it today if it was available.
  • dkoopdkoop Posts: 26
    I hope like hell that DC isn't going to pass up the Gladiator to protect the Dak and Ram. I have an 03 Dak Quad Cab and it gets crap mileage with the 4.7l :mad: . If DC wants to protect their gas guzzler line of trucks - fine. Then offer the CRD engines in the jeep line (and I mean the entire US line) and build the Gladiator, too. I almost bought a Libby CRD but fell in love with the Gladiator when I saw it. So now I have to wait and see what the germans will do :confuse: .
  • nmertznmertz Posts: 27
    I hope like hell that DC isn't going to pass up the Gladiator to protect the Dak and Ram.

    Why do you think they dropped Jeep trucks in the first place. Chrysler started producing Jeeps in 1988 or 1989. The last year for a J-series pickup was 1988. The last year for the Comanche was 1992. Sounds like it was in the plans all along.
  • weswesweswes Posts: 5
    I had a dream last night, I bought brand new Gladiator... it was awesome truck... actually I was a bit disappointed, because it has
    ten wheels and I was thinking for a while, why the hell they put
    ten wheels on it, but still, that was so awesome truck!
    I hope that dream come through, except those extra wheels of course :-)
    I've almost bought the Liberty too, but I hate automatic transmission
    and as they don't offer manual, I was hesitating for so long.... finally I discover Gladiator and decided to wait for him.
    BTW2; it is a shame they don't offer manual, don't you think?
  • dkoopdkoop Posts: 26
    I could not agree more. The 2.8 CRD bolted up to a 6 speed manual would make a fantastic combination for liberty, wrangler, and gladiator (or any light SUV/Truck for that matter). There is no good reason not to have this offering in the entire jeep line-up for the US. You can buy some combinations of this in either the euro or ausie market already. But it really sucks thinking of having to jump on a plane, negotiate to purchase a vehical in a foreign country, pick it up, drive it so it is a used import into the US, ship it, get it through EPA and customs. :sick: I have heard the Mercedes in Frankfurt had an entire program for doing this when the euro was cheap vs the dollar a few years ago.

    I can't see how the gladiator would take sales away from Dodge Ram or Dak. It is an entirely different approach to a truck. Or really isn't a truck at all, but a Jeep with a bed. An entirely different automobile than the Dodge products, I think. Back when Chrysler took over jeep and discontinued their truck products, the Dodge Ram was a tired design that was at least 10 years behind the times. That is definitely not true now. Lee made sure that Dodge Trucks were technilogically equal to Ford and GM and now they command their fair share of the light truck market. Gladiator should in no way threaten Dodge light truck sales. So come on DC BUILD IT! Maybe if DC continues to cross polinate between Jeep and Dodge we might see the CRD in some Dodge pruducts, too. One can only dream!
  • aplusaplus Posts: 2
    Word is in couple weeks DC is going to make a discussion on the production of the Gladiator. Anyone hears of anything please post it!
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