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BMW 3-Series Lease Questions



  • 2895 down ( which includes title/ taxes / all dmv fees ) / 10K miles/ 298 per month payment for 27 months

    MSRP is 40185
    Sale Price 36795

    Please let me know if its a good deal.
  • hi
    you are getting aroudn 10% discount on the sticker to buy price. i have seen a little higher than that.. around 12% will be great.. but anythign over 10% is a bonus.. your call there.

    i am seeing a lot of people getting first month waived

    down, 2895 - will have around 600 in title. then the rest has your first month approx 300, that leaves 2k that goes into cap cost reduction and acq. fees.

    if you took monthly payment to be slightly higher you will get it to approx 385 or so including state tax/monthly. add 15 per month for 12k miles.

    so 87$ per month for 27 months = 2349...

    so you have two options, reduce the "buy price", convert to 12k miles, or reduce the down payment, or reduce the monthly payout..

    so any combinations.
  • Hey Car man I am about to lease one of these cars and wanted to make sure that I had all of the right info. BMW's website has a lease deal that is for 489.00 a month 36/10k with 4214 due at signing. Is it possible to get a better deal than this? I see that they want 3,000 down. Can I instead use MSD's in lieu of the 3,000 down? If I want 12,000 miles per year, how much should I expect the monthly payment to go up? I have impeccable credit, so I'm not worried about not being considered top tier for credit.
  • What incentives are available for the 2011 3 series lease now..? I see a Manufacturer to Dealer $1500 and a Manufacturer to Customer $ 1000 when googling ...So do I get the full 2500 incentive? .
    Also what APR do we usually get for a great credit score..?
    I'm trying to negotiate a 600 down ( title) and 325$ per month for 10k miles/27 months. But needed to know for sure what incentives I am eligible for before going back to the dealer.
    Pls help...
  • 2012 328i Coupe
    MSRP - $49,175
    36 mo/ 10k year

    M Sports Leather Steering Wheel w/Paddles
    BMW Apps
    BMW Assist w/Enhanced BT & USB
    BMW Assist w/Enhanced BT & USB
    Premium Package
    Dark Burl Walnut
    Satellite Radio w/1 Year Subscription
    M Sport Package

    Offering $800 drive-off (includes first month payment and title). $567 month plus FL taxes. Is this a good deal?
  • j_smith1j_smith1 Posts: 14
    edited December 2011
    Picked up my new '11 328i sedan last week. 27/mo 12k. 71% residual. This is in NY with 8.75% sales tax. $850 acq fee. Here is the breakdown:

    MSRP $35975
    Cap Cost $30800 ($1500 lease cash applied, no loyalty)
    Total out of pocket due at signing $295 for new plates and fees, dealer makes first payment
    Monthly Payment $365.xx including tax

    I think I did allright. Thanks to everyone who posts valuable info here - made the process much easier.
  • 2011 328i xDrive
    MSRP 40655
    27 months / 10K miles

    The dealer have locked in 1200 out of pocket( DMV taxes and stuff) and 315 monthly.

    I'm on my way to the dealer now and will be trying to get him to eat my first month payment also.

    Is this a good deal ?
  • Long time no talk. Can you please get me MF and Residual % for a 2012 M3 Coupe for a 36-Month Lease (or whatever the December term is) and 15,000 miles per year and also, any incentives you know of (lease cash, winter event, etc).

    Thank you!
  • Anyone have recent residual percentage for a 2011 328i sedan for 36 mo and 15k, 12k miles?

    Is 58% in the ball park?

    Thanks from Miami
  • MSRP $41,215 Titanium Silver Metallic, Black Dakota Leather, Premium Package, Value Package, heated steering wheel, Dark Burl Walnut wood trim, Satellite radio with 1 year subscription, BMW TeleServices, TeleService Control, Combox controller.

    Down payment $1,647 (includes first month payment)
    Dealer quote $435/mo including 9% sales tax
    Period 27 months

    The BMW website shows special leasing offer - $329/mo for 27 months with slightly higher deposit.

    Any suggestions?
  • I'm close to striking a deal on a 328xi Coupe and all I have to pay at signing are the "inception" fees. I see what others have paid to drive off and curious why I owe more than others at signing. The breakdown goes as follows...

    $465 - 1st Payment
    $725 - Bank Acquisition Fee
    $302 - DMV fees
    $279 - Doc Fees
    $6 - Tire Tax

    $1777 TOTAL

    Do these numbers seem correct and am I in charge of Bank Acquisition fees at signing in cash??? Thank you!!!
  • Last week I leased bmw328xi with exact same specifications and MSRP from New Jersey (7% tax).

    I will be paying $292 per month for 27 months 12K miles per year. Down payment was $2300 (decided to pay taxes upfront). Also provided $2100 refundable deposite to bring money rate down to 3%.

    Please make sure that you are getting money rate per your credit score. Also bmw is making first months lease payment upto $500 under special promotion so you should not be paying for it for sure.

    Carefully try lease brokers like neweraleasing if dealers are not negotiating.

    Good luck!
  • I am looking to get the exact same car. Could you possibly post the msrp of the car and what ou are paying for it per mo?
  • Kaushtub,

    That looks like a great deal. I've been given a quote from my dealer in NJ which reads as

    MSRP 40655
    Sale 36130
    27 months/ 10K miles
    Money factor .0022 ( They say it comes from the bank and thats the best they cud give ..I see that mostly all other dealers I talked to are giving .00183..Is this negotiable or how do I bring it down )

    Out of pocket = 1595 ( which includes taxes/dmv/ bank aquis and stuff)
    Monthly lease = 325

    Which was the dealer in NJ that you took the car from?
  • Where did you hear about BMW making first lease payment? I'd like to be armed with that info before I close my deal. Thank you!
  • Thanks kaustubh. Congratulations on getting a great deal and hope you are enjoying your new BMW.

    If you would please share how I can get the dealer to agree on "bmw is making first months lease payment upto $500 under special promotion" it would help.

    Can you please share the dealer's name from where you got this promo.

    Thanks again.
  • If you visit the dealer's website, they have the first month payment offer in the intro slides...
  • Thanks browneyezzz for sharing, which dealer is this and their website URL?
  • Essentially, all dealers have the offer now I think. Mine is BMW of Roxbury and this their website..You can see it as the very first slide..
  • Hey Sparkangelo,

    I had a great deal in writing for $465 a month with $1777 at signing in fees. The MSRP was $50,775 with sale price of $45,629 and then $2000 in rebates on top of that with the special MF of .00120. Well these scam artists claim they couldn't get car shipped to dealership in time before the programs end because no one would pick up phone at other dealership. They even said they don't have any cars to work on another deal before Jan 3rd. They gave me the dealership that the car is at now and the salesman there claims that my dealership was most likely giving me the run around or messed up numbers because they don't add up correctly. He was at $524 and $2967 at signing if I wanted to drive 2 hours away but I'd have to go tomorrow. I am back to square one and not happy if you could imagine. What numbers are you at with your dealership?
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