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2014 Nissan Pathfinder Lease Questions

Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,674
edited January 29 in Nissan
Ask questions about leasing the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, or share your lease deal here.

Here you can find and discuss all the latest lease details for the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, including cap costs, money factors, residual values, acquisition fees, etc. You can also research local dealer inventory and pricing, reviews, features, and specifications, on our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder page.

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  • We have never leased before but my wife doesn't keep cars longer than a few years so we are going to give it a try this time and see how it works. We went up to the dealership this weekend and bartered down to the following:

    2014 Pathfinder Platinum 2x4

    MSRP $43410
    Residual 51%
    Mileage: 15000
    MF: .00133

    We are trading in her 2008 Yukon (tired of poor MPG and no room):
    Trade in Allowance: 19115
    Payoff: 14447 (is actually 14027, I misquoted the payoff to them accidentally)

    Payment w/ tax: 565

    We walked because I was tired of him going back and forth and I had to get home to watch a football game. When we left the "finance manager" said asked how far off he was and I told him I want to be closer to $500 (their first offer was $607). He told me it wasn't going to happen.

    I am I dreaming or can they do better?
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    Your residual is $22139.1 and your cap cost looks like $38,410. Cap cost is about $5,000 positive equity off MRSP($43,410). Monthly depreciation(36 month) is about $452.00. Finance charge is about $81.00. Assuming 6% sales tax your payment would be about $565.00.
    Some clarification is needed, is ACV the real value of the Yukon and trade in allowance an extra $3,100 added to this? What up front fees are needed?
  • Nothing upfront. Correct on the extra added to trade in
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    I would find out by Kelly's blue book, NADA, and e-bay motors what the going rate is for your Yukon. I would also find out the invoice of the pathfinder and work my way from this number for a cap cost rather than MRSP. Take $5,000.00 of the invoice number.
  • mpnjmpnj Posts: 1
    Hi Car_Man

    appreciate the info you put out as it is tough to find elsewhere. Interested in Money Factor and Residual % for 2013 or 2014 Pathfinder Platinum 4x4 or SL 4X4

    Basically I am looking for the best value.

    Appreciate the help. Wife loves the look but I need to make sure we are within budet
  • 2014 Pathfinder 4X4 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00133 MF.. Platinum residual is 53% SL is 55%

    2013 Pathfinder 4X4
    .00038 MF.. Platinum is 50%.. SL is 51%


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I was offered a $510/month 36 month lease (tax included) on 2013 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 SL with Premium Package. I am a current Nissan Murano lease holder and the dealership is also offering to pay my remaining two lease payments on the Murano. The above cost/month includes taxes as well as doesn't require any money down.

    Is this a fair deal or should I attempt to shop around, considering I have purchased from the same dealership for my past several cars? Thanks.
  • Pasq8181, I am also in the market for a new pathfinder. What year was your murano. Mine is a 2010. I want to give it back and upgrade to a 2014 pathfinder. Also where are you located, I am in NY and wanted to see what prices I should expcet. Did you price the 2014 or just the 2013 models?
  • My Murano was a 2010. I'm in OH and ended up going with a 2014 Pathfinder SL Premium. My payment for the Pathfinder including taxes with no money down is $460/month.
  • it depends if you can get same deal on 2014 plus you got to figure in how many miles you getting 10,000 12,000, 15000 a year as far as paying your last two payments it means nothing they just want your murano to sell good luck
  • you could do better 2014 are here lease deal should be about 500 maybe less
  • no with the payoff you have 5,000 in cash 19000-14000 you have 5,000 to put down on lease that;s 150 off the lease payment if your lease payment on c ar was 650 it should be in neighborhood of 500 or lower do you get my figuring
  • something still wrong with your deal don;t know how he can give you 19000 on a 2009 yukon he has to put it on lot for 23000 then that would be a hard sell just doesn;t make sense hope this helps
  • I see on the Nissan website they offering a Pathfinder Platinum preferred for 486 a month for 36 months with 2k(including first payment) down. Did anyone notice this? And is that the rock bottom lease deal?
  • Just got this deal. 2014 Platinum premium 4x4 39 months 10k miles first payment and taxes due at sign in (roughly 2200) for 487 a month and they are taking my 2010 murano back and 4 payments. Does that seem fair? They went with Hann Trust Auto for the lease.

  • I am looking at a 2013 or 2014 Pathfinder S, SV or SL. 36 months, 12K miles $2,000 all in, no trade in. What are the lease factors & residual values for these? Are the deals better for a 13 vs 14?

  • 2014 Pathfinder 4WD SL 36mo, 12K/yr lease

    .00069 MF and 55% residual

    SV residual is 56%. S residual is 60%

    2013 MF is .00003 and residuals are 51%, 53% and 56%, respectively


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  • zimme333zimme333 Posts: 10

    kyfdx do you have recent MF and residual info for 2014 Pathfinder 4WD SL Premium and Plat Premium? Thanks!

    Considering a QX60 or Pathfinder and while you get more with the Pathfinder its seems the residuals are lower. Appreciate any thoughts.

  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,851

    @zimme333 said: kyfdx do you have recent MF and residual info for 2014 Pathfinder 4WD SL Premium and Plat Premium? Thanks!

    Considering a QX60 or Pathfinder and while you get more with the Pathfinder its seems the residuals are lower. Appreciate any thoughts.

    36mo, 15K/yr lease

    .00030 MF and 53% residual for SL Premium.. Platinum residual is 50%

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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