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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm interested in a White 2014 RX350 F Sport. From what I gather, this vehicle is fully loaded, MSRP is $52.7K. My offer is $47,500 before $2K finance rebate. Dealer said okay, but I used the excuse I needed to discuss with spouse. Is this a good deal? Also on the fence whether I should lease. If I proceed down the lease path, am I suppose to negotiate monthly payment or purchase price? I'm a newbie to leases so any help would be appreciated?
  • nikhanikha Posts: 5

    Lexus dealer in Fremont. I worked with Internet sales manager.

    Hope this helps !
  • Thanks Nikah, much appreciated. Will visit the dealership this weekend.
  • hi, derek

    I am also planning to buy a rx350. I thought 13 should be cheaper than 14. Have you compared price from local dealers? I also checked the price on carsdirect, the target price of 2013 base AWD with no package is about 35~36k. how do we consider this price?
  • I was working with some dealerships for the 2013 in Arizona, as thats where the vehicle will primary be. However, the best pricing from their internet managers without negotiation was a tad under 40k with premium, cross bar, audio package, heated seats, leather trim.

    One of the internet managers from Fremont contacted me last night with one of similar specs as the above as the 2014 at 39.2k right off the bat, so go figure. I don't know how they will move any 2013s if the 2014s are priced more aggressively.
  • hi, derek


    I am in arizona, ASU. About to graduate and already find a job in Intel, CA.
    I checked many car buying websites, such as truecar, carsdirect, carwoo and edmunds, they price of rx in AZ is always higher than that in CA, maybe 1k ~2k. Actually i dont understand why you say AZ is where the car will primary be.

    anyway, I will go for a test drive friday. If you think we can get better offers if we buy together, maybe we can give a try. BTW, 2014 has 2k rebate rightnow. why dont you go for 2014? does 2013 also have 2k rebate?

  • nikhanikha Posts: 5
    Hi Derek,

    While working with the same dealer is a good idea, mentioning forum reference of the car and its price to the specific level of trim and option might not be a good idea. I posted the price on public forums so that others can benefit from it and get a sense of what dealers are asking for a specific car.
  • I rest my case on those bogus numbers------
  • flagrlflagrl Posts: 13
    Hello kyfdx,

    Do you have the December residuals and money factors for the following Lexus:

    2014 RX350 (base model)

    15k miles per year; 27 and 36 months please!

    Thank you very much!
  • I really like this blog. But it never ceases to amaze me. The same questions are asked over and over. Everyone want to know the residual and money factor for a lease. Nothing wrong with that. But----with all the factory leases offered--why would anyone think they can get a better lease using those numbers. Quite simply---- you can't. Factory offered"backed" leases are the cheapest and best lease your going to get. Your only fall out will be if you don't have the FICA score for those great lease rates. But then--- you would be worse off trying to get that lease using residual and money factor numbers. Bottom line is---- if you have excellent credit you will get a great factory offered lease on just about any auto. If you don't----- then you can expect to pay the going rate based on poorer numbers. That's the way it is and that is how it all works.
  • flagrlflagrl Posts: 13

    I am glad I cease to amaze you, but you are not correct. All you do on here is complain and harass other users who are looking for help in making a lease or purchasing decision. Now you are targeting me for asking for #'s from kyfdx, seriously?

    I know exactly how to lease a car this will be my 4th lease and you are not correct with the "factory based lease" deals for many reasons. I do sign and drive deals, and the "factory deals" typically require money upfront. I also need more than 10k miles per year and don't want the time frame they are offering. I always walk out with a better deal then the advertised "factory deals" and I have top tier credit.

    So, to be a smart and savvy shopper, I do need to know the current residuals and money factors, as I still negotiate on the price of the car.

    I am sorry my questions to KYFDX bother you so much to have to post on this.
  • gman95gman95 Posts: 2
    edited December 2013
    Can someone evaluate my lease and tell me where I might have done better. This is my first leasing experience:

    2014 AWD RX350 With Nav. 27 Months 10K per year:

    MSRP: $50,300
    Gross Cap:$46,770
    Cap Buydown: $2799
    Adjusted Cap: $43,971

    Monthly Payment of $410 before taxes and my trade

    RV= 35,021
  • Can't amaze everyone. First off this is not to harass. Sorry you feel your point is the only point. Also sorry that what you state is nothing more than someone trying to sound like he know's what he is doing. What might you think a sign and drive is- it's a factory backed lease my man. And wow you have had four lease deals-- wow again. Plus-- you can negotiate any and all aspects of the factory lease.mileage,months etc.this holds true on any lease-- factory or otherwise.Your post clearly shows you are not proficient
    In putting together any type of auto lease other than what you think is correct. Sorry--- you are over your head in this area and it shows in your statements.Remember-- a dealer has guidelines to follow. Those are set by the manufacturer. Any deal you get is within those lines.Those areas can change and offer better deals in a blink.All predicated on model sales. More popular models= fewer great deals. Slower sellers=some great deals. All backed by factory leases within guidelines. Once again-- you will never do better. Even if your the owners kid.
  • 1) Factory lease? You mean a lease through the captive finance arm of Lexus, Lexus financial Services? LFS numbers are the only ones I give.

    2) Can't do better? The advertised lease leaves a lot of profit for the dealer. If you want to go in and say, "Give me the advertised lease", the dealer will be very, very happy. Knowing the actual money factor and residual allows the prospective lessee know where he can negotiate a better deal.

    3) Knowledge is power, when it comes to negotiating.. Knowing your numbers can get you a much better deal than the next guy. There really is no such think as a "factory lease". LFS sets the money factor and the residual, but they don't control the selling price... That's between the buyer and the dealer.. and, that makes a big difference in the lease price. Also, many, many Lexus dealers mark up the money factor for extra profit.. That can easily add $50/month to a lease price.. If you don't know the numbers, you won't know they are doing it..

    Edmunds forum members come here to get knowledge to help them get the best deal. Unless you are a car dealer, that's a good thing.. Also, most are here to get good advice.


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • OMG---- what color is the sky in your world----

    No reason to butt heads with you.Your only going to believe what you want---and--- that's ok.Just keep going down your primrose path.
    Good luck
  • I am a greenie to SUV. I wanna purchase a pre owned lexus rx 350. I am thinking about 2009 vs 2010. Which one i should get?
  • Total redesign for 2010. Get the 2010. It is wider has larger wheels,bigger brakes,six speed transmission"better gas mpg",keyless ignition,more air bags. Need I say more. 2010 is almost the sameas the new 2013-14 RX. Slight difference in sheet metal-- front end---also hidden rear wiper. Makes for nice clean lines. And did I say looks almost the same as the 2013-14. It's a no lose buy of the 2010.
    If your in snowman town-- get all wheel drive.
  • lnylny Posts: 7
    I have NEVER leased using the "factory sponsored" leases. They are absolutely the worst deal for the consumer. If you are knowledgeable about leasing and time your lease properly, you can get a great lease and save a considerable amount of money.
  • kyfdx,
    Thank you for your very professional and realistic answer to snowman22. The INFORMATION and advice we get from this forum is incomparable. I have not found any other site that provide you with the TRUE Bottom Money factor available. You may be able to get the Residuals elsewhere and disclosed during the negotiations. However the dealer will most often TRY to mark up the MF, even if you have leased from them several times before they still try. So knowing in advance helps to make you an educated consumer.

    If someone believes that they get the best deal offered via the "Advertised" specials they are very mistaken. I thank you and Car_man for your help over the years. I have leased over 10 vehicles in the past 15 years (I believe I started around 1997) with this forum. And with your help I know that I have gotten very fair deals, but only because I was able to walk into the dealer prepared.

    Thank you again,
  • Nikha - thanks for sharing your price paid on your 2014 RX, I was able to close my deal last night for 40.8K with fewer packages than your vehicle.

    Cyang - if you are able to purchase the vehicle in CA, I would do so as this will save you at least a couple thousand dollars. the AZ dealers won't even come close to what is being offered here. best of luck
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