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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • booboo7booboo7 Posts: 1
    Hello Group, I have D2 with 12,000 Miles and have just had my windscreen replaced due to a noise in the left-hand corner of the dash. The first time I heard it I took it in and of course during the noise finding drive the tech it did not happen. After some time it became so bad that during the next noise finding drive it was obvious. What I was told and shown was that in the factory they put in spacers to hold the windscreen in place ( they are 1/4 inch round and orange ) and then they put sealant around the windscreen. The spacers are supposed to be removed after that and the rest of the sealant put in. Well they left my spacers in and the noise was coming from the bottom edge of the windscreen rubbing on the spacer. The Portland OR, LRD took care of everything and the noise went away, unfortunately a large crack appeared in the windscreen to improper installation; but they took care of that as well. So if you have a noise in the dash that is hard to pinpoint then tell them about the spacers.
  • mattd4mattd4 Posts: 4
    hey all this is my first post. i'm about to buy a 2000 Discovery II. anything i should know about these cars? how do they rate? are they really worth it?
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    hey all this is my first post. i'm about to buy a 2000 Discovery II. anything i should know about these cars? how do they rate? are they really worth it?
    i'm goin to get the basic car, and add the duel sunroofs and then mabey a 6 cd changer. can you add a changer aftermarket? i understand you cant use the stearing wheel controls for it then. anyone know?
  • donelondonelon Posts: 2
    I just bought a 00 Disco II in April. I bought the basic model with the leather pkg and winter pkg added to. It stickered at $37,500 and I got it for $34,000. I am having one sunroof put in on Monday here in Kansas City through the Land Rover Dealer. They can put in two if I want and will be using all LR parts to do so. But, I drove one with two sunroofs. The back one is useless in my opinion. Only putting one is will cost me $900. Both would have cost over $1500. It is not worth it in my opinion.

    Over than that, I have 4000 care free miles on the truck. Several of the posts on the Disco II have scared me re: reliability. It appears that Land Rover has some quality control issues. One vehicle off the line may run flawlessly for years while another one off the line the next day will be trouble from the start. Jaguar has much the same problem. After Ford bought them out, this was decreased significantly and now Jag is on JD's power list. Hopefully the same will happen for LR. I hope I got one of the good ones because I don't have patience for repairs after driving Japanese cars my whole life.

    You will love your Disco II. The basic II with the new dura grain leather (ie fake leather) is a great buy and the interior is just as good as the leather, without the smell (which I love). You should be able to get one for around $30,000 new.

    Regarding the CD player, I looked and could not find any after market ones. I would stick with the Dealer installed unit to be safe. I didn't get one because I am too lazy to change out the CDs. They need to make an in-dash unit. These are more popular.
  • mattd4mattd4 Posts: 4
    today i leased my Disco II SD
    i got
    with duragrain
    i got running boards, rear lamp guards, and a 6 cd changer. any other toys i should look into?
  • mattd4mattd4 Posts: 4
    we just sighend the papers today to lease, but my dad is having second thoughts. he thinks buying it is the way to go, because that way you can put up alot of money up front, but then you ahve nothing to show for all that money when you give back the car. if you own it, you can pay lot upfront and you have a car forever to show. thats a good way to think. another thing, how many miles can these engines go... and if you dont get foglights installed from the factory, can you buy identical ones aftermarket? as i think of more anxious i'm awaitng delevery on friday. :) :) say if i needed to pass someone on a 2 lane highway lets say, would the disco II have probelms doin that? thats all i can think of for now...i will post more probally. any responces would be apreaciated
  • Buying is the way to go, if you think you'll keep it a long time. Plan to keep it for three years, then lease.

    Any engine, well maintained, will last a long time. And don't let the postings regarding engine acceleration scare you. The car is fine off the line. Its not the fastest when passing on the interstate, but it is more than adequate. I'd rather have the 4,500 pounds under me. I have never had a problem merging on on-ramps.

  • I'm glad I found this message board!! My husband and I are going tonight to what seems to be the only dealer in CT. (Guilford...Are there dealers in RI..or Mass??) to check out the Disco II. Because of everyone's input on this message board, I will have many questions!!

    My husband favors the the Toyota Land Cruiser (which we've looked at), and I favor the Disco II. Does anyone have any comparisons of the two??

    I'm a little disappointed to hear the acceleration of the Disco is not the greatest (especially on the highway). I'm known to have a heavy foot and that would be a concern of mine.

    Mattd4: Good luck to you and your new Disco II...I hope all goes well!!
  • mattd4mattd4 Posts: 4
    thank you all! friday is the day! i cant wait!
  • I have found and fallen for a 95 discovery, It was traded for a DII. My question the vehicle has 98,000 miles, what can I expect to give in the near future. I'm buying the DI from a wholesaler, but went to the LR dealer today with VIN in hand and they gave me complete vehicle history. It seems the DI was in the shop quite a bit for various electrical problems and oil leaks. However, the DI was serviced at all intervals and looks great. Any feedback would be great.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 1,992
    Neil, unless you are getting the truck really cheap, you are going to spend a lot of money on repairs. 98,000 is high mileage for a '95. I think the records speak for themselves; you are going to know your mechanic very well. (just my .02 worth)
  • Neil:
    1. I LOVED my Land Rover.
    2. It saved my life in an accident, no question.
    3. Lets be honest, they are junky cars. They will ALWAYS leak. They will blow head gaskets and unless you are always off road and I mean really off roading, buy something else.
  • c211c211 Posts: 1
    My Discovery has 107,000 miles, and yes, it had some problems, but all in the first few years. The dealer told me at the time that the things that messed up were things that were added to make the car sell well in the states. After those things were fixed, we've had 60.000 more trouble free miles. Now my teenager is driving it, and I want it back.
  • i'm still searching for a qualified mechanic for my dealership is great, but $75/hour for service on top of parts is ludicrous. anyone in upstate NY???...I'd prefer to do some of the work my self, such as oil changes and ext. part!?
  • I just purchased a 2000 Discovery Series II. I am looking for an after market CD changer that will use the existing wiring. I opted for the leather upgrade so the vehicle is pre-wired for a CD changer. Any advice?
  • kend5kend5 Posts: 1
    Can someone shed some light? I am looking at leasing a '99 Discovery. Everything I have read says that '99 is the first year for the series II. However, the information the dealer gave me has the stats for the series I (i.e. length and width). Are there '99's that are both series I and series II or are all '99's series II and I got a bad brochure?
  • zinheadzinhead Posts: 4
    The II was introduced partway through the 1999 MY and was sold concurently with the SI for a period of time. Brochures from that time period lists specs for both vehicles.
  • check they offer cd changers for disco I and II pre-wired or not. Happy the way it is cheaper than the dealer ship, but identical CD changer.
  • rkoeslerrkoesler Posts: 62
    Hello, everyone.

    I've been posting here for about 2 years, ever since I got my 99 DII in Feb. 99. It was a piece of crap! One of the first DII's off the line. I traded it for a 00 4Runner (perfect vehicle), traded that for a 00 BMW, then traded that for a 00 DII (I could not stand to be without the Disco, it had grown on me and I had come to love it, except for all the problems).

    My current DII is now 3 months and 3000 miles old and has been perfect. I just did a 2500 mile trip to CO, went off-road, and am convinced that this is the best, all-capable SUV one can buy. And I've had just about every SUV you can get.
  • ichangichang Posts: 1
    Good Day to Everyone,
    Is it OK to buy a 97 Discovery with over 40k of mileages?
    Does year 97 is a good year? (I am not talking about wine)
    Thanks in advance!!
    -- Ivan
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