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Volvo C70 New Owner Reports



  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi pittmc,

    Congrats with your new car.
    I'm glad that, despite OUR problems, you still have chosen for the C70. I hope that you will stay out of troubles. But hey, you know, that if you want to be the first to drive a new model, you might encounter some problems. And obviously, a forum is the perfect spot to talk about it.
    For your peace of mind, my Volvo dealer has been able to solve every problem I had with my car (so far).
    I think that Volvo is smart enough to keep an eye on the forums on the Internet to see what comments the owners have on their cars. And of course, learn from it.
    So, our complaining has a reason: it improves the car ;)
    For now, my car is working fine. I cleaned and polished it: it looks spectacular and... the sun is shining. I'm gonna post this message, shutdown the computer and take my car for a drive in the countryside :shades:
    Enjoy your car and keep in touch once in a while (problems or not). :)

  • dmonizdmoniz Posts: 15

    I'm interested in purchasing a 2001 C70 with 51,000 on it and listed for $18K. Is this a good price? What are some of the problems with this model that I should be aware of? I want a ragtop and have looked at used MB, JAG and Saab but really like the C70. This would be the 'fun' car for me so it wouldn't be used every day and just in the good weather.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. Dave
  • dmoniz,

    On the surface that seems high for a 2001, although it does have fairly low miles. I would get three reference points, if you haven't already:

    - price out the car on (need to know the options it's equipped with)
    - do the same at (I forget which one is usually lower)
    - look at the C70's for sale on ebay motors - there are probably 30-40 C70's for sale at any moment, almost all of them being the prior model that you are looking at. Of course, you don't know if they will sell, but looking at the buy-it-now prices, and/or completed auctions will give you another data point.

    Other forums to check out, to get a sense of problem areas, would be:

    The first three of these have sub-forums dedicated to C70's. The last one lumps them in with other FWD/AWD models.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Price is a little high.
    If the car was perfect, it might retail for $16,000
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    I haven't posted in awhile. Love my car and I remember much discussion on one of these threads about spare tire v.s. sealant. Well yesterday I was driving and one of my rear tires.....Michelon pilots...came apart at the seam....4700 miles. I've got the sealant/inflation system....obviously of no use in this case.....what I didn't own stupidity...was that the cars with the sealant system aren't even provided with a jack....this is a really poorly thought out system by Volvo......GET THE XTRA TIRE.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    The first 2 times we placed a deposit on a C70, we "ordered" the spare tire. Neither of those deposits ended up with us getting a car. The third time we placed a deposit, I thought that we had opted for the spare, but when we took delivery in Sweden, our car had the pump & goop. When I talked with our dealer back in the states, he ordered the spare for us, no charge. Then he realized that we would need the jack too, and ordered that, no charge. He let us keep the pump & goop too, no charge. Now if I ever get a flat, what should I use?
  • snowfishsnowfish Posts: 3
    Picked up my 2007 Magic Blue C70 T5 with Offblack interior on Thursday. It's great so far (with about 110 miles on it), but I have a couple of questions / concerns:

    1) There's a high pitched whistling sound coming from BOTH of the sideview mirrors with the top up or down above about 35 MPH. If you flip in the mirrors it goes away. Has anyone else had this problem, and what's the solution?

    2)When lowering the top, it sometimes seems like it's sticking a little when the front section starts to raise up -- it makes a little "pop" sound. Plus, I detected a slight burning odor the first couple of times I lowered the top. Is this normal??


  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi Snowfish,

    Congrats with your new car. Hope you're gonna love it.
    About your questions:

    1) Except for the "standard" wind rustle, I cannot hear anything whistling. Sorry, can't help you with that.

    2) When does the "popping" sound appear: At the moment that the roof lifts, or just before that?
    In the first case it might be that the rubbers are sticking and needs lubrication (job for you dealer).
    In the second case it might be the clamps (front roof-part to windscreen) that are releasing. This also makes a noise.
    I have my C70 for more than 13,000 mls now, went through some troubles regarding the roof, but I never had a burning smell. You might contact your dealer for this also.
    BTW, the troubles where all solved ;)

  • rschleicherrschleicher Posts: 79
    I also sometimes hear a little sound like a "popping" at the moment of release of the front edge of the top from the windshield frame. As the above poster stated, this might be due to a little sticking of the seal material, if the roof has been in place for a while. The seal material at the top edge of the windshield frame doesn't seem like rubber to me, but some form of a synthetic that is a bit harder than rubber. It doesn't appear to be lubricated, but perhaps it is. I've noticed some dust build-up on this front seal, and have just tried to keep it clean.

    In terms of a burning smell, my guess is that your car is so new that there are still burning smells coming from the engine compartment, that you notice when putting the roof down. I would think you would also smell them after parking your car in an indoors garage. This is due to things like thin grease coatings on engine parts that burn off in the first weeks of use, etc. I noticed this burning small on my car for the first 200-300 miles or so. Of course it may be something more serious in your case, but you might want to give it a little while before worrying too much (as long as you don't see signs of an oil leak, or something like that).
  • snowfishsnowfish Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies!

    I'll give it some time to see if the roof is having any trouble. I don't get any warning messages, and it seems to operate normally, other than the "pop". It sounds like the pop may be coming from the seal between the front panel and the 2nd panel. Maybe it's just a little sticky after sitting on a ship for a few weeks. If the roof mechanism was overheating, there should be a message on the dash according to the manual.

    Still haven't figured out the whistling mirrors, but I did find a post regarding an S40 with a similar problem -- I think it said the dealer plugged up the drain holes, but that doesn't sound like a good idea...

  • kathleen4kathleen4 Posts: 3
    We took delivery in Sweden in November 2006 of a silver C70 fully loaded, if you could buy it, we did. But due to the cold, rain, wind etc, never used the retractable HT until we took final delivery in California. In the 4 months we have had the car :lemon: , we've taken the car in for repair 6 times. The passenger window does not go up and down properly with the retractable HT and now the hard to stalls. It has even gotten stuck twice.

    It is now at the dealership and in a non repairable state. :sick: I'm so sad because we invested a lot of money and really like Volvo cars in general. We own two other Volvos that work well.

    Any one else seen the problem? :lemon:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,886
    "nonrepairable state"???
    sooo... does that mean they are giving you a new car to replace it?

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    We took delivery of our Zanzibar Gold C70 in Sweden in September, 2006. We have have used the top several hundred times. It has never failed or stalled. We have had minor issues with the passenger window not returning to its closed state after using the top, but to date that hasn't even been of a big enough issue to even bring it in to the dealer.

    If you haven't already you need to get a factory rep involved and your car fixed. Be aggressive the C70 is a great car and all can work flawlessly.
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    Congratulation on your new ride. I don't have any of the noises you have, but the rear seat belts flapping almost drove me Boncos while on highway with top down. The little holders they have to put them under are useless, so I just started tucking my belts in behind the arm rest and it is absolutely quiet now at 70 mph top down. I have read about others on forum having the flapping also so have posted two pictures on MY SPACE to show how it is done. Mine is an '06 celestial blue with calcite white interior and as you can see after a year it is still sharp looking.
  • syellinasyellina Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Gold C70 I picked up in Sweden in September 2006 and have really enjoyed it. Although my wife wants to drive it much more than I had hoped.

    Also had the top start to periodically stall (top in trunk with the trunk lid straight up). After waiting about 10 minutes I was always able to put it back up but not finish opening. Took it to the dealer who found nothing wrong.

    After the problem continued I returned to the dealer who had just sent a tech to Volvo training on the top. He adjusted the top and no problems since. They acknowledged that this has been a regular problem for their C70s. Hopefully all the dealers have had similar training.

    However, since then the passenger window has not closed with the others. It closes and then reopens about half way. The first time I hadn't noticed it wasn't closed and since I park outside I was glad it didn't rain. I'll get it looked at on the next servicing.
  • I too picked up my Celestial Blue C70 on September 6th in Torslanda. I have had to return my car to the dealer twice for the passenger window/door problem. The first time the right front window would go up an down when putting the top back up. The dealer said it was a software programming issue.

    Friday I got the car back the second time for both the window and the right front door being hard to close. This time they replaced both the window mechanism and rubber weather stripping.

    We'll see if this works out over time. I have had the top down twice since yesterday afternoon with no problems.

    Good luck with your car. I absolutely love mine and it the stares it gets with the Swedish front license plate and the top going up an down
  • kathleen4kathleen4 Posts: 3
    Wow, this is my story exactly. Sweden, window, Swedish plates but ours is silver.

    We had the same window problem, and that is what started this in the first place. Once they fixed the window, my hard top started having issues stalling. I've since gotten it back, tested it for a week now, and it's symptoms are starting again. The retractable top starts to stall, and sometimes the truck too. (Good to know that waiting 10 minutes could solve the problem) What is weird is that this is a problem that starts small, then escalates. When I take it in, they are unable to see the problem until it gets really bad. This weekend I'm going to film it in action.

    I am totally in love with my car - my husband uses it too - so now Monday is his day! So when I have it and it works, i love to drive it.

    Please update this area with your issue since you and i are the only ones I know who are experiencing this problem. I'm taking it back to the dealership again on Monday - it's been in the shop now off and on for 4 weeks. Bummer.
  • doctord13doctord13 Posts: 22
    OK owners - question for you - out and test drove the C 70 (winner for our family v EOS and BMW) - only complaint with the C70 was that at speeds over 40MPH the Drivers side dealt belt was "fluttering" on my shoulder - happened to my wife as well...not in the passenger seat however. Cant believe this is not occurring to other owners - the salesperson wrote it off as a fluke, but would annoy me if not correctable - any owners experience in having similar occurances - or was it a flukey thing?
    car driven was on 06 demo.
    Haven't bought it yet - but close - Thanks for your input!
  • Yes, it happens to me, also. Only with the windows down, of course. The question that I have is whether it would go away with the windblocker accessory, which I don't have.

    Cars that have the seat belt stored in the seat back itself are probably immune from this problem, but I've always thought that the seat belt built into the seat back makes the seat look funny.
  • tim2ittim2it Posts: 2
    Dear Lemenn,
    I too had the same difficulty with the trunk lock. I re- read the owner's manual and found that youy need to unlock the car, not the trunk to access the trunk with the key in the ignition and the car running. The trunk unlock button only works when the car is off. Go figure! The fob controls are a little counter-intutive, but when the car is running, and you want to open the trunk, just hit the unlock button and the trunk will then open with a finger on the trunk latch. Good luck. Tim
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