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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • phelpswiphelpswi Posts: 2
    Sarah, thank you for having the notes added. This did prompt a call and after some phone tag Michelle and I did speak. (why these people are only available 8-4 ET is still a question) However the solution was to work with my dealer. I'm not sure why that information was not shared sooner. Unfortunately the dealer is part of the overall customer service problem. Additionally the dealer did not display any level of confidence the fix they were suggesting would fix the issue.

    So the group is aware, here are the latest details.

    I spent some time digging through my files to find oil change receipts all along wondering how not changing my oil has anything to do with a traction control mechanism. I also started to look for lemon law lawyers and doing more research on this issue. I needed a good second opinion. After some time looking for a good mechanic that is honest and has my best interest in mind I found someone that had time to really look at this. The solution - 2 hours approx. $170 for two vacuum leaks. So not only did he fix the issue he provided insight to all the error codes I was receiving, what other items could cause this issue in the future and proved that you don't need to replace major engine parts or spend $1000 dollars each time you visit the dealer.
    So now the negotiation to repair the lemon I'm driving. Since owning this vehicle I've been to the dealer way too many times and did not realize it until I had to do all the research for this issue.
    Issues - sunroof leaked, drivers door leaks, headlight goes out (then is recalled after I pay for fix - dealer states that I cannot get reimbursed), xm radio stopped working, regular radio system shuts off for no reason, dvd player does not recognize dvds/cds, navigation stopped working, water pump replaced ($800 at dealer - I find out part is $150 and 2.5 hour job after some research), remote start stopped working. Just the items off the top of my head.

    So here are some questions for GM -
    What does GM documentation say about maintenance and care of Stabilitrak? What are the car owners responsibility for Stabilitrak?
    How many Stabilitrak issues have been reported to GM in the last 10 years?
    How many lemon law suits have been filed against GM on this vehicle?
    If changing the oil is a key to the maintenance of Stabilitrak, what is GM's responsibility for an oil change gauge that does not match true oil life? If the oil change is the key to Stabilitrak maintenance why are there so many issues that cause the Stabilitrak error message?
  • My wife just a few days ago calls me and says the rear speakers weren't producing sound. Along with the turn signal noise as well. After parking it and returning 10 minutes later it started working again wtf. Currently has like 45k on it 2011 acadia .. I've had nothing but nightmares with my last few purchases with gm.. not sure what's going on
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi there,

    It is strange that your Acadia experienced those technical issues. Have you had the opportunity to get your vehicle into the dealership for a diagnosis of these problems? Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Traded in a Toyota Land Cruiser for a 2010 Acadia that had 36,000 miles on it because it fit our family’s needs for weekend travel. One of the biggest mistakes ever!!!! The Acadia has had one issue after another. For the past few weeks the power steering was going out during low speed tight turns. Finally had time to take it to the dealer today. They just called and said it needed a new steering pump and rack, and will be $2,000 in repairs. After everything we have put into the vehicle prior, and now this! Are you kidding me? I will never buy another GM vehicle again. I am unbelievably frustrated, as I can't sell the vehicle due to owing more on the loan, and repair loans than I could ever get out of it. This Acadia is gone the second I can make .01 by selling it, unfortunately for my family that will be a while!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello jrmmswhite

    I'm sorry that your vehicle issues are causing you such frustration. I definitely understand how this can be a great inconvenience once these issues arise. I'd like to look into this further for you to see if we can help you through this process. I'd just need you to email me your full name, VIN, current mileage, and the GM dealer you are working with, and I can look deeper into your situation. I look forward to your response.

    email: (ATTN Amber)


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • kjmyerskjmyers Posts: 2
    My 2008 Acadia makes a rapid clicking noise whenever I drive it during or after it rains. It's kind of like the sound you get when you shuffle a deck of cards, only sharper and louder.

    If you've ever attached baseball cards to the spokes of your bike tires...that's the sound. It was cool sound for a bike, not so much for a $30,000 SUV :)

    The faster the engine turns, the faster the rate of clicking. It happens whether I'm driving or just in park. When the weather is dry, the clicking stops.

    The noise seems to originate near the engine, not the muffler or tailpipe.

    Any suggestions on troubleshooting this would be appreciated.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi kjmyers,

    That's not something I have experienced before. I would suggest taking it into a dealer. I can help set up an appointment for you and stay involved throughout the process. If that is ok with you please private message me your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle. My email address is "attn Crystal" in the subject line. Look forward to hearing from you:-)!

    Crystal L-GM Customer Care
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    It may be the serpentine belt. Check for wear on the belt. Also, with the vehicle in park and parking brake on, pop open the hood and listen for the noise. Have someone in the vehicle gradually push down on the accelerator. Perhaps, you can pinpoint the noise. Good luck.
  • kjmyerskjmyers Posts: 2
    I read some other posts online about similar clicking vehicles in general, not just GMC.

    Since the noise only occurs in wet conditions, one theory is that the sound is coming from the exhaust system. Metal parts expand when they get hot, and water could be causing these same parts to rapidly cool and contract. Could it be that this sound isn't coming from the engine at all? Perhaps I have a leak in the exhaust system and the when it rains, the issue is exposed?

    Another suggestion above is the serpentine belt. Perhaps, but why would this only make noise when it's wet outside.

    Thanks for your input!
  • killer11killer11 Posts: 1
    We had the something happen with our 2009 Acadia. Come to find out when we had the break fluid changed they should have gotten the air out of the lines but didn't. They told us we needed a new pump as well. I didn't believe them and told them there was no way that was the cause because it was fine until they changed the fluid. An hour later he got all the air out of the lines and the car drove perfect. Just something for you to look into.....good luck.
  • ohagohag Posts: 1
    Just a heads up...I've got a 2012 Acadia SLT-2 with 12K miles on it. I've always thought the power lift gate seemed to open too rough - it would reach it's apex with a loud clunk. I figured this was normal operation. Well, last week while closing, the hydraulic arm on the liftgate snapped off the motor with a loud bang. I always search online forums before contacting the dealer with issues and I found that power liftgate issues with 2012 model Acadias are not uncommon and the loud clunk is NOT normal operation.

    The dealer gave me a loaner while my Acadia was being repaired BUT they attempted to fix by just replacing the arm and not the control module for the lift gate motor. Now I have to wait another week for that part to be ordered and make a 3rd visit to the dealer for this one issue.

    Just a heads up to other 2012 Acadia owners...if you think your power liftgate is opening too roughly, it probably is - given the issues I found online re: the liftgate, I would expect a recall on the control module by the end of 2013.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    The problem described in message 2026 is caused by the lifter assist cylinders failing. Kind of like a garage door opener can open the garage as long as the springs are working but once they break the garage door opener will not do the job. This is a warranty matter.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    By the way, this happened to my 2011. The dealers are aware of this matter. They should have fixed the lifters the first time. The clunk is cause by the lifter arm having to do to much and slipping due to the lifrer assist cylinders failing. Those are the pair of cylinders attached to each side of the lift gate.
  • badcar7badcar7 Posts: 3
    I have my 08 Acadia in the shop right now for the water leak....I was wondering if anyone out there knows what the steering problem is? My steering wheel started squeaking a few months back and it has always had that groaning noise when making a slow turn, usually to the right, in fact it sounds like the car is going to crack. I did mention the groaning noise when turning, the last time I had it there to fix the wiper issue, but dealer said they couldn't re-produce the the time I was still under warranty....not anymore. I only found out about both of these issues after reading this forum, which I happened to look up when they told me about my "water" problem. If these problems aren't fixed this time (because you guessed it dealer said they hear no noise in either place, the squeaky rubbing steering wheel OR the groaning popping sound when turning)....I'm surprised because they know we are out of warranty....but anyway, my big concern is will my steering eventually go out if it isn't fixed?
  • txacadiaownertxacadiaowner Posts: 5
    edited May 2013
    I own an Acadia 2007 with 60,000 miles and have had lots of repairs to this vehicle since owning it. The most recent repair in question is to the driving lights. I have the same melted connection that most of you have or will have. The dealer quoted me $1900 to replace both sides. After some push back they offered me a 60/40 split. My half would be $830 dollars to fix two light bulbs. This is ridiculous service. There is no way that I should have to pay to replace the wiring in a 5-6 year old car that is a potential fire hazard. What concerns me more is that they tried to tell me it was a take it or leave it offer... today only special. I have had lots of the other problems with this car as well. Bad seal in the sunroof that leaked, bushing in the front and in the steering column, master cylinder replaced, water pump replaced, front struts replaced due to leaking oil. I will never own another GMC. This potential fire hazard has me furious. I don't have the money to replace this so I guess I'll drive it lke it is and hope the car doesn't catch fire.
  • khankerkhanker Posts: 9
    I had a 2008 Acadia for 2 1/2 years and had every one of the problems you listed... Leaky sunroof, replaced master cylinder, steering column replaced twice etc etc. the final straw was when it just died with no warning in the middle of an intersection with my 2 little kids in the car. Terrifying! We reluctantly negotiated a small trade in incentive with gmc customer service just to get out of the Acadia and traded it in for a Yukon. Night and day... Not one problem in 3 years. We didn't initially want such a big car but I have to day I love it now and the Yukons are so much sturdier and more reliable. All I can say is cut your losses and get out of it. I cannot believe that with everyone having the SAME problems in these practically new cars that the Acadia is still on the market. They are horrible!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    I am sorry you are experiencing this concern. I would like to look further into your situation. Can you please email me your full name, address, mileage, phone number, and name of the GM Certified Dealership you are working with at attention Erica Tiffany. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Erica Tiffany
    GMC Customer Service
  • bigbiz187bigbiz187 Posts: 5
    You should contact GM customer service, they put out a recall for that issue. I received a letter from GM and took it in to the dealer, they fixed it for free.
  • badcar7badcar7 Posts: 3
    I just paid 300.00 for a busted headlamp among other things.....Is there a recall on this or not?
  • lefty54lefty54 Posts: 4
    It appears GM has a whole team of customer service reps monitoring these boards. There must be lots of them because they are on every single GM problems thread.

    Apparently they are well trained in saying "We are sorry you are having this problem."
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