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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • melechmelech Posts: 27
    Haven't written for awhile, but avidly "lurk". I'm concerned that people will hesitate to buy a great car because of exaggerated fears about problems.
    To put issues of reliability in perspective: I've had my '99 V6 GLX (not 99.5 model) for 20 months. Put 16,000 miles on it, desert and suburban driving.
    Came with absolutely zero defects.
    Zero problems to date.

    As an old VW owner,('75 Rabbit; '80 Rabbit; '87 Quantum, etc.)I was very leery of problems and checked it out thoroughly before driving out of the dealer. I'm very impressed by the over-all quality of the car. The handling is wonderful; makes me drive like a 50 year old again (I'm 63). It's not a bargain priced car, but if you can swing the extra $$, it outclasses the competition.
    I believe VW has finally turned the corner on quality control.
  • mtownsendmtownsend Posts: 26
    Glad to hear your car is defect free.
    I do have to say that to recommend a Jetta is a brave decision. From my experience it will be a total nightmare, the car sucks and the dealer are worse than the cars.
    My car is far from defect free, in fact the list of problems is very long.
    The dealers basic problem is with their need to have a job sheet that is clean at the end of the visit. This way the customer will say what a wonderful experience it has been, this gives them big points with VWoA.
    They are so busy denying that a problem exists, they forget to look at the car and fix it. Or is it that they are just incompetent and don't know how to, either way I strongly suggest that you don't ever dare to complain on the customer follow up. I did, you would think that this would make the dealer listen to your problems, oh no, what actually happens is that the service manager is now angry for a bad follow up, so he takes it out on you. He will lie initially and tell you that you are wrong, when that falls apart he will just swear at you, this is quickly followed by don't ever come back you are just not wanted here!!!.
    So you think call VWoA, they will make things better, now the real shock THEY DON'T CARE. Worse still they take no action against the dealer and suggest that you might like to drive 40 miles further to an alternative dealer.
    Recommend a Jetta if you must, personally I wanted a VW because I used to love VW's (and I have had a lot) but if you ask me now I have to say BUY SOMETHING ELSE.
  • tonewheeltonewheel Posts: 47
    Since you "have had a lot" of VW's, perhaps it stands to reason that this is your first bad experience with one? How were your other VW's? Great, I assume, since you kept on buying them. Sorry you ran into a substandard dealer, but I can't imagine that they're all like yours. Hope not, anyway. Good luck with your repairs.
  • gregj777gregj777 Posts: 67
    My dealer in Winston-Salem is wonderful. They're friendly and responsive, I even took my euro front plate by to get them to drill the holes in the front bumper knowing I'd have to pay for a full hour of work probably, and they did it for free, even used their own nuts and bolts. I said "how much is the bill" - "nothing!" was the reply.
  • toml34232toml34232 Posts: 4
    I bought my 2000 Jetta GLS TDI two months ago and now have over 12,000 miles on it. I have had one problem which was a slowly leaking hose in the power steering system that the dealer has ordered and simply will replace when it comes in. Other than that I am very satisfied with my car. I have owned two 1992 Jettas in the past and never had any problems with those either. I would suggest VW's to perspective buyers and I would like to point out that if you look up other makes and models of cars on this web site you will see that there are lots of people that have problems with their cars too.
  • My 2000 glx jetta (12000miles) is HOT! and the A/C is not helping. Is anyone else having problems with the A/C not blowing cold air in the Texas heat (and we haven't even hit 100's yet). Otherwise my vehicle is perfect, but I will have to sell it if I can't cool it down. Thx - jp
  • ttroublettrouble Posts: 5
    Anybody out there have a problem with the oxygen sensor on the front of their cat convertor on the '99 or '00 Jetta GLX? Mine went bad after 6 days and 200 miles on the road out of the dealers lot. Has been in the shop since (2 weeks). Apparently this part is on world-wide back order, and needs to be re-designed. Dealership, nor VWOA, has any idea when the part might come in. My guess is that VW is waiting to stock-pile enough oxygen sensors to send out a general recall of at least '00 GLX's. Anybody have any info on this, or have had similar problem? My dealership (Tynans VW in CO) says that if my car is not ready Monday, I MIGHT be able to exchange it for a new one. Great...Any help/advice would be appreciated.

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508

    Are you going to exchange the "defective" Jetta for another one with the same re-design sensor problem? May be you should consider to step up to a Passat or a different car make altogether.

    In my humble opinion, I think it is unacceptable that a car such as the Jetta is beign sold with 2 major "Red Flags":

    1) Poor parts availability for essential components. It seems to be the norm with the new 2000 Jettas. (Worldwide back order?????? Oh My!!)

    2) To top it all off.....the Part has a design flaw!!! Thrilling news to hear right after you take delivery of your brand new spanking car. It looks like Volkswagen's motto "Driver's Wanted" seems to be more like "Sucker's Wanted" "Or Beta Driver testers wanted".

    Word of warning: Get out of that Jetta lease as fast as you can.

    Good luck!
  • ttroublettrouble Posts: 5
    I know...I am very pissed off right now. Actually, my dealership says the part has an availability listing of day-to-day on this part, but it is also listed as world-wide back order. So, I guess the dealership or VWOA is covering their a$%. The dealership says I need to wait a few more days before they will talk about exchanging cars, as the part MIGHT show up at anytime. I think I am going to try and get out of the VW lease all-together. If that does not work, I will try and get the Passat. And if that does not work, who knows....

    So much for fine German engineering.....
  • ttroublettrouble Posts: 5
    Well, just as an update on my situation. I have been told by my salesperson that if the part (oxygen sensor) for my '00 Jetta GLX is not here by Monday, I can get out of current lease, or at least exchange current car for a Passat. I would like to ask you folks if you think a Passat 1.8t, or the VR6 Passat. Either way, I would get the car with monsoon audio, CD/changer and luxury package. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    ttrouble, you might also want to check out current Passat topics in our Sedans and Smart Shoppers conferences. You can find them easily by keying Passat in to the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page.

    Hope everything works out for you.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • mtownsendmtownsend Posts: 26
    To answer your question tonewheel, this car and the last one were both lemons. Unfortunately for me I was stupid enough to buy another VW after my 98 Passat 1.8t was repurchased by VWoA. So again I say VW used to make a great car but not any more.
    Just for the record it is now 2 weeks since I sent a fax to VW requesting a route forward to resolve the issues with the dealer and the car, guess what, I am still waiting for a response. I am absolutely sure that they will never respond, after all, out of 5 letter to VWoA and 4 to the dealer I have had one reply from VWoA and none from the dealer. That one reply was 2 months after the letter was sent, and one month after a follow up letter. All it said was my case had been referred to someone else!!!!
    My how VWoA look after their loyal customers.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Please tone down the exclamations !!

    I know some of you are upset, but try not to use "street" language in your posts. Not everyone wants to hear what passes for the current vernacular.


    Your host, Bruce
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I was at a friend's place and his mom started her Jetta up to go somewhere and I heard this awful truck like noise followed by this bad bad stench! The noise of the engine sounded like some old truck I use to see in WWII pictures! And the smell is defintely diesel smell! Are all TDIs like that? man that really suck as the car lookquite clean and sleek. The noise really made me jump in sheer shock! It's new too.
  • gregj777gregj777 Posts: 67
    WHat year was the Jetta? I have read that the old ones do have that charecteristic. And I had a diesel Rabbit (1982) for a while a few years ago that shaked rattled and rolled but would start right up even on a very cold morning. That car had been through the ringer but the leather seats were still in great shape. Son't remember a lot of smell from the engine either.
  • rafikki1rafikki1 Posts: 1
    I am considering buying the 2000 Jetta GLX and would like to hear comments on the overall reliability of the car. I have been reading through the posts on the maintenance issues and needless to say I am a little leery about the car. This will be my first Jetta, and the car I drive now is a 1996 Nissan Maxima SE (Which for the record is a terrific automobile).

    My wife drives about 60 miles one-way to the office each day and we are hoping the new Jetta will be able to take the steady pounding of constant highway driving in sweltering North Texas heat. Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance!

  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Hi Kevin, welcome to Town Hall!

    For buying advice, you can find lots of discussion about this vehicle in our Sedans and also our Smart Shoppers Conferences.

    Just key Jetta in to the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page. You'll get a list of topics to choose from. Look particularly at the ones that show up under "Sedans" and "Smart Shoppers".

    If after purchase you have any specific maintenance or repair questions, come on back here and talk to us about them!

    Good luck.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • Hi Pat and Kevin

    I am also looking for a reliable, sporty car that has solid gas mileage but after reading all these posts of owners having mechanical problems, I am more than leery, I am terrified! Is VW addressing all these mechanical problems and/or does VW USA plan on extending the warranty for their 2001 vehicles to 3/36,000. Another question, why are Jetta's getting such great reviews from all the car magazines and all I read on this list (about 75% of the posts) is how much this car sucks.

    Is the truth here or in the auto magazines??

    Dazed and Confused in SC

  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Hi Katrina,

    I don't know the answers to your questions, but don't lose sight of the fact that this conference is specifically for folks to discuss maintenance and repair issues. The people who are not having problems with their vehicles generally are not here participating.

    If you will go back and read my response to Kevin and follow my suggestions for him, you will find other discussions on the Jetta that are not solely focused on things that might have gone wrong with them.

    You also might want to visit home page, if you haven't already, to check out reviews of all sorts of new cars. You can get there from here by clicking on the logo in the top left corner of this page.

    Good luck!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Katrina, I just had one more thought - you might also want to pay a visit to Town Hall's Women's Conference. We have a new co-host over there, md_tech, who may or may not have an opinion to offer you on a Jetta 1.8T.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
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