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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • tonyantonyan Posts: 10
    You and every other owner has a lemon.
    I did also and so did "myvwlemon"
    Go see his site!
  • davis19davis19 Posts: 2
    All I can say is, WOW! Some of you are very pissed off. If this helps. My friend has a 1992 BMW 325i automatic. The other day he went to trade in his car with a 125K miles and the dealer told him the car was crap. His trans was slipping; which my friend knew, thats why he was there, and the dealer offered him $3,200. Hows that for depreciation! Listen everyone, all cars break even a $60K Mercedes. Except there average shop labor rate is about $95. Compared to VW $68 to $72. Even the "Ultimate driving Machine BMW can be crap. So try and enjoy your new cars. As my friend says "If you want to play you got to pay". A little advice to all you new VW owners. Maintain your cars! I am on my 3rd vw ready to purchase the GLS VR6 1999.5 left over. All of my cars have gone over 195,000 miles except for my VR6 Corrado which I recently cracked up going to fast. Not a scratch on me". The VW's make you think you can do anything, so no your limits and enjoy the ride. Besides the blue dash is so cool!! If your not happy you can always buy a Toyota Camery."Boring!!!!!! HEEE HEEEE, HAAAA, that was funny!
  • dan715dan715 Posts: 8
    Has anyone had any luck with their Jetta?
  • asfasf Posts: 4
    I am having great "luck" with my Jetta. I have a '00 Jetta GLS TDI. I only have 7000 miles on it, so I may have a few adventures ahead. But, so far, this car has been great. The TDI engine has been a hugely pleasant surprise. I bought it for the mileage, and that has been great (48 mpg average so far). But, I have been amazed at the performance. Much better than I could have imagined. I would choose it over the 2.0l on performance alone, even if it didn't get better mileage.

    Previously, I had an '85 Jetta GL (gas). I put 225,000 miles on it with what I would consider "normal" maintanence and repairs. It was a great car. I think the new one is quite a bit better. The only gripe is in finding good service from dealers.
  • mthikermthiker Posts: 14
    I also have a 00 GLS TDI with about 8K on it and I love it. No problems and it goes like a bat out of h... 48 MPG country drive and 51.8 MPG at 75 MPH.
    I have the LUX package so I have power windows and moon roof. I just received the annual Consumer Report on cars: it lists the Jetta as average maintenance. There are far worst car and far better cars listed in their report BUT ALL CAR BREAK. The report I believe is very representative of the auto industry in today's world. The days are gone where the old lack of American quality rules the industry. Today it is ruled by the Japanese quality of workmanship. Auto companies around the world know if the car they build falls apart every time the key is turned they better sell the company off. I.e. Chrysler to MB, Jaguar to Ford. I sit a Japanese car and I think "plastic clone of Europe styling": I sit in a Germany car I think "so this what the Japanese are trying to clone, a good quality driving steel running machine."
  • Well,after much research I went and got a 2.0 Jetta GLS. I really liked the 1.8T, but was trying to keep costs down. I've only had the car a week and it's a blast to drive, but on day one I had problems with the car. It turned out the master brake cylinder was bad. The brakes would seize up after driving in stop and go traffic for 20 minutes or so. It's been repaired and it's fine now, or seems to be, but I hope I do not rue the decision not to buy a Honda Civic, which I think is a very fine small car. However, the Jetta is fun and had more safety features, i.e., the side air bags and antilock brakes. I drove an '87 Audi 4000, which I purchased new, till now. That's what I traded in for the Jetta. I really enjoyed that car, but it certainly had its quirks. The gas pedal fell off that car twice. I went through several door handles. The radio and odometer failed after one year and were replaced I had the valve cover gasket fail and had oil all over the manifold. I never got more than 2-1/2 years out of a battery for some reason, and I'm not big on driving with the AC on, even here in Houston. I love open windows myself. But, hey, I did enjoy the car, and the window lifter on the driver's side did not fail till after 11 years of driving.
    So it'll be interesting to see how this Jetta pans out. It took me a long time to decide which vehicle to buy, and I spent many hours here looking at posts. This is a great site and many thanks to all who have posted. The information was invaluable.
  • myvwlemonmyvwlemon Posts: 14
    Anyone with problems with VW go to
    Please register and add your problems to the bulletin board. This board is only for problems with VWs. My 99 Jetta VR6 is a nightmare!!!
  • dan715dan715 Posts: 8
    Do you have the 5 speed or the auto?
  • I am thinking about buying a new car and love the new jettas. I would probably get the 1.8T but fear the rumors about VW service and reliability. Can anyone help make my decision a bit easier? Other cars I am considering include a 97 VW Golf GL or a new Honda Civic EX Coupe (boring but can't beat the reliability). Any other sources or magazine articles on VW service/reliability other than Edmunds or Consumer Reports?

  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    Discussed at length here and at The vortex site is a VW only site and you can see why we own VWs. My 2000 Jetta is great and flawless.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Then why are you here? hehehehe.....
  • ubrsubrs Posts: 2
    I own a k2 with 21,000 miles on, and the car is been pretty good, no problmes, but most of you are having problems and I think one of the biggest reasons for this problems is that the Jettas are being built in Mexico, this is not German Engineering is Mexican Engineering. Nothing against Mexico, but come on now!!! I found an Enchilada and a Burrito in the trunk when I first got mine(j.K)
  • mtownsendmtownsend Posts: 26
    I had a Jetta, which was built in Mexico. I had no problems at all with the car. My GTI is built in Germany, what a pile of junk. I also had a new Passat also built in Germany, this was repurchased under lemon law with less than 8,000 miles. To anyone thinking about buying a VW, think hard and long, seems to me that you are lucky if you get a good one.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    VW uses consistent quality metrics worldwide and the Puebla plant has some of the highest scores in areas where human involvement and constant diligence is required, eg. finish quality on paint.

    MY most trouble free VW was from VW do Brasil...and that is where VW is moving production for the Golf in the near future. The good news is that this plant will be geared toward the US market and we will finally have a wider variety of Golfs with more options to choose from.

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    The burritos are put there by the US Border Guards, everybody knows that...{%^)

    Your host, Bruce
  • My Father In Law's 1994 Jetta GLS has a problem with the cooling fan. The fan does not turn off! It has been at the mechanic since August 1999. Apparently there is a short and it stays on until it drains the battery.

    Has anyone ever had this problem and if so, what is the solution? I would really appreciate the help!


  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    My SAAB had the same problem. Although it happened very infrequebtly. My mechanic guessed it was the relay. Check that out.
  • homey7homey7 Posts: 5
    I am very surprised at the number of problems so many people are having with their Jettas. I had my eye on a TDI but now I think I may stick with Toyota. I have a 1989 pickup with 160,000 trouble free miles and my wife has a 92 Toy p/u with 180,000 miles and never a problem. And judging from the post by the guy who works in a parts store, he sees the fewest problems with Toyota and calls VW "average."

    I would also recommend to everyone to follow the scheduled maintenance in their owners manuals. Keep the starter oil in for the first 5k and then change maybe every 5k or 7,500. 10k does seem like a lot. There is simply no need to change oil every 3k miles. That is a marketing ploy on the part of oil companies and those who profit from oil changes, i.e. Jiffy Lube!! Look at the TROUBLE FREE miles I've gotten from our Toyotas by changing oil and filter every 5-7.5k miles.

    I am disappointed in my fellow Americans for slamming Mexico. Do you think they are trying to build bad cars?? If the VW's coming out of Mexico are of poor quality, it is the parent company's fault, not the result of which country they are made in.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    I agree with homey7. look at Honda. the civics, accords, odysseys etc are build in US and Canada. But the car's reliable. I think japanease cars are relaibale as a whole. Maybe the climate in Mexico is bad for mfg-ing cars...... too polluted. =)
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Nah, i take the last statement back after realising where the cavaliers and sunfires rolls out. teehehehehe.... It's the individual company's QC. Oh, is there any recall for 2000 Jettas?
  • I have a Jetta VR6. I'm tired of reading posts from ingorant people about the build quality of the Mexican cars being poor. I have a perfectionists eye, and I applied it to my new VR6. I was stunned by the outstanding build quality in a car this price. The body panels align perfectly, and their tolerances are very narrow. The interior panels and pieces fit together as good as any BMW I've been in. I decided before I bought this car, to give my friend's 98 Civic the same kind of perfectionists eye and was reminded why the Jetta appealed to me more. Her Civic had both inner door weather strip/plastic mouldings improperly assembled - leaving large gaps where you could see the clips that were supposed to mate them. The passenger's side door was misaligned and came out at the top by about 1/8". The body panels, particularly around the bumpers did not align well. She has a bad rear shock at 24,000 miles (warrenty work) and reverse occasionally grinds when she lets out the clutch.
    So much depends on who is looking at a car, and their level of attention to detail. I can say mine is very high, and I am amazed by the quality of construction of my Vr6 Jetta.
  • gregj777gregj777 Posts: 67
    Here here... me too! So much so that I am scared to treat the dash with anything like Armour All.... the interior materials are very well made and I want to protect them...the dealership said just wipe it with a wet rag....but I had already put some on one area before I asked, so I may have to go over the rest of the dash with it to make it look uniform.. just a small amount, this once, hopefully won't hurt.
  • asfasf Posts: 4
    I must second Silver123's comments on the build quality of the Jettas assembled in Mexico.

    First of all, the engineering of the Jetta is German, regardless of where the car is assembled. Secondly, Mexican workers are people, just like Germans, Americans or anyone else in the world. Please set aside your bias and prejudice and go see the cars for yourself. "Assembled in Mexico" is not synonymous with "poor quality" or "poor workmanship".

    The Jetta I own now is the third VW I have had. It is also the first to be assembled in Mexico. I find it equal to or better than the previous 2 VW's ('77 Rabbit, '85 Jetta) that were built in Germany. The fit and finish is excellent and I have had no problems of any kind.

    The TDI engine is simply awesome. It has better performance then the 2.0l and gets mileage in the high 40's. This is an excellent car and I expect to keep it for at least 10 years and 200,000 miles.
  • Went in to test drive the VR6 but ended up buying the VR6 - what a machine, so smooth and powerful. What's the deal with the guy? He is really pushing hard (advertising) his site all over I know he is trying to give us the full picture but come on.

    Anyway, I pick it up in a few eeks. Hope the gas mileage doesn't empty my wallet.

    Thanks for all of the advice in here - made my decision to buy an easy one.
  • I meant "went in to test drive the 1.8T but ended up buying the VR6".

    It's been a long day.
  • mprimusmprimus Posts: 2
    I've been checking these postings for a little while now and it seems to be a mixed bag in terms of problems...some people have tons and others none at all. I'm going to pick up my new Jetta 1.8T on Tuesday (I'm sure you Jetta owners out there know how excited I must be!) and I was wondering if anyone out there has or had heard of any potential problems.

    I absolutely loved the 1.8T when I test drove it (decided not to even drive the VR6 since it was a bit too pricy). I actually didn't know what it meant to really have FUN driving a car, but man, I certainly found out that day..I've always owned North American cars (Pontiac, Chrysler) so I'm used to cars not lasting more than 5 years without some problems...I was hoping for my Jetta to last a bit longer.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    I've owned 4 cars. 74 beetle, 80 280ZX, 87 SAAB 900 Turbo and 00 Jetta GLS VR6.

    After 6 months and 5,000 miles the Jetta has not been in for anything. The other three cars had some problems after delivery.

    I kept the beetle 6 years, 280ZX 17 years and I had the SAAB through 13 years of it's life.

    All cars were fun to drive and all cars had things go wrong with them that should not have. All things were fixed. Most fun to drive - SAAB. Most costly to maintain - SAAB.

    What I'm trying to say is that your car is a great great car, like many other cars out there. Enjoy it. If and when items fail, get them fixed - for free for the first 2 years. If properly maintained the car should give you well over 100,000 miles and at least 10 to 12 years of solid service.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    Just saw this on last nights news.

    Most Unreliable 1999 models.

    Mercedes M classs SUV
    Jeep Cheroke
    A Volvo
    Ford Windstar

    Most reliable included 3 or 4 cars. Only one I remember is a Toyota.
  • All of the responses I've been seeing have been regarding base Jetta models from 2000, the Diesel model, or models from past years. I recommend you upgrade to the 2000 GLX VR6. This car is fast and sharp! Another $4000 is worth it.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Well with that kind amoney, u can easily brin gthe 1.8T jetta to 250-300hp range! so screw the vr6 if you like to tune your jetta!
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