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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • mtownsendmtownsend Posts: 26
    Just thought I would give an update on my 99.5 GTI, it had the 20,000 mile service yesterday. VW and my dealer now refuse to do any more repairs on the car under warranty, they feel that they have spent enough on it. So now my outstanding issues remain, including a seat belt that dosn't work, it's been replaced twice before. I think they may have gone too far this time as this is a safety issue. Still cant't wait till I can afford to replace it.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Don; tu have that 2 yr bumper to bumper and the big drive train warranty? How can they do that?!
  • ewhipewhip Posts: 6
    Get this - picked up my new Jetta 1.8T last night at 7pm, loved it until noon today when it completely crapped out on the highway. It was hesitating and cutting out - kind of like the feeling you get when you hit a rev-limiter on other cars. Took it to VW - they were helpful - but the service guy thinks the Turbo is shot. Anybody out there have a similar experience or at least an encouraging word for a new (nervous) Jetta owner?
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    Go to and post your problem. This site is VW only and has many knowledable people.

    Wait and see what the problem is. Many problems are fixed by simply reprogramming a computer.

    If it is the Turbo, I would think that they can easily put a new one in.

    If it is a major problem, you have a good chance of getting a new car.
  • ewhipewhip Posts: 6
    Just thought I'd update the turbo situation on my new Jetta - picked it up today and it runs great. Dealer was very helpful and apologetic. I keep reading all of these people bashing their Jettas, and I can sympathize, but I just can't help liking this thing. Had a 2000 Mercury Cougar for six months before buying the Jetta, and I could fill a book with the things I hate about that car. But I won't. Thanks to "wsommariva" for the link - was helpful.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    What was wrong with it?
  • millersms1millersms1 Posts: 1
    I went to a VW dealer yesterday, interested in a 1.8T Jetta.

    The sticker on this car stated $22625, with all the bells an whistles I desired (leather, sunroof, etc.). We got to the bargaining table, and the salesman threw an additional $1995 into the mix, by stating that this was " market adjustment". I went to the VW web site, and it says I can buy this car for $22625.

    Is he trying to screw me, or is there a true shortage of these vehicles to allow for a Market adjustment on these vehicles? I could understand this on a Limited production vehicle, like a Vette, Porsche, or Jag( which could mean a lot higher mark-up),

    but a Jetta?

    Looks like additional dealer profit to me, in addition to the BS dealer prep/delivery charges that the dealerships are already reimbursed for, by the manufacturer. He could not explain to me what the Market Adjustment was for, even after he showed me 9 1.8T's on his lot! He told me it was based on the average of the last 10 sales in the area. So, I said, 10 people didn't do their homework, so that justifies the adjustment? Maybe I was harsh, but come on !

    Any advice? I walked away, for now. I was willing to pay MSRP, but he, or the sales manager, wouldn't budge. Even MSRP would give them a $2000 profit, and that is not including any discounts/perks they already received. Are sales on VW's that bad?
  • I have a 2000 Jetta with 800 miles on it and it stalled in the middle of a major intersection, it just went dead. I tried to re-start it ten times. But when it did, the engine check went on and it stayed on. I took this piece of s--- to the dealer the next day. The dealer found the fuel pump malfunctioned and fixed it. But the thing is, I have this brand new car for only 3 weeks and have a major problem already. This is my 13th car in my 30 years of driving and never had this problem with my other cars. Is anybody out there have the same problem that I had?
  • lee71lee71 Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy a new car. I have three choices 1) Honda 2) Nissan Altima 3) VW Jetta

    My first choice is Jetta but i do not know whether to get the GLS 2.0 or 1.8T Anyone could advice will be appreciated.
  • gregj777gregj777 Posts: 67
    With nine of the babies on the lot I don't see how they can jack the price up. My advice would be to go to another dealer. I know the sales manager at the VW place here (Flow, Winston-Salem) and he just told me the other night over dinner with him and his wife that they are still scarce. I doubt he would jack the price up like the one you went to though, with his good inventory. I got a good deal on my VR6.

    That said, I wouldn't want the turbo. Maybe it's just past stories I've heard working on me much in the same way as we have always been told to change oil at 3000 miles yet we don't really need to, but I've always heard turbos develop problems more often than normally-aspirated engines because of their nature. I guess it does get a little better mileage than my VR6, but the 6 is an older engine that should have the bugs worked out by now (I hope) whereas the T is still fairly new. I drove an Altima for a day while a part for my Jetta was being put on and it drove like a '70's Ford. The Honda is just too plain and common (not that plain and common is a bad thing, I'm just not going to pay $20K+ for those attributes in a car!) That's my 2 cents worth.
  • mtownsendmtownsend Posts: 26
    I live in New England, there are more 1.8T's on the dealer lot than they know what to with. Don't pay dealer markup, it is a waste of your money. When you come to trade the car,you won't get back the dealer profit, this is just greed.
    VW turbo engines need oil changes every 5,000 vs 10,000 for no turbo models, VW will cover all services for the first 24,000 miles. The turbo engine is the one to go for if you really want the Jetta. Turbos are reliable especially LPT models.
    From my experience of VW's they used to make a good reliable product, now they just make good profit. My 99.5 will be the last VW ever, the car is trash, customer service sucks and warrany items are only honored until VW feels that they have spent enough on the car.
    I am getting nowhere with the dealer or VW to resolve a long list of problems with the car.
    By the way every time I visit the dealer (that's a lot) I always see a jetta with a window held in with tape. From my experience the window will fall out and you will wait 3 weeks for parts to arrive from Germany. Then the car will progressively get more and more problems, until you are so frustrated, you will just trade the car to get rid of it.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    I wouldn't classify a car as crap if a fuel pump goes at 800 miles. I would classify the fuel pump as crap and the quality control putting it together as crap. Give the car a chance and it may turn out to be a great car, I hope it does.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    get the 1.8t. It's been on the a4 for ages. So it's good stuff. Lighter too. And for 500bux you can chip it up to 200hp. easily handing the vr6 a good spanking.

    peice of junk: It's unfortunate that it happened. But if I were to just get a new car for a coupla weeks, a problem like that would really piss me off too.
  • ewhipewhip Posts: 6
    the turbo was bad. the dealer replaced it in a day and gave me a rental in the meantime. drove my 1.8T all weekend and love it. while i'm here, does anyone have an opinion on the "sport suspension" package from VW or on quality aftermarket wheels for the Jetta? i would like to personalize it a little - but tastefully, and with quality parts.
    Also for "millersms1", my dealer was pretty tight on price - I had to pay a little under list, but they threw in the six disc changer. there were other 1.8's on the lot, but they were all white, which I didn't want. personally i feel that any dealer that marks a car up over list is really trying to put it to you. just my opinion...
  • mtownsendmtownsend Posts: 26
    Get this, if your are having a problem with your Volkswagen, VW say they will only fix it, if they consider it to be serious. So if your car lurches when changing gear, or the steering clonk's at low speed, or your car drinks oil, or your seat belt dosn't work, or your interior blower vibrates the brake pedal. Then your car is working to manufacturers specification and will not be fixed under warranty.
    So you think this information came from a bad dealer, yes they told me this , but it was confirmed by a senior customer service person in Auburn Hills, MI.

    Now, if a car goes wrong once that could be considered unlucky, twice is getting annoying but by the tenth time this is a crap car, but again VW have the answer just ignore it, after all everyone else is having the same problem so it must be normal.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Maybe VW has so many problems (minor) ones that they can only handle the major ones so that it will not clog up their repair shops?! That's stupid! A bumper to bumper warranty should cover every imperfection! I had a small rubber tear on my side mirror (frameless door) and I brought it back to my Scooby dealer, without hesitation, they replaced the entire rubber casing under warranty! I hope this issue is different from each VW dealership!
  • sithdadsithdad Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a '90 Jetta GLi w/ 84k mi. I used to drive an 87 Quantum w/90k mi, but the oil pump and bearings went and I wasnt gonna pay something like $1500 to fix it. I like VW's but I am wondering about this car. Anyone heard anything about these cars? Any help would he hot!
  • For "Confused" in #364, get a 1.8t! I have it in a Passat and absolutely love all 15,000 miles that I've put on it so far. It has a lot more aftermarket accessories out there than the V6 from folks like Neuspeed, and can be chipped and turboed up much more powerfully than the V6. It's economical, a lot cheaper (even with the chip and bigger turbo), and lots of fun! The Passat is bigger and heavier than the Jetta, so I'm guessing you'll enjoy the 1.8t in your Jetta even more.
  • myvwlemonmyvwlemon Posts: 14
    Jetta has 230+ problems per 100 cars.
    New air leaks from sunroof.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157 for a more complete picture of VWs.
  • hkgjameshkgjames Posts: 1
    I'm somewhat glad I read these postings and somewhat dissapointed because I really want one. Do Jetta's really have that many problems or is just just the few who are voicing out their anger? For a car that is so popular, I can't believe there are so many complaints. Anyways...

    I'm looking to buy a car and the Jetta is one of my top choices but after reading the postings, I really have to wonder if it's a good choice or not. VW only has a 2yr bumper to bumper warranty compared to most other cars. I don't think any other car manufacturers offer only a 2 yr warr.

    Anyways, I'm looking at the GLS models. Any horror stories on that particular car? The Jetta's are made in Mexico right? anyone have a website on their plant?
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Hello hkgjames, welcome to Town Hall!

    Keep in mind that this is the Maintenance and Repair Conference -- this is where folks come to discuss problems they are having with their vehicles.

    So don't take the problems reported here as the whole picture.

    I suggest you key Jetta in to the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page. This will give you a list of other topics in Town Hall to check out.

    The topics in our Sedans conference are where you will find recent purchasers and others considering purchasing this vehicle, and the topics in Smart Shoppers may be able to help you with pricing.

    Good luck, and again, welcome!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • saileanusaileanu Posts: 5
    First, I love Volkswagons - nice looking and fun to drive.

    Second, I love it when my friend owns one because I have had enough of repairing them. I have owned 3 VWs and have spent more time and money fixing them than one entire lifetime.

    For anyone considering (!!) first, look for adds -don't pay full price (I have seen them advertised for a lot less than MSRP) - and get the most extensive extended warranty (like from Edmunds sponsors which I have used in the past) because YOU WILL NEED IT !!!!

    Here is a list of my repairs (from memory)
    1. Oxygen sensors (ON EVERY CAR SEVERAL TIMES)
    2. CV joints (ON EVERY CAR)
    3. Fuel pumps (ON EVERY CAR)
    4. Fuel injection problems (ON EVERY CAR)
    5. One engine due to shot rings
    6. Struts (On TWO OF THREE CARS)
    7. Door locks (ON EVERY CAR)

    There were a lot more, but these are just from memory....
  • irocvairocva Posts: 1
    Does anyone know why I would be loosing coolant from my resevoir bottle (1998 Jetta-GLX). It only happens when the car is at running temp. And it's not leaking from my hoses. Oh, and it's not being forced out of the cap. But it is being forced out while driving during operating temp/conditions.

  • railtoskirailtoski Posts: 1
    I have purchased a 90 Jetta, a 91 Jetta, and a 92 Jetta for my new teenager. She has had some very bad luck. I would recommend buying the 91 or 92 over a 90. I had many mechanical problems with the 90, Fuel Pump, Electrical problem, CV Joints,
    leaking from real main seal. The 91 had electrical problems as well. So far the 92 has been problem free......4 months since purchase.
    For what it is worth.
  • wsommarivawsommariva Posts: 157
    Go to This topic was covered there.
  • tonewheeltonewheel Posts: 47
    1. vwlemon dude, get a life. You made your point. What's the deal, you need to drive traffic to your pathetic website for your sponsors??

    2. Don't buy the dealer-installed CD player, unless you enjoy throwing money away. Our dealer had window stickers indicating a price of $795. $795 for a CD player!!!!!!!!!! I bought a top of the line 10 disk Sony changer from Crutchfield and installed it in my daughter's 2000 GLS VR6. The unit cost me $295, and their installation procedures made it child's play.

    3. The car (2000 GLS VR6) is new, runs great, and an exceptional value for the money. One problem, however. When the car is started cold, there is a noise present from the muffler like it had a hold in it...sputtering and noisy. After about 15 seconds, it goes away, like the engine found it's stride and readjusted itself. Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts? I'll let everyone know what kind of service I get from my dealers service dept. (The sale was great...$450 above cost, calculated from Edmunds pricing.)
  • hookrxhookrx Posts: 1
    I have 1999 jetta gls vr6. I like it and have only had two problems. One with AC switch not completely engaging/disengaging(messing around with it seems to work) and occasionally when using turn signals high beam indicator lights up(no i am not pushing stalk into high beam position)at same time wipers wipe slowly across windshield and flashers on dash light up(external flashers not flashing) anyone else had this. I was hit 4 wks after buying car in passengers side door and front fender could be from that. I bought mine for 350 over dealer invoice and the dealer only had two, buy the time I got there one was sold and while waiting for salesman to bring plate another customer tried to buy mine. It is a 5 spd no leather it is a great deal. The 5 speed doesn't shift worth a crap though. I had 80 rabbit diesel got 140,000 with that until hit from behind. I had 90 fox got 185,000 with that until hit from behind while parked. I have had problems with all cars I have owned other than these two VW's.
    I am looking for Passat 4 motion now.
  • gregj777gregj777 Posts: 67
    Yeah my VR6 has the sputtering from the tailpipe too when you start it up, then goes away like you described. It's always done that, had it for 4 months. Love the car.
  • rblohowiakrblohowiak Posts: 1
    New to site...

    I've heard the arguments regarding 1.8t vs VR6, but I want to see if anyone has the same issue with the VR6...

    after approx 1,200 miles my VR6 starting making a constant humming noise at 40-45 mph...very annoying in rush hour traffic..

    I took it in to the dealer and they had 3 VR6's come in with the same problem and they are having a hard time getting one of the parts because VW is claiming that they are having a bunch of requests for the parts because something was messed up in production. It is supposed to be only in the VR6's and they said it had to do with the ring and pinion (spelling??). Anyone have any comments regarding similar issues...
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