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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • Wondering what questionable news Sopman #625 has read about Fram filters. My new Villager is due first service and a Fram is my usual choice.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,980
    Lots of controversy about the quality of Fram vs. other brands. I suspect that Sopman has read through the Oil Filter Brands and Types message board.

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  • cookie22cookie22 Posts: 73
    It was recall 00B40 ( they kept the letter from Ford or I may have been able to tell you more) replaced Multifuction switch. also added Friction Modifier to the Transmission. all under warranty. "99" Villager / 28000 mi.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,980
    That's the switch that died on my Quest.

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  • After spending many nights pouring over your "Edmunds" and previous and current owners reviews on Mini-vans, I decided to purchase the Nissan Quest because for all it offers you can't beat the price and it doesn't make you feel like you're in a mini-van. I must admit my first choice was the Honda Odyssey only because my prior auto was an Accord and it never let me down even after commuting approx. 350 miles a week. But I found the dealers were not in a negotiating mood which turned me off. I noticed that my 2001 Quest occasionally will after turning the ignition make a weird noise, could it be the starter? It only makes this noise once after turning it on and won't re-occur through out the day . Has anyone else had this problem? Also I want to purchase the Fog lights that the SE model comes with but the dealer wants close to $375.00 for them including the assembly kit. Has anyone found them for less or can suggest an after market fog-light that fits perfectly on the opening provided? Thanks.. Sorry about the lengthy mail.
  • slappslapp Posts: 1
    Could you possibly elaborate a little on deal you got on your 01VillSport.Did the price you stated include any rebates or a trade-in? When and where did you buy?
    I am considering the same purchase and would appreciate any info you could share.
  • donnabzydonnabzy Posts: 1
    I purchased a GXE brand new in 8/99. Immediately I had grinding brakes and was told "Maximas and Quests just do that due to their weight. It's noise.." and they told me it did NOT affect functionality, only the noise. (Great PR for them, me driving it with no plates yet and grinding brakes.) In October, they finally relented and agreed to use us as a guinea pig and try a new type of brake pad. No grinding for a while, but constant squeaking when I stopped, which they say cannot be helped. I've had it in no less than 6 times for checks for squeaking and grinding since, and they clean and send us on our way. They told us we'd be able to differentiate between bad brakes and just noise -- however, today we find out that at 10,300 miles, the brake pads have only 2 millimeters left on them and the rotors 'are blue' and need to be turned. They are stating I "ride my brakes" (which I do not) or that 'more than average city driving' will cause this. We believe neither, and are positive this all relates to the prior problems with the brakes. Anyone else experience this? I do not feel safe with a vehicle that I cannot tell if the brakes are going bad, particularly since I drive around 4 small children daily. They are repairing it free as a 'courtesy.' What are my options? I no longer want the vehicle.

    Also, the doors stick when I wash it or it rains, it squeaks going into third gear, the 'thunk' when I turn and hit a bump simultaneously is annoying (they've fixed this twice, by making 'adjustments') and the numerous rattles amaze me. It's had 3 recalls, and I'm sure they'll find more to come. I'll never buy one again. The morning after I drove it home (finished transaction at 1130pm) we found bumper damage from when they drove it out to me, and they had to do body work and painting *twice* to repair it. They had it more than me for the first two weeks I owned it.

    Oddly enough -- we bought two brand new Nissan vehicles on the same day. Big mistake.
  • wg45678wg45678 Posts: 55
    My '93 Quest has always made a grind/crunch/squeal noise just as you come to a stop. However, it's been from the rear drum brakes, not the front disk. Blow the dust out of the drum brakes, it goes away for a while then comes back.

    Blue disks and early wearout is another matter though. If you're not riding the brakes, I'd insist they go through the entire brake system. Something is keeping the front calipers binding on the rotors. That eats gas, burns up the brakes, and probably is causing the noise because the brake pads are getting glazed. Ever notice them glowing at night? Or realistically, ever notice an acrid odor from them after driving?

    They're giving you a line of bull. Take it to another shop, talk to the manager, or call you Nissan zone rep. Or all the above. Also have then check the wear on your rear brakes -- they may be screwed up as well.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,980
    My '99 Quest GXE has started making an occasional squeal from the front when stopping. It's got 50k on it and the front pads were 80% worn about 5k ago, so it's about time for new pads. Before that, never any brake noise. Your van should still be under the 36/36 warranty so the dealer isn't being "courteous" by doing warranty work--they'll get reimbursed by Nissan.

    Is the clunk from the rear? There's some info at Carl Haines' page about that.

    Do you have another dealer you can get to? Yours doesn't sound too swift....

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  • ebhndebhnd Posts: 1
    We had that thunk on our 96 Villager. Always when turning and going over a bump or pothole. The whole car would shudder for just a second. We had to have our wheel casings replaced on the front. They were cracked. We traded in the Villager not long ago. We had loved it, but it was beginning to need lots of expensive work.
  • grammy1grammy1 Posts: 6
    Our 99 Quest DE has a squeak or some sort of noise when turning into a parking space or other places on lower speed. We have complained to the dealership several times but mechanics don't seem to hear the noise or think it shouldn't be a problem. The last mechanic thought "air bag may be rubbing". The noise is very annoying to us and noticed while reading through other people's problems on vans that we are not the only ones hearing the "squeaking". Did anyone get the problem solved?
  • After only 14,000 miles on my 2000 Quest I noticed a loud scraping noise and when I took it to the dealer I was told that the front brakes were worn out. but out of the kindness of there hearts the dealer agreed to replace them free of charge. I will never buy another Nissan again I will go back to Toyota
  • sam7068sam7068 Posts: 28
    Hate, did you had any major problems beside the free brake job you had with your Quest?
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    Sorry for the delay (was out on a business trip).
    Picked it up on Nov-2000, Colorado. Nov/Dec 2000 was when there was a sales slump and overproduction in minivans (Chrysler/Dodge offering up to $5k in rebates).
    The Linc-Merc dealer/reps were spying us as we drove across from Nissan (an advantage when shopping in an auto mall). Involved a low-mileage 98 Saturn SW2-Wagon at (12.3K miles), $12.5K retail. The 01-VillSport came with a $1K rebate, and I let my trade go for $9.8K. The equation remains equal... I prefer the new-car lower price with the lower trade-in price (you get the tax benefit) - what you gain in the purchase price you lose in the trade-in.
    Go in with your financing ready. Stakeout the dealer stock (Nissan had 5 Quest SEs). The Nissan across the street had 13-2000 and 1-2001 Quests (while the Linc-Merc had 2-2000 and 8-2001s. Let them know of the Quest and Villager future production plans.
    And, they were eager to push our deal through (it was a busy day with people buying Continentals and Navigators). Would you believe it only took us some 15 minutes at the finance office and when we shook hands I said, "Don't you think I should sign my check before we go?".
    Good luck.
  • bobc12bobc12 Posts: 1
    I have 96 villager with 70K. After I changed the oil and filter I went to a trip. In the second day of the trip, the light of check engine' was lighted up and stayed on. I checked the oil level and engine temperature, both were normal. Then I drove about 300 mile back with the check engine' light on. I checked the oil level and the rest again all were OK but the light. Any one can tell me where I should look at? Thank you very much.
  • keithrkeithr Posts: 2
    Several problems with 98 Quest:

    Tachometer stuck at 1000 rpm
    Throttle sticking (found solution ideas here, will try)
    Interior dome light comes on intermittently--dealer clueless
    Horrible grinding from front brakes since Day 1--dealer clueless, full of poor excuses
    Rust on top edge of rear door--dealer refuses to repair it
    Every AC vent broke--dealer refuses to make repairs
    Strange metallic smell from AC, especially rear unit--dealer clueless
    Both headlight wires faulty and must be jiggled every time the lights are turned on--dealer clueless
    Driver's window switch failed with the window down

    The van has 60,000 miles and has oil changed every 3000 miles. All maintenance is done as suggested. These problems have occurred since the van was purchased. The dealer has given us the runaround until the car's mileage exceeded that for the warranty. Any suggestions?
  • I own a 94 Villager. Has anyone had a problem with random stalling. It re starts fine. Had fuel pump replaced, fuel injectors & throttle assembly cleaned and it stalled two days later. Dealer can find anything wrong!?
  • charles15charles15 Posts: 57
    To all those who are experiencing the grinding sound from their front brakes, I had the same problem with my 99 Quest. The dealer knew right away what the problem was - it is spelled F-O-R-D.
    The front calipers are a Ford designed product that are apparently notorious for this scraping problem. The dealership adjusted them, resurface the rotors and smoothed out the pads and I have not had the grinding sound since. That was more than 30K miles ago.

    Those that have a squeeking sound remember that your brakes are equipped with a wear sensor that will give you a shrill squeal when they are about to go. Hope this helps.
  • keithrkeithr Posts: 2
    My mistake. My girlfriend's Quest is 99, not 98.

    Charles15 is correct on the brake diagnosis. The dealer and a brake shop just confirmed the brake problem as FORD. New calipers needed at 60,000.

    Cleaning the throttle body was easy and worked wonders. Thanks to all for the tips. The car no longer lurches dangerously.

    Headlight problems: both front headlight wire harnesses MELTED and corroded. The repair is easy--unplug the wire leading to the headlight bulbs. Cut the wires. Repace the harness (plastic piece that plugs into the light bulb ($15 for two). The harness has three metal slots for the bulb pins. The plastic was completely melted from the heat of the halogen bulbs. The dealer service department said, "duh, i dunno." The dealer parts guy said, "That's because it's built with junk." I think he's on to something.
  • We've experienced this same problem with our '91 Nissan Stanza. After several attempts to figure out the problem, we found it to be the distributor - and that was just a guess on the dealer's part, but it worked! We haven't had any stalling/hesitation problems since. Good luck!
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