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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • Hey all-
    Just nor everyone's notice- I am not "ricing" out my Neon. I am planning to put modifications on it that will enhance performance, because I feel that this car has tons of more potential than any Civic, Protege, or any other popular over-hyped import out there. I am planning a dual tip exhaust from Thermal, it's a very understated, high quality system (much like the Neon itself). I will also be lowering the car 1.5 Inches with Eibach springs to improve the handling (which is great in stock form, but not as grippy as one would like). After that, I am not sure which route to go. I love the car itself. I used to own a VW Passat VR6 with an EIP tuning turbo system. That car had a whopping amount of HP at the wheels, but sadly enough it was falling apart. I looked at newer Vee-Dubs, Ford Focuses, and Honda Civics when the time came to get a new car. When I drove the Neon, I fell in love with the white guages, the 4-Disc CD changer, and the peppy ride. I knew the car was a bargain, but not that BIG of a bargain!! :) I am very happy with my car, the only problem I have noticed is that the windshield wiper fluid doesn't work, but I plan on having the friendly dealer remedy that ASAP. I am looking forward to having many stories to share for this board, and I will take all the Protege drivers at the track and smoke each an every one!! :) (nothing like a little friendly competition)
  • ochoaochoa Posts: 9
    Well my men i still been a workaholic person but in the way to my job i take time to listen my music !but¡ I don’t have a cd. In the car so I have to buy a cd changer and is going to cost me an eye of my face.

    The dealer sell this changer but is only for 4 cd and I want more.

    The car is like a rocket in the hi way and in one occasion I was stop by a police but I get free with a little money. (remember is Mexico.) But is ok because in Mexico they stop every one for money. But that is otter history.

    The only problem that I fill is a preoccupation is because the cup holders are bad distributed the car have 2 cups in the bottom and one in the upper part and when aim driving with my beer and aim in a company of a lady is uncomfortable to get the beer with out look the bottle.

    Note: is bury common to do this in Mexico is the land of the tequila, tequila, TEQUILA.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Alex, thank you for the update from south of the border. Enjoy your beer and your car!

  • Wow and thanks hersbird! I just sent my hubby the link, and am waiting for his excited voice to reverberate throughout our house. I had no idea that anything new was coming down the pike for 2001, so my heart beat a little faster when I read the specs on the ACR. All I can think is "juicy!" LOL

    I'm not as knowledgeable as most guys, being a fluffy-headed female, but my husband has carefully cultivated my appetite for performance, and I think when he sees the ACR he's going to call the salesman we met with to see if he can get an ETA on these babies. We've already sent him on an errand to find us a 5spd (and boy are they reluctant to accomodate that request, it's weird, really), but now I want to wait and see the bottom line on the ACR's. I might be risking the possibility of us having to buy two if they feel as good as they look, but for the price, how could I complain? *eg*

    Much Thanks!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    Well people have actually taken delivery of 2001 Neon R/T's (with 16" wheels, a good looking rear spoiler, 150 HP motor, and even leather interior available). I haven't heard of any ACR's that have been delivered although I'd be surprised if you couldn't place an order for one.

    The one think that bums me about the ACR is you can't get those awesome new 16" wheels from the factory. I bet they actually don't help in handling, just as going to a lower profile tire on the old ACR sometimes hurt handling, but boy do they look good. Same thing for the spoiler, I know it has zero affect on aerodynamics but this new spoiler looks good too. The ACR has alway been a sleeper, I guess they are keeping that legacy intact.

    Look at the dodge website for a few pictures of the wheels, spoiler, interior, etc.
  • I'm a little nervous about letting the master tech wizards at Fitzgerald's Auto Mall screw with a car that's running perfectly fine. Does having this recall affect drivability at all? Any one have any real world experience to share on this one? I let the Dodge boys do an emissions recall fix on my Shelby back in the 80s and it never ran right again (until I undid it that is). Anyone in cold climates actually experience the problem this is supposed to fix. I believe in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My friend's 2000 Neon has a problem and I want to know if anyone else's does have the same thing. When locking or unlocking the doors (with switch or remote, not the door lock thing itself), this metal-on-metal noise comes from the driver's door. I have to take it in for repairs and it's covered under warranty, but I was still wondering if anyone else had the problem. Also had the recall fixed and the whining power steering pump needs to be fixed too because it's affecting power assist now. And of course, the cassette player has to be changed out for eating tapes. All this and the car hasn't even cracked 20,000 miles. Starting to get exasperated quickly!
  • I read at Autoweek that the new ACR will have 160 HP and 180 of torque,they already tested,could this be true?
    How could the gained more torque and more horses?
    This must be a blast to drive.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    160HP from the 2.0l NEON engine is not terribly hard to do, but the 180 FT. Lbs. of torque leaves me a little bewildered as torque is hard to produce than HP.., bear with me.

    By manipulating the intake and exhaust,camshaft revision, and , engine computer re-programming the NEON engine can flex it's otherwise tied up
    muscles.Just ask any owner of a modified NEON,the base engine is largely understressed.

    The 180 ft, lbs of torque is absolutely incredible if true, as I would have guessed only about 169-170 of torque based on the HP figure.

    Dunno how they're gonna produce it, but I'll cheer them if they actually make the ACR 2K available. Heck! I can't even find a 2K R/T here in Maryland where I live.

    A blast to drive would be an understatement! With that type of power,many a six cyclinder car will
    be see the rear end of a ACR as it pulls away.

    The 2K with simple air and exhaust, and better plugs and wires runs very, very, well.I know cause'I drive a modified 2k ES 5sp..., it's a sleeper
    fast car.

    Lemme know when you buy your ACR so I can beg a test drive from you for an hour or so..,hahhah
  • HAHA! I wish I could also have my hand on that beauty,I´m now about to order a new R/T,but I have to find out first if the ACR has 180ft,torque
    I´ll buy the ACR,and you have your LONG test drive OK?

    Take care,I´ll let you know!
  • Real brief comments (don't mean to interfere with ongoing conversation) ...

    Love the comfort and ride of our 2000 Neon.

    However, have had the 2 following nagging problems -- and was wondering if anyone could relate:

    1) Hubcaps (which have been replaced 2x) which make all kinds of clicking and squeaking noises (especially front tires). Replacement caps solve the problem for only a short while, then the sounds return.

    2) When braking 60 - 75% of the time, hear a clunking noise -- like there is some sort of a problem with the calipers. But, which shouldn't surprise me, the service people could duplicate when I had the car in.

    Thanks for the feedback ....
  • You need to tight more your hubcaps and no more problems,BUT don´t break the screws!
  • abaltoabalto Posts: 22
    Rodney here is that site...

    Here is that Dodge site I mentioned. It has over 75000 posts on Dodge!
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I got a 2001 Neon booklet today and have a few observations. First the ACR will have the same 150 HP the RT has, autoweek must have misprinted those numbers. The HP is 150 at 6800 RPMs and torque is 135 at 4,800 rpm. Looking at my old 98 booklet the new motor has an identical HP curve but the torque of the new motor is better, faster. At 4000 RPM the old motor made about 121 Ft/lbs and the new makes about 133. The new motor makes 120 ft/lbs or more from 2000 to 6000 RPM. The old made 120 or more from 3700 to 6500 RPM. This torque advantage with no loss of HP must make this new RT and ACR really fly. The new 16" wheels look great (although identical to the Focus ZTS wheels, the best part of the focus), as does the ground effects and rear spoiler. The split dual exhaust tips (one out each side) is nice and the option of leather starts to make the RT cross over the compact car line. The ES also gets woodgrain inserts in the dash with the leather package. I also got the new 2001 Stratus book but it really doesn't do much for me. After seeing the neon RT I'm not sure why you'd want to spend more for the Stratus sedan, even with the 200 hp V-6 I bet it is slower and not as good in the twistys. But hey, people spend more for the Protoge so go figure. (sorry, gotta take shots while I can). This is all from the book, the real evaluation would have to come from a test drive. I hadn't really been excited about the Neon redesign until I saw this new RT and ACR, now I really need to decided between a new RT, a 4-5 year old Caddy STS, or a PT. The fact the Caddy and PT cost $5k more then a neon RT makes it a tough choice. I think I'd have to wait until the PT gets a turbo to be happy there so it really is not an option now. Oh well, at least the old 98 is still keeping me happy, maybe I should just sink a grand into wheels and tires and be happy for another few years.
  • I own a 96 Dodge Neon w/55k miles and it has given me nothing but problems since I bought it used with 26k on it. I've spent $900 on a tune-up, cooling system service and a new wire cluster for the dash. Now the paint is bubbling up and flaking off and after having a tune-up done, the car loses power when going 55-60 mph. Also, had to repair a brake on the back when it broke apart while I was driving and now the back shocks are going bad. Geez........what did I ever do to deserve this crap. I still owe a ton of money on it and need to get rid of it fast before the head gasket goes . Has anyone else had a problem with the paint on their neons doing this??? I need a car god quick!
  • Well my son sold his Beetle at the same dealership he bought it from!
    If you all remember,in August he was contacted by the general manager of a dealer,he was offered a very god price for his 98 Neon,and they sold him the beetle.
    Last week he AGAIN met the same person at the same restaurant,the manager asked him how things were going on with the beetle,he said fine,the car was running grate.
    The manager said to him they were lucky because he was about to give him a call,because he wanted to buy back the Beetle!!
    He had a customer that wanted that kind of car in the same color and was unable to find for him another like my son´s car.
    My son laughted,and said he was not interested in selling the car,BUT he couldnt refused the money,and sold the car,he made $1200.- of profit on it,so he sold it.
    This morning the manager called him and said that the customer he had for the car,declined to buy it,so he can still have his car back!
    No way,no deal this time,and now my son is looking to buy a new black neon R/T or a used 5 speed PT.
    He doesn´t know what to do,because the used PT will cost him about $12,000 less than the NEW R/T.
    The PT has 9000 miles and it´s not the top of the line,and has a after market cd changer,he doesn´t know which one to buy.

    Any advice??
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    how could a new neon RT (which should top out about $16000 after $1000 rebate) cost $12000 more then the PT. Hell the PT could be heavily damaged and still bring more then $4000! Good dealing on the Neon to Bug to ?. I whish all my past car deals were that productive.
  • hersbirdhersbird Posts: 323
    I checked invoice on a 2001 Neon RT with every possible option. It is $17353, subtract the $1000 rebate in effect now and add a $300 advertising fee and the max you should have to pay for a fully loaded RT (sunroof, CD, leather, cruise, are only options) would be $16653.
  • Sorry,my mistake,it should read $1,200.- instead of $12,000.-
  • I paid a $250 deductable for the repair of my headgasket, I have done some research and found out that i paid to much. Why is there no recall on the 95 neon headgasket?? The manufacturer denies there is a problem, but the dealership do and the manufacturer will refund the dealership. do i sense a consperacy?? The manufacturers have a fault peice of equipment, and I have to pay over $700 to fix there mistake, something is wrong with this picture..
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