GMC Acadia Tires and Wheels

heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
Has anyone bought tires yet?
The first four lasted almost 30k. No replacement tires on the market. None. Have to buy the Fortera HL's. I'm now closing in on 60k and need another set. Does anyone know if any other brand is available? Thanks


  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    Which size do you have? You could go to,,,, and search their tires for the size you need and possibly find if there are any options. I don't have Acadia/Outlook/Enclave yet, but IIRC there are 2 sizes that come as standard.
  • joeacadiajoeacadia Member Posts: 1
    The OEM equipment at almost $200 a tire is the "ONLY" tire that fits the specs! With four models now -- Acadia, Outlook, Traverse, and Buick.......and it being popular, shouldn't another manufacturer make a competitor!!!!! I can't believe that I'm going to spend over $900 installed with taxes to replace all four tires. This is highway robbery!

    Has anyone put a smaller tire on the same wheels? 255-60-19? There are alternatives for about $100 a tire in that size range. Do I need new wheels to go there?
  • cgz2001cgz2001 Member Posts: 7
    For reference, I've done some research and there are three highway grade tires and two snow tires, which I know of, for the Acadia SLE (255/65/18) so far. Besides the goodyear tire, there is a cooper and a hankook tire for the highway. The cooper is cheaper than the goodyear and the reviews I've read show it's better. It's also on a huge back order as of yesterday (2500 tires). The goodyear is also on back order. That leaves the hankook, which I haven't found any reviews for yet.

    There is also a hankook snow tire and a bridgestone snow tire. The bridgestone was on back order a little more than a month ago, but I'm not sure about now. I'm not sure about the status of the hankook tire as I don't intend on buying a snow tire at this point.

    That said, does anybody have experience with hankook tires? The tire is a Ventus AS. Please let me know.
  • crissy26crissy26 Member Posts: 2
    Is this typical for the tires to only last 30K miles? I'm looking to buy an Acadia, but if tires only last 30K I'd have to change them about every 2.5 years. Seems a bit rediculous to me. My current vehicle has Michelin tires, and I expect them to last me 70K+ miles or more (they have a 90,000 warranty). I've already got 30K on them and they still have tons of tread left. Have you looked at Michelin tires - would HydroEdge work? Michelin's web site states the HydroEdge will fit the Acadia -unless you have the larger 20" wheels. You didn't specify which you have. For the smaller tires Michelin has the Latitude Tour tires which carry an additional 65,000 mile limited warranty for treadwear or mileage.

    Might take a look at them if those will work for you. Let me know - I'm interested in this tire problem.
  • heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
    It has been typical for me. I have 133, 000 miles on my 2007 Acadia and the Fortera's have lasted me around 25-30k depending on time of year. The Acadia maintenance takes a big bite of the wallet. this time I put on Michelin LTX size 265/60/18 for about 50 bucks less per tire. They seem to be OK, but I only have 10k on them now.
  • hate_car_shopghate_car_shopg Member Posts: 9

    Wow, we were thinking of buying this car, but never found the tires for it. thank you to someone for mentioning the COOPER tires. I researched and found that Tuffy Service and PEPBOYS carry tires for this car. :) Maybe we will go Monday and buy our SLE.
  • flclassicflclassic Member Posts: 1
    I just put on a set of Hancooks Ventus RH07 - 65000 mile H rated. Look great and so far ride well. We'll see how they last....can't be worst. They're rated pretty well for all-seasons. My Forteras were right down to the wear bars at 24K - pitiful! Also saw Cooper CS4s and Toyo Versados in that size, although finding any can be tough.
    Good luck
  • heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
    I now have 150k on my 2007 Acadia and have aound 25k on the Michelins and they appear in great shape. Maybe only half way worn out.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    Good find on the alternate tires. I was aware of the Coopers but not the Toyo and Hanooks. I looked at the specs on the LTX that Heavyed put on. I noticed that the 265/60/18 are a little smaller than the stock tire, 30.7" vs 31.1" or so. Looking at what specs I can find on the LTX, they don't seem to be available in 275/60/18 which seems to be the same 31.1" diameter, but the measurements might have been taken on a 8" rim instead of a 7.5" rim like the 255/65/18. I could not find the rim width ... 255/60/18 works on 7-9" rims, the 275/60/18 work on 7.5-9.5 inch rims. I might think about those if I can determine if the extra width will work without rubbing in the wheel well. I have awhile to research since I only have 18K miles on the Outlook and the OEM Goodyears are not done, yet.

  • heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
    This is just all too much thought and work for a $30k automobile. GM has to get their act together or go the way of the dinosaur. I put 40-50k miles a year on a car and I want one that's reasonably fuel efficient, nice to drive and reasonable to maintain. With this car, everything is an issue. Windshield wipers, headlights, tires, trailer hitch, everything that should be a no brainer turns out to be complicated and expensive.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello Heavyed,
    Do you currently have a concern on your vehicle or has it been fixed? Can you please email me more information about your situation? You can get my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • hulyhuly Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Acadia SLE and after about 25k miles, the Goodyear Fortera tires started to howl, and only got worse. I researched tires pretty thoroughly, and found that you don't have to stick with the standard tire size, there is an alternate, a P265/60R-18. If you start looking at this tire size, you'll find some other brands available. After my research, I chose the Michelin Latitude Tour. Most places I looked didn't recognize this tire in this size, so I called Michelin. Michelin replied that this tire IS available, and gave me the Michelin tire number for an installer to order. It is 15891. I just had these tires installed (32k), and as usual with Michelin, I am completely satisfied. The ride is quiet again, and I know these are probably the last tires I'll ever have to put on this vehicle. These tires aren't cheap, but not that much more expensive than the other makes. I wouldn't recommend the GY Forteras to anyone. Those tires still had lots of tread left, but I just couldn't stand the road noise anymore. Read the reviews on the Michelin Latitude Tour, and do NOT make the mistake of ordering the Michelin Latitude Tour HP! You won't get the mileage out of those tires, from what I read. ;)
  • hdaohdao Member Posts: 20
    Have you tried to 275x60x18? Does it work ok without rubbing the wheel wells? What tire brand did you put in? Thanks in advance.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867

    No. I have not worn the Goodyear's that come on it out yet. Probably another year before that happens. I only have about 21K miles. My wife is driving it most of the time and since she retired a year ago does not put on near as many miles as before. I'm driving her '04 Envoy XL mostly... still runs good and in good shape, but has some issues with fuel guage.

    I'll probably be taking the Outlook to gulf coast in October for the annual golf trip. If the Goodyear's performance drops off even if they are not worn down, then I would probably put on something like the Coopers.

    I'll update when it is time to actually make a move.

  • golfer25golfer25 Member Posts: 1
    arent you worried that by using a different size you will affect handling, safety, odometer, etc.? the tire size on each car is designed specfically for that car by GM
  • heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
    I now have 159,000 miles on the Acadia with about 34k on the Michelins and there is a lot of tread remaining. Definitely the best tire so far for me. I bet I can get another 5 or 10k out of them. They handle better, stop better, and sound better than the Fortera's. If my GPS tells me I'm doing 70 my speedo tells me I'm doing 70, so I don't think my odometer would be incorrect. If you look back in this thread, GM contacted me about my dissatisfaction and I told them I put the Michelins on the car and they didn't object.
  • davetylerdavetyler Member Posts: 13
    At 13,000 on 2008 had nail almost on side of tire. Discount would not fix. Ordered set of Michlen of Latitude, not the Tour one. Had 45,000, 32,000 or so on Michelin. Have four vehicles with all Michelins, these were the worst set ever, wore out at 32,000. Complained to Michelin and gave me adjustment, good will they called. Did not sit well with me. Bought the new LTX2 with 70,000 mile warranty. More tires available now. So far feel good but not many miles. Guy told me the Goodyears were pitiful and do not warranty anything? Good luck, these are more like the regular LTX in tread design. Would recommend. List about $220 before all the gimmicks.
  • davetylerdavetyler Member Posts: 13
    Where is the drain plug on the 2008 Acadia? A drain and refill only? Can I use synthetic with no problem, Dextron VI.?
    I showed about 6.3 qts? Refill at dip stick ? Thanks. Dave
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    Ok guys - I am on my secound set of Goodyears on my Acadia -2008 now with 117,000 miles and I have about 10-12,000 miles left on these. As I have called around the Michelin/ Latitude Tour are available on line or at Costco or NTB. Big price difference. Right now I can get the P265/60R18 for $139.00 ea. - very good price at Costco. The kicker......starting March 1st the tires go up to $223.00 ea. - Just an FYI. My main concern is that changing size will be an issue. Does anyone or has anyone put this size tire on the Acadia? Any problems?
  • davetylerdavetyler Member Posts: 13
    Do not waste your time with Goodyear or the Michelin Latitude, both junk. With less than 50,000 have had both. Michlin gave me 35% credit because of bad tires. They said they were new and others not available. Purchased Michlin LTX MS-2, p265/60 18, they have 70,000 mile warranty. Mush better handling and wear. Mine is also 2008. Good luck. Used Discount tire in Texas. Even the Michlin rep admitted to the Latitude was not so good. Good Luck. Dave
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    Dave.....thanks. Great information. I really didn't want to get into another bad set. I am in Georgia and I am sure I can location a good dealer in the area. Looks like I have a little more homework to do. Bruce
  • heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
    I also like the LTX MS2 Michelins. I have 183,000 on my 2007 Acadia and these tires have performed great.
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for the feedback. No size issues going from a P255/65R18 to a P265/60R18? Also - any change in the gas mileage? The rating is a 8 one these tires but if they preform I will have to live with it. Thanks again - Bruce
  • heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
    No speedo or clearance issues with the size change. My mileage has always averaged around 20 mpg regardless of tire choice. I'm 90 percent highway driving and never get close to the advertised 24 mpg.
    For me. the Michelins have been head and shoulders above the Forteras in ride, handling and snow performance. And they are cheaper.
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    Fantastic......... I guess I will be doing some shopping today. Have a great day!
  • mcrummcrum Member Posts: 5
    What year model is your Acadia? I have an 08 and have considered also going with the 265/60/18 but was afraid of what might happen.....dont want to set off every alarm, light, etc b/c I changed tires.
  • mcrummcrum Member Posts: 5
    Have you had any problems out of your Acadia after changing the tire size?
  • mcrummcrum Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone had any problems out of their Acadia after changing from the OE tire size 255/65/18 to a 265/60/18? Has it affected your speedometer, transmission, tire pressure sensors, etc?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,348
    265/60-18 are 1.7% smaller in diameter.. It will affect your speedometer and odometer... Your readings will be higher than actual.

    (For every 983 miles you drive, your odometer will record 1000)

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  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    2008......based on some of the other responses. I am looking to put the Michelin 265 / 60R18 on. They are pricey. With everything we are talking a little over a $1,000. Michelin does have a $70.00 rebate so that will help. Everyone in my area are within $3 of each other. I am hoping the size change is not going to be a problem. I did ask Discount Tire and they indicated there should be no issues.
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14 this point putting an average 1,000 miles on the car it will put over 2,000 miles on the odometer a year. But I really don't want to go back to the Goodyear. 2 sets of those are enough.
  • heavyedheavyed Member Posts: 8
    For me the choice was simple. The Forteras are currently about $240, the Michelins $190. The Forteras were lasting less than 30k miles the Michelins better than 45k. I have 183k on the car. The first 100k with 3 sets of the Forteras. The last 83k with two sets of Michelins. Oh, and the transmission was replaced at 95k having only used the Forteras.
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    I am getting better mileage out of the Forteras and should get another 10 -12,000 before I pull these off. I have 117K on my now so I guess it could have been worst. I hate to hear about the transmission. I have change fluid twice and so far so good. I still really like the car and would look to GMC when I am really to change.
  • davetylerdavetyler Member Posts: 13
    Read all remarks and having used different tires I still say the Michelin LTX ms2 are by far the better tire and warranty, a little pricey, but with rebate and all, Discount Tire, keep them rotated and balance, so much better ride for me and three miles on dirt road. Discount also reset computer so shows correct tire location. This is a no brainer! the 1.7 % is nothing compared to the tire ride. Does not affect warranty. Good luck. Dave
  • golfduffer17golfduffer17 Member Posts: 1
    hi - my 2008 acadia has 46K miles and needs new tires. I am not thrilled with the price of the Fortera's, and feel the car rides quite noisily, but i am comfortable with the handling in the snow. I live in New England so need good traction year round.

    I am considering the Hankook ventus or the cooper, mostly for price but want safety too. Not comfortable changing tire size to the michelin's you all are discussing recently. Anybody have any knowledge/experience with the hankook or cooper or alternate? appreciate the feedback.
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    I have not looked into Hankook or Cooper. I now have 121,000 and it is time for my 3rd set. Two sets of Fortera's. With the miles I put on and I am looking to reduce the road noise and get the ride. I think I will be going with the Michelin's. I was able to get over 60,000 on the Fortera's so I hope to get 70,000 + on this next set. It is still a lot of money but in the end, comfort, gas mileage, noise.
  • mcrummcrum Member Posts: 5
    I did change size and went with the Michelin. So far so good. I have only had them about a month but the ride is great. There was only an overall size difference in the tires of 1/2 inch and you cant beat the ride of the Michelin MTX M/S.
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    I believe I am going with the LTX M/S2 - at least in GA they are running around $220.00 ea. Michelin does have a online $70.00 rebate until 4/2/11. I guess I better get going before it expires.
  • davetylerdavetyler Member Posts: 13
    Once again, the Michelin LTX MS/2 is the one. Size is not a issue. No comparison. Read #39. My wife just had hers rotated and balanced again. Great ride and wearing like the old LTX's. You won't go wrong. I don't necessarliy go by"you get what you pay for" but in this case I do not believe you will be disappointed with the LTX MS/2. Best to you. Dave Tyler
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    Thanks Dave, great information. I made the call and hope to be back in comfort soon. Bruce
  • pearcatpearcat Member Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Acadia with 69,800 miles on the GY tires . My son works at a tire store and can get me a set of BF goodrich 265/60-18 for under $500 so I am going to try them. wish me luck.
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    Good luck. The Michelin's went on yesterday. Quite and nice so far. The big miles start up again tomorrow.
  • mcrummcrum Member Posts: 5
    I so agree, loving mine so far. And, it hasnt affected anything...mpg, speedometer, etc. No problems!!
  • sp9xsp9x Member Posts: 1
    I have 255/60/19 108H tires, Goodyear stock currently on 2008 Acadia w/ 38K miles, just bought car 10/10, tires are fairly worn down, very noisy, slippery. Been pricing and searching for new tires but found that they are very expensive and hard to find what tire fits on the 19" wheel, it has been very confusing as well. Any suggestions?
  • bzerbzer Member Posts: 14
    I am not sure why you have 19" tires on the GMC. They should have 18". I did go with the Michelin's. If I remember they were 265/60/18 - Michelin LTX MS2. they have been good so far. I am having some balancing issues but the dealer has taken care of it. The Fortera just didn't do it for me. I went through 2 sets. But I did get over 60K on both sets. Most dealers and discount tire companies have a $70 or $100 rebate on a set of 4. Check online, SAM's, Costco, and Discount Tire. I hope that helped but I would double check the rim size,
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Go to for tire suggestions. Also, look on your tires for the correct size. I have 20's on mine.
  • jwitz1jwitz1 Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone had experience with HANKOOK ventus AS RH07 255/65/18?
    I am looking to replace my Gdyr set after 60K +.
    I really cannot find much info about these tires. They are way i am interested in feedback on there performance.
  • jwitz1jwitz1 Member Posts: 2
    Sorry to hear you only got about 25K on the goodyears. How has your experience with the Hankook been?
  • davetylerdavetyler Member Posts: 13
    Go and buy the Michelin mentioned. Do not go cheap on tires! The new MS2 not the Latitudes. Read previous info. You will thank me later. From experience. Dave
  • b11b11 Member Posts: 1
    Just purchased the Hankook AS RH07 255/65/18's for my 2008 Acadia a few weeks back. Replacements for original GoodYear's after 45K. Only having 2-3 choices of tire in 255/65/18 was extremely disappointing. Tire Co's need to step it up. Did quite a bit of research ( is a good resource) and determined that they are solid tires, just starting to make a name in the US - made in Korea. The rep at Discount Tires did not know anything about them. The Hankooks are nearly $100 per tire cheaper than the GY's. Just finished a 1000 mile road trip through mountains w/ rain - performed excellent. Noise level is low. Would definitely recommend!
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