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GMC Acadia Tires and Wheels



  • bzerbzer Posts: 14 this point putting an average 1,000 miles on the car it will put over 2,000 miles on the odometer a year. But I really don't want to go back to the Goodyear. 2 sets of those are enough.
  • For me the choice was simple. The Forteras are currently about $240, the Michelins $190. The Forteras were lasting less than 30k miles the Michelins better than 45k. I have 183k on the car. The first 100k with 3 sets of the Forteras. The last 83k with two sets of Michelins. Oh, and the transmission was replaced at 95k having only used the Forteras.
  • bzerbzer Posts: 14
    I am getting better mileage out of the Forteras and should get another 10 -12,000 before I pull these off. I have 117K on my now so I guess it could have been worst. I hate to hear about the transmission. I have change fluid twice and so far so good. I still really like the car and would look to GMC when I am really to change.
  • Read all remarks and having used different tires I still say the Michelin LTX ms2 are by far the better tire and warranty, a little pricey, but with rebate and all, Discount Tire, keep them rotated and balance, so much better ride for me and three miles on dirt road. Discount also reset computer so shows correct tire location. This is a no brainer! the 1.7 % is nothing compared to the tire ride. Does not affect warranty. Good luck. Dave
  • hi - my 2008 acadia has 46K miles and needs new tires. I am not thrilled with the price of the Fortera's, and feel the car rides quite noisily, but i am comfortable with the handling in the snow. I live in New England so need good traction year round.

    I am considering the Hankook ventus or the cooper, mostly for price but want safety too. Not comfortable changing tire size to the michelin's you all are discussing recently. Anybody have any knowledge/experience with the hankook or cooper or alternate? appreciate the feedback.
  • bzerbzer Posts: 14
    I have not looked into Hankook or Cooper. I now have 121,000 and it is time for my 3rd set. Two sets of Fortera's. With the miles I put on and I am looking to reduce the road noise and get the ride. I think I will be going with the Michelin's. I was able to get over 60,000 on the Fortera's so I hope to get 70,000 + on this next set. It is still a lot of money but in the end, comfort, gas mileage, noise.
  • mcrummcrum Posts: 5
    I did change size and went with the Michelin. So far so good. I have only had them about a month but the ride is great. There was only an overall size difference in the tires of 1/2 inch and you cant beat the ride of the Michelin MTX M/S.
  • bzerbzer Posts: 14
    I believe I am going with the LTX M/S2 - at least in GA they are running around $220.00 ea. Michelin does have a online $70.00 rebate until 4/2/11. I guess I better get going before it expires.
  • davetylerdavetyler Posts: 13
    Once again, the Michelin LTX MS/2 is the one. Size is not a issue. No comparison. Read #39. My wife just had hers rotated and balanced again. Great ride and wearing like the old LTX's. You won't go wrong. I don't necessarliy go by"you get what you pay for" but in this case I do not believe you will be disappointed with the LTX MS/2. Best to you. Dave Tyler
  • bzerbzer Posts: 14
    Thanks Dave, great information. I made the call and hope to be back in comfort soon. Bruce
  • pearcatpearcat Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Acadia with 69,800 miles on the GY tires . My son works at a tire store and can get me a set of BF goodrich 265/60-18 for under $500 so I am going to try them. wish me luck.
  • bzerbzer Posts: 14
    Good luck. The Michelin's went on yesterday. Quite and nice so far. The big miles start up again tomorrow.
  • mcrummcrum Posts: 5
    I so agree, loving mine so far. And, it hasnt affected anything...mpg, speedometer, etc. No problems!!
  • sp9xsp9x Posts: 1
    I have 255/60/19 108H tires, Goodyear stock currently on 2008 Acadia w/ 38K miles, just bought car 10/10, tires are fairly worn down, very noisy, slippery. Been pricing and searching for new tires but found that they are very expensive and hard to find what tire fits on the 19" wheel, it has been very confusing as well. Any suggestions?
  • bzerbzer Posts: 14
    I am not sure why you have 19" tires on the GMC. They should have 18". I did go with the Michelin's. If I remember they were 265/60/18 - Michelin LTX MS2. they have been good so far. I am having some balancing issues but the dealer has taken care of it. The Fortera just didn't do it for me. I went through 2 sets. But I did get over 60K on both sets. Most dealers and discount tire companies have a $70 or $100 rebate on a set of 4. Check online, SAM's, Costco, and Discount Tire. I hope that helped but I would double check the rim size,
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Go to for tire suggestions. Also, look on your tires for the correct size. I have 20's on mine.
  • jwitz1jwitz1 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had experience with HANKOOK ventus AS RH07 255/65/18?
    I am looking to replace my Gdyr set after 60K +.
    I really cannot find much info about these tires. They are way i am interested in feedback on there performance.
  • jwitz1jwitz1 Posts: 2
    Sorry to hear you only got about 25K on the goodyears. How has your experience with the Hankook been?
  • davetylerdavetyler Posts: 13
    Go and buy the Michelin mentioned. Do not go cheap on tires! The new MS2 not the Latitudes. Read previous info. You will thank me later. From experience. Dave
  • b11b11 Posts: 1
    Just purchased the Hankook AS RH07 255/65/18's for my 2008 Acadia a few weeks back. Replacements for original GoodYear's after 45K. Only having 2-3 choices of tire in 255/65/18 was extremely disappointing. Tire Co's need to step it up. Did quite a bit of research ( is a good resource) and determined that they are solid tires, just starting to make a name in the US - made in Korea. The rep at Discount Tires did not know anything about them. The Hankooks are nearly $100 per tire cheaper than the GY's. Just finished a 1000 mile road trip through mountains w/ rain - performed excellent. Noise level is low. Would definitely recommend!
  • davetylerdavetyler Posts: 13
    You must have not done very much research, or not have read this forum. You would have found several options. The purpose of these forums are to inform and assist each other and save each other headaches. Good luck with your tires. You did good on your Goodyears because mine your junk. Take care. Be sure to change your Transmission fluid and air cleaner. Dave
  • Has anyone reviewed, or had experience with the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Ecopia? I am going to buy new tires in Sept.. I have 60K on the Acadia and do not like the noise of the Goodyear. Tire size 255/65/18.
  • Read #52 and others if you haven't. You can tell by my name that I like the Michelin's, MS2's not Latitudes. They have 70,000 warranty but also ride great and wear great. Have over 15-20,000 on these I have on 2008. You can not go wrong unless you get the others free, then I would think about it. Read the other posts if you haven't yet. Good luck. Dave
  • I used to do this all the time with VW's.

    Same price to buy 15" alloy wheels and then 195/65/15's as it was to just buy the replacement low profile 17's. From then on you can buy the much more popular (and thus cheaper) 195/65/15's for the life of the car.

    Trying to find what rims (hopefully nothing real fancy/expensive) might be able to work on a friends 2010 Acadia with 255/65/18 that would fit over brake calipers, have the same offset, etc.

    Couldn't find anything here with search where anyone had tried this - or more accurately found something that would work.

    Anyone else researched this?
  • I have a 2008 Acadia and am looking for snow tires. We get some pretty heavy snow here and the only 2 brands I have found in 255/60R/19 is either the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 or the Michelin Latitude X-Ice. Anyone have any experience with either one, or any other suggestion?
  • Did you end up with the Bridgestone tires or not? I am strongly considering them with the deal I can get through Costco.
  • So I am on my second Acadia. I was satisfied with my 2008, but recently traded for a 2011 after some re-occurring service problems. One that kept happening on my 2008 was the left front tire kept going flat. Dealer looked at it over and over again, put it in a dunk tank, and could not ever find a leak. They ended up replacing the tire pressure sensor, and that worked for a while. Now my 2011 is doing the same thing....on the same tire. Either there is a design flaw, or my neighborhood kids are having fun with me!

    Question: Has anyone else had habitually flat tires on their Acadia???? Thanks
  • matt1974matt1974 Posts: 1
    bought my 2009 back in March. Just had the oil changed and tires rotated. Had a little road noise before rotation. Now the road noise is much worse? My Acadia has the Goodyear Fortera tires and from reading forums, does not seem to be a popular tire? I will be pricing the Michelin LTX MS2 for replacement.
  • bzerbzer Posts: 14
    Matt - the Michelin were a great choice for me. A lot more money but they are quite and my miles per gallon went up. I had to trade my 08 Acadia back in April. The transmission went at 170000. Watch that. Went to a Ford Flex and I very happy with that so far. Good luck.
  • davetylerdavetyler Posts: 13
    Matt1974, You will not go wrong with the LTXMS2, do NOT let them sell you the other Michelin, they are worse than the Goodyears! Please don't ask how I know. If read previous Posts, then you know. Good luck! Dave Tyler
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