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Volkswagen Tiguan Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,817
edited May 2015 in Volkswagen
Tell us about shopping for a new Tiguan!


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  • How long until VW will offer a great lease on the Tiguan???
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Well, can't lease one now until the recall is taken care of. Not a good way to launch a product.
  • What recall??? Please advise!
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    Volkswagen is recalling approximately 4,000 of its 2008 Passats and Passat Wagons, along with the 2009 Tiguan. The automaker will fix engine control module software that can trigger an unexpected increase in engine rpm, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    Ow. Not a good start for an all new model.
    But VW has company: Subaru had a stop sales order on the '09 Forester XT because a few overseas models has severe engine wear.
  • Curious...where are you getting this recall info? I test drove one and never heard of any recall..I have researched this vehicle and only found that Track & Field edition won't come to USA for awhile and that prices will drop in August. There are people on this site whom purchased the SEL, SE, and S models in June with no engine issues! No mention of recall from them. So, just point me in the direction where I can research this a link? :lemon:
  • NM...found it... at-and-wagon-for-engin/?icid=100214839x1203786883x1200160498
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127

    Volkswagen is recalling 4,000 2008 Passats and 2009 Tiguans for an "engine surging" issue. The problem is an engine control module that may not control engine idle when the air conditioning is turned on. In rare cases, the ECM can trigger an unexpected jump in engine RPM, which could obviously lead to an accident. NHTSA has informed VW that since the recall is a safety concern, dealers cannot sell the vehicles until the problem has been fixed. Owners of potentially affected vehicles are being told not to operate the air conditioning until a VW dealer has serviced the ECM, which is less than terrific news considering it's June and temperatures are around 90 degrees in many parts of the country. While it's disheartening that the brand new Tiguan is already getting its first recall, at least the problem was discovered early and there's a fix readily available.
  • I can confirm that VWoA's lease deals are horrible right now.

    Both dealers I visited today in Cincinnati confirmed it.

    Only got a lease write-up from one of them so far.

    Tiguan SE w/ Moonroof - MSRP 29,100
    880 down, $530 a month (3/36).

    Didn't get a money factor or rate from them - I was speechless, so I probably couldn't talk.

    This is almost the same $ as my Touareg that is getting ready to go off lease. (4/48 - $800 down, $535 a month), only difference is, that was a $44,000 car.

    Both dealers said Touaregs were sitting - not moving at all, and the Tiguans were only garnering passing interest.
  • raiderfan1raiderfan1 Posts: 12
    Just got an email quote for an S Auto Transmission of $24,000.00 I have not talked about monthly payment terms yet, but I do know that the rate will be 2.9% on 36months terms.....
  • I don't want to lease. I want to buy but I just want to know if the recall is over.
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    The only way I could get a deal since the vehicle is so new is buy using Costco. If you don't know, Costco members receive 300 over invoice. The 300 dollars goes to Costco, but you get 200.00 back in dealership coupon for accessories or service. I checked several other dealers and no one is going under MSRP. Here's my breakdown:

    Hi Jeff,

    Here is the price breakdown:

    2009 Tiguan 2.0LT SEL 4Motion $31,155
    Destination Charge $690

    Power Panoramic Roof $1,148
    DVD NAV $1,758
    Tiguan Mat Kit Rubber Mats (set of 4) and Trunk Liner $150
    Tinted Privacy Glass $400

    Price of vehicle $35,301

    Down Payment $5,000

    Gov't Fees $308.75

    Tax (SM County) $2,916.87

    Doc Fee $55

    Monthly payment for 48 months @ 5.9% is $787.77

    Monthly payment for 60 months @ 6.9% is $664.01

    Normally ordered cars take 90 days from build to delivery. Your color chosen is the Candy White with Sandstone Leather.

    Let me know if this is OK and we can take a credit card number for the deposit and start the process.

    Please also note I received invoice on navi/4motion and sunroof.

    Only a couple SEL's in California, I had to order mine. Looks like about 90 days. Although I'm leasing my current X3 my lease isn't up until Dec 13th. VW wll pay up to two months of my lease off after my car arrives. I'll be using Costco for financing as well, these APRS 2% higher than Costco.

    I drove the SE, rides beautifully, much more comfortable ride than X3.

    Jeffrey :shades:
  • I usually buy through fleet dealers....a salesman did call me last weekend to get me in and said the price had finally dropped.
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    I just realized I'm being charged for privacy glass and it's standard on the SE & SEL. I fired off an email to the internet salesman. :)
  • rubyjrubyj Posts: 3
    I also posted this in the leasing section, but thought it might be helpful here too. I am going to pick up my Tiguan tonight. I got a 4-Motion SE, white with sand cloth interior. They are throwing in the bluetooth with it. I am paying $2000 out of pocket (incl. 1st mo., taxes, title, fees, etc.) and $372 per month for 12K miles/36 mos. I am told it is $500 under invoice. They had it in stock.

    Adding the nav, sunroof and leather was too expensive, so I'm going without. Hopefully on my next car. :)
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    SE 4motion is $28,875 MSRP and $26,946 invoice. Let us know what the selling price is from the contract and if possible break it down for us... Sounds like a great deal, but just remember the lease contract usually inludes about a 800-900 leasing fee. Look for it in the contract. I'm not exactly sure, but it's there somewhere.

    A little over $15,000.00 for three years is your cost. What's the pay off after 36mo? Happy trails.... :) I chose white also.

  • Jeff,

    I am curious about the Costco deal. My husband and I are interested in leasing a Tiguan. We are looking at the SEL. We live in Florida and are Costco members. We have been to two dealerships and are in the process of negotiating. How do we get the Costco deal? Do we tell the dealership that we are members or do we have to go through Costco? I am so happy to hear about this deal. Do you like the car? We are deciding between the beige or black leather interior. Is the beige easy to keep clean?
    Thank you.

  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33

    Yes, contact Costco and they will tell you which dealer works with Costco. The dealer must give you 300 dollars over invoice. If they don't Costco wants to know because they have a synergistic relationship. Beige is better in my opinion, I like two tone. Plus, black shows grey scuffs and the beige hides dirt better believe it or not. Plus, the beige comes with black carpet, nice for foot traffic. I decided on White/Gold paint.

  • Jeffery,

    Thank you for the information. I asked the dealership about Costco and they said they would give me the deal. The only issue is finding a car. There is one available with a navigation system, which I don't know that I need. It adds about $2,000. to the vehicle. Do you have the navigation system? If so, do you like it? I like either the candy white or the white gold with the beige interior. How is the gas mileage? They say it gets 18 in the city and 24 on the highway. I appreciate your help.

  • Jeffrey,

    I just emailed Costco and received local dealer info. I usually deal with fleet dealers from my credit union. Do you have any advice for dealing with dealers associated with Costco's program as far as getting the lowest price over invoice and no extra fees? With fleet guys, you pay no dealer costs because they get loan kickbacks...I don't want anything to do with Capital One and that is costco's loan service. Any advice regarding purchasing and financing is greatly appreciated! I want to purchase a blue SEL fully $38, MSRP :shades:

  • Jeff,

    QUESTIONS: What was your OTD cost after tax, tag, title, blah, blah, blah...? Did the internet guy save you dealer fees, like fleet guys say they do? Did you get the 4.94% Costco financing rate? :)

  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    From what I heard the all around gas mileage in a mixed loop was 22-23mpg. Navigation may not be right for you, but I find it helpful even around where I live to get me on the freeway quick.
    Prevent ending up in neighborhoods you would rather avoid, safety. Plus, if you get the NAVI you also get a back-up camera. Are you getting the panorama roof as well? I'm getting the white/gold, looks more sophisticated IMO. Just get everything, leaves nothing to be desired. :shades:
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    Hi Gina,

    see my previous post on the breakdown in price. Costco deal is 300 over invoice. Plus I received invoice on all options. If you can beat that price on this vehicle's first year let me know. I've ordered mine and am impatiently waiting. No SEL's in the Bay Area, just S and SE's.

    Jeffrey :)
  • Jeff,

    Thank you for the information, the back up camera is very useful, I agree. I was just trying to get one without navigation to save some money. I am getting the panorama roof as well. That is a very nice option and makes the interior feel wide open. I like both the white gold and candy white. Have you seen them in both colors in person?
    When will you get your vehicle?
  • Hi, Jeff,

    Did read your post on price breakdown but you mentioned that the internet guy added a $400 fee for tint that should have been included. Did you get that worked out? Was your OTD cost 35? Any tips for internet orders?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    Unfortunately I haven't seen them in person but here's a couple of links you will enjoy on some amazing high resolution pictures. Hold on let me go get the link..........................................................................he- re it is

    My vehicle is on order and I will not get it until end of October :cry: :mad: :sick: The only option I have unless I want an SE, so I have to wait. Besides my X3 lease expires December 13th. No problem there...
  • jeffxpjeffxp Posts: 33
    Hi Gina, I haven't worked that out but I don't think it will be a problem. Just an oversight on his part and the web shows it's included so shouldn't be a problem.

    No tips for internet orders. I think once you show interest in the Costco program the rules may follow those guidelines. I am enjoying the part of no haggling and $300 over invoice for a brand new model is a good deal as far as I'm concerned. Having said that, there's probably always a better deal to be had, but circumstances have to be just right, dealer may be hot and they don't need to deal or sales may be slow and they are willing to deal.... :shades:
  • The Costco guy told me there is a hold on orders for SEL's with NAV because there is a hold on new NAV system. Were you able to get the new touch screen NAV or did you have to go with the original since you have already place your order...when it is available for order again, it will be $500 under invoice...he said that as Europe got vehicle not much earlier than US, they are backed up in production, especially since Tiguan became popular in US so early on...many of us want the SEL's. :P
  • Yes, after pressing my salesman about a solid delivery date becase my lease was ending in December. He came back with a march/April delivery date, so I had to cancell my order. Now I'm back looking for another vehicle....Really bummed out. But maybe I can find something else... :sick: I drove the RX350 today and wasn't amazed or astonished. I guess I was expecting more from Lexus, I never driven one before. Good luck and I hope your time frame is better than mine.

  • Jeff,

    We just got a Tiguan SEL but it doesn't have navigation, it is candy white with charcoal interior. This one came in and we decided to take it without nav, since there was a wait on delivery. It is very nice and drives well. I knew there was a backup in production but didn't realize that they had changed to a touch screen on the nav system. My husband is enjoying the car very much, he is the one driving it. I am sorry you had to cancel your order. Are you sure that you can't find one without nav from another dealer? We drove the RX350 and we didn't like the way it handled.It was also more expensive. The Subaru Forrester drove very nicely, did you look at that? We were surprised when we drove it, but my husband didn't like the look of the car as much as the Tiguan.
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