Sunroof leak on my Saturn Outlook

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Has anyone else had problems with their sunroof leaking?


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    Yes! We live in the Northeast and sometimes get a lot of rain very quickly. We noticed that we were getting water in the car. We were finding water dripping through the side air bags and just to the right of the glove box. We noticed electrical problems also. The engine would not always stop when the key was turned off and we had some computer problems like the tire pressure monitor would stop working. I think this is because one of the fuse boxs for the car is located to the right side of the glove box where we were finding water as was getting wet. We have taken it in several times. A 1.5 hour drive one way. The service dept. kept on telling us the sun roof drains were clogged. They finally told us the sun roof drains could only handle so many onces per minute (20 oz?) and we were exceeding that. The water was overflowing into the car. The service manager told us that he has several customers that had similiar problems with the sunroof drains. It is a poor design that the Saturn Corp. is not really taking care of yet. With the electrical problems and all I think it should be a recall. We finally got the dealership to pay off our old Outlook and we purchased a new one without a sunroof. We love the Outlook but are NOT happy about the way the Saturn Corp. handled the problem. The dealership had to cover for them. Stay away from sunroofs on Saturn cars. Like I said, we love the Outlook but will think twice about buy a Saturn after our experience with the Saturn Corp.
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    I bought my Saturn Outlook in October 2007 and 1st noticed it leaking April 2008.
    It has been in the shop 6 times since April and GM is refusing to do anything about it. They have offered me a small cash settlement to keep my leaking Outlook and go away.
    I now have a lawyer. Since I put more than the 12,000 miles a year allotted by the Lemon Law we are having problems with GM doing the right thing.
    I recommend you get a lawyer and quickly.
    They can not fix it.
    They have sent GM GURUS to come fix mine only for me to pick it up and as soon as it rains it leaks like the Titanic.
    There were 3 Saturn Outlooks sold from my dealership from the same Salesman even that have this same problem. That means there is a defect in the manufacturing of this particular vehicle.
    Get a Lawyer.
    We get enough Lawyers involved we may have a class action suit.
    Most Lemon Law Lawyers will not charge you but collect their money when a settlement is made. You will not be out of pocket.
    It's a long slow process and I am still waiting on mine to be settled, but the sooner you start, the sooner you get in a DRY Vehicle.
    You paid entirely too much for your vehicle to leak!!
    Get a Lawyer. :lemon:
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    Yes! My 07 leaks terribly!. I would notice a stream of water on the inside of the windshield after a rain event and wondered where it came from. One sunday as we were in the car going down the driveway on our way to church and after a three day deluge we got SOAKED! Water was pouring in from the sunroof area, all the airbag covers, from the right side near the glove box, carpeting and headliner soaked, etc. Took it in to the dealer and spoke with the service manager who immediately new why we were in for service, without even talking to us. and told us that the drains were not designed right and the tubes were too short. They allegedly fixed it, replaced the liner and the carpeting. My problem with their response was that the sunroof was closed the whole weekend, so how did the water get in in the first place? The tech working on the car said that "its designed that way, all sunroof leak". I said no they dont because my 96 Caravan with an AFTERMARKET sunroof never leaked a drop! To make a long story shorter it still leaks and the dealership is trying to tell me that "it;s designed to leak that way :surprise: The fella at the rental place said that I wasnt the first Outlook owner he's seen with this problem. We're going to give them a chance to make it right, they can buy this thing back from us and or put us in a new one (if they fixed the design flaw.) Otherwise I agree that a class action is warranted, and we will be talking with an attorney. It was insulting the way the GM people try to get you to believe some line of Bullsh#t , especially when you try to do the right thing and buy U.S.
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    After taking my car in for the recall notice about the sun roof fix, less than 2 days we had rain and got into my car and drove out of my drive way, and whooosh. water gushing from my roof lining and splashing all over my dash above the glove box.
    Took it in to Saturn and pretty much was told I LEFT the sun roof cracked open.
    After saying it was not possible, they check it and they said it was leaking.
    3 days later they said it was fixed and drove it out only to have my stereo go out on me. Back to the shop and they checked it again and found there was STILL a leak.
    My Outlook is now 1week in the shop and was told today that there is a back order on the sun roof replacement. No ETA, so it is great that I found this site, because I am printing out all of the letters and taking them to the dealer. I have a warranty rental, but I want my car back, and FIXED.
    Obviously there is a defect on this, and either they have just discoverd there is a defect or they don't know what to do.
    I love my Outlook, it is a otherwise great vehicle. I have never had a problem with Saturn service, but ever since GM took them over, they have dropped the ball.
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    I'm amazed that this problem is just now surfacing. I mean...we've had our Outlook for 1.5 years now and only now is the leaking sunroof an issue. Our problems started last night with our Christmas running around. Made stops here, there and a few other place with no problem. However, on the way home I noticed a message in the DIC that stated "Engine hot, A/C off". I tried getting the A/C to turn on to no avail. I also noticed the temp gauge was still resting where it sits when the truck is off...I started worrying. Get home (with no other problems) and when I cut the truck off and remove the key...the engine still runs for a few seconds before slowly dying, not cutting off, but slowly dying. The next issue I noticed, the remote start wasn't working now either.

    Today I called my Saturn dealer and they inform me that there's on open TSB concerning the installation of drain tubes for the sunroof and that water has been dripping down on the fuse box which is creating the problems. My question is...why now, why 1.5 years after the fact? We've had some pretty serious rains between then and now with no problems at all. I don't know...sounds like some BS to me, but we'll see. We are scheduled to drop the truck off tonight and they said it would be fixed by tomorrow evening. I'll post my results.

    Until then, I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy, safe and blessed New Year!!!

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    Yes! In fact I took my 2007 Saturn Outlook in 6 times - it leaked over and over. I contacted GM Customer Service after the 4th leak.. in the process of negotiation, it leaked 2 more times. Be aware that it is not only the sunroof that leaks - the drain tubes were too short and not connected at the factory - but also a 'body seam' leak near the firewall.
    Long story short, EVERYONE in the Saturn customer service - from the Chesapeake, VA dealership/service dept, GM Customer Service, and Field Factory Rep - were awesome!!! In my case, it resulted in a dealer buyback/lemon law complaint, however I drove away with the 2009 Outlook after paying some $$ out of pocket. This leaking problem is unfortunate, but based on the world class level of customer service - including genuine caring and sympathy at all levels - I would not buy another SUV other than the Outlook. I've got my fingers crossed (and raincoat on!) with the 2009, but really it is the PERFECT family car for us.
    Saturn tried extemely hard in my case and I remain loyal to the brand because of it. Now more than ever we should be supporting our own auto industry and stop flushing our dollars away to foriegn pockets. Here's my Go-America quote for the day: Either buy American, or start learning Chinese.. More truth in that than just sensationalism.
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    Today is December 30th and I'm happy to report that GM is buying back my Saturn Outlook. Every complaint contained in this blog is 100% accurate. I really mean it - don't take anything for granted. The drain tubes are too short, the drain holes are too small and thus every sunroof leaks at one point or another. GM knows this, but won't openly admit it (...and people wonder why GM needs a bailout...). My Outlook was in the shop 4 times before I smartened up and pursued the Lemon Law. Make it 5 times now and it still leaks. My dealer tried an ad hoc solution recommended by another dealer in the area, which also didn't work. It really is too bad because otherwise the Outlook is perfect for my family. Needless to say, this was my first and most definitely the last American car experience. I hate to admit it, but the Japanese produce much more reliable vehicles. If you're reading this and experiencing a sunroof leaking problem and still within Lemon Law specifications, do yourself a favor and pursue it. Don't kid yourself or wait until it's too late. It is completely wrong that GM refuses to address this problem appropriately. I paid a lot of money (by my standards) for my Outlook so I expected a lot in return. I'm very disappointed in GM.
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    Somehow, the folks at our dealership were able to get our Outlook in and get it fixed. The took care of the two open TSB's...sunroof leak and the windshield wiper. We've had the truck back for a week now, it rained slightly since then so it's hard to determine if the fix worked. Guess we'll have to wait and see when we get some significant rain. Whatever they did, it took care of all the electrical issues that had popped up because of it.

    I hope everyone has a happy, safe and blessed New Year!!!

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    Can any of you please tell me if your sunroof stopped leaking once you had the recall tubing taking care of?? I am looking into buying an Outlook and would like to know before I buy.

    Thank you for your help :)
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    Can you let me know if your sunroof has leaked since your repair, or is the issue resolved?

    Thank you :)
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    My dealer wasn't able to fix the leak after 5 visits. The last straw was when they had it for 2 weeks and still didn't fix it. GM has since repurchased my Outlook through the Lemon Law. Still thinking about buying an Outlook? I've since purchased a Toyota Highlander and the workmanship blows away the Saturn.
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    to those of you who have had GM repurchase their 07 Outlook, what was the offer from GM? We had major water leaks and power steering failure as a result. We submitted lemon law paperwork and are now in the process of waiting for an offer from GM's negotiator on either a repurchase or a buyback. Just wondering what money you had to payout for an 09 outlook and wondering if you are happy with the 09. I love the outlook but after this I am leary on what to do. . . .
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    By law, there is a standard lemon law calculation that must be used for the repurchase amount. If you currently don't have an attorney, I would recommend contacting 800-Lemon Law or someone else with Lemon Law knowledge. The 800 Lemon Law folks charge their fees directly to GM and thus no out of pocket costs are incurred for the consumer. My repurchase amount ended up being very close to what I paid for it, including state taxes.
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    Tashjian, we are going to arbitration soon and I was wondering if you could let me know how things went with you and your lemon law pursuit. Water leaks are intermittent issues so how did you supply a burden of proof? anyhelp from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated. . . I know GM is going to say its your word against ours. . . . anyone with food for thought on this?
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    Well, my sunroof leaked every time it rained so I had no problem with burden of proof. I contacted my dealer after each leak and scheduled a service visit for documentation. Each service visit they attempted a new "fix", but nothing worked. So, the documentation I had for burden of proof was by default due to each service visit. Good luck.
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    Did you also have power steering failure as well in the rain? I have documented the leaks with service visits as well, however, once I started the lemonlaw process I didn't continue bringing it back in as it was a waste of time. I have been dealing with the horrible GM "negotiator" since February to no avail so now we are going to arbitration. Did you continue to document even after pursuing lemon?
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    Hello, I am currently involved in a lemon law claim regarding my 2008 Saturn Outlook for a water leak. My attorney is negotiating with GM. What kind of head way have you made with the arbitration process? Are you going for a complete buy-back from GM or a cash settlement. Thank you.
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    My attorney isn't having any luck at all with GM, we are now going straight to the attorney general. I will try to keep you updated.
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    Hello guys or girls; Please read the posts under "Saturn Transmission Problems". In those posts, you can read how to get your refund or vehicle exchange. As mentioned in the posts, do not, and I emphasize Do Not negotiate with GM. Call your Better Business Bureau Office and inform them of what you want to do under your State's Lemon Law. The BBB will take over regarding the lemon law, all the way through mediation AND it won't cost you a cent. I know, I've been there, done that. GM refunded me everything, including costs for tag and title. Any questions, drop me a line.

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    I live in Florida it has been raining for days here. We need the rain but because of all this 2008 Saturn Outlook is now leaking. It all started with me hearing a swishing noise like there was a bucket of water in the car and every time I turned a corner I could hear it swish to one side. Then yesterday I noticed that the driver’s side floor under the emergency brake was wet and dripping with water. Then I heard the swoosh and looked in the back and there was water dripping from the light fixtures over the third row of seats and the third row of seats was covered in water. I touched the sunroofs to see if they were wet and the area around them was dry. Then moments later my parking assist indicator light and message starting going off at random while I was driving as was my emergency brake light indicator. I called my husband and he called Saturn to make an appointment for me today. As I got in the truck this morning to head to Saturn for my appt. I notice the water on the driver’s side floor near the emergency brake was still dripping. The light fixture in the back didn't seem to be leaking at this time. However, as I pulled out of my driveway water gushed from the headliner on the passenger side all over the dashboard and the glove box and then I noticed water dripping from the driver’s side airbag opening on the column next to the windshield. And again my parking assist indicator starting going off at random and my emergency brake like as well. I left my car at Saturn of Brandon this morning and the service advisor check and told me that there are no known recalls for my truck year/model. She said sometimes the drains around the sunroof get clogged and need to be cleaned out to fix the problem. She was not sure if she could give me my truck back today. I have a loaner. After reading all the posts on this forum, I am not optimistic that they can fix my problem for good. I hope my outcome is better and less stressful than some that I have read here. I really do not want to have to go to the dealer over and over again to have the same problem repaired only for it to happen again. If the car leaks, it's probably

    We are in for a long summer of rain here in Florida. If they can't repair this...they will need to do the right thing. I shouldn't have to pay over $500 a month for a truck that is bringing on water. It's just not right. :mad: :lemon:
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    The Brandon Service advisor is correct, there's no "recall" on the sunroof leaks. However, there is a Service bullitin regarding the sunroof leaks. The drain tubes are too short causing the water to overflow into the inside roof area. My 08' XR had the same problem. The Dealer replaced the drain tubes with the correct ones and it hasn"t leaked since.
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    We are considering buying a 2009 Outlook but have recently read about all the roof leaks. Has anyone purchased an 09 and still have leaking problems. Or other problems you'd be willing to share before we make this investment.
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    I owned an 08' XR and the sunroof did not leak until we had it for about 11 months. There was a bullitin (not a recall) issued to dealers regarding the leaks and it did include the 09'. The dealer installed the new type drain tubes and no more leaks. However, my neighbor has an 09' XR. It's about 4 months old. It had no leaks until last week when we received over 5" of rain (Tampa Florida). He came running over discribing that he had about an inch of water in the floor of his Outlook. We parked it under my back patio cover until the rain had gone (all weekend). This past Monday, he took it to the dealer and found out that they had closed shop and he had to take it to another dealer 15 miles away. He got it back Thursday and the dealer told him that they could not find anything wrong but they went ahead and put new drain tubes in and had the carpet dried. I'm sorry, but I would recommend you leave the Saturn alone. If a full sized SUV is what you're looking for, try the GMC Acadia or the Yukon Hybrid. The GMC Acadia has the same frame and drive train as the Outlook but with a better chassis and trim.
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    After negotiating with GM for more than 2 months and not getting anywhere we took them to arbitration and won! it has been ruled that they repurchase my car for contract price, taxes, fees, finance interest. They now have until next week to make due on this judgment (of course I am not holding my breath waiting for them to contact me as I am sure they will wait until the last possible minute while I add more and more miles onto my car). Good luck. Let me know how you are making out. My suggestion would be to NOT negotiate, they will not give in and make good. now what to do. . . . stay with the Outlook and get an 09 or 10 (which I LOVE) or move onto a honda or toyota . . . . . any suggestions out there???
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    I bought an 08 Outlook in February of 2008, Memorial day weekend water was coming in from every nook in my car, airbags, dome lights, everywhere, in my lemon law is only good for 12 mos or 12,000 mi, which I am over on both. They fixed what they said was a common problem but never got any recall notice on my sunroof. Took them a week and got it back now having more electrical problems. Noticed probs w/ my window passenger side window not rolling down, before they even got to the shop had some other electrical probs. I am worried my whole electrical system is going to go out and me and my 6 children will be in a dangerous situation. Any suggestions on what I can do?
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    The Lemon Law is good for 24 months after you take delivery of the vehicle. There is no limit on mileage during that period. The following is quoted right out of the Lemon Law Guide Book.

    "You are entitled to a refund or replacement if the manufacturer cannot correct one or more defects or conditions covered by the warranty that substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehcle within a reasonable number of attempts during the "Lemon Law rights period." (The first 24 months after the date of original delivery of a motor vehicle to a consumer.) The law presumes that you have had a "reasonable number of attempts" if there have been at least three attempts to repair the same defect and the defect continues to exist after a final attempt to repair, or the vehicle has been ou of service by reason of repair for a cumulative total of 30 calendar days and the manufacturer or authorized service agent has a at least one chance to inspect or repair the vehicle after receipt of a written notification"

    PLEASE ! Keep a record of all repair work orders and dates, time and with whom you have spoken with regarding repairs to your Saturn. Be advised, there was no recall notice by Saturn regarding a sunroof leak. However, all Saturn dealers did receive a GM Technical Bullitin advising the dealer's technicians of the sunroof leak problem and how to correct it. The dealer WILL NOT advise you of the bullitin or problem until you take your vehicle into the dealership and a "repair work order is written up."

    Any problem which arises from the leaking sunroof is considered by law "a defect" and can be counted toward the Lemon Law claim. Keep all records and DO NOT asssume anything that is not written because the GM representative will not consider anything that is not on a Work Order or is printed in text or precisely described in the vehicle's warranty. Believe Me, I've been there and they will try their best to make you to be very ignorant or the problem with the vehicle is all in your mind.

    There should have been Consumer Guide to the Lemon Law issued with your vehicle. Do everything it says to do. Contact your Better Business Bureau to file a Lemon Law claim. Send GM a Motor Vehicle Defect Notification by registered mail (return receipt requsted). There may be a form in your booklet to fill out and send.

    Anyway, your better business bureau has an Auto LIne regarding the lemon law and they will guide you through the arbitration process to either get you a replacement or total refund.

    Keep us posted
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    Lemon laws vary from state to state.

    For example in Colorado, one of the worst lemon law states, their lemon law only applies for one year after purchase. Colorado AG's office
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    yeah, I live in Illinois and I checked out our lemon law, it is 1 year or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.
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    I purchased my 08 used and cannot fall back on the Lemon Law. A few weeks ago my wife had some water leak on her foot from under the dash on the passenger side. Last week it started to come out by the emergency brake. It has been raining on and off the last few weeks and I think that may be the culprit but I am not sure how it is getting in.
    I took it to the dealer yesterday and they found evidence of water but are unsure where it is coming from. We do not have a sunroof and I am stumped on what I should do next. The dealer said they could continue to search but it would get very time consuming and expensive. They said it could be a number of things from an unsealed body panel to a faulty windshield seal (I took the hose to the windshield and didn't have any water come in). Any thoughts or recommendations on what can be done or what I should do?
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    I was also wondering, has anyone thought of or had any problems of mold in their vehicle from this with it raining and heating up. Also anyone heard of maybe the vehicles rusting out early because of all the water buildup in the body?
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    This is a copy of a letter I received from Saturn. Print it and show it to your Dealer. The least he can say is no. At least you have a name to contact.

    Dear Saturn Owner:

    We have learned that your 2008 model year Saturn OUTLOOK, equipped with a sunroof, may have a condition in which water is not properly drained away from the sunroof. If this condition were to occur, water may enter the interior of the vehicle and dampen the carpet, upholstery, and other interior components.

    Your satisfaction with your OUTLOOK is very important to us, so we are announcing a program to prevent this condition or, if it has occurred, to fix it.

    What We Will Do: Your Saturn retailer will install drain tube extension assemblies and ensure that the water drains properly. This service will be performed for you at no charge until September 30,2009.

    What You Should Do: To limit any possible inconvenience, we recommend that you contact your Saturn retailer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for this repair. By scheduling an appointment, your retailer can ensure that the necessary parts will be available on your scheduled appointment date.

    Customer Reply Form: The enclosed customer reply form identifies your vehicle. Presentation of this form to your retailer will assist in making the necessary correction in the shortest possible time. If you no longer own this vehicle, please let us know by completing the form and mailing it back to us.

    If you have any questions or need any assistance to better understand related repairs, please contact your retailer.

    Courtesy Transportation: If your vehicle is within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty your retailer may provide you with shuttle service or some other form of courtesy transportation while your vehicle is at the facility for this repair.

    Please refer to your Owner's Manual and your retailer for details on courtesy

    We sincerely regret any inconvenience or concern that this situation may cause you. We want you to know that we will do our best, throughout your ownership experience, to ensure that your Saturn OUTLOOK provides you with many miles of enjoyable driving.

    j~ Scott Lawson

    General Director,
    Customer and Relationship Services
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    What ever happened with your truck I have the same problem but it messed up my fuse block because it got wet and corroded the plug in terminals :(
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    I sent an email to the GM and service manager letting them know that this is my third saturn I have purchased from them and I don't have the money to waist trying to problem solve. He called and left me a message and asked that I bring it in and they would do what they could. I told him that I would try to have the windshield resealed first since that is a service they don't do at my dealership. I found a place that can use compressed air and some kind of foam to detect leaks. If I don't find anything I will bring it in to them and have them look at it. If you find a solution to the water leaking please respond to this thread.
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    I am currently working on a buyback for my saturn outlook through a lemon law attorney. It is no cost to you. the sunroof leak in my car was chronic-every 3 months back to the dealer to be cleaned out-and the carpet was moldy-I have not received the check yet---allegedly this week---does anyone have an opinion on buying another outlook?
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    What has happened to your buyback situtation.

    I have a 2008 Outlook and am now with BBB trying to get the situation corrected.
    Need help, can you give me any advise.
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    I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook and recently had some major leaking problems (like having to hold a cup to catch a lot of water!) I turned the corner and my car sounded like a bucket of water sloshing from side to side. That same evening, water started leaking through all the seams in the front of my car (ie: the airbags on the side columns, the 3 buttons used for remote openers, my visor and the emergency brake area etc... ) I also had warning lights and alarms going off because there was water in my electrical system! I had the car towed to the Saturn dealership and they claimed it was a problem with the drain flaps. They said they removed the flaps to solve the problem. They also had to remove the carpet from my car and suck out all the water then let the carpet dry (still drying...).
    I asked about replacing the drains with longer ones which seams to have helped in some situations. Saturn didn't feel that was necessary; removing the flaps should do the trick.

    I mentioned to the dealership that I have read about this problem online and it appears that it had happened to several other people from around the country. Saturn 'wasn't aware that there was any problem' (even though some owners have filed a lemon law claims and others are getting attorneys involved to resolve their issues with the Outlook).

    I called the Saturn Corporation to ask if we could discuss an extended warranty. I love this car and I wanted to know that if I kept it and down the road something happened related to the current water dammage, I would be covered. Saturn's reply "We understand your frustration however, Saturn is not prepared to take this any further." After a bit of 'discussion' they hung up on me! What?

    So, I am here to post my 'opinion' on the Saturn Outlook and the HORRIBLE Customer service.

    It is a beautiful car and overall I love it. I just wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't buy it if I had the choice again.
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    I have had an 08 outlook with sunroof for 15 months. During that time, it has been at the dealer 5 times to repair water leaks. They said it was sunroof drains. They were too short or clogged. Those were fixed. But at next rain, the headliner above the mirror and floor on front passenger side were soaked. Back to dealer i went where on 3 more occassion they said it was a windshield leak. The probelm still persist and I am completely frustrated with dealer and GM customer service who were no help at all. My next step is to get an attorney. Seems like a recall of all these vehicles are in order.
  • alman08alman08 Member Posts: 282
    "I mentioned to the dealership that I have read about this problem online and it appears that it had happened to several other people from around the country. Saturn 'wasn't aware that there was any problem' (even though some owners have filed a lemon law claims and others are getting attorneys involved to resolve their issues with the Outlook). "...

    that's why they're all going out of biz! bad business practice. :lemon:
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    yes they are aware of the leaks, there was a recall to bring your outlook in for the extensions on the sunroof tubes.
    I filed for the lemon law on mine.
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    Were these leaks from factory or aftermarket installed sunroofs? We are interested in buying a 2008 Saturn that doesn't have that and want to have it installed. Your thoughts
  • texasdjtexasdj Member Posts: 4
    Mine was factory installed. But I would caution you that the leaks are not just from the sunroofs but porly sealed windshields and some body seams. Check carefully.
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    I would be very concerned about buying a Saturn right now. Saturns are no longer being made and all the problems with them that they have been having. I think it will be a big headache and major repairs in the future.
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    Update: After going back to saturn for 5th time and numerous phone calls to "customer service", the problem may be solved for me. At this lat visit, I insisted that they stop wasting my time and their money on patching what they think is the problem. So they replaced the sunroof and drains, resealed they windshield, and water tested it for 2 days. We have had another 3 days of hard rain and so far no leaks. "Praise the Lord". I hope this is done.
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    The sunroof was factory installed. It is not the sunroofs that are leaking, rather the drain tubes that drain the excess water. Apparently, the Outlooks have drains that are too short and they also have a 'flap' on the tube which can cause glogging.
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    Actually, the sunroof does leak. There is a channel underneath that catches the water. The channel is drained by the tubes you mentioned. When the tubes get clogged, the channels overflow into the headliner. The tubes being too short is another problem that cause water to drain onto the floor instead of outside. The whole system is very poorly designed. If the sunroof was designed properly, it should not leak in the first place.
  • siboldmsiboldm Member Posts: 4
    My sunroof started leaking 7 months after I purchased it. Then again a couple months after the first repair. I took it back in to the Saturn dealership and they said the drains needed to be cleaned out. Now 2 years after purchase the car is leaking again and the dealership is gone. Probably leaked before, but I didn't notice since I don't ever ride in the back of my Outlook. The last episode I could actually see the water pouring into the car. Because I have to drive a lot and the warranty has expired due to mileage GM does not want to do anything about it. I'm having a really hard time understanding how mileage has anything to do with body defect. I paid out of pocket for something that was obviously a manufactory defect. Three weeks later after paying for the repair, rental car, and professional carpet cleaning, the car is back in the shop for the same thing. The GM mechanic working on the car has even said the Outlook was put together crappy and the thing needed to be taken apart and reconstructed. I have been getting the run around for the past three weeks with GM. All they can say is we are sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you. Here GM gets bailed out for their bad financial decisions, but the rest of us are stuck with our large car payments on cars that are falling apart and not worth what is owed on them. At least this time they are paying for the rental car after complaining over and over again about the lemon that they created and refuse to deal with. If I had it to do all over again I would never buy this vehicle. It is an expensive piece of garbage and GM customer service stinks. Simply put GM does not stand behind their factory screw-ups.
  • shillelaghshillelagh Member Posts: 17
    It has a 3/36000 warranty. Take it to your nearest GM dealer and tell them to put the new drain tubes in it. The Buick Onclave uses the same drain tubes. Don't let them Bull**** you around, they will try. If so, call your Better Business Bureau and file a lemon law complaint. Just because Saturn is out doesn't mean you've lost any of your owner's rights.
  • siboldmsiboldm Member Posts: 4
    My warranty has run out because I have to do a lot of driving for my family. They replaced the drain tubes to begin with. It is at the Chevy dealership right now and they are dumbfounded apparently. They keep finding leaks and had to call headquarters to find out how to resolve the problem. One would think that if headquarters knew how to fix it they would have done so at the beginning. So far the have changed the seal around the sunroof, taken out the moon roof to re-seal it and who knows what else they will do. I did file a complaint with the Attorney General and the BBB, but the lemon law is only good for 2 years and 60 days after purchase. I missed the deadline by a coupld of days, but they are still trying to work with me since these problems existed prior to the expiration. I'm still out over $500 from the repair 3 weeks ago. I'm hoping the electrical system has not been damaged due to all the water. I wish all the people with the same problems could get together and file a class action lawsuit. I think that will get GM's attention. Do you have an Outlook?
  • shillelaghshillelagh Member Posts: 17
    I had an 08' XR. It was one which was built in 07' for the 08' model year. It was one of the first 600 built and had a defect in the left bank overhead camshaft. I took it in because of a check engine light problem. GM knew about the cam defect but did not issue recall or notify new owners, just their mechanics. After GM/Saturn rebuilt the engine, it developed a harmonic vibration that they could not identify or repair. After 55 days out of service, I filed a lemon law complaint with the BBB, they took over after that. During that time is when the water leak developed. I requested all bullitins, notices and records from the dealer regarding leaks. During an arbitration hearing, I proved to an Administrative Law Judge that GM was aware of the defects with the Outlook before their production in 07'. GM had to buy the vehicle back and repay me everything including tax, tag and title monies. Go back through all the posts regarding Outlook problems and read my posts. I gave blow by blow of what happened. The posts started out about the transmission problems. I'm sorry about your problems with your Outlook and wish you had discovered this website before your time ran out. Good Luck
  • Tobster1Tobster1 Member Posts: 12
    Hi. I HAD a 2007 Saturn Outlook. (I bought it the last week of 07). After 6 months noticed it leaking in footwell area of passenger side. It was during a rain storm but also it was hot out. We thought it was the air conditioning tubing or something. Well it wasn't. This was just the start of our problems. The leaking never was fixed after 4 attempts of doing so. The carpeting was replaced because of mold twice. Then the globe compartment light started going on/off. Then I started to lose my power steering while driving through puddles. Once I filed for lemon law GM started to contact me. I thought they were going to do the right thing and replace the vehicle. No instead they used stall tactics to run us right to their bankruptcy filing. But I didn't trust them and their low money offers to keep the car and take the money - I mean I still had a leaking, power failure losing big car with big payments! So we went forward with an arbitration. Right up until the end GM tried to screw me with low offers. They tried to make me feel like a dumb blonde woman who has no idea what they are talking about. Well in the end, the arbitrator understood my case (I supplied much evidence and back up from the National Highway Safety Administration with complaints of the same thing). She sided in my favor (3 days before they filed bankruptcy). They had to buyback my Outlook and I went out and bought a Honda Pilot. . . . never again GM. siboldm, if you have a slight possibility of being able to file lemon law and you missed it by days, be a squeaky wheel, show them that the problem has existed for a long time and how many times it existed (that they knew about it) and if you push push push you just may succeed and get a vehicle that you deserve, not one that leaks, has mold, loses power steering, has lights flickering . . . move on this fast.
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