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2010 Chevy Equinox

My take is this on what was reported for the 2010 Equinox. Who would want a 3rd row of seats in a vehicle of this size? Right now it has adequate passenger and cargo room. I think a 3rd row defeats the purpose of having an SUV.

Secondly, I think it's too large of a vehicle for a 4 cylinder engine. Chevy should tweak the 6 cylinder to make it more responsive and use somewhat less fuel. An SUV (or crossover if you prefer) is never going to get fantastic gas mileage. If you want that buy a Honda Civic hybrid.


  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    I agree!

    And what will happen with the famous 8 inches sliding second row seat. If they do that I guess the second row seat will be stable. They better think it over twice.
  • I looked up online and looked at the 2010 model and it looks to be a vast improvement. The inside especially looks like it finally even looks nicer than the foreign competition. It said on one of the websites that it is supposed to achieve 30mpg on the freeway, that is a whole lot better than my sister gets in her 2008 Honda cr-v. With how nice the Malibu is, hopefully GM will start to pull itself out of the financial mess with new cars like the new Equinox, that's if the unions will release the choke hold.
  • joshuag, don't hold your breath regarding the auto union releasing their choke hold anytime soon.

    So far, it appears to me, auto union management is dragging their heels until after the new 2010 contract takes effect...despite the appearances of what has been said and done in the media & forum(s) spotlight.

    IMHO...the Fat Lady has not sung.

  • murphydogmurphydog SeattlePosts: 710
    This is a car that makes me hope that Chevy makes it - it looks good and looks prepared to take on the competition.

    We shall see, wife will be in the market for a replacement SUV next year...
  • If they don't smarten up and start to release the choke-hold, they are going to be the ones who will be responsible for these companies shutting down, and everyone will know it. And because of that nobody will trust a union again, because everyone will know that they really aren't out for the workers.

    Toyota sold about the same amount of cars last year and they have 11 billion in the bank. Granted, some of it maybe bad financial descisions, but a lot of it is to high employee cost.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    I don't understand your criticism. I see nothing about a third row seat, Thank goodness. The rear seat moves back and forth 8" for more legroom or cargo capacity as needed.

    The new 2.4L, 4 cyl engine has 182 hp while providing 30mpg/21. I think that is fantastic!

    Looking at the exterior dimensions it is not that different than the new Venza.

    With the new improved interior a la Malibu and a much better exterior design I think GM has a winner. :D
  • Does anyone know if the steering has been redesigned? The biggest criticism I have heard about the Equinox in the past is the play in the steering and it is the one thing that has kept me from buying one as it reminds me too much of my Suburban which has been plagued with a similar problem and is really annoying, especially on a straight highway requiring constant corrections way back and forth.

    Also, has anyone seen any estimates of availability?
  • My wife and I are deciding on what crossover to buy. I've read the reviews on the Equinox but have yet to drive one. We've walked through dealerships on Sunday when they are closed and found a few 2009 LS and LT that were unlocked. They seemed to have more room than most crossovers it's size however, the interior does not seem as good as some of the others we have looked at. We plan on driving the Equinox this week. We are very curious of how the ride will be. We did see a couple vehicles at the dealership that we are interested in. The price is much better than the Mazda CX7 we have been looking at. I like the look of the 2010 inside and out. It may be smart to wait til this summer. Don't want to make the wrong move.
  • kcflyerkcflyer Posts: 78
    I recommend waiting for the new model this spring. It is all new. It will have much better powertrain options. I also think the looks are vastly improved. I believe you would be glad you waited. Check out the 2010 model.
  • Thanks ! We are going to the Auto Show tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the new model !
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Yes an new V-6 3.0 liter engine will be avaviable , producing 255 hp and 218 lb of torque also the 2.4 liter 180 hp is standard equipment. Both engines will be mated to a six speed transmission, a different type of six speed for the AWD versions.
    They also increased the capacity of the fuel tank to 72 and 75 liters in both FWD and AWD versions. This will help making does long highway trips more enjoyable.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    The 6T70 transmission will be used in the 2010 vehicle . The AWD will have an electronic limited slip (eSLD) which will distribute the Torque from side to side in addition to front and rear axles.
    A great improvement over the previous model.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    The 3.0 liter engine is a smaller displacement version of the 3.6 liter being used at GM. 260 hp and 211 ft/lb torque with six speed transmission 6T70.
  • corttcortt Posts: 7
    With the potential passing of the 2009 Saturn Vue 2-mode hybrid, has there been any hints from GM that they will plant the 2-mode V6 hybrid engine(s) in the 2010 Equinox or GMC Terrain? I was all set to buy a small hybrid SUV with some real power options that this Saturn Vue offered, when the floor fell out of Saturn.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    In the pass GM has uses the 2.4 liter engine with a six speed transmission,for better mileage they probable won't use a V-6 . No mention of V-6 hybrid when GM released 2010 info of the new Nox. Check web page " for more info great pic's.
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    I saw the new 2010 Equinox, and the new GMC Terrain at the NY Auto Show. Both SUV's were on a turntable, but you could get a pretty good idea what each looks like inside. I must say I was very impressed. Not sure if the 4cyl engine would be powerful enough, but a test drive would be in order. Both are offering some nice features that you would normally find on much expensive vehicles, such as a backup camera. I am very interested in seeing what the price will be when both debut in showrooms. GM needs a few hits, and these would fit the bill. I just hope the GM will survive to see them through. :)
  • venusfanvenusfan Posts: 4
    My taurus is on it's final legs with me hearing sound and the A/C stopped working so I need a new car soon. I've been looking around at the Murano but for the base they wont $30K msrp which is crazy because inside looks like a rental car. I also checked out the Edge but the interior is YUCK. Then a couple weeks ago I saw the Equinox and all I have to say is please don't go yet Taurus, just three more months.

    I like the New Equinox especially with the base starting at 23K. I figure an AWD with sunroof I should be able to walk out the door with under 25K.
  • gunz1gunz1 Posts: 9
    I have read nothing re Sunroof or Panoramic? Any info appreciated
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "A gleeful General Motors Corp. says that preliminary tests using the same protocol the EPA employs shows that its redesigned 2010 Chevrolet Equinox crossover SUV will get 32 miles per gallon on the highway."

    GM Says 2010 Equinox Crossover Will Win 32 MPG EPA Rating for Highway Driving (Green Car Advisor)

  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    that is big news, it's on my list.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 374
    On my short list.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Is this mpg with the 2.4 liter engine or the new 3.0 liter V-6 . Yes only with the 2.4 liter engine thanks.
  • opinion13opinion13 Posts: 3
    Has anyone seen when the office release date that the 2010 Equinox will be in the dealer showrooms??
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    How will GM's chapter 11 bankruptcy status affect the production of the 2010 equinox/terrain? or build schedule of any GM products?
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Gm started building them in March 2009 At the Ingersol plant in Ontario.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    The Car Connection review is very promising... better mileage than an Escape Hybrid. Nice! equinox
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    "Gm started building them in March 2009 At the Ingersol plant in Ontario".


    I have seen a few of these on the 401 just down from the plant. They look great, more of a presence than the old model. Very modern and sculpted.

    GM should have a monster hit on their hands with 32 MPG. I think it's a game changer in the SUV world.
  • corttcortt Posts: 7
    Now if they will make a 2-mode hybrid V6 version like the Saturn Vue was going to be. That would give you virtually the same mileage as the 4-cyl but with 250-plus horsepower when you need it. Maybe in 2011....?
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    "Gm started building them in March 2009 At the Ingersol plant in Ontario".

    March? What are dong with them? Are they for sale in Canada?
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    No they haven't arrived at the dealer yet, they still have to unload a large amount of 09 Nox's here. An AD in a local paper from a local chevy dealer advertised an 09 Nox LS not AWD for $19456 down from list of $29450 , a large discount for a new vehicle.

    My guess is GM stock piles the new Nox's at the plant an on rail cars I believe it takes three to four weeks by rail to arrive at their final destination. Also the plant won't be up to full speed in production for a few months to work out all the small problems during assembling the new Nox.
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