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2010 Chevy Equinox



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Ya... I have seen 2009 base Equinoxes advertised for C$17,999.

    I think they still have lots of them out there to clear out.
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Ya .... maybe one or two 2010's might show up at dealers in the end of june or mid july.
    Out here in the West ( Alberta) a few 2010 Camero's have started to arrive at dealers so The Equinox shouldn't be too far behind. :)
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    My opinion, I like that Chevrolet is finally fixing the new Equinox fuel door to where it can't be opened from outside. No ugly lip on the door. They should have been doing that all along for all the Chevys. Made me stay away from Malibu Maxx.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Are they really fixing it or does it do what most newer GM vehicles do, you push in on the door and it pops open? That would be my guess.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Probably a push and pop like my Malibu... which is just fine.
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    While getting my 06 Impala serviced at the Chevy dealer, I checked out the new '10 Equinox on the showroom floor. The body looked nice from the outside. I opened the passenger side door and noticed what looked like perforated style fabric on the seats. A lot different that most other seat covering materials and I though it was attractive. I also inquired about the four cylinder wherupon I was told that there also will be a 6 available. Once in the( high step up) drivers seat I noticed the pleasant design of the dash and the logical controls as well as the pop up compartment on the dash at the top of the center stack. It reminded me of the convenience of the popup compartment in my previous Ford 500. The shifter had a rocker type switch to the driver side and the stick had a manual slot on the faceplate to put the shifter. I was told that to use the shifter as a manumatic one had to place the shifter down to the manual detent and then use the rocker on the upper part of the shifter to select the gear - another odd situation form any other manumatic I have driven! As I tried to adjust the seat I found that there was power up and down and seat back adjustments but no power forward and back just a lever at the right front of the drivers seat to manually adjust it. I thought that odd. While my grandson played around in the back seat I noticed that the vehicle had some huge blind spots and the more I looked the more I noticed that it would be like driving in a tunnel all the time! Backing up would really be hard for my wife and I probably would not trust backing up either without some kind of assistance. This was an LT model and while it was the only one they had (salesman stating that they just got it in a few days ago) I had no actual test drive but after the initial perusal I deemed it not in the running for my new vehicle next spring.
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    went to the chevy dealer last nite to check it out as i was waiting for it to hit the showrrom floors. i think it looks like most other new suv's on the road-same sort of design. the appeal to me was of course the fuel efficiency so i was pretty excited to go take a look at it. i thought the interior seat fabric was odd looking-like nothing i had ever seen in a car. on getting behind the wheel it was comfortable but i agree the seat should be power front and back also. not sure if i like the cockpit feel of being behind the wheel, that might be hard to get used to for me. of course the seat in the back still moves back and forth which is nice-but, when you fold the seats down they don't fold flat. that may be a deal breaker for me as i want to be able to put my 2 dogs back there. the cargo area also seemed smaller than the rav or crv from just looking at it. my dealer had 7 of them on the lot and no one else seemed to be giving them a look at all. not sure if it is worth taking the chance on it or just going for the already proven honda or toyota. i didn't drive it yet, but maybe later today i will. i'm a little disappointed but possibly a test drive would make me happier with it. i really wanted to go back to chevy-
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Tunnel? I gather you have not owned a SUV before. Most have blind spots you learn to live with. I always park when I can so I never have to back up. Also, the higher seat is one of the positives I like. You much have better vision over the road. After having a crossover for the last 8 years i could never go back to sedan type vehicle.
    I'm looking forward to testing the new NOX!
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    My last 3 crossovers, RX300 and Highlander all had a slight inclines with the seats down. I didn't find it caused any problem for me. Not sure what you mean by cockpit feel, what are driving now? Maybe nobody was looking at them because nobody knows they are at dealers yet?, I sure didn't. Will have to stop in and see this. The MPG's is what is fueling my interest also :)
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    The seats sound like they may be the standard option which would be manual for and aft so the power up/down and seat back adj. would be a plus. I have read that they will have a power 8 way seat with driver 1 & 2 feature which saves 2 peoples driving postions, mirrors, and radio settings. As far as backing up doesn't it come with a rear camera? If not standard I know it is a option.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    I drive a 05 Equinox and I like it very much.

    My daughter went to her G.M. dealer, she wants to buy a 09 Aveo 5. The dealer told her that the 1.6 L. engine in the 09 models has 16 valves and develop 108 h/p compared to the 08 models 1.6 L. engines with 8 valves that develop 103 h/p.
    Does 5 h/p make a big difference in a car or it's the valve story that makes a difference?
    She does mostly city commuting but take 1 long road trip every year crossing the Appalachians or the Rockies.
    Is this Aveo5 car good for her ?
    She seems to be in love with it but is it love at first sight?
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    it would be nice to have the seats fold flat for the dogs to be back there. i had a trailblazer which i loved but the mpg isn't very good. i still will test drive one but it doesn't seem like it will be right for me.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    This is a totally different vehicle than trailblazer.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    The Aveo is an Asian car (Daewoo) re-badged as a Chevy. It did receive an upgraded engine for '09 but actual performance would not vary much. Maybe slightly better efficiency/power. It is rated 2 MPG higher than the '08 model.

    It should be a decent car but power at higher elevations would be poor and the automatic tranny would be a dog trying to get over the Rockies but it can be done.

    I'd highly recommend the optional anti-lock brakes. She should be able to get a nicely equipped 2009 Aveo 5 LT for under $15K. Another option I'd consider if buying American is a Ford Focus but no hatchback is currently available.
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    i realize this is a totally different vehicle than the trailblazer, its smaller more fuel efficient. i had looked at the equinox back then and didn't care for it at all. i like the truck feel better, but fuel economy suffers so i need to change with the times, so i am looking at smaller suv's. i did get to stop back at the dealer last nite after dinner with my niece and she liked it a lot. she even liked the fabric on the seats which are hard to get used to. it was too late for a test drive so i have to go back again. it looks like they sold one of the 7 they had there-i will say the seats are comfortable.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I sat in a 2010 Equinox on Saturday when getting an oil change. Over all I was impressed with the quality of the materials though the dash is quite different from anything I have driven before, I am not an SUV guy and this would be for my wife. Cargo room was excellent, seems much bigger than the old Equinox though I don't think it's that much bigger. Outside the Nox seems almost like a mid-size SUV, it's quite big and has a presence. It was standing beside an 09 and the difference is very obvious.

    Fuel economy is impressive, it is drawing me to this vehicle. Even 30 mpg highway in the real world (vs EPA 32) would make me very happy. Our lease is not up for 2 years but I will be putting this vehicle on my short list for sure!
  • snowmichsnowmich Posts: 2
    and loved it! The interior is beautiful and the seats are very comfortable, even though at 5'2" the seats are a tad long for me. I drove the only one on the lot, which was the 6 cyl in the top trim level and it was very peppy, the ride was very quiet, and it handled bumps in the road nicely. Didn't do any fast cornering with it, but in general the Equinox seemed to be well connected to the road. Steering was responsive, but the brakes seemed to me to be less so, taking a long time to stop--that may be my bias though. My overall impression is so good that this vehicle is now on my very short list. I'm waiting to see the safety ratings (I understand that GM is expecting perfect scores here).

    Oh, the other vehicle I'm looking at is the Dodge Journey, which I also liked a lot. The interior is definitely not as rich looking as the Nox, but they both ride quietly and smoothly.

    I have no idea how I will make up my mind between these two cars!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I have no idea how I will make up my mind between these two cars!!

    If you're at a true impasse then the coin toss approach would be in order. But limit yourself to a single toss. If it was not a true impasse, you'll know it as soon as the coin lands. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • snowmichsnowmich Posts: 2
    Ha! the government may be providing that coin toss--we have a '91 GMC Sierra that rates 16 mpg's, and the AWD Journey is EPA rated for 22 hwy, and I think 19 mixed. So the Dodge may not qualify for the cash/clunkers program anyway. I don't know whether the highest mpg rating or the avg mpg will be the benchmark; the website doesn't have much info up right now, so I'll have to wait til the 24th when they expect to have the final ruling out. The Equinox AWD is rated a little higher, not sure what the numbers are. Now it would be a bummer if neither one qualified! If that happens I'll look at the 2010 Subaru outback--it's newly redesigned and has a good AWD system.

    Anyway, good advice tidester on the coin toss!!!
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Finally got to see a 2010 equinox ,GM has made some improvements with newly laid out interior with better seats that have some side lumbar support finally. A nice touch is the telescoping steering wheel with a differently layout in the center for the audio options. I guess they didn't want to make any improvements to how the rear seat lays when folded down, it still seats about 1 1/2 inches higher than the rear cargo compartment to bad they didn't use the same engineered seats that lay flat like they have in the Traverse .

    It just seems that GM has re used a large part of the old Equinox in the re designing the newer up to date 2010 version. It does look good and i hope in a 2011 i might get one.
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    I had a tough time deciding on a new vehicle this time around. I was about to buy a Journey, until I drove it and hated the ergonomics. Loved the Edge, but thought it was pricey. When the local dealers started getting a few 2010 Equinox in, I checked one out. I loved most aspects of the vehicle, but the seats felt really strange to me, and I left a little disappointed. Decided to go back a couple days later with my wife, and we went for a longer test drive. The seats really "hug" you which is different than what I'm used to, but the longer I drove it the better they felt.

    I ended up making the purchase primarily based on the fuel mileage, styling, and price. I got a 4 cyl AWD LT1 with power seat for about $24,300 after my supplier discount and the $1000 conquest cash they were offering. I thought he LT1 was really nicely equipped for the money, the only thing missing that I really wanted was heated seats (I'll have those installed aftermarket.)

    It certainly is not a perfect vehicle though. The main drawbacks for me are the large blind spots (made worse by small mirrors), and marginal power in the 4cyl AWD version. The active noise canceling system also makes it seem like you're in an anechoic chamber when you're talking to someone although it seems to do a good job of keeping the interior quiet.

    Time will tell if I made the right decision on this one, but I checked out every small to mid size crossover made, and for me the new Equinox was the best combination of looks, fuel economy, and value.

    I'm picking it up tomorrow, and have to take about a 1000 mile trip this week for work. I'll post again and let you know what I think after some miles behind the wheel.
  • fergupafergupa Posts: 1
    I test drove a LTZ '10 Nox last night and thought it drove real smooth. Personally I really like the looks of the new Nox. Currently I drive a '02 Corolla but need to upgrade to a car with more room. I'm tempted to get the V6 for some extra power and towing if needed in the future. I realize that will come with a sacrafice to the gas mileage, but at ~19/26 EPA it still is not that bad. However it is tough to beat a crossover that will get ~32.

    My Toyota has never required major work, should I be concerned with the quality of a GM car?

    Does anyone have any thoughts if bigger and better incentives will be on the way from GM for the '10 Nox? The dealer said he thinks the big discounts/rebates and 0% is gone with the old GM. Obviously he would be a little bias, but just wondering if anyone else has thoughts on it. Any advice is appreciated.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I don't think you will have problems with it either. Remember for the most part the ones who hang around these sites are the ones with a problem or like you investigating a new model. The Toyota sites have just as many people having problems with their cars as any other site. Toyota quality isn't what it used to be. They are finding out what got GM into trouble, building lots of cars and keeping the quality up can bring problems. With everything being out sourced it can be a problem. For example, my wife has a Caddy STS with Nav. Only problem with the car has been back a couple times for the Nav. Who do I blame. Cadillac or the German Co. who is 1/2 owned by Toyota?
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    My son just purchsed a 4 cyl FWD LT1 with power seat for $23,873.
    The conquest cash wasn't offered in North Carolina and they didn't want to give much under invoice.
    Its his wifes car. They have a boy 10 and a girl 5. It works as a kid hauler to various sport practices and to school as she is a school teacher. They really looked and drove a lot of CUV's before setling on the 2010 equinox. My son has a 3500 Chevy truck for his landscape business.
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    Just wanted to follow up, now that I picked up my 4 cyl LT1 AWD and had a chance to put about 1000 miles on it. I was concerned about the power of the 4 cyl at first, but I must say I'm truly impressed with how well the whole drive train works. The 6 speed trans seems perfectly matched to the engines power band. Once I got used to winding that 4 cyl up a little, it worked great.

    This vehicle is extremely smooth & quiet on the highway - you have to be careful to watch your speed. 70 feels like 60 in this car. On an 823 mile segment of mostly highway driving, I averaged 61 mph and got 26.3 mpg according to the trip computer but an actual 25.2 mpg based on miles driven and gallons used. Not bad, considering the engine is brand new, and I was using 10% ethanol blend. Hopefully I'll pick up a little once the engine is broke in.

    There is a lot to like about this car, but there's also a few things that make you wonder what they were thinking - like: Why put a big chrome button in the middle of the dash that blinds you every time the sun is out? Why do they put the power seat controls in a spot you can't reach unless the door is open (or you have very tiny hands)? and, Why do they put in four 12V power plugs, but none stay on when the vehicle isn't running? (I have a few others, but you get the point.)

    Also, GM still has a ways to go with regard to quality control: Mine came with a loose interior handle on one rear door, a badly mis-aligned rear hatch, and a couple dents above the side windows. Hopefully, these things can be taken care of by the dealer.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love the car - but I just wish there weren't so many little quirks to get used to. (If you buy one, don't forget to bring a pad of of post-it notes along, to stick over that chrome button when the sun is shining.)
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I guess you prove my point where there is a good reason for a vehicle to have more than one engine option. I too just drove a AWD 4cyl. with 6 sp. auto. I thought this is a great car for around town but I noticed when running at any constant speed giving it a little gas to pickup the speed a little mandated a downshift. To me this could become annoying after while as on my 30min test drive it bugged me. I'm waiting for them to get serviced a 6cyl. AWD and my salesman will call me in for the drive as soon as they get it prepped. Outside of the 4cyl I thought the Equinox was a vast improvement over old. I'm 6'3" and had enough leg room but the wife noticed right away that they was only about 4 or 5 inches between my front seat and the back seat. I told her we'd check that out when we stopped at the Sam's Club parking lot to go over the car. I showed her how the rear seal moved back 7" and there was plenty of legroom for me behind the drivers seat I just exited even with it back all the way and the seatback tilted to my style. It even had a spare tire (though one of those little ones) but a number of cars now days are just giving you a air pump and a can of flat tire repair junk.) I have sat in 3 of them now including a bottom of the line one and all have had power driver seat and the LTZ even had 2 people memory seats. I can't wait to see one with the Nav. package as I want to see just how much they have improved it over the wifes STS if at all.
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    I think you'll find that just about anything with a 6 speed automatic will want to drop down a gear when you feed it a little gas. Ideally, this shift should be fairly unobtrusive. However, some vehicles are programmed to delay the downshift as a fuel saving measure. Then, when it does shift, you get a big jerk & engine rev.

    Once I got used to the 4 cyl, I found the shifts to be very smooth and well timed for the most part. Thats what I meant when I said the engine/transmission are well matched. This engine has a power curve thats 1000 - 2000 rpm higher than your typical 6 cyl, and it takes a while to get used to that.

    Just remember that little 4 cyl puts out more HP per liter than the Hemi in a Dodge Charger SRT8. But you have to rev the snot out if it if you want to use it all :shades:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    You're are right on the down shifting as we just got back from a drive with a AWD LT2 with the V6 and I thought it was much better than the 4 but it still downshifts when applying the gas but I guess this is due to the 6 speeds instead of 4 that I'm used to. What I did like over the 4 AWD was when I took my foot off the gas it coasted along where as the 4 felt just like I downshifted one gear each time and it slowed down a lot faster than the V6. The big band was the V6 AWD only gets 24mpg on the highway instead of 29 in the 4 AWD. Being we live in Mich. and this is to be the wifes car (she is paying) I would prefer her having the AWD for the winter time roads. Here where we live they don't plow side streets unless we get 5 or more inches and are becoming slower on the main streets, no overtime unless its a blizzard so I guess we are stuck. I also think the V6 drove better as it had bigger tires and we both thought it rode over the bumps etc. better.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Just heard from my son. He got to the dealer to pick up the car (1 LT 4 Cyl) and and they wanted him to take the car without taking off for the $4500 dollars Cash for Clunkers. They had indicated it would be no problem as they would participate when he made the deal Wednesday.
    Come to find out they didn't even try to find out anything about it. They wanted him to buy the car outright without the cash for Clunkers being taken off the sale price.
    He got his keys back for the 99 minivan he was trading, asked for the paperwork and left.He contacted two other dealers and told them what he wanted on the Equinox with the Cash for clunkers trade- in. He asked them about the $1000 Conquest Bonus Cash incentive and they said yes. The other dealer had said it only applied for the Northeast. I told him to contact the Regional Managere for Chevrolet and let him know what was going on. On top of it all another sales person borrowed the keys of the car he was to pick up to show another customer as he was trying to finish the transaction. Jeesh!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Where is the 6 sp. Automatic that the Equinox uses made? I understand both engines are made in the U.S.
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