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2010 Chevy Equinox



  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    GM is always rated well on composite dealership surveys, but I'm with you - I haven't seen it, at least not as far as the service depts. go. That is really strange that putting on a hitch would cause a gear problem. If they didn't even do lights it should have just involved welding/bolting it to the frame. Hmmm...

    Since you are the first person I've encountered that has a FWD 4 cyl. that has not experienced the braking feeling when downshifting (or where I know for certain it was FWD 4 cyl), would you mind posting your VIN? Maybe GM can compare yours and mine and figure something out. If you don't feel comfortable putting it on here, you can email me: Thanks.

    Anyone else that wants to send me their VIN, including whether or not you are experiencing the tranny problems, feel free to do so. Include 4 cyl or 6, and AWD or FWD.

    I will forward any info. I get onto the person I'm communicating with at GM's Executive Office. The more they get, the more they might be able to narrow the problem down to a range of dates, trims, etc.
  • I'm waiting for the delivery of my 2010 LTZ, 6 Cyl., FWD with Moonroof, and the vehicle was "bayed" at the plant, and then again 2 days ago at the Doremus NJ railyard. Baying at the plant is not that unusual for quality control issues and such, but my dealer said that baying at the railyard is not something he sees happening very much.

    Does anyone know of any quality control holds that GM is placing on the new Nox's?
  • dvm67dvm67 Posts: 3
    marc300yard...I was wondering how long ago you ordered your Equinox? I ordered one too, and am trying to figure out how fast the plant is kicking them out. Thanks for your help and hopefully you get it soon.
  • I ordered one as well and am curious as to the time. Did you check on the status or did the dealer. Sometimes things are held to show an artificial demand.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Congrats on the new LS. Great value base model IMO, I think I would go for the same.
  • To likofloathe and dvm67 and all others - I placed the order on June 5. I did hear from the dealer this evening, well after my earlier post. My salesman called the Dealer Business Center and found out it was not bayed for any quality control issue. While he didn't offer a reason why it was held at the railyard for 2 days, he did say they have "Hot Tagged" it, and I should expect it in a day or two.

    Makes me wonder how long I would have had to wait had I not called him to check on it. I have only gotten updated information when I have made a pest of myself to the salesman and sales manager. I recommend that you call your dealership, and ask about updates to your GM Status Codes, and insist they look up your vehicle in their system. They have access to more info than you think they do.
  • dvm67dvm67 Posts: 3
    marc300yard that is great information. Thanks for getting back to us. I will certainly follow your advice!
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    He says (My Son) that he notices that it slows when he brakes. But it is smooth and not jittery. On Star gave them an good diagnostic this week.
  • Hi,
    I just bought a brand new 2010 Equinox that did not have a tow hitch on it.

    The engine is a 2.4 with a 6 speed automatic transmission.

    The class III third party tow hitch I placed on the Equinox was a "KURT" hitch entirely made in the USA. Hide a Hitch and Draw Tite hitches are made in China. Comparing all three the Kurt comes out way in the top for quality and superb finish. Its even less expensive! The Kurt hitch requires absolutely no drilling whatsoever on the 2010 car frame to install. It bolts right on for a perfect fit. Looks great! Remember that your car warranty is void if you modify or alter any car parts.

    Having said all of the above can anyone tell me how the transmittion and 2.4 engine will hold up pulling a load just less than 1.000 pounds for less than two miles? I will be pulling a 15 foot fiberglass boat and trailer to a nearby lake.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I have been paying special attention this week and the 6-speed in my Malibu is quite smooth with the downshifts. I have noticed them also if I just coast slowly to a stop with no brake.
  • wallyuwlwallyuwl Posts: 166
    magnetman, the 2.4 is rated to tow up to 1500lbs, but that is gross weight. I'd be surprised if a 15ft fiberglass boat plus trailer weight less than 1500 lbs, even though the force required to pull it while on the trailer might be 300lbs or less because of the tires. That said, if it is only for a couple miles you might be OK, but just do the manual gear shifting and keep it a gear lower and go slow.

    Do you have any tranny problems with it downshifting, creating a braking feeling when downshifting from 4-3 (33 mph or so in regular mode, about 30mph in ECO) and 3-2 (23 mph in regular mode, 20mph in ECO) along with a rise in RPMs?

    Either way, could you please post or send me your VIN ( Trying to find out the breadth of the problem and pass along any info. I can go GM so they know and get working on a fix. It seems to be pretty prevalent but as of now GM isn't even admitting there is a problem.
  • fstumpfstump Posts: 10
    Has anyone installed the wiring for a trailer hitch on the 2010 NOX? If so I could really use some guidance.
    Thanks, Frank
  • I love the looks of the 2010 model. Haven't had the opportunity to get to a dealer yet. Just wondering what kind of room there is at the drivers position. I have a hard time with head room on a lot of vehicles plus im over 300lbs. Leg room isn't normally a problem for me. Just hate feeling cramped into a tuna can with my hair mashed into the roof.
  • I'm 6'3" and my son is 6'6" and we both have plenty of room so I don't think you would have a problem.
  • We've had our 2010 Equinox with the 4 cyl now for a couple of weeks and put about 500 miles on it so far. I've only been able to get about 18 mpg with 85% city and 15% highway driving. Does this improve with more miles? Driving a V6 minivan for the previous 5.5 years with similar city / highway got us 20mpg. So I am a little disappointed right now in the mileage. It needs to improve by 6 mpg just to get to the EPA numbers... seems like a large jump from where we are now.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Could be your driving too. My wife has a STS that she gets about 15.6 mpg city only but when I drive it for a week or so I get anywhere from 17. to 18.3 depending on how I drive. One other thing, are you going by the computer mpg readout or the old way of dividing miles driven by gal. used when you fill up?
  • If you put the seat all the way back there's a ridiculous amount of legroom.

    As for head room, I'm 6' 3", with most of my height from the waist up. So, head room is always a big issue for me. With the adjustable seat height, I was able to move the seat down a bit to give me plenty of head room. Although mine doesn't have a sunroof, I did sit in one with a 'roof and would still have had adequate head room. So unless you're super-tall you should be OK.

    The real problem you might have is the seat width. The seats are fairly narrow and are pretty heavily bolstered. I'm about 220 lbs, and the seat bolsters are a little tight for me. Strangely, the seats feal real uncomfortable on short jaunts, but once I'm in the car for an hour or so, they seem to form to my backside and then they're OK.
  • I've got about 4000 miles on mine, and the mileage hasn't changed too much since new. I watch mileage pretty close, and have these observations on the 4 cyl Equinox:
    1. City mileage isn't that great, unless you put it in "eco mode" and drive with a very light foot. That 4 cyl really likes to rev when you accelerate, and that sucks gas. Driving style seems to affect this vehicle more than the 6 cyl vehicles I've had before. If your "city" driving is a lot of stop-and-go, 18 mpg is probably all you'll get.
    2. On the highway, definitely leave the eco button on, or it constantly downshifts when you hit little hills, often twice - and you end up running up those little hills at 4500+ RPM, again, wasting gas.
    3. If you go 70 mph or more or if you're going into any kind of head wind, the mileage really drops.
    4. The one place where this car gets really good mileage is on a nice country road, driving at 50-60 mph. 30+ mpg is possible there, even with my AWD.
    5. Don't trust the mpg figure from the computer. My actual mileage is about 1 mpg less than what the computer says.
    6. If you were getting over 20 mpg in a 6 cyl van doing mostly city driving, you were really doing good. We've had 3 Town & Country's and a Mercury Villager, and have typically gotten 18 mpg city and 22 highway. Again, don't trust the computers - do the math.
  • Does anyone know if the 4 cyl can rung E85 fuel?
  • I am a little worried that the wife is really pushing the accelerator to try to get that same get-up-and-go she had before. We've only filled it up once at about 1/4 tank and had gone 240 miles... so I'll keep monitoring both actual and computer mileage to see if it improves.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    It's impossible to calulate milage when more than one person is driving a car. I always tell my wife I need to drive her car for a few days to make sure there isn't anything wrong with it and check everything out. That has always worked for me.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I don't think it's E85 compatible.. yet.

    The 2.4L in the Malibu is for 2010 but they likely want to test the E85 thoroughly before offering it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It's impossible to calulate milage when more than one person is driving a car

    I just consider that the "combined" mpg. :)
  • I have had my 4 cy for 2 months now and have over 2000 Miles on it. My wife drives it most of the time. I would say our driving is about 80% city and 20% highway. We are averaging a little better than 26 Mi to the gallon.
  • This past weeked I saw a 2010 sitting on the dealership and I must say it looks significantly smaller than my wifes' 2008. (by the way the 2010 looks REALLY good)
  • fstumpfstump Posts: 10
    I've had my 2010 Nox LS, 4 cyl, FWD for a little over a week & so far I'm completely satisfied withthe vehicle. My first tank of gas, that was provided by the dealer, so I'm not sure it was completely topped off, got me 27.8 MPG. That was about 70% city and 30% highway, with 16 miles of towing a light trailer to the land fill & back home. Today I got it on the highway and according to the instrument readout I got 36.3 miles for a 115 mile trip, on the way back I hit more traffic and the whole trip was 34.8 MPG. I'm satisfied with those figures for a vehicle this size.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Length of 010 is 1" shorter length, 1.1" wider, same wheelbase, height is 3" shorter. So for all practical purposes they are about the same. Must be optical illusion.
  • flatsflats Posts: 44
    I scanned the Chevy website, and was unable to locate specific info on the AWD. So how does the AWD in the 2010 Equinox work?

    I understand the big picture that it's basically a FWD vehicle, and the AWD engages when the front wheels detect slippage. Fine. But is it a 50/50 distribution between front and rear? What about side to side? When does it disengage? Can it be locked in AWD. Does the AWD only work up to certain speeds? How does it compare to the other 'cute utes'?

    My main concern is with snow. We tend to get blasted several times a year with big storms. My knowledge of Chevy's could fit on a postage stamp, but the mpg of the Equinox put it on my short list.
  • bfamilybfamily Posts: 15
    The Equinox AWD system works pretty well like you thought. It's a FWD car that has a PTU mounted to the transmission that transfers power to the rear wheels. This is done automatically through a clutch located between the prop shaft and the rear differential. Split is about 60/40 and disengages around 40 mph. It can't be locked in AWD mode.
    I've driven a Suzuki XL7 that uses the same AWD system (also in the Saturn Vue, Pontiac Torrent, GMC Terrain), and it worked well in the Michigan snow.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    Just put the first 1000 miles on mine, a hilly 50/50 city highway and it's 24.5 mpg.

    I noticed a significant loss of mpg if you are heavy on the pedal from a dead stop.

    The ride is so darn comfortable, I find myself taking it easy where ever I'm headed and just enjoying the ride. :shades:
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