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Hyundai Elantra Touring 2009 -



  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    If it works like the trunk on the sedan you need to hold the button down for about 2 seconds.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    The back hatch doesn't pop open on its own. You have to unlock it with fob, and then lightly touch the rubber-coated button under the lip of the hatch handle. With practice, it becomes a single motion.

    Hope this helps.
  • delaluzdelaluz Posts: 48
    How does the hiway ride on the Touring compare to the Sienna?
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Thanks for your response. We tried it last night and it worked. My salesman was awful and didn't go over any of the car's details with me, so I've been reading the manual when I can. Luckily I have a 2008 SE as well so it is not that different. I'm glad the hatch doesn't pop open on its own. That could be a problem if the fob was pressed accidentally. Marlene
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Even though the Sienna was the most comfortable car I've ever driven, the Elantra is so much easier to drive. I barely have to put my foot on the gas and it goes, and it is so much easier to park. The Sienna LTD was a very heavy car and you had to give it a heavy foot. I can't compare gas mileage yet since all my driving on the Touring has been around town and averaging between 23 and 24 mpg. Around town my Sienna would get around 17. My 2008 SE gets about 35 mpg on all highway driving. So far I love the Touring, although this weekend after a garage sale, I missed the hauling capability of the Sienna and had to make three trips to donate the leftovers.
  • evanfrankevanfrank Posts: 1

    would you be kind enough to forward me parts list and drawing for your roof rack on the elantra touring? I am struggling to find one that will fit.

    let me know if you need my email address or fax #.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • csi007csi007 Posts: 26
    Thinking about buying a 2009 Touring. The dash is obviously not the standard 1 or 2 DIN opening. Anyone have a solution for replacing the factory radio/dash panel and replace it with something after market?

    Thank you!
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Have you tried Crutchfield?
  • csi007csi007 Posts: 26
    Yeah, they would not have what is needed. Because of the non-standard radio openings what Crutchfield offers will not work without modifications to the dash plastic. However, I am not even certain that a 2 DIN space is behind the factory dash plastic.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Well, the Sakes Manager at the second dealership called me and told me he believes that the rack attachment points aren't really there on the car. So you can buy the rack parts but they can;attachment be attached to the car. So now I've got 2 opinions, and a split decision. Now waiting for 2010 Subaru Outback to test-drive.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Thanks for the tip. I've had friends with the universal racks on other cars, and they leaked where they pressed against the door seal. Leaked air which whistled at highway speeds, and water when it rained.
  • willodwillod Posts: 1
    On another forum, a person in GA said their dealer offered to attach the i30cw rails. Apparently the dealerships can get them on a "parts" order, not an "accessories" order. If you can find a dealer willing to do it, MAKE SURE it doesn't affect warranty. The i30cw rails should be perfect since the cars are pretty much the same.
    Or they might be able to get you the i30 Estate ones, depending on your style.
    I am looking for them too, I will post if I get more info.

    Don't bother with the hyundai "universal"; you may as well buy the yakima or thule kit for half the price.

    Why are you waiting for the 2010 outback? If not for the mpg I would've pickd up a 2009 Outback. Manufacturor cashback is $2000 and crowded dealers will give you another $2000. The deal is unbeatable.
  • csi007csi007 Posts: 26
    I am still in debate mode with this vehicle. I took it for another test drive (the second one) and I love everything about this car except for the engine...Noise and acceleration. I was on a somewhat steep hill at a stop and when I tried to get out into traffic the thing nearly red lined trying to get up the hill and it did it just barely. I am going for a third and final test drive tomorrow to try to persuade myself to go for it or to just back off until something else comes along. :(
  • 8sparkplugs8sparkplugs Posts: 111
    I think it is a nice little car, but also want it to have a little more power. I wish they would put the 2.4L from the Sonata in it with the 5 speed auto. It would be so much more powerful, quieter and the gas mileage would be at least as good as it is now.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    If you can wait until this fall to buy, I have a hunch the 2010 Elantra and Touring will get an engine upgrade. That is based on a few things: 1) Hyundai typically does a mid-gen refresh after 3 years, and that's 2010 MY for the Elantra; 2) the new Spectra replacement, Forte, has more powerful and economical engines than the Elantra, and Hyundai/Kia have kept Elantra and Spectra pretty even in powertrains in the past; 3) Hyundai is on a push to meet the Fed's fuel economy mandate early, which requires new engines with better fuel economy. Also the old Beta II engine has fallen behind most competitors (including Kia!) in power and fuel economy, which doesn't help sales (note that Elantra sales have been pretty weak lately).
  • eba55eba55 Posts: 20
    I've had mine since April and love it with the exception of two things. I wish the interior was grey like our Santa Fe and I wish I would've got the manual. The interior isn't an option, but go for the manual if you do buy. My 7 year old Elantra was manual and I thought I was tired of shifting (have never had an auto). Well, I miss it for situations like you described above- downshifting to 3rd helps a little for passing but to enter traffic from a stop, the 5sp would probably be better. I've totally had to change my driving style. I've never driven a 5 sp touring since there were none available, but I'm guessing it would be an improvement. good luck!! :shades:
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Thanks! This is what the first dealer offered. Still an option. Since I posted, I have re-driven a Matrix with 1.8L Dual VVT-i, 5-speed manual. The Matrix has as good or better acceleration and is MUCH quieter AND is rated for better mileage. Not as fun to toss around, and smaller interior, but nearly silent inside at highway speeds. The Hyundai has a cast iron block and alloy head, and at 3600 RPM it's thrashy. The Toyota 1.8 just isn't. More of a sewing machine. More torque down low than Hyundai's 2.0L as well.

    The 2010 Subaru Outback is going to have the CVT Auto. I have seen ratings of 30 mpg highway listed in forums for it. Also a 6-speed manual option. As we're just a few weeks away, I'll be waiting.
  • csi007csi007 Posts: 26
    We took it for one final test drive today. I had the wife and kids alone in the car and we did highway, hills from a stop, hills at speed and on ramps and off ramps.

    I have decided to go for it. The fuel economy and the fact that it's a Hyundai have me sold. Now I just need to test drive the sport model (which none of the local dealers have in stock) and if I like it I will purchase it, if not then I will go back to the base model.

    The touring handled everything exceptionally well with the "exception" of the hill from a stop. It made it up the hill OK and it actually shifted into second about half way up the hill but it was near red line to get there. Highway noise and on mostly the kinds of roads that I drive on it was a real pleasure to drive...The engine was not noisy at all even at 3k rpm at 65mph.

    Most of my driving will be alone or with me and equipment in the back. So I will actually lose some weight from what I drove today with my everyday driving.

    This will be our second hyundai, our first being a 2007 Santa Fe limited which we love.
  • csi007csi007 Posts: 26
    Has anyone figured out how to install an aftermarket radio/Nav in the touring?
  • csi007csi007 Posts: 26
    Add us to the list of new Elantra Trouing owners. :) Picked up a gray sport package automatic with mats and bluetooth.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Congratulations. I love the carbon gray. I didn't get it because I already have it in my 2008 Elantra SE. I got the pearl black in the touring and love the way it sparkles in the sun. Red and blue were too bright for this old lady and I was bored with silver cars since we've had so many of them in the past. I really enjoy driving the Elantra. Hope you do too. Marlene
  • kathyc2kathyc2 Posts: 159
    On Edmunds TMV they indicate that there is an $1000 dealer rebate in addition to the $1500 customer rebate. My dealer is saying there is not. Can anyone verify which is correct?
  • liznlizn Posts: 5
    Don't know if this helps, but I just bought a Touring last night off the lot at $14,830, with floor mats, mud gards, and the I-Pod cable. That's pretty far below the Edmunds number, since it includes another $900 or so I paid in taxes. I think they have at least $1000 in rebate, maybe even more to sell at that price.
    Good luck!
  • kathyc2kathyc2 Posts: 159
    That does help! Thank you very much. So, you got it for under 14K before tax? Did you get any of the extra rebates like current Hyundia owner, recent graduate or military? What state are you in? Again, thanks for the help.
  • liznlizn Posts: 5
    Yep, it came it at just about $14,000. Taxes & registration were another $800 or so- I live in Virginia. I didn't qualify for any of other rebates.
    Dealers are really competitive in my area (around Washington DC) so I think that helped. I shopped 6 different dealers & kept sending the quotes back and forth between dealers getting them lower and lower. Also got free oil changes, inspections & tires for two years. They all started with asking prices at $16,999.
    Good luck in your purchase!
  • kathyc2kathyc2 Posts: 159
    I think I'd have to go a couple hundred miles to find 6 Hyundai dealers.
    This was for the touring (wagon) correct? Manual or automatic?
    That's about 3 grand less than my dealer in Indiana is telling me. Maybe I need to take a road trip to DC to pick one up. :mad:
  • liznlizn Posts: 5
    It was for the Touring & automatic. I think the key was that I shopped so much. It is nice time of the year to visit DC and might pay for itself and more!
  • delaluzdelaluz Posts: 48
    Has anyone driven a newer Sonata (since the model change) and the Touring? If so can you compare the:
    1) smoothness of ride
    2) cabin noise

    I had a hatchback Elantra which I traded in for a 2007 Sonata. IMHO the Sonata had a much smoother ride and a much quieter ride.

    Or, how much smoother and quieter is the Touring than the Elantra Hatchback?


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