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Hyundai Elantra Touring 2009 -



  • pauleyhpauleyh Posts: 2
    Press one time on key fob to lock the driver door( or unlock it); while press two times to lock or unlock ALL 4 doors.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,887
    OK, that is different from the two Elantras I've owned. On those, one press of the lock button locks all doors; one press of the unlock button unlocks the driver's door, and two presses unlocks all doors. I understand the unlocking action, but I don't see the value of requiring two presses to lock all doors. :confuse:
  • pauleyhpauleyh Posts: 2
    I like the look of roof rack on i30CW and wonder if anyone has ordered from Hyundai as parts for Elantra Touring? Thanks.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    I wonder as well. Anyone?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    I don't have a link, but a roof rack is going to be an available option on the 2010s (didn't I read that the 2010s are already available in Canada?).

    My guess is that you'll be able to retrofit a rack on '09 and earlier Tourings once they arrive in the States.

    You'd save some freight if you search for Canadian parts first instead of shipping one over from the EU.

    Steve, visiting host
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Thanks, Steve.

    Does this mean that you're shopping for a HET as well?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    Yes, but it's in second place in the running (this week anyway, lol) to a Toyota Prius. That 50 mpg makes up for a lot of other shortcomings that we'd enjoy in the Elantra Touring, like heated seats, available sunroof, USB stick, not to mention the manual transmission that we'd both enjoy. The xD is still in our top 3 too.

    If the Touring got 28 combined instead of 26, we'd be eligible for the full $4,500 voucher and while that's not a huge amount of money, it's a bit of a psychological barrier (note that we're not so concerned about the $5k + price difference between the Prius and the Touring - go figure!). The maintenance requirements are a tad stiffer that I'd like too (the 60k timing belt, etc.).

    My wife has been driving a minivan for 20 years now and she's ready for something "cuter." The Touring is a great effort, but it's still a wagon, and we already have a wagon in the garage.

    Maybe when the 2010's arrive we'll take another hard look.

    Steve, visiting host
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    It's a hatchback. Wagons stretch further back from the rear wheels. :shades:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    You're grinning, but you really do have a good point. The Touring treats the rear end nicely to avoid the wagon look as much as possible. I should tell the salesperson that I need to drive one home and park it next to my boxy Outback. Maybe that would convince my wife. :)

    If the dealer had had a tamer color in stock the day we drove, we might have gone for it. The chili pepper red we drover was nice but a bit bright for us, plus the wagon is red and we want a blue or gray this time.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Buy the red one. I've got the silver, I'll trade you. ;)

    Personally, i'd prefer the gunmetal grey color myself.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    Yeah, that's the one my wife likes too. I like silver cars since you never have to wash them, but the van is silver so it's time to try for a new color.
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    Would replacing the 16" tires and wheels on the Touring with 17" tire and wheels give a smoother and softer ride??
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    It would do the opposite.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    Agreed. As a rule, it goes like this: Larger rims mean lower profile tires. Lower profile tires have stiffer sidewalls out of necessity. Stiffer sidewalls aren't as good at absorbing road irregularities. Hence, the ride quality is harsher.
  • I just purchased a Touring GL up here in Canada. I know the trim levels are different here than in the US. I have a mini usb conector (cell phone/blackberry size) on the stereo unit above the aux input (not in the arm rest like the GL sport). I was wondering if the USB port is used to power mp3 players which would plug in through the AUX input or if it can actually be used with a portable drive to read MP3s?

    I've looked in the manual and there are like 10 stereo units but none of them match mine? Any ideas...especially people from Canada? May just pop by the dealership next time I am in the area.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Definitely, keep the 16" wheels. To get a smoother rides, I'd keep the existing wheels and go shop for tires on link title. Pick out a couple of different tires, and look at their "Survey Results" to see which tires you'd like, based on hundreds of users' reviews. Even at the same size, different tires will ride differently. I did this when I got my 2007 Highlander. I took off the Bridgestone Duelers, and upgraded to Michelin CrossTerrains, in exact same size. They cost more, but they give a much better ride, better handling, are quieter on the road, and have a longer tread life.

    Note that I'm recommending that you shop there, because they have this Survey info. When you find a tire model or two you like, then shop around for the best deal. I myself have used Costco with excellent results.
  • Guarg is right if you are looking for the smoother ride - but I specifically wanted the 17" because I felt that the roll in the corners from the 16" was just not worth a little bit of cushioning. To me the 16" wheels make the Touring drive like a minivan. If that is what you want then go for it.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    It's a matter of perspective. I find the ride with the 16 inchers to be just the right balance of handling and comfort. And I'm coming off of a Mazda3 with 17 inch rims. Came standard with the hatch: bruised kidneys were an undocumented extra. :shades:
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,700
    Price has dropped for 2010. Discuss...

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV - solar powered

  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    The Touring only came in one style before (albeit one with a manual and one with a manual). The MT saved you $800 over the automatic. The one big option (sunroof, wheels, heated seats) ran you $1500 on either one.

    Now they have 3 styles but they all have the same drivetrain. It looks to me like the SE just gets the $1500 option pack as standard plus a short throw shifter on the MT. The "base" GLS looks like just a base with either the AT or the MT.

    I guess I'm wondering if they deleted some content from the GLS manual to get it $1800 cheaper. If not, that's really good to see. I don't think they are selling a lot of them at the current $18,520 base price (although there is a $1,500 incentive on the '09s).

    Steve, visiting (and still tire-kicking) host
  • Bought a 2009 touring using the C4C- the dealer was jammed, hard to get attention, much less a test drive. There was one Touring on the site last weekend and when we went in the next day it was gone. Dealer was able to find another for us and we went through with purchase. This is in northern CA but apparently NO tourings anywhere- so very little off MRSP besides a $1500 cash incentive. Dealer called next day to say the color (carbon gray) NOT available, just the black. We were pushed to take possession of car when it arrived the next evening, against my better judgement. 198 miles on the odometer. Next morning inspected car at home and found several scratches. Crappy customer service in regards to getting attention for this but did eventually have to bring it in, drop off for three hours and they addressed the scratches. When I went to pick up there were still four small yet noticeable scratches on driver's door- (ie. fingernail catches). Said this wasn't acceptable to me- it's a new car for crissakes and I paid a premium. They said they'd look at it again and left us waiting. Just so strange, we left. Went to body shop next morning and got estimate (about $600 to sand down, repaint but two door panels due to matching paint panels). Dropped it off at dealer (please note- no one was taking ownership of this, not our saleman, not the manager, not the Big manager), sent corresponding email to Big manager. They called, spoke to husband and will do body work next week at one of their contractors. I feel like I'm getting less than what I paid for- like they should have just come down on the price $1000 and apologized profusely, instead of giving me what's becoming like a salvage car in my mind, never mind my time on the additional trips back and forth to the dealer. I have barely driven this car because it just seems stained. The excitement of buying a new car has been replaced with feelings of having been taken and poorly treated. Sooo...any sage advice re asking more cash back on top of the repair, or in lieu of the repair, or "let it go" because with repairs/repaint car will indeed be as good as new, and my week plus of anxiety over it all is just water under the bridge?? (Our other cars are Honda Pilot, and Acura RL- were treated like royalty with those purchases).
  • I am in the market for a Elantra Touring but I cannot find one in my area. I have contacted many dealers and they just dont have one. Some say that the 2010 is on its way and one actually said its "in the port" ready to be unloaded and should be in the dealership in 2 weeks. Another deal said "what are they talking about there is NO news WHEN the 2010 is coming out!" So who do I believe here???? I would like to take advantage of the "cash for clunkers" deal but how long can I wait for the 2010s and are they coming or not?
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    What's your area and how many Hyundai dealers are within 50 miles of you? You should be prepared to drive at least that far...Hyundai knows not to put dealers too close together, otherwise they end up competing with each other.

    If there's dealers within 100 miles you could work phone/email, and just tell them you're quite distant, and that you don't want to waste the trip unless they have one for somewhere near the right price, to make the trip worthwhile for you.
  • I test drove an '09 base model and an '10 SE. I liked the '09 better. Then I saw a new '10 base model at another dealer. They don't have alloy wheels anymore! Just crappy plastic wheel covers. That's how they knocked $1800 off the price. Too bad because I think the 16" wheels ride and handle better than those ghetto 17" ones.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,887
    Aftermarket wheels? (would cost a lot less than $1800)
  • I think they knocked some other stuff off too. All the mags are acting like it's some great deal (none noticed the missing 16" alloys).

    One good thing, they now have a roof rack. It's quite solid. I think it's part of a $700 package. Tie a couple of boards across it and you could carry a couple of kayaks or maybe a canoe. A car this low should have a roof rack. The cargo area ain't that big.

    The hatch height is fine if you are 6'1" or less. The hatch latch is protected with plastic so it won't kill you if you are taller. I noticed that the cargo light has no off switch (is it timed?). There is a DC outlet there tho.The floor is level with the bumper. Your dog will probably want to go in that way rather than the side door since the seats don't fold flat. You'll need a bumper guard.

    BTW, I don't think the bluetooth works thru the radio. If not, just get a Garmin. Tho it may be hard to find an SE without it.
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    I have the 09 Touring with 16 Tires and it handles well. I would like to have roof rails installed I wonder if you can get them for the 09. Cost would be a factor.
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    I was driving home yesterday, when all of a sudden it sounded like the rear end of the car was going to fall off whenever I hit a small bump. I drove the car directly to the dealer. 15 minutes later, they tell me my car is fixed. I was told that "a nut fell off the rear stabilizer bar". While I was happy that my car was fixed quickly and easily, I'm not happy that a brand new cars has nuts and bolts falling off.
  • I need to replace a windshield on my 2009 Touring and the glass shop says it will take at least a week to ship in town, if then. Has anyone had to replace one before and is this delay something that is normal?
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,348
    My wife's 01 Elantra needed a replacement a couple of years back. Gerber had it in stock (somewhere around Chicago) and did the repair next day. They even come out & do it at no extra cost. Call your insurance agent. Even if you're not filing a claim for the glass they should be able to recommend good & reasonably priced shops.
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