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Hyundai Elantra Touring 2009 -



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    It is probably normal for a relatively new model that has been sold in limited quantities. It takes time to build up the parts inventories. I'd bet the windshield on the Touring won't fit the Elantra sedan, which has been around in current form for 3 years.
  • thecsthecs Posts: 7
    Just bought our ET (manual) a week ago. Manuals are hard to find in Florida. We traded a Honda for it, to the surprise of a bunch of people. We weren't that impressed with our Honda Civic (gas mileage was about 24-25 mpg, combined driving). We paid $15500 for our black pearl w/beige interior ET. We like the interior space, with the hatchback capabilites. I feel that the dash "creaks" more than it should but spouse says it isn't that big of a deal. The best part of the ET is the gas mileage we are getting. With the first tank of gas, we are getting about 28.5 mpg---and this is very mixed driving. Not too bad and makes the "creaks" seem insignificant. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Does your Touring have the Bluetooth option... so that the ET can phone home?


    On the creaks, have you taken it into the dealer? They might be able to fix it. Could just be some screws that need tightening, or maybe a shot of silicone spray between rubbing plastic parts. These kind of squeaks can be tough to eliminate though.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I happened to be checking out some cars on the NHTSA site ( today and looked at the crash test scores for the 2010 Elantra Touring (IIHS scores aren't posted yet). I was curious to see how they compared to the sedan's so I looked at the scores for the 2010 sedan. To my surprise, the scores were exactly the same. In fact, everything about the scores was the same--including the curb weight. I also noted there were no photos with the test results for the Touring.

    It's clear what the NHTSA did. They published the test results of the sedan for the Touring also. I think this is very misleading on the part of the NHTSA. The Touring is a different design than the sedan. The Touring is heavier and taller. I don't see how the NHTSA could think that the test results, which include rollover, for the sedan would be exactly the same for the Touring. To state that they are is gross negligence, IMO.

    Maybe the IIHS will actually test the Touring so we can see its true performance in crash tests.
  • srsllesrslle Posts: 5
    I love my new Elantra touring. I like it better than the Honda Accord and Fit. It is more car than the fit and a better upright ride, with alot more room than the Accord. Though it doesnt have the drag-racing quality of the Mazda 3 it is alot of fun to drive. The handling is precise, it has great pickup and even has a little of the go-cart quality of the Fit. That's a good thing. With XM radio its even more fun. I bought the lifetime subscription to XM. If I ever sell the car the subscription goes with it, so there's no loss in value.

    I was a little concerned about mileage but I am getting 30 mpg or more consistently in suburban driving here in Westchester county, NY.

    It's the best car I've ever owned. And I only paid $18,800 for the full SE version. Go through for the best deal. Oh and those heated cloth seats are great. No cold-to-the-touch sensation when you first get in like leather.

    It's also got almost all the safety equipment thats out there. All it needs is daytime running lights. Perhaps there's a kit available for that.

    When you test drive it make sure the tires are properly inflated. They come off the truck with too much pressure and that affects the ride.
  • srsllesrslle Posts: 5
    You've got a great car. With all the things to worry about in this world, why pay attention to a couple of little scratches. It is truly a wonderful car, and a bargain.
  • srsllesrslle Posts: 5
    Also own an Outback (05), as well as my new ET. Both great cars. My ET gets alot better mileage (avg 30 in suburban driving vs 21 for my V6 Suby with premium fuel). Will take the Suby on long road trips though.
  • srsllesrslle Posts: 5
    get them tinted. 20% light in for all windows except front side windows. 50% for front sides, unless your state allows more. Then go for 35%. Also get a tint strip for the top of the windshield. Makes a big difference for black interiors.
  • Elantra Touring is going to be road tested on Motorweek (PBS) in my area ( N, Cal.) this Saturday.
  • Well there was more to the story but yes, there are bigger problems. The bottom line is that I would not have chosen to deal with that dealer knowing now what I do. My concern is that if the car has any problems whatsoever, I just got a preview of what I can expect. I don't think of it as a great car, I see it as an adequate little car getting poor mileage in my stop sign/traffic light heavy community. The average mpg reading still does not accurately reflect what my own computations tell me when filling up. (I read the manual to be sure I was setting it correctly, and we're still at about 22-23). If I mix it up with some Hwy driving it gets 24-25. I do like that the rear door lifts high enough to clear my head for loading groceries. Visually, I like the lines better than the Matrix and the Mazda 3 wagon. If I hadn't gotten caught up in the C4C madness I would have spent more time over at the VW dealer considering the Jetta wagon. I'm hoping that the car grows on me. A couple years of reliability would do the trick.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,894
    A couple years of reliability would do the trick

    Good thing you skipped the Jetta, then :)

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    Are roof rails available for 09 Hyundai Touring?? I understants that the 2010s have them. When I touch base with dealers they tell me they do not show it as an accessory in their catalog. What gives??
  • eba55eba55 Posts: 20
    I generally love my silver 09 touring. we got it in May after a year of research and several months of waiting to drive it. Chose it over the Fit and the Vibe to replace my 02 Elantra. What I am having trouble with is the black interior. It looks gorgeous after vacuuming, but one ride with me and three kids and it's filthy. We have a dog and cat who never set foot in the vehicle but the floor mats just get covered with fur. The house and the car are both vacuumed twice a week and the dog is groomed regularly. but she's white so nothing helps. Our other Hyundai has grey interior which is awesome. Has anyone purchased the all weather mats? I'm thinking of trying that so at least a dust buster could pick up stray fur sitting on the plastic vs. heavy duty vacuuming of fur stuck in the carpet fibers. I see for 2010 that beige seats are available, but it still seems to have the black carpet? Is that true? Then I don't feel bad about missing out on the beige if the carpet didn't change. Also, I wanted white, which is now available- UGH!
  • I envy you who bought the 2009 because to get all the features you got on the 2010,you need to get an ES and then you pay more.I am planning to get the LX with the $700 package, and after market heated seats.Someday,I might buy some after market alloy wheels.
    I drove both the auto and the 5 speed and loved the manual,but the wife is pretty much insisting on the automatic.I loved the pick-up on the 5 speed.Now I am waiting for a white one with a beige interior.I could do without the roof rack,but that is just the way it goes.
  • Canadian model 2009 elantra touring GL . I have a MP3/WMA/USB CD PLAYER AM/FM RADIO. Don't know if this is the basic model or some upgrade. It just came with the car. (It's different from the car manual shown models however).

    I get very poor reception for both AM and FM. My 1997 Ford Escort had way better reception with the old pull up antenna! This one is a short roof mounted antenna.
    Hyundai service says there's no fix. I have phoned a couple Car Audio stores that basically said the same. They say I might change the antenna but no guarentee it'd help and it'd be expensive. They also say Hyundai radio systems are known to be of poor quality.

    Any suggestions? Are there any adjustments? Some form of booster? Different antenna? Change radio? I'm not wanting to go satellite, etc. I just want better reception!

    thanks for any help
  • I leased a 2006 Hyundai Sonata.Radio worked great.I own a 2006.5 KIA Optima,great radio.Some manufacturer I believe.I get great local reception, and pick up AM Chicago stations here in Kewanee,150 miles away,just great.Are you expecting longer range reception?
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    After driving the touring for the last 6 months I have to admit it leaves something to be desired as far as ride is concerned. I complimented the car when I first got it, but the last few months have turned me off. As I mentioned in my first review, fit and finish super, great safety features etc. But boy or boy the ride is something else. Stiff suspension with jarring impacts that will jar your teeth,somewhat jittery on the highway, growly engine, road rumble and suspension noise. If the Europeans like this kind of suspension then keep the car there. Hyunda would have a gem if they changed the suspension favorable to American Drivers. Traded the touring in for a great Ford Fusion a terrific automobile that is giving me the same mileage as the Touring.
  • maybe you should wait a few months before you analyze your fusion..
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    Don't have to wait a few months to evaluate my Fusion. been driving my neighbors SE for the last 6 months and it sold me.
  • My 2000 Elantra wagon automatic has 110,000 and I still love it. The car has only been back to the dealer 3 times. Once at 1500 miles for leaking oil filter, again at 50,000 for fuel pressure valve leak, and at 95,000 for bad spark plug wire. I change my own oil, filters. I finally changed the tires (Michilin NRG) at 95,000 last year. The original brakes are still good. Oh I had to change the battery a few yrs ago too. Some rust starting to show. I call it my covered pickup truck. I tow a small boat with no problems. My only complaint is that the doors dent too easily. Paid $12000 back then.
    My 2010 Elantra touring base 5sp is quicker. The ride, sound system, road noise all the same as my 2000 model. The trackshon control, ABS and tire pressure monitoring are new. Hope these new systems hold up because I really don't need them even in Minnesota. I noticed the new wagon is 500lbs lighther than my older one. Maybe the automatic transmission weighs more. Paid $14990 with $1000 rebates. Should get another $1000 back on my Fed taxes too.
  • I've heard that the back seat is spacious... but does anyone know how many car seats you can fit in the back seat of the Elantra Touring?

    I want to use it as a family car --- I would need to fit two booster seats and a car seat.
  • eba55eba55 Posts: 20
    I'm a Car Seat Tech, so I've installed 3 across in many vehicles. Usually you need at least a midsize sedan for it to work, but I've seen it work in compact cars before. It will definitely depend on which types of car seats you have. If your boosters are the narrower type (Graco Turbo Booster, Evenflo Big Kid) and your car seat is a smaller convertible seat (graco comfort sport, evenflo Titan) you should be able to pull it off. I would suggest taking everything to the dealer (without kiddos!) and trying it out. First install the younger childs seat in the middle and then see if you can close the vehicle doors with the boosters on either side of it. If you really love the car and your car seats are huge you could probably switch to smaller ones and make it work. GOOD LUCK. I hope they fit. I've got three kids (but only one in a car seat) and love the Touring!!
  • eba55eba55 Posts: 20
    173 is a reply. sorry I posted wrong.
  • I hope for your sake (and for a guaranteed future for all American-engineered car manufacturers) that your Ford Fusion doesn't require the myriad of costly repairs that I endured in my many years of owning and driving American-engineered vehicles. I used to poo poo Asian-engineered cars and never thought I'd EVER buy a Hyundai but I did and am pleased overall with my purchase. I came darn close to buying a Fusion, myself, but it just wasn't as comfortable as the three Mercury Sables I've had. In the end, the Hyundai 5-speed driver's seat leg room, Hyundai's trouble-free reputation and the Touring's fuel efficiency won out.

    Good Luck with your new Ford Fusion. I'll have to wonder how reliable it is at 150,000 miles.
  • I didn't want to fork out $300.00+/- for the factory/dealer-installed Bluetooth option mainly because I thought it was overpriced. It doesn't work through the car radio, ether, BTW.

    I opted for an $80.00 device called a BlueAnt that clips to my sunvisor and gives me hands-free dialing and talking freedom. Plus, it's a portable device that one can move from vehicle-to-vehicle. I conduct a lot of business via cell while driving and the BlueAnt works perfectly.
  • I can't say enough good things about this car. I've only seen one other Touring on the road, since I got mine last summer, and when we passed each other we gave each other enthusiastic "thumbs up" hand signals. I drive "a lot" of miles and am very satisfied with the comfort, handling and fuel efficiency. I can stow all of my tools in the rear compartment under the privacy curtain without having to lower the rear seats. There's a LOT of room back there. I was a bit apprehensive last week when out driving in the region's first significant snowstorm and was biting my lower lip when I had no choice but to pull out of traffic onto the unplowed side of the road into a foot of wet sloppy snow. But when I went to pull out, all I had to do was turn off the ESC and the Touring easily pulled out of the deeper snow and off I went. When I first got the car, I too thought the ride was a little stiff and, when I checked the tire pressure, I was astounded to find it at 48psi all around!! Lowering it to 32psi made a HUGE difference.

    I am going to follow another poster's advice upthread and get the windows tinted. Does anyone have any other window-tinting advice to offer: type of tint, manufacturers, tinting services to look for? And I also want to get those rainshield-window things as I like to drive (even in winter) with my windows open a bit.
  • We're picking up our new Touring SE early next week, and as we live in northern Vermont, winter tires are a must. I was thinking about a set of 15" steel wheels, but after hearing the cost of the sensors for TPMS (about $100 each!), I'm probably going to put some 205/50R17 tires on the stock 17" rims. Does anyone have any recommendations for winter tires for the Elantra Touring? I've gone to a couple of local tire shops - one is pushing the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R (good tires, but expensive) and another sells General Altimax Arctic (good reviews on and much cheaper).


  • What's wrong with all-around tires which your SE will come with?
    Withoud studs,IMO there is little difference between snow and the tires which come on your new car.If snow is such a big problem,why not an all wheel drive vehicle? :blush:
  • The all-seasons that come with the SE don't cut it up here (they were spinning quite noticeably in the parking lot before I took it for a test drive). We've considered AWD vehicles in the past, but we've managed for 21 years without it, as long as we've had good snow tires. While we don't live on a back road that would require AWD, our hill is just steep enough that good winter tires make all the difference between getting stuck and getting home!
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