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Hyundai Elantra Touring 2009 -



  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    I can't compare the Touring to the Sonata, but I can compare the Touring to the Elantra SE Sedan. I own both a 2008 Elantra SE sedan and the 2009 Touring. I don't find the Touring noiser than the sedan at all. The Touring is lower to the ground than the Sedan and the seats seem stiffer, but other than that I don't notice much of a difference. I like both vehicles. Marlene
  • glitch1glitch1 Posts: 26
    I understand with the Elantra Sedan, the recent IIHS side impact results were not good. I was wondering if there was enough data to know if the Touring has decent side impact ratings? How is the safety overall of the Touring?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Personally I wouldn't make any assumptions about the IIHS test results on the Touring, based on the sedan. The Touring is actually based on the i30, not the Elantra sedan. It's possible the Touring will fare differently in the IIHS tests than the sedan.

    I think it's interesting though that the NHTSA has apparently applied their crash test results from the sedan to the Touring. I base that on the fact that the results, and weight of the test cars, are exactly the same. Given the differences between the sedan and Touring, I don't think that was very smart on the part of the NHTSA.

    The Touring does have six airbags and standard ESC and ABS, which are excellent safety features.
  • glitch1glitch1 Posts: 26
    Thank you for the response. I'm wondering when more safety data may be available for the Touring? This seems like a great car, but I'd hate to buy it only to find some safety concerns down the road.

    Right now, we like the Touring very much, but this is our main concern.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Don't hold your breath waiting for the IIHS to release crash test results on the Touring. As I recall it took them about 2 years to release results on the Gen 4 Elantra sedan. But maybe they'll be quicker on the trigger with the Touring.

    You might also look up the European (NCAP) test scores on the i30. They are not done in the same way as the IIHS tests but they are better than nothing:
  • glitch1glitch1 Posts: 26
    Thanks for that link! That is informative, and it looks like the side impact test fared well. It seems the torso area is the area that had a slightly lower rating (though still adequate). I suppose i will have to make my decision before the IIHS releases results for the Touring.

    Thanks again.
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    I'd like to know how people are driving these Touring Editions of the lot for well under $15K. I've spent the week at countless dealers here in the tri-state area trying to get the best deal, and none of them are even close to this. The car lists for $19.4K here. The best price I got so far was $16,200 before taxes and motor vehicle charges. The deal doesn't seem awful ($1,500 rebate, and $1,700 off sticker), but how are people getting these cars for between $14-$15K OTD??? I took my best price ($16,200 to 3 other dealers, and all of them said they can't match or beat it. I'm paying cash with no trade, and a dealer turned down my offer of $16K even + taxes and tags. I've never had a dealer let me get up and leave over $200. All together with NY taxes and MV , the best OTD price I can get is about $18.5K. How can it be more than $4K more than what others claim to have paid?
  • liznlizn Posts: 5
    If it helps, I got the car in the Washington DC area, which has a lot of dealerships that are very competitive with each other- it was easy to shop around to 6 different ones in the same day. Only one of them got under $15k in the end- and I had to send emails back and forth many times to figure out which one would get to that price. I've suggested this before- but maybe it's worth a plane trip/ train ticket to get here & buy it for less & then drive it back?
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    I have about 6 Hyundai dealerships within 25 miles of where I live in the NY/NY area.
    None of them will go below $18K "Out the Door". If I knew for sure I could save $3K+, I'd drive to DC tomorrow. ;)
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Try Towne Hyundai in Denville, NJ. They seem to have excellent prices through their internet department,. I was just about to buy my Touring there, but then Brad Benson's in South Brunswick, NJ beat them by $800. I paid approximately $16,000 OTD ($13, 000 trade on my Sienna plus $3,000 for the Touring). This included the difference in tax between my trade and the Touring, and registration. Brad Benson's is very high pressure, and makes you sign an agreement saying that if they beat a price you will buy a car that day. I prefer the sales department at Towne. They are much better to work with, and I appreciate their honesty, but the $800 savings and the fact that Brad Benson's is an hour and a half closer to where I live, sealed the deal for me. I love my Touring thus far. Just hit 1,500 miles. Marlene
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    Thanks for the tip. I was at Brad Benson. Since you had a trade, it's tough to compare what the bottomline OTD price really was. Their "final" offer was $16.5K plus taxes etc, and they let me leave when I offered $16K plus tax.
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    lou, have ya tried Super easy search on their site and they do have auto Touring's listed as low as $15,500. Of course that number could change on Friday night, July 31st (end of month!) if you are sitting in the dealership at 9:00pm with check in hand made out to them for $14,999.
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    I just checked the prices and it's pretty interesting. They have a couple listed real cheap, but the the couple that are the exact match to the cars I was looking at here in NY (MSRP $19,400), are priced the same as here. $16,200-$16,700.
  • southallsouthall Posts: 3
    I had been shopping for an Elantra Touring Base for a couple of weeks when I happened accross an internet site for a dealer in Richmond, Va., 150 miles away from me. The site listed the inventory and the MSRP for each vehicle. But they did not post a sales price. Instead, there was a link that said "name your price". So I did. Within an hour or so, I had an email saying my price had been accepted, no haggling, no whining. After a couple more emails and one phone call, everything was set. We drove to the dealer today, did some paperwork and picked up our car. Everyone was very friendly. It was the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had. Did I pay too much though?
    Elantra Touring Base with mud guards and mats: MSRP $19,475
    Paid $15,650, this price included freight, all dealer fees, and a $1500 rebate, but did not include TTT, which I will handle myself in NC.
    Dealer: West Broad Hyundai, Richmond, Va.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Hmm, comes to car buying! Interesting. I wonder what they do if someone names a ridiculous price, like $5000 for the Elantra Touring?
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    I have the touring with 16" wheels and tires and it is not a bad as the 17 inchers in handling bumps. The Sport version with the larger tires have a lower profile which make the bumps harsher. The 16 inches absorb them much better.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    I also have the Touring with 16" wheels and don't find it bumpy at all. It feels no different than the 2008 Elantra SE that I also own. The only difference I find is that the Touring is a lower ride and the steering isn't quite as agile as the SE sedan. The seats are also harder but still comfortable.
  • sevenseassevenseas Posts: 44
    With having a strong interest in making the Elantra Touring my next car I was hoping those of you that own one could answer a few questions:

    1) How is the stock audio system?
    2) Are you getting the stated MPG?
    3) Are the seats comfortable, especially for longer drives?
    4) Is the fit and finish holding up (no rattles)?
    5) Does the engine feel powerful enough?
    6) Are the headlights bright enough at night?
    7) Any complaints?

  • eba55eba55 Posts: 20
    I have a silver automatic with sport package. only 3600 miles so far.

    1. I like it a lot- best I've ever had, but I'm no audio fanatic. Kids love the I Pod cable
    2. Yes, 26-27 in town.
    3. Yes, but I've only done a short road trip
    4. Yes
    5. Ok, but when merging I often wish I would've gotten the 5sp manual
    6. yes
    7. I'm not a fan of the black interior,but that's because I have 3 kids and a white dog who's never even been in the car but her fur is all over the floor mats.It looks great when it's clean, but it's hard for me to keep clean.

    overall i highly recommend. This is my second Elantra and the other one was great too, but I wanted a hatchback. Love the versatility :) .
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    I agree with all the above responses, except that I get between 25 and 26 mpg around town, but often in heavy traffic. The audio system is fine for me, although I usually listen to easy listening music or music of the 60s. The seats are comfortable although not a cushy as the seats on my 2008 Elantra SE. The finish is holding up fine thus far, although I have only 1,600 miles on the Touring, since I bought it in May. Engine is powerful enough, although it does seem a bit loud when I am accelerating onto a highway. I haven't taken it on a mountainous trip yet. My 2008 Elantra SE climbed the mountains of Vermont and NH without any problem. I would have gotten another Elantra SE, since my daughter will be taking ours to college this year, but I traded in a 2004 Sienna Van and we needed the hauling capability to get her back and forth to college. Thus far, I'm quite happy with the Touring, although it is a different ride than the SE sedan. It's lower to the ground, and has a more sportscar feel to the ride.
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    Your price of 16,200 seems reasonable for a car that lists for 19450. I am in the Pennslvania area and I paid 16300 plus tax and tags. All of the dealers in this area are charging about the same. 1500 dollar rebate plus dealer discount. Those out the door prices of 14-15K are hard to believe. I notice some dealers in the Washington DC area are advertising prices about 15k, but tthey tack on a proceesing fee of about 350 bucks in addition to tags and tax. I was thinking of driving down, but it was not worth the 161 mile drive one way to take advantage of a few hundred dollar diffence. Plus the fact I like my dealer and it is only 2 miles from home.l
  • guargguarg Posts: 12
    I have the 2009 Hyundai Touring in Carbon Gray and it really looks sharp. Does anyone know if the windows are tinted especially the Front Windshield, it sure seem hot to the touch reflecting into the front cabin. If anyhone knows please let me know.
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    I purchased it. Black with black interior. It looks sharp. I'm most impressed by the gas mileage. Took a 300 mile trip last weekend on 9 gallons of gas. Spent this week driving locally, and still averaging 28+ MPG. :shades:
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    Yes, the windows are definitely tinted.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    I purchased the black with beige interior and love it. The black sparkles with all different colors when clean and in the sun. I have noticed that the cabin and steering wheel (which is black) gets extremely hot in the sun. I am going to purchase window shades to put on the windshield while the car is parked. I am getting between 25 and 26 mpg thus far but usually in fairly heavy traffic. I have almost 2,000 miles on the touring now and the mileage has come up from 23 to 24 mpg early on. I just filled up my tank today after almost two weeks for $29.50. Quite a change from my $75 a week Toyota Sienna that I traded for the Touring. Our only problem will be getting my daughter to college with less hauling space. I considered getting the carbon gray but my 2008 Elantra SE is carbon gray, which I love, but wanted something different. I was bored with silver since our Honda Accord is silver, and the Toyota Corolla my daughter totalled was silver, so the black was the best choice for me. I felt the red and blue were just too bright for this almost 60 year old woman. I'm curious about the cash for clunkers program. I traded a 2004 Sienna XLE in excellent condition and was given $13,000 for it (this was before the program took effect). I paid $3,000 OTD for the Touring. I was able to save the difference in tax between my trade and the touring as well. If I would have waited to trade the Sienna until the Cash for Clunkers took effect, would I have gotten more for my trade? And what does the dealer do with the car since under that program I don't think he could sell it? Thanks Marlene
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    I really don't know anything about the "cash for clunkers".
    I bought my wife a 2008 Black Elantra last year. I never thought I buy another black car, but I thought the Touring Edition looked great in black.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Without a trade, Towne in Denville NJ was offering me the Touring for $15,521, not counting tax and tags. When I figured the tax and tags, I would have been paying about $16,800 OTD and would have to sell my Sienna XLE LTD on my own. I didn't want to go through the hastle of doing that, and the tax savings was substantial by trading it, so I think I did well with my $13,000 trade and $3,000 additional OTD for the Touring atB. benson. It was about an $800 savings over Towne, but very high pressure. I'm surprised Benson let you walk. They stopped me from driving out three times that evening.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Where did you end up purchasing the car, and what was your OTD price?
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    If I would have waited to trade the Sienna until the Cash for Clunkers took effect, would I have gotten more for my trade?

    Marlene, you would not have gotten more for your trade if you waited. Cash for Clunkers is only helpful if your trade-in is worth less than $4500. One of the provisions of the C4C law is that the trade-in must be destroyed--so you don't get C4C plus trade-in value, you get C4C instead of trade-in value.

    If you had, say, a '98 Sienna instead of the '04, then it still wouldn't make sense to go the C4C route, because even the '98 Sienna is worth more than $4500, unless it's totally trashed.
  • I am interested in an Elantra Touring and my wife and I have pretty much decided on the manual with the premium package if we can get it for around $16,000 or so.

    My problem is that it was really tough simply to find a manual to test drive and if we want the premium package or a specific color the local inventory (Pacific Northwest) is incredibly limited according to internet searches.

    Any suggestions on how to get the car we want? Should we try and arrange a purchase at a local dealer and see if they can arrange a trade to get the vehicle with the specs we want or would we be better off just waiting for the 2010s to show up and getting one of those when they will likely have more options. Thanks!
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